331# Lost

331# Lost

I can't believe that i will go mid valley again yesterday. I have just went there 12 days ago after our renal assessment.

That time, we went to for sushi, and i bought 2 books (Mitch albom and Thomas Harris), and we got lost during the way back.

And yesterday, the cycle repeated.

We went for sushi again, i bought 2 books (Mitch albom and Thomas Harris) again, and we got lost during the way back again.

I have got lost for 3 times in a row during the way back from mid valley back to bukit jalil. And i don't know why.

To be honest, I'm very sick of sushi now. Been eating a lot lately until i lost my appetite for it. But i still went there because my friends are so crazy about it.

This time i had to download the 50% off mobile voucher myself because my friend's handphone wasn't working. That deducted RM3.50 off from my credit and i had no credit to call home after that.

I didn't eat much. From 5 plates last time i improved to 6.5 plates. I went to the burger store for a burger before that, that's why i couldn't eat much. What a waste.

But that two fellas ate a lot until the sushi drove them to sleep. And unfortunately, me myself too. Chan really fell asleep until i had to wake him up to finish up his scallop sushi, because it was already 9pm that time.

Both of them ate more than what we did previously as if the food was really free.

There's an improvement, from 25 plates to 32 plates. Could be more if i didn't get sick of it.

During the way back, i forgot where did i parked my car.

Shit, usually i take a picture down of the car with the pillar which location is written. But i didn't do that yesterday because both of them were hungry and i had to rush and totally forgotten to note down where i parked my car.

In the end, it took us more than 35 minutes to find the car.

I was searching around while pressing on the remote alarm hope that the car is nearby and gave me a beep.

It was like men in dessert who are going to be thirst to death when we found back my car.

We actually screamed like mad people and ran towards it.

It was so scary when you can't allocate your car. Plus it is mid valley. I have a relative who took 3 hours to find his car back in the car park.

Is there any grace period to exit from the car park? Don't think so since we get out from the car park after 50 minutes after we paid.

Didn't know that the ticket tells which entrance you came in and what floor you parked.


After knowing that we managed to find the car just within 10 minutes.

It was 10.45pm already where all of the cars were moving out. That took us more than 15 minutes just exit the car park.

One out of 99 reasons of traffic jam.

I was told to follow seremban direction and then cheras, then komplex sukan or what so ever.

It was smooth at the beginning until there was a point where can cut into seremban or straight to cheras.

I went straight, and i believed that was a mistake. I ended up going to cheras and kajang direction.

Got lost for half an hour until i turned to tasik selatan direction which led us back to bukit jalil...

PS: I need someone to guide me next time... Or else, we take train only ok?

330# Three

330# Three

Decarboxylation is three years and three days old today.

I supposed to write this on the 17th of this month where it was the exact three years anniversary of this page and apparently i have forgotten.

Never mind, three years and three days isn't that bad too, double the three. And this is the 330th post too, double the three as well.

Can't believe i have been writing for this long. When i read back my old posts, those are so bad until i don't feel like reading it.

Anyway, people do grow. The past shows how much i have stepped forward until today.

Pardon all my language mistakes. When i read back, i realised that my language was weaker than i imagined. I hope what am i writing now is comfortable to read.

For those who have been reading since the very first day, i believe that you have noticed some changes in here.

I was in the denial stage. I had a lot of bad stuffs in me. I wrote them out as to curse kao them.

After the anger and depression stage, i have reached to the acceptance stage right now.

I accept what i have around me now and i appreciate it.

"Cursing the gahmen and people won't make you happy"

Therefore i decided to write something else which will make myself happy. About my friends, my batch mates and even about gunpla to share the thoughts with the other collectors and modellers out there.

Hope you will enjoy (?) reading decarboxylation and any feedback are welcomed.

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

PS: No visual in this entry, i feel kind of weird.


329# GN - 002 Gundam Dynames

329# GN - 002 Gundam Dynames

1/100 Scale model - Intro

I didn't expect to visit to the model shop again until the MG Unicorn is released.

It will be released in Jap tomorrow. To wait it to reach our country it may take from few days until a week or more.

Plus the owner of the model shop is going for Christmas vacation, therefore she won't be opening her shop until the 29th of this month.

And hence i decided to visit the shop on next year, 2nd of January of 2008, if the MG unicorn has already been available there.

Somehow, accidents do happen.

I have a friend who is turning 21st end of this year, so i decided to get him something. And i visited the model shop today.

Not only bought a model kit for him, i bought something which i planned below MG unicorn under my list.

1/100 scale model of Gundam Dynames was released in Jap on 13rd of this month. Hence it's reasonable that i'll spot it in the model shop, because it's already 18th today.

I told myself to buy it only after the MG unicorn, because an MG is surely more important and a non graded scale model. But somehow, i didn't feel like walking away without buying anything for myself.

Plus i have promised Chan to buy his Revoltech eva 00 from him. So... seems that purchase needs to be delayed again.

2300 yen in japan, and i bought it for 2807 yen. Usually buyers here has to pay extra for the shipping cost, tax and as well as the transport cost and stuffs like that. Anyway the price that we pay is approaching the price in yen price, so it's not too bad after all.

And those who staying at countries where there's no model shops, they will need to purchase online. They usually pay extra because of the shipping costs. But anyway it's still cheap for them, considering that US dollar worth 3 times more than our currency here.

Can't believe i'll be buying another high grade standard model instead of a master grade model. 9 frames only in total, quite stress-free to build. Although master grade model has more parts to build and it's more stressing, but that makes it more challenging.

Unlike model kit of this level (equivalent to high grade though), it's easier but somehow it is somewhere near master grade level, just without the inner frame which the latter does.

Seems that the beam rifle and pistols require extensive painting to reach their original color. One of the downside of being a high grade level model kit...

I remained the frames in the plastics, didn't bother to tear them out because i am not going to assemble them yet due to some reasons.

I will only assemble it probably the week after christmas, or after i get and assembled the MG unicorn.

Was asking for fun for the crafting knife and seriously the model shop has it. It's not a cheap tool because it costs me 913 yen. Sometimes the tool itself can be quite expensive, but it's worth to spend on if it's used for a long run.

In order to maintain the standard, all these are made in japan. If they were made in china, guess we could buy them in a cheaper price. But may have QC issues in turn...

What did i bought for my friend? It's not meant to tell though. He might be reading this.

Feel like going to collect all 4 of the main gundams in this series. I think most likely i will.

The coming up Gundam Kyrios to be released on January 2008 catches my attention too. Buy-able. And about the fat Gundam Virtue, hope they design it with the removable armor into Gundam Nahleeh.

Quite possible, since it's not going to be released in MG format, therefore they should make this design into 1/100.

I dragged chan along with me just now and apparently he didn't escape his fate of buying something too.

He was about to buy 2 SD models (those mini mini cute cute model) and some markers. But he put back the SD models after seeing this tanker, Gaplant of High Grade Universal Century model. And he slayed his wallet for this.

Both of us walked out happily with something. But it was pain deep inside our hearts...


328# Tonight, the night

328# Tonight, the night

Friday night.

Tune in to the revolution waltz.

Heard that the logo was done by the pharmacy during microsoft paint [citation needed]. If that is true, that would be the best artwork made by microsoft paint i have ever seen in my life.

"Music is our novacaine, music is our escape, music is our ecstacy, we love music and there is no way you can stop us from playing our music". (Line from the event's booklet)

And the revolution began.

Dancers from our batch initiated the night with army attire for the revolution-look.

The idea of the dancers move out from the audience seats was quite brilliant though.

Didn't know taipomi can dance, lol.

We have zakhir and thazin as the master of ceremony.

Zakhir can act well and he acted on stage twice for the dwali night. And that summoned a lot of screams from the crowd, including the girls...

Thazin would be the tallest female mc i've seen so far. Her height even freaked Charlie Dark out. He came to be our guest lecturer for our literacture selective course on last tuesday.

I don't have any visual of my band's peformance because i was sitting up there with the drums so skip it.

Gary and Hanying performed Linkin Park's What i have done. No, not the rocking one. But they made one acoustic version.

While playing on the grand piano, Gary sang at the same time.

I'm not sure, but i guess he was about to cry while singing [citation needed]. Very full of emotion.

Hercules has been to more than a few "shows" and yesterday's fashion show wasn't that hard for him. I was kind of surprised to hear from siti the day before that, that he was going to strip.


That was the first time i saw him strip on stage. Although i have seen his "body" before from magazines, but yesterday was the first time i saw it in front of my eyes. Freaking cool...!

Siti's performance showed not much of difference compared to last year. But it was still cool enough to slaughter another first price for the fashion show.

Jive by Joe and Jenny.

I have seen Dr. Francis singing, Dr. Sri Kumar on drums, Dr. John on guitar last year.

But i had not witness Dr. Joe and his wife, Dr. Jennifer to dance.

That was a good one. Dr. Joe explained that that dance has 3 styles in it. From sri lankan to cha cha and back to sri lankan style [citation needed].

Dr. Htin Aung performed a Burmese song too. That could be his last perfomance in imu because he is going to retire on next year.

I was wondering who was M106 Powah.

Okay, now i know. But the bassist was imported from the semester 3 though.

Pity him, he was one of the 3 bassist only for that night where he helped almost all bands on the bass guitar.

And i nearly forget that jeremy can play the drums. He should have replaced my position in our hokkien song.

"Cannot la, i play for fun only..." he said. But that is already good enough then me to perform.

Something which was not from our batch...

Was it the first time of imu's history having a band performing heavy metal songs? I know the band Testament, but i have never listen to them. Just found out that Nicholas Barker (one of my favourite drummer) played with Testament before!

The lead guitarist was really fast and accurate. The bassist was wonderful as well because he could sing and play at the same time, which most of the bassist find it hard to do.

We shouldn't be sitting while people were playing that. Therefore i clapped by hand like mad for them like the rest of the people.

Rupert was asking around because he wanted to perform a chinese song.

Due to the unfortunate technical difficulties faced that night, he forced to tell us a few lame jokes. It was funny, not the jokes, but he himself was funny when telling those donald duck and durian jokes.

His effort of memorizing the mandarin lyrics was not wasted. Too bad there was no eye contact with ling wei because he was busy reading the romanised lyrics.

Very sweet song. Jackie Cheung's Love and Promise. Lingwei's voice was very sweet. But i could not catch what rupert singing though.

The last performance from our batch we have han chung's magic show.

I have seen him playing close up tricks in front of me, but i was yet to see his stage perfomance.

It was a girl who wished for teddy bear and snow. The magician (or would you prefer illusionist?) was trying to fulfill her wish by cutting her out a snow on a paper.

She rejected.

He then gave her a teddy bear, armed around her, and raised his hand up.

Snow fly out from his hands then.

Yesterday's event was the first one which i stayed until the end.

That was how i show my support to my batchmates, who in charge of this year's friday night.

Unlike my friends, those fellas just never show up even though i was about to perform that night. Mou Yi Hei.

Thanks to all the commitee who worked hard for this event, and also those who came for support. Great job.

PS: Did anyone taped our performances? This isn't a full report of the event because i didn't take all the photos for all performances. Plus, i already forget some of them...

This post on Friday night is a stub. You can help decarboxylation.blogspot.com by sending him more photos and details.


327# If you want to win, you must "bia"

327# If you want to win, you must "bia"

I never feel something like this.

Through out my whole life, i have encountered different kinds of stress, although almost 90% of them are caused by exams.

But this something totally different. This stress has totally swallowed me up.

Not only stressed, now i'm tired, both physically as well as mentally. My sleep is disturbed because "it" is beating within me. My body is in ache especially my limbs, due to the lactate accumulated result from the anaerobic metabolism in me.

I always wanted to do something in the imu before i left to seremban campus. I can't do any kind of sports therefore i didn't take part in the imu cup for the previous past two times. I only joined the art competitions and i didn't win anything.

I can't dance, either. And i don't expect myself to get involved in cheerleading too. Therefore a music performance would be the only thing that i am able to do before i leave imu bukit jalil to imu seremban.

Our band manager, asked me to handle the drums for the performance during the friday night. I was glad because finally i have the chance to perform for my very first time. But too bad that i'm still very new in drumming.

Practice during the morning.

I could be the noobest drummer in the history of imu who is going to perform.

The only time that i actually touched drums was the time i picked drums as my elective during my first semester in imu, which was August of 2006.

The intensive course which i took was just a month of 4 classes, 30 minutes each which make up the 2 hours in total.

I can't image that i'm going to perform on stage with the 2 hours of lessons and experience that i only have. To make things worse, i have not been touching drums ever since that, which is already 16 months!

Practice during late evening.

In a band, other than the vocalist and the bassist, the drummer is important in maintaining beats. And apparently i failed to do so. Practicing the song which we are going to perform in 84bpm was very hard to me, because i'm used to timing of 140bpm or above.

I really appreciate the chance of being able to perform on stage. But i'd be glad if i could handle the position as the lead guitarist. I've been playing the electric guitar for 4 years full. Even though i've stopped playing for 2 years ever since i entered to imu, but at least i have more experience in guitar than drums.

Plus the lead guitar part for this song is relatively easy for me, because i'm used to play melodies instead of chord-strumming.

I feel very sorry to the rest of the band member because i always tend to play faster than what i supposed to be. Being the core, once if i screwed up, the rest of the members will screw up too. That explains why am i in such a different stress.

Just came back from the rehersal, i think i have done the best that i could, and hope i won't cause the rest to screw up on tomorrow's performance.

Please don't boo at me or beat me up if i play out of beat ok?

1 vocalist, 4 backing vocalists including 1 keyboardist, 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 4 violinists, 1 flautist and 1 trumpeter. 15 of us in the band, i could we could possibly be the largest performing band that you would see on tomorrow night.

I have been carrying my electric guitar around recently, although i'm not playing the guitar for that performance. Because the rest of the band members have no electric guitar therefore i have to borrow mine to the rhythm guitarist.

That's some reason why i try not to carry out my guitar around. However, accident still happened. I forgot to lock my hardcase and i carried it up. The guitar just rolled out and the body knocked at the hard case's edge.

There's a dent at the edge of the body of the guitar. Heartache, really painful.

PS: I actually controlled my walking speed in 84bpm after the practices.
(Andante - walking pace of 76bpm to 108bpm)


326# Serpent Tongue

326# Serpent Tongue

"Jingle in the Jungle", they called it.

My batch mates managed to hold a "reptile show" (we called it) today as a fund-raising for the imu Christmas night and convocation magazine (i guess so).

Back to last week, a few of my batch mates (a lot of them actually) were asking around to sell the tickets for this reptile show.

To be honest, selling it at Rm10 for 3 was kind of expensive. Because initially i told myself it's not worth to pay to see something which i can easily see, something crawling on my wall and floor through out the day and night.

But that thinking has changed today.

Of course the reptiles shown are different then lizards crawling on the wall and floor.

The "Jingle in the Jungle" held today from 10.30am onwards. Quite a lot of them went there to support.

The first thing we saw was snakes. And snakes.

To be honest, i don't feel comfortable with snakes just like the rest of us do. Who don't afraid of them?

If i'm not wrong, there's this snake temple at penang. I went there was i was little, and i didn't touch any of them, even though i was given a chance.

The snake showned above is actually a Mangrove Cat Snake. Good name. There's actually snakes named after cat. This is just 1 out of the 4 which have names of "cat" in it.

Take note of that, they do eat there own kind even though it's just occasionally. This is something i never thought of. Maybe i have witnessed it before on the tv, but i still feel that this fact is something new to me.

Other than snakes, there were a few frogs there.

Check out this particular ones. If it wasn't labelled as "White Tree Frog", i'd assume that someone has poo poo-ed in this container.

This frog is just plain obese and it refused to react to its external environment. The rest of the frogs still move around though. And there were frogs there called "Pac man frog". Interesting.

Wonder what kind of food these "Pac man frog" feed themselves with. Round things that we see in the video game?

Hedgehogs. 3 of them, normal breed and the albino.

They are not reptile though.

There are no spikes, and they merely resembles guinea pigs or hamster to me (non halal according to kennysia). Anyway i still have no courage to touch them, but my friend did.

Quite funny that an animal which looks like mice eats cat food.

How can a reptile show show without the python?

This creature is huge, its diameter could be outnumbered than my forearm. Wonder how heavy it is.

2 chickens are fed to it weekly if i didn't hear wrongly. Guess it still eat something else other than that because i don't think 2 chickens is enough to last for a week, although they can survive long with limited food.

No one messes with the cobra. It was one of those snakes which were not carried out from the cage.

The cobra was sort of agitated, therefore it would raise its head up. I assume it is poisonous...

These snakes actually costs about hundreds. Anyone interested to have one?

To be honest, today is the first day i touched the snakes. They were cold, scaldy and heavy.

At first i was still afraid of it, but after seeing my friend held it, i dared myself to do the same.

Thus that's why i think that this show was worth to spend money on.

But i wouldn't kiss a snake. Even if you pay me RM10,000 for that. No.

Because i've watched Steven Chow's Kungfu Hustle. I know how would it be to be bitten by a snake on the mouth. Lol.

To be honest count: 3


325# Renal Failure

325# Renal Failure

Another system assessment has ended.

One exam per month is been a norm for us in the university.

It's normal to see each of everyone study hard before exam, get stressed up before exam, and tulan after exam.

The tulaness may stay for quite sometime until you find something to distract yourself. Playing Dota is no longer the way to solve this therefore we are not practicing it since few months ago.

We went to mid valley tried to catch a movie. While on the way there, in the car, i spotted this in front of me.

At the back of the vehicle written "In situ".

Comon man, give me a break. Just finished from exam but for no reason this medical related term appeared in front of me. And it was at the back of a vehicle some more! What the heck was that supposed to mean? A brand?

After we got rid of this car, we saw another funny thing (supposedly) hap pend on the road. I asked chan who was on the wheels to stick closer so that i could get a clearer picture of it. But apparently i failed to do so.

But anyway...

Knn... Yaya right... that car was chasing some robber... A robber who stole semi value's book.

Reached at mid valley with the car parked at the Gardens. The parking fee costed me RM4 since it's counted by hour. Wonder if the parking at mid valley is charged at a lower rate.

If it does i'll freaking complain at them man. Consumers find no parking at mid valley and got led to parking at the Gardens without knowing, have to pay a higher price of parking fee, plus, and have to walk across the road to mid valley.


Didn't realise that Christmas is near until i see this huge Christmas tree at the Gardens. Sigh, another money robbing festival has come where some of them spend on extra stuffs for no apparent reasons.

After that only i realised that i have not buy anything yet for the gift-exchanging event of my university. Oh yes, i've joined and becoming one of them...

And please don't look down of me because of that.

Apparently mid valley is having the same decoration too. It looked more colorful then the Gardens' ones actually. And we could see lots of them stand in front of those artificial tress with funny inorganic fruits hangin' and it, and forced their parents/friends to take picture of that.

I actually wanted to do so too.

Kind of regret now, hope it will still be there during my next visit. If i'm going there again.

Movies like "Enchanted", "Golden compass" or "Hitman" failed to attract us so we planned to spend longer time to eat instead of watching movies.

Sushi king can be quite cheap if you make full use of your handphone. By RM3.50 the mobile voucher gave us 50% off for all plate sushi. Good deal.

Too bad i over-estimated myself. My record is 12 plates of sushi. But maybe post exam syndrome turned my appetite down and i only managed to swallow 5 plates. That was not so mike at all.

Instead, my friends ate like mad since everything is 50% off, by excluding charges of sushi of equivalent or sushi of lower prices. 3 of us ate 25 plates plus ordered the not-so-delicious takoyaki was just RM75++.

Really wasted because i didn't eat as much as i could.

Could eat up to 8 plates if my condition wasn't that bad.

Barney escaped from your little cousin's tv screen to patrol in mid valley.

It's kind of scary when you have friends who mad about books.

I was fortunate enough to have both of book maniacs with me today. Instead of wasting time watching a movie, we went to the MPH.

The amount of time we spent in the bookstore was actually more than enough to finish a movie in the cinema.

Chan's Rm48.50 comic book.

I don't buy books. I bought dan brown's collection series and i'm still yet to finish the remaining 2 books.

But this time i really got me something from the bookstore. One book for my selective (literature) and another one which i'd like to read even though i have watched the movie (badly rated though, hannibal rising).

Why am i buying books? After renal course, the one month of selectives is free from exam. And i have no gunpla to fix with for the moment, recharging my soul and my wallet's soul, therefore i need something to kill time. Revise cardiovascular system too.

All 3 of us bought something from the bookstore. But i wouldn't spend RM50 for a comic book like what chan did...

PS: No exam in december, january and february. I'll be freaking bored...


324# Vege for your intestine

324# Vege for your intestine

Remember the post "Salf for your kidneys" that i posted not long ago?

After thinking again and again, i find out that i love the canteen in the uni even more.

It is the only canteen in the uni, i have no choice, but to love it.

Or else i would have no place to drink nescafe-panas-kao before the lectures.

Last tuesday, i finished my Clinical Skills Unit at 12.50pm. I had a Problem Based Learning session at 1.15pm later.

Means i had only 25 minutes to eat my lunch. I drive out to eat usually but on that particular day, seemed that i didn't have a choice but to eat my lunch in the canteen.

Lunch is supposed to be important.

I have to make it heavy because it's the main source of energy for me to study until 3.30pm where i will have tea break again. Sometimes i don't though.

At the canteen, i took the mixed rice. Some vege and 3 pieces of fish.

Sting ray, expected it not to be cheap. I guessed it would be around RM3 something or RM4. The mixed rice that i usually eat outside cost me from RM2.50 to RM3.50 only by the way.

But guess what, the lady who sits at the counter charged me RM5.00 for it.

RM5.00. RM5.00. RM5.00. RM5.00. RM5.00.

Scroll up to see the picture of that mixed rice again. Did that worth RM5.00?

To make things worse, the food wasn't tasty at all.

The vege was practically tasteless. Erm, guess that's how usually vege taste like.

But one thing i found weird at the green leaves of the vege.

And i spreaded it on the table to take a look nicely.

Green leaves of the vege. Freshness guaranteed.

I was like, oh-my-freaking-god. What on earth has happened to these vege?

I don't support the abuse of pesticide but hey, this is way too much.

These leaves are farked up. Wormholes.

(By the way, full-of-holes in jap means farked up at the same time. Learnt from DMC anime.)

Wormhole metrics:

And the non-traversable wormhole metric (Schwarzschild solution):

Oh yeah.

How am i going to eat it?

Seriously, would you eat something like this?

And you have freaking paid RM5.00 for such full-of-holes-mixed rice!

Guess what can RM5.00 give you from the restaurant outside.

I'd go for this char kuey tao or lou shu fan out there instead.

Check out the prawn, its thickness is about the diameter of a 50 cent coin. This is a small dish, you'll have 3 giant, fresh, sweet prawns if you order a big dish.

And it's just RM3.50 (small). Plus a teh-ais which cost you RM1.30 - everything is just RM4.80, cheaper than the full-of-holes-mixed rice which is RM5.00 and without drinks.

I don't mind to drive out as long as i can eat a better food.

Just look at what we're having right now, do we deserve it? Is this the food service we deserved after paying RM48k to the uni every year?

Please legalise BKT.


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