267# A Gothic Romance - Red Roses for the Devil's Whore

267# A Gothic Romance - Red Roses for the Devil's Whore II

Part 1

Another valentine's day around the corner.

And it has nothing to do with the sausage gang.

For people like we all, we hardly got related to valentine's day. Our life is plain simple, sleep, dota, lecture, sleep, dota, eat, dota.

Alright, i'm excluded from that group actually. My daily routine is about the same, but just except the dota part.

I'm no longer playing dota anymore, since i suck big time. Besides, i have some other better ways to spend my cash and time.

Wednesday, i walked into the campus through the basement car park.

There was 2 couples walked passed me. All 4 of them looked sweet. And there were 2 more girls who holding a big bunch of flower and another one with a helium balloon.

How sweet huh.

When i met my friends up, i could see that single people like me were smiling like we never did before. All sat around a table and laughing to each other.

S.A.D. which stands for, Single Awareness Day, someone called it. Instead of celebrating Valentine's day, we all were celebrating an S.A.D.

It's not too bad to be single, actually. At least we will not fall into the trap of valentine's day which set up by a bunch of girls long time ago to force their other half to give flowers and chocolate to them.

The price of flowers, especially roses, will grow 10 times more than usual. Furthermore there will be more "Valentine's Special" goods such as watches, t shirts, handphones which will suck out a guy's wallet.

I did sucked out a little bit 2 years ago from a Levi's shop.

And that t-shirt is left in my wardrobe ever since.

Anyway, jobless people like us will have nothing particular to do on that day for sure. Before the lectures started, a few of us gathered. With a flower that one of us brought, we did some mtv-ish thingy to freak out our friends.

The following responses were obtained:

First - "What are you doing~~~~~??" (ran off...)

Second - "Huh? What?"
Third - "....."

Fourth - "Fuck off, jerk..."

For your information, i didn't do those. I was just sitting there, take pictures, videos of those, and said "lol".

After lecture, we had nothing to do so we left. When we passed by the basement car park, i notice something.

There was 2 papers left by someone, or maybe two people at a Myvi's windscreen.

I thought someone was doing "Learn how to park you moron" thingy. But when i checked out what were those, i found out that i was wrong.

Precisely, it was an envelope with a "love letter" inside, which folded into a "love" shape. And another one was a piece of paper with some kind of riddle.

Sweet, i'd say. But that was a little bit too old school.

Obviously it's done by a guy, i presumme. He needs to eat more oyster i think. You got what i mean.

I hope the receiver will manage to solve the riddle, and figure out who the secret admire is. After that let it goes, "Deng! deng deng deng..."

If you think that i'm being a kpc, please forgive me. I just have nothing to do seriously on that day. Anyway i manage to go out with 2 friends to shop at night.

Oh ya, they are guys. The year before this i went out for movie with a guy friend too. We ordered a "couple set", 2 soft drinks and a large pop corn. Sweet huh.

Sweet count: 3

Uncensored version


XXX# Kimdydumdumkins

XXX# Kimdydumdumkins

Four movies I can watch over and over and over again:
1. The trilogy of Infernal affair
2. Saw II
3. A tale of two sisters
4. I can't think of any (Coming soon 200X)

Four places I've lived:
1. Pandamaran (<>
2. Taman Chi Liung (<7>
3. Taman Sentosa (> 7 years old)
4. Please refer #3

Four books I recommend to everyone: (Comics can ar?)

1. GANTZ - beautiful with excessive violence, gore and sex
2. Naruto - It's getting boring though
3. Death Note - don't ask me if you have anything you don't understand
4. REAL - It's good to understand the disabled, a must read

Four of my favourite dishes:
1. Pizzas
2. Curry
3. Chicken chop
4. Crab

Four sites I visit daily:
1. Darkness of our bride
2. Channel-ai
3. Figure.fm
4. Rojaks

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. Tokyo -New MG kits coming out!
2. Sheffield - Go slap9 wei jin
3. London - I miss layhui
4. Studio - I want to hit9 the drums too, kim

Four bloggers I am tagging:
1. Audrey
2. Chris
3. Zzzyun
4. Rojaks wingz

If they do read though. And why am i the first you tagged, kim??

See, i do reply your tag. I'm just being kind all the times, like doing charity. Lol

266# Pre - CNY 2007

266# Pre - CNY 2007



Have you ever realise that this year's cny is just 1 week away from us?

I didn't realise that we do have cny this year. Not that i'm not concerned, is the atmosphere that never give me that kind of cny feel.

When i flipped through the tv channels, i hardly see any cny advertisments during these few years. The number if it is declining from year to year. And when it comes to the worst, i have yet to see any cny related advertisment appear on the tv screen.

Economy crisis huh? Why is there none of them greeting me hcny through the tv? You cheapskates. Mehsis, diji, selkom, ohsim, ohgawah, kurniama, ploton, pelodua... They did advertised, but i see none this year.

Maybe i rarely watch the tv? I'm not sure.

Before i stepped into kfc restaurant yesterday, i never knew that cny this year is never this far.

When i stepped in through the side entrance (easier for me since i parked my car at its side), i was greeted by two dolls stickers on the door.

Wasn't thinking much, i made my steps straight ahead to the counter and order my food. Some of the worker there damn freaking cheapskate, they should serve customers drinks when they require customers to wait for the burger to be done.

But that time i got a mini pepsi to kill my thirst while waiting.

When i sat down, i noticed that the cyling was hanging something funny.

Oh man, i didn't realise that people are actually started decorating for cny.

I looked out from the restaurant and saw a few of the houses out there were already well decorated with all these hangers.

Or maybe those were already there since years ago?

Shyt, i feel nothing for this coming cny. And i have nothing new to wear.

Cny has never got this boring. Due to some copyright issue, which is damn freaking brainless, cny songs are not allowed to be played in the public. I guess that's why the cny atmosphere failed to be created.

Few nights ago i went out from my friend and drive around the klang town. Could see some of the fellas out there started selling tangerines, decoration goods and the salai (what do we name it in english actually?).

Regardless all these cny related stuffs are all around, somehow i still can't feel the "umph" from it.

This year's cny is going to be dead soon...

I hope that i'm wrong.


265# Babylon Clinic

265# Babylon Clinic

Guess everyone has been to the clinic. When you feel hot, when you feel cold, when you lao sai, when your sai cannot come out... Sure you will pay a visit to the doctor at the clinic nearby your place.

How do you go to the clinic? Walk? By car?

And for sure the clinic is within your sight when you parked your car.

Anyway, have you ever think of any clinic which existed, which is not built at the ground level?

The above picture was taken near the clinic's window.

Last week we went to this clinic at KL where the clinic is located at the 15th floor in the building.

15th floor...

We couldn't see where the clinic is, but actually it is just at top above of us.

This is seriously no joke. And we were kind of freaked out that we needed to use the lift to get to the clinic.

According to the medical officer who briefed us around, she said that the clinic might be the only clinic locally which is not at the ground level.

This looks kind of cool, but it isn't.

What if your arse pain like shit and you need to visit this clinic, and so happens that the lifts were out of service and you needed to climb up for 15 floors to reach there?

Before you could find for treatment for your arse, you might have already bled to death while climbing up the stairs...

Anyway, that was just an insane example. Having a clinic at 15th floor is for sure not convenient for the patients, especially the elderly, or patients with joints problem.

Somehow the location of this clinic is not permanent. They are looking for a new location to move out.

Even though this is a gahmen's clinic, but the place looks cool. It gave me that kind of private clinic feel. The place was actually a well-built left over before got taken over by the clinic though.

What surprised me more is that the train station to reach this clinic is actually built IN the building where the clinic is.

So what happened that day was, we walked out from the train and tried to look for any building which looks like the one we looking for. Like i mentioned, it is actually situated on TOP of us.

And Dr. Ranjit called us to follow him. In the building, we exit the train station, walked a little bit, reached the lift, went up, and the clinic is there.

Freakin' cool building with built in train station and clinic. WLE, WTH!

Anyway, we didn't have any patient interviews nor physical examinations like what we usually do in the hospital or health centres. I have no idea what were we doing there actually.


264# Ais Batu Campur

This is super-duper-za-dou man!

Anyway, i've predicted that for sure i will not pass my cardiovascular assessment.

I've scored an A for the first summative, B for the second summative, and C+ for my CVS.

What a record. I have all first 3 alphabets.

Half of the batch, which has 183 people in total failed this assessment. This is not looking good. Later some rumours will spread that imu is taking brainless students for cash.

Screw that shit. Not that we can't make it. Just that our passing mark is god damn high.

Most of my friends also screwed up, excluding those full time A scorers though. Quite easy to find out who passed or failed. Those full time scorers need no questions. And those who might pass and sometimes not will show their results on their face.

I didn't show a screwed up face. Because i've predicted mine. The rest, all with screwed up faces. No offense but, yes... We are all screwed up.

Did you guys heard from Dr. Thani that only 10 people out of 183 passed the OSPE on the heart pathology slides question? That's damn scary.

Since i scored A, B, and a C+ for the assessments of my semester 2, overall i've got a B. Overall i'm still pass... At the verge of failing though.

Anyway folks. That was just a first system course that we sat. Just that we are not used to the way of the questions. Get geared up for respiratory, hematology and gastrointestinal systems soon. Damn, end of semester 3 finals isn't that far away from us!

Oh shit. I just need to stop giving myself excuses for my failure...


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