306# 1/100 SEED model ZGMF - X666S Legend Gundam

306# 1/100 SEED model ZGMF - X666S Legend Gundam

Semester 4 starts tomorrow, guess i'm going to be busy and have less time to write non sense here. Since i'm still free right now (12 hours before pbl starts) therefore i'm just going to write a short review for the 1/100 scale model i've bought early of the month.

14 of August i bought this model along with the SD version of Stargazer and a Keroro Mk-II for my youngest sister. I started to built it 2 days after it.

Spent 2 nights for the model. Since it's just a 1/100 scale model, unlike the Master Grades, therefore there isn't a lot of work to put on.

First night i completed the main body, while the second night i completed the backpack.

The reason why i bought this non graded 1/100 (but quality wise is High Grade) instead of Master Grades was because i was aiming for its first press issue.

The first press of this model comes together with a white sem-transparent stand. The stand is available too separately but it's only available in black, grey and white.

This semi-transparent stand only comes with this first press Legend, that's why i aimed for it first instead of the others.

First press means the first batch of the stock from the factory. It may come with extra items with not going to be given after the first issue of the stock.

Maybe i've used to build Master Grades therefore this model didn't cause much trouble to me. In fact the last 1/100 scale model i built was October of last year. So it's been a while since i build this grade.

Been building 5 Master Grades prior to this Legend Gundam, therefore my modeling skills have kind of improved a lot. To improve such a skill, certainly there's a lot of time, hardwork and money spent onto it.

With all the experiences of cutting, sanding, building, lining, markering and also, spoiling, now i know what to do and what NOT to do.

"Don't always go touch it."

That's rule number one for all completed models.

Sometimes it's quite frustrating to build repeated items. Legend comes with identical DRAGOON parts which requires lining and minor markering (sufficient for a collector like me). And there are 8 of them.

Doing this 8 identical parts were really boring actually. But that wasn't too bad if compared to the DRAGOONs of the MG Hi Nu.

Although there are only 6 of them. But certainly, being a Master Grade, it's 10 times more harder to build and harder to line if compared to Legend's ones. By the way, Legend's one is one-piece-dragoon, while Hi Nu's one is made up of 13 pieces...

Taking photos is one of the skill too where some of them even manually adjust the camera to get the best shot. Again, i'm not as advance as they do therefore i just simply take a few shots for fun.

Lightning condition is the main concern where if the light conditioning is bad, no matter how wonderful you build the kit, it can't be seen anyway.

Therefore morning sunlight is the best. But i didn't spray on UV protector top coat for it, so i shall not let them expose to direct sunlight so often.

This is the first press base stand which i was talking about. Not entirely white thus the model itself could stand out.

Without a stand, regardless of its huge backpack, it can still stand upright in stand by postion. Maybe this time the engineer has done well in designing the weight distribution and the joints' stability and support.

Of course, a stand is always needed for aerial poses.

Imitating the battle between the Strike Freedom with the Master Grade ones.

I copied it directly from the picture i saw in the Strike Freedom's manual, and didn't noticed that i did a few mistakes for it.

Someone over the internet pointed out that, according to the anime, Legend was holding 2 beam sabers while the rifle was on it's back.

But the one i saw in Strike Freedom's manual was Legend with its rifle, therefore the manual was wrong!

Very satisfied with this model and i'd rate it for 8 out of 10. It's ver descent being a 1/100 scale model. Unlike the 1/100 Strike Freedom and Freedom which they are so badly done compared to the Master Grades.

This made up the third 1/100 scale model of my collection while the eighth including the Master Grades which scaled in 1/100 as well.

It saves a lot of space if i place all 8 of them together in stand by mode. The trade off is that i no longer able to pose them in aerial combat pose due to the space constraints...

Damn, i need glass shelf... And two of them. Not now, I only could get them once i move into a new house. My room has ran out of space for any new model right now.

Pending list so far;

1) MG Destiny Gundam
2) MG Wing Zero Custom
3) MG Mk-II AEUG v2.0
4) MG Zeta Gundam v2.0 White Unicorn color
5) 1/100 Gold Frame Amatsu
6) 1/100 Akatsuki Gundam
7) Evangelion unit 01 test type model
8) PG Strike Gundam
9) PG Skygrasper + Aile Strike unit

Total amount of money needed for all these: Approx RM 1900.

That's nearly RM2,000...

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