444# Pediatri- Økende potensial

Paediatrics. Yeah. One last week to go and my exams fall on this coming friday.

Could be one of my favourite posting to do. Not only it is somewhat related to internal medicine posting, paediatric cardiology is also my favourite subject, after the attachment I've done in the National Heart Institute.

Unlike the previous Surgery posting, we have a few slides presentations and on call reports to do. I have just presented a not so medical related presentation on "Financial Management of a Houseman Doctor". It is definitely an important topic to be discussed.

And after knowing how little we will be able to earn in the future regardless of the 100+ hours of work per week, the chances of me being able to buy more Gundam Fix Figurations and Perfect Grades Gundams are getting slimmer and slimmer.

Recently there was an article on The Star blog, titled "Why we (Msia doctors) left and why we will continue to leave" being circulated in one of the social networking page. I have read it multiple times and even some of the comments, and that really voiced out how the doctors here think about the system.

Talk about system, the healthcare system here is rotting, decaying, and going backwards. It won't be long for us to be involved in this issue and thus we have to be prepared for it. But come think of it, in fact, there is nothing we can do about it.

Just fly, if you could.

Library is always a stressin' place. I don't like the library anymore. I can't study there anymore. I'm famous for my low threshold but there is always people who like to challenge the threshold. You are stressed and so do I.

I'm sorry to tell you that, I'm human with feelings too.

Wasted three hours of my time to see how my country got defeated by the people from the mainland in Thomas Cup. Not only they failed to burst the Great Wall, but they got packed instead.

Three - Nil.

How sad.

Since everything is so full of shit. Why not we go for a drink again?


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