99# Fly Away from here... Pt.3

99# Fly Away from here... Pt.3

Thx to She Fong, Ngar Shien, Layhui, and anyone that i missed for the birthday gift... I appreciate it.

Happy Birthday Aretha...

A lot of PM8-ians did not give face during Jin's farewell... Only me, Justin, Harp,
Henglin from PM8 went. Where were you all the rest? Disappointing la... That caused us could not finish the dishes. It was at Penang Village, 8 course meals. That's a lot for us.

16 of us eating foods for 20 in two tables. Our table here was Me, Justin, Harp, Henglin, Tat Wei, Mun Ling, Steph and Wenying. The girls did not eat much, therefore lots of food left in our table, wasted la. So bad that sexy teng was not here to share the food with us.

After the dinner at Putrajaya, we went lepak around at Putrajaya. The centre of the
government. There are lots of huge government buildings, and the night view was really beautiful. We took a look around there, which where the celebration of Independence day will be held. The preparations were still taking place though it was already late midnight. I do not know what time was it when we were there. Still could see some people working for the preparations.

"Hey guys, see those people working so hard for the merdeka day, why don't we give them some semangat?"

"Yeah, you're right man..."

"Ok, open the windows."

"All right... 1.. 2... 3..."

Everyone in Jin's car, Jin, KC, Galven and me, except Henglin i think, yelled :

" Malaysia Boleh...!!!!" (120dB)

KC added " Waaaaa ooooooooo...." (125dB)

Mad enough wasn't it? Haha... We were like group of insane yelling in Putrajaya at
midnight with the speed of 100km/h. And Jin lost his voice for couple of minutes after that... hahaha.

Me and Henglin parasite at Jin's place for a night. Henglin can play Alien vs Predator game man! He was using Jin's brand new DELL lapop and i was chatting over the internet with Jin's desktop.

Henglin went to sleep around 4 or 5am something. Jin was still playing the AVP game and i was struggling with DoTA. Played until 6am...

"Ok Jin... I think we MUST sleep now..."

Henglin got class at 1pm, he is teaching at his ex secondary school. So we went off quite early without taking breakfast. Missed the chance to practice being a dead body at Jin's swiming pool... Maybe next time when he come back from UK...

Thx to Jin for everything. You're the man!

Only Justin, Harp, Henglin and i went for all three farewell parties held by PM8-ians. The rest did not give face la, so bad... Now still got 2 more to go, Michelle's one at this Saturday and Wenying's one at next Saturday...

Saturday again and again? Why all also Saturday one...?? Oh man, how many times i need to cancel my guitar class...

This is the 99th entry, can't imagine i already blogged for 9 months, since last year's December until now...

Tommorrow is the so-called Independence day of Msia. Holiday... I can't do replacement for my guitar class, I can't go sevice my car... What can i do? Lepak? Sure malls will be crowded. Man, can someone just date me out...?

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