310# Imu cup

310# Imu cup

I don't involve in sport. I don't play chess. I even don't know how to play Dota. That's why i didn't involve in the imu cup.

Imu cup has been ended on 25th of this month with cheerleading competition as the final match.

I didn't join cheerleading either. Not only i'm too brittle for it, i'm can't cary weights as well. And most importantly, i dislike dancing.

Cheerleading isn't the same as dancing, you'd say. But it's almost the same for me.

I stayed back to "cheer for the cheerleading" that day after lecture. A lot of them didn't bother to stay back and give some support. I didn't too last year and i went back home straight. Therefore this year i should show my support to them.

The event took place at the atrium at started around 8pm. I just reached there on time, 5 minutes before they started. People already stand by over there to get their best place. Of course i went to our batch's crowd.

To be really honest, i have not seen any cheerleading performance live in front of me. That was really my first time. Plus, i'll need to appreciate how my batchmates trained for the sake of the cup therefore it was really reasonable for me to stay at watch. Although i was running out of time to study that time...

After cutting off all the usual crap, the first performance was done by the semester 1 juniors, M207.

Wait, i'm a little bit confused. Was the one above semester 1 or semester 2?

Followed by the performance of semester 2 juniors (or semester 1?). I couldn't stop yelling "OSIM ur PAPA" because their outfit was just plain "OSIM-ed".

I was at henry's shop eating Chipster, and a random guy told me to take a look outside the shop. I knew the cheerleaders were preparing for the competition out there, but i didn't notice their outfit until this guy reminded me about it.

Oh well, it's still a very good costume after all.

As the sequence follows, semester 3 juniors performed. And this we called the "X-men", since they dressed in black with a white stripes of "X" in front of them.

By the way, no offense for all the dressings. Just joking...

Semester 4 wasn't the one after that. Pharmacy group A (or B?) performed before us. There were more females than male which you'd expect in pharmacy. I've to say they really did a good job. Their dance(?) was really fast, powerful and accurate at the same time.

And the "kowtow" move as kind of funny too.

Ok, this is how they loooked like after the kowtow-ed.

Second Pharmacy group followed next. Now this one was really great as well. I wonder why both of the pharmacy groups could perform so well. Their moves weren't something one could master in such a short while.

Nothing much i could comment about that, since i can't dance.

By the way their pom-pons were quite well done, purple plus silver to fit their costumes. But those were irritating at the same time too as the bands fell off so easily until those were scattered all over the place.

'Oii sapu lantai la, sem4 coming!"

Alright, after seeing so many groups' performance, i could see our batch's performance at last.

Frankly, IMHO our group's custome looks a bit dull. The rest ones outshine. Dark red isn't attractive enough for me.

Screw that, i could finally witness the outcome of their extensive trainings. Very well done, synchronised, the background music was fantastic. Plus the scene of phing phing + william was totally kick ass.

That's why we shouted out our lungs for you all!

It's been a while since the last time i shouted so loudly.

Cough cough.

Finally semester 5 senior was the last group to perform. "Bumblebee" i called it because of the yellow in black outfit.

They have the most experience for the imu cup since that was the third time they participated therefore their teamwork was really noticeable.

I was quite surprised to see few of my friends there, didn't know they can dance too.

That's all for the cheerleading performance. Before the result was out, the organiser started giving out the medals for the imu cup winners.

Although we were so much more better than last year, but we still didn't win much of medals.

I was waiting for our batchmates' names to be called so that i could shout out loud to cheer. But apparently the semester 3 juniors cheered more than the rest of the batches. I think they must have cheered until sien already.

I couldn't wait until they annouce the result for cheerleading. I still have to study for my CSU session on the next day, so i left imu at 10.20pm and told my friend to inform me about the results.

After i got home for few minutes, i was informed that our batch's cheerleading got second place! Walao, better than i thought! I didn't expect that we could win.

Great job all of you all who participated. And we did a great job too in screaming to cheer.

On the next morning before my CSU session starts, i went to check the overall results.

We got third place overall for the imu cup. That was really surprising. Because we were so much more behind the rest before the cheerleading competition, Guess marks contributed by cheerleading really pulled up a lot.

And that's all for our last imu cup in the imu.

Now you all and concentrate in studies.

But too bad endocrine's system assessment is over today. No remake. Let's be ready for the coming reproduction system.


309# Sayonaro no Uta

309# Sayonaro no Uta

You're really lucky if you have a friend like Michelle. Before you fly off overseas your friend will really give you a surprise. And your heart will feel so touched and melted, just like a white chocolate cake kept inside the boot of the car - melted.

Audrey was flying off on Thursday morning to Wales.

Week before that Michelle planned to have a surprise for her with a few of us. And thanks to Tucky for letting us his house, we managed to have it on the Tuesday night.

To be really honest enough, i almost couldn't make it. That Tuesday would be the most busy day for me in the university.

10.30am - 12.30pm - Clinical Skill Unit
2pm - 3.30pm - Problem Based Learning
4.00pm - 6.15pm - Lectures.

My life in university would never be this good to have all 3 subjects hit on me on the same day.

Regardless how tired i was, i still dragged my body like the zombie and show myself up.

Oii, it was not Anthony, but Audrey. Audrey leh. So must go.

After i had my dinner at the nasi lemak stall outside imu (again), i went to Darren's place and he fetched me to Tucky's house.

Tks was invited as well.

He looked more tired than i did although he had only pbl and 2 lectures that day, without the csu. But i think that must because of the food he ate in the pasar malam after our dinner, before he reached at tucky's place.

Chow taufu, literally smelly taufu.

Plus walking around in the pasar malam after the whole day spent in university, that was really tiring.

It was really funny how they hided this surprise from Audrey. We actually planned to have dinner (only) at Asia Cafe. But they didn't seem like it because, it's Asia Cafe.

In the end they decided to have it in one's house, and Tucky's house was chosen.

Audrey didn't aware of the update but still thought that we were still going to Asia Cafe. She followed Michelle's car, and Michelle told her that she needed to go Tucky's house to pick him up first.

Me, Darren and Tks were already at Tucky's house plaiying pool while waiting.

They reached after we played 3, 4 arounds of pool.

While i try to distract Audrey by talking to her, Michelle, Jonathan, Darren and Tucky went outside the house to Michelle's car - to take the cake out from the boot which she hided from Audrey's view.

They knocked on the door from the outside. During that time ks was slacking on the sofa, even when he was not, he still wouldn't go open the door.

I was playing the piano that time, and therefore Audrey went open the door.

And there goes, "Surprise...!".

A white chocolate cake, with one candle on top, plus a ballet dancing doll (I don't know what do we called that...).


The whole process was recorded by Darren with his handphone. But sadly, voice recording only.

Duh! Why not just video record it la... So that we could youtube it ma...

"3GP file very big la... cannot la..."

Super sweat.

After we fed ourselves with the semi-melted white chocolate cake (due to the heat in the car's boot), we planned to play Tucky's PS2 at a very special space in his house.

PS2 games will never look so good to play in the theater with the projector.

That was the first time Michelle, Audrey and Jonathan went to Tucky's house. They showed the same reaction like us during our first visit too.

"Honey, you wouldn't want to go home tonight."

"Huh? Why?" (0.5 seconds later)

"Oh my God!"

We played Gran Turismo 3 since it can be played with 2 players at the same time. Sadly Tucky has no GT4 which i believe have a higher resolution and quality. But anyway, it really shows how much a projector can do for the PS2.

It was really wide, and i didn't know where to focus!

It's not a good idea to play racing games with such a big screen, but i would like to try to play action or horror games with all the lights off.

Goodbye Audrey.

And thanks to Tucky for letting us his house!

Take care!


308# Wear and Tear

308# Wear and Tear

It's been more than 2 years, since the day i graduated from Taylor's A levels.

At the same time, it's been more than 2 years since the last time i shop for my casual wears.

Ever since i finished my A levels, i have no interest to look for casual wear anymore, since i can't wear them in the imu. Therefore i only buy those which are more formal and suit the so called dress code in imu.

Because of that, i always wear the same t shirts and 3/4 pants wherever i go. The 3/4 pants i got from U2 2 years ago was the only casual short pants i have until now.

I did bought same other short pants for casual wears though, but those didn't turn out to be as comfortable as the U2 ones.

It's just me, for being tall and thin.

2 years has passed. Those casual wears that i bought since college days can no longer cover me up anymore. I started to grow horizontally.

GG no remake, seriously.

Therefore i was forced to do a massive shopping to replaced those which are GG-ed.

I never looked so funny to have 5 plastic bags with me. Look like an Aretha (shopaholic).

I used to hang around a lot in the mall to eat, watch movie, hang out, but never, shop. Today was the very first time i have so many things to buy.

It was really critical. Could you imagine i wore a pair of jeans to mamak last night? That pair of jeans is the only one left which i can wear right now. Actually there's another long pants still can be wore though.

But anyway, going mamak without revealing shins looks so wrong... And i freaked my friend out for not wearing the usual pants.

I wore that pants to everywhere. Wore that for road trip for 5 days, never change. Basically, everywhere. Thus there's a very strong dependance to it already now. Bet that you have seen i wear that for more than 789 times.

Plus my basketball shoe was officially no remake on the independance day eve. And the leather shoe i wear to uni need to retire too from servicing me for the past 2 years.

Actually my list just stops there, leather shoe, basketball shoe, and a 3/4 pants. But as usual i will visit to fantasy shop to see is there any CDs to buy.

I didn't expect anything from there, since my wallet is extremely dry. The latest album i want is Dimmu Borgir's In Sorte Diaboli, which i already downloaded through Bit Torrent.

I know it's bad to do illegal downloads but it's hard to get these kinda CDs locally. But hey, Fantasy music store brings in these black metal CDs!

They have quite a lot of CDs from this genre, but sadly Gothic metal CDs from sweden, norwegian are never been seen.

Have to buy it, since i spotted the original CD.

Really didn't expect to see this - Korn's 8th studio album!

Damn, since when they released this?

I asked the lady when they brought in this CD. Ok, 3 weeks ago. But i really didn't aware of its release. Just checked from wiki, it was already out on july.

July, that was when we were sitting for our finals.

In the end, i have to spend extra for these...

Before i left, i remembered that i saw Neon Genesis Evangelion's manga at the comic shop. Not a shop already for the moment but they moved to the outside.

The chances of getting this manga locally or buying online is close to zero. No, it's zero. I've been looking and asking for this manga since year 2000 until now but it's nowhere to be seen.

And finally, China is doing a great job in fusing 9 chapters of this manga into 2 books! 4 pages of the manga in one page... Therefore it's squeezed into a smaller size, but still can be read.

From what i know only 9 volumes are released, but wiki says 11, anything. And could you imagine this manga is being drawn since year Febuary of 1995 until now? See how old your little nephew is already right now. This manga hasn't finish yet regardless the anime has ended for 11 years.

Anyway, i'm happy with this manga. Although i have to pay a lot for it, but that would be the only chance i could buy it. No choice.

Spent a lot today, worth more than one Perfect Grade. I'm officially broke right now.

I just realised something weird in the receipt when i was checking them. A receipt from the doggie shoe shop.

Race C

What the hell is that for?

Surveying racial preference towards shoe models?



307# Welcome to the Endocrine system

307# Welcome to the Endocrine system

Finally, after almost 2 months of break, 3 months without lectures, we're back to the lecture hall again for the fourth semester, started with the endocrine system.

The so called honey moon semester, because there's isn't any major exam but only 3 system assessments aka the minor exams on each month. Plus there's rotation posting and selectives.

Endocrine system, renal system, and reproduction system.

To be honest, i think i might dislike the reproduction system the most.

Although it might seemed to turn you on in some way, but i just dislike it because it's so complicated. Although we haven't start this system yet, but i just have that feelings. Endocrine is so far ok by the way.

Was surprised to see the pimped up lecture hall 2. Brand new seats, carpet, wall deco, and the projector is moved to the centre of the hall so that the people sit at the left wont hurt their neck.

I guess the projector screen is changed bigger too, which is a good thing for me since i sit at the second last row.

The number of students in the hall isn't same as before. I could see a lot of empty seats which supposed to be seated by those who i know.

Apparently there're a few of them who didn't survive for the resit exam. For those who were retaking the semester, they didn't make it for the exam, they have to leave.

For those who were taking the resit, they didn't make it, they have to retake the semester.

And i think there are more than 10 of them not with us anymore. Sad.

It could be a curse or something, where nearly all of the people who used to sit at the back row didn't make it for this semester.

I sat at the second and third back row, so maybe i was avoided from that curse.

Zakhir is the only one sitting at the back row now. His members are all gone.

Most of us turned to be nocturnal during the break so we need time to adjust ourselves back to daylight activities.

It isn't a big trouble for me since lectures starts at 4pm, and pbl, csu all start around 10.30am or earliest 8.30am, so wish i could be enough of sleep during this semester.

I always try to wake up at 8am and get to imu at 10am to study. Too bad it's too hard for me where i always snooze the alarm and wake up at 9am or worst, 10am in the end.

Some of them who never go library go to the library now to study, and come out with questions regarding lectures to frighten me off...

I feel so left behind now, didn't study much lately. Should i blame for the schedule?

Break is over and it's time for the dash.

The next break will be one year after this.


306# 1/100 SEED model ZGMF - X666S Legend Gundam

306# 1/100 SEED model ZGMF - X666S Legend Gundam

Semester 4 starts tomorrow, guess i'm going to be busy and have less time to write non sense here. Since i'm still free right now (12 hours before pbl starts) therefore i'm just going to write a short review for the 1/100 scale model i've bought early of the month.

14 of August i bought this model along with the SD version of Stargazer and a Keroro Mk-II for my youngest sister. I started to built it 2 days after it.

Spent 2 nights for the model. Since it's just a 1/100 scale model, unlike the Master Grades, therefore there isn't a lot of work to put on.

First night i completed the main body, while the second night i completed the backpack.

The reason why i bought this non graded 1/100 (but quality wise is High Grade) instead of Master Grades was because i was aiming for its first press issue.

The first press of this model comes together with a white sem-transparent stand. The stand is available too separately but it's only available in black, grey and white.

This semi-transparent stand only comes with this first press Legend, that's why i aimed for it first instead of the others.

First press means the first batch of the stock from the factory. It may come with extra items with not going to be given after the first issue of the stock.

Maybe i've used to build Master Grades therefore this model didn't cause much trouble to me. In fact the last 1/100 scale model i built was October of last year. So it's been a while since i build this grade.

Been building 5 Master Grades prior to this Legend Gundam, therefore my modeling skills have kind of improved a lot. To improve such a skill, certainly there's a lot of time, hardwork and money spent onto it.

With all the experiences of cutting, sanding, building, lining, markering and also, spoiling, now i know what to do and what NOT to do.

"Don't always go touch it."

That's rule number one for all completed models.

Sometimes it's quite frustrating to build repeated items. Legend comes with identical DRAGOON parts which requires lining and minor markering (sufficient for a collector like me). And there are 8 of them.

Doing this 8 identical parts were really boring actually. But that wasn't too bad if compared to the DRAGOONs of the MG Hi Nu.

Although there are only 6 of them. But certainly, being a Master Grade, it's 10 times more harder to build and harder to line if compared to Legend's ones. By the way, Legend's one is one-piece-dragoon, while Hi Nu's one is made up of 13 pieces...

Taking photos is one of the skill too where some of them even manually adjust the camera to get the best shot. Again, i'm not as advance as they do therefore i just simply take a few shots for fun.

Lightning condition is the main concern where if the light conditioning is bad, no matter how wonderful you build the kit, it can't be seen anyway.

Therefore morning sunlight is the best. But i didn't spray on UV protector top coat for it, so i shall not let them expose to direct sunlight so often.

This is the first press base stand which i was talking about. Not entirely white thus the model itself could stand out.

Without a stand, regardless of its huge backpack, it can still stand upright in stand by postion. Maybe this time the engineer has done well in designing the weight distribution and the joints' stability and support.

Of course, a stand is always needed for aerial poses.

Imitating the battle between the Strike Freedom with the Master Grade ones.

I copied it directly from the picture i saw in the Strike Freedom's manual, and didn't noticed that i did a few mistakes for it.

Someone over the internet pointed out that, according to the anime, Legend was holding 2 beam sabers while the rifle was on it's back.

But the one i saw in Strike Freedom's manual was Legend with its rifle, therefore the manual was wrong!

Very satisfied with this model and i'd rate it for 8 out of 10. It's ver descent being a 1/100 scale model. Unlike the 1/100 Strike Freedom and Freedom which they are so badly done compared to the Master Grades.

This made up the third 1/100 scale model of my collection while the eighth including the Master Grades which scaled in 1/100 as well.

It saves a lot of space if i place all 8 of them together in stand by mode. The trade off is that i no longer able to pose them in aerial combat pose due to the space constraints...

Damn, i need glass shelf... And two of them. Not now, I only could get them once i move into a new house. My room has ran out of space for any new model right now.

Pending list so far;

1) MG Destiny Gundam
2) MG Wing Zero Custom
3) MG Mk-II AEUG v2.0
4) MG Zeta Gundam v2.0 White Unicorn color
5) 1/100 Gold Frame Amatsu
6) 1/100 Akatsuki Gundam
7) Evangelion unit 01 test type model
8) PG Strike Gundam
9) PG Skygrasper + Aile Strike unit

Total amount of money needed for all these: Approx RM 1900.

That's nearly RM2,000...

305# A21 Prologue

305# A21 Prologue

This is what that i mentioned at my previous post, about the incident i faced before reaching aretha's birthday dinner.

Around 2.20pm i drove to darren's place because we are going to take train to together to starhill.

If i maintain my speed well at the highway for 100km/h, i usually reach at darren's place in 25 minutes. But that day i didn't make it.

I was chilling and drive while listen to "Born in Burial Gown" by the Filth. The sky looked funny and started to drip.

It wasn't that heavy yet, i turned on the windscreen wiper.

The wiper moved... super slow.

I was wondering why, was it because of the rubber pieces at the wiper got displaced or something.

In short, i couldn't wipe off the water in the windscreen when it was raining that time.

Whatever, will fix it when i get to darren's place.

Another funny thing happened. The radio kept on resetting.

There were twice the radio gone wrong. First time was the volume kept on increasing, second time was the display gone plus buttons weren't functioning. But the radio returned normal without fixing after that.

Now that was really frustrating. The wiper already making trouble, not the radio, come on.

And, damn, why am i sweating?

I could feel the air from the air con, but it wasn't a cold one. Shit, the air con wasn't functioning!

I pressed on the air con button to activate the cold mode, thought that i would have pressed it off acidentally or something.

No matter how many times i pressed it, the light didn't turn on.

In front of the traffic light turning into Shah Alam, i sms-ed darren and told him that my car's problem.

While waiting for the traffic light, i realised that the engine's rotation has gone nearly to zero. Panicked, i put in neutral mode and accelerate to increase the rotation.

Green light, i accelerated hard, but the car wasn't moving what it supposed. Very slow...

Whatever, i gave up. I pressed hard while the car moved very slowly ahead. And it died under the bridge, in front of another traffic light.

Wiper, radio, air con, all three weren't functioning. For sure that was a car battery problem. I turned on the hazard lights and called my father for help. He was busy that time and he asked one of his worker to send a car mechanic to help.

I called darren and told him about this. He cancelled off the mechanic he called when i told him that my father's mechanic was on the way.

I went down to check the car's condition. All 4 tyres ok. Radiator coolant's level normal. Battery... low level, plus the solution inside looked dirty!

The place where i stopped was quite near to his place and he came over. About 30 minutes later, the backup reached us.

Jump start didn't help. The mechanic diagnosed that most likely the alternator aka the dynamo has spoilt. Therefore the car battery couldn't be charged and dried off.

Therefore it means that the alternator has spoilt prior to that, possibly few days before that.

In the end the mechanic put on another battery and drove my car back to the workshop at klang to repair.

It was quite not right to block the traffic but i didn't cause much trouble after all. Cars could still move at the other 3 lanes at my car's left.

Fortunately the car died under the bridge entering Shah Alam instead of on the highway.

That would be dangerous if your car stopped moving when cars at your back are moving at 100km/h.

After that, i went to darren's car and we moved to subang's train station for the dinner.

What a wonderful day.

Bad news is, the next day...
31/8 was holiday, workshop's closed.
1/9, the workshop needs to order the alternator.
2/9 Sunday, workshop's closed.
3/9, semester starts, i will have no car to drive to imu!

PS: All photos courtesy of dacteria.com.


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