143# Random 21

143# Random 21

0. I got a few things to blog with which are not related to each another, so i came out with this random entry.

1. I feel that even my closest friends will insult me, make fun of me without any care. I was pissed off today.

2. I feel that i do not belong to any group. Neither the group over Klang here, nor the group like in the college.

3. I am anxious about my application to IMU.

4. I will not enter Kolej University Pengurusan Teknologi Msia for any reasons. - All malays uni.

5. I might study biotech+biomedic double degree at Monash uni if i can't enter IMU or i give up in studying medicine.

6. I recalled the medicine's name - Gambutrol, and the 6 demons' name - Cain, Nero, Judas, Legion, Belial, Lucifer in Emily.

7. I watched Emily for the second time yesterday.

8. I watched kungfu Mahjong 2 as well yesterday, it's funny. Those who can play mahjong would understand better.

9. I noticed that almost all girls eat faster than i do.

10. I still can't find any work or course to work with though it's already December.

11. I still hate the politics of our country - the hatred is increasing proportionally day by day.

12. I played 3 songs, about 25 minutes in afternoon violently, and i could not hold the chopstick properly after that.

13. I called my friend who only free on Wed to mamak, but she was lining up for Roller Coaster in Genting Highlands that time.

14. I found out a few of famous blogs recently. I conclude that famous blogs are usually with improper eng, obscence topics.

15. I found out a friend of mine in coll separated with her bf yesterday.

16. I am waiting to watch The Fog, HP4, and Aeon Flux. Anyone?

17. I am waiting the chance for me to get a new desktop.

18. I think i need to wash my car.

19. I got a few things that i can't tell when some particular people asked. Because i respect their beliefs.

20. I got a few things needed to tell to someone, but i think it's better to tell after i settled my uni applications.

21. I actually stopped at 12. just now to remove my facial masque, clean my face and put on the moisturiser. Don't laugh k.


142# Licienced and Royal Unwasheds

142# Licienced and Royal Unwasheds

For you all who are settled in the UK, Dublin and Germany, you guys might not know about the lastest hotest news in Msia now.

Don't know since when the policemen in the country came out with an equation,
China Mari = Prostitutes
Those who think it in this way is definitely a whore.

For than a few of cases where China women who came to Msia, complaint to the authorities that they had been maltreated by the police department. They were molested, forced to do insulting movements, violently hurt, and even sexually harassed.

People got abused by policemen. Where are they going to complain? Back to the police station? The policemen will even treat them "better" then.

Obviously those so-called polices were already doing things which out of the limit. If a person is suspected to have drugs in her body, policeman cannot do the searchings. But instead, a doctor is the one who doing it. The police department claimed

that for all the actions they took, they were mainly to search for drugs or whatever things from those suspects. Is this reason acceptable?

The recent case in the town is the leak of cellphone captured short clip of a naked china women being maltreated by an Islamic police women. From the clip, shown a back of a chinese women. The women was forced to pinch her ears and do stand

ups. Without a piece of cloth with her during the entirely process. And in front of her there was a Malay police women. After the so-called "Examination" or literally, maltreatment, and then the women was allowed to dressed up at last. None of them noticed that they were being captured.

Since the clip is leaked out and shared by everyone, it started to get attention from the public. This is just one of those

cases where China women got arrested and maltreated by policemen, and the government is trying to back the problem up by their very own solutions.

According to the papers, i'm not really sure whether the police women who abused her authority found guilty or not, but she is released. And what the government even concern is, who the Hell is the one who captured the clip.

Let's put it this way... They are not going to bother what is wrong with their men's diciplines and works. But instead, they are even more concern about who captured that incident happened in the police station.

Thus, it's something like, they are going to find who spread their shameful acts, and they are going to kick the person's ass. And for your infomation, they even set a group, which will do further investigations on finding the cameraman.

Lalala... Hey, he is the man. Before he could settle the diplomatic tension between the two countries, he ordered the "Sentinels" to go the "search-and-destroy" job.

When shall racial discriminations and unfairness disappear in everyone's vision? It's damn impossible to attain what the so-called 2020. What we need is just total fairness, not the theory of look-at-where-you-are-standing-you-gonna-fuckin-listen-to-me.

Damned master, train damned dogs.


141# Metal for Dummies

141# Metal for Dummies

I found this page, a list of
heavy metal genres. And i found the exact way to explain what am i listening to right now.

Black metal -- Considered to be an extreme sub-genre of metal. The genre has its origins in early thrash/speed metal and is often (but not always) characterised by Satanic or occult lyrical themes, usually 'screamed' or rasped (lower pitched and high-pitched alike) out rather than sung. Venom and Bathory are credited with pioneering the genre. Other notable black metal artists include Burzum, Darkthrone, Immortal, Emperor and Mayhem. There are also further sub-categories such as national socialist black metal and Tolkien metal.

Gothic metal -- A fusion of the bleak, icy atmospherics of goth rock with the loud guitars and aggression of heavy metal, finding the middle ground between the two styles in a melodramatic sense of theater and lyrical obsessions with religion and gothic horror. Bands include Theatre of Tragedy, Lacrimosa, Tristania and Type O Negative.

Death metal -- An extreme style of metal with low-pitched guitars and growling, often incomprehensible vocals. Lyrical themes of early death metal often centered around gore horror (hence the term), although the genre has since diversified. Examples include Bolt Thrower, Suffocation, Sepultura, Death, Morbid Angel, Deicide and Entombed

Symphonic black metal -- has the same components as melodic black metal but a lot more orchestral pieces, mostly during the entire length of the song, mixed with the black metal element. This sub-genre of black metal has gained much criticism from black metal purists who argue that it is a watered down version of the real thing. The two albums which defined the sub-genre are generally agreed upon to be Cradle of Filth's Cruelty and the Beast and Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse.
Symphonic black metal often can be confused with Norwegian gothic metal and there are some bands who are classified as both (Cradle of Filth or Summoning for instance).

Melodic death metal -- An offshoot of death metal, featuring melodic guitar riffs (sometimes acoustic), and in some examples occasional 'clean' singing. Death and Morbid Angel are primary influences of the genre, which has been developed further by predominately Swedish bands such as At The Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity.

Thrash metal -- incorporated hardcore punk's speed with traditional metal. Slayer!, Overkill and early Metallica, Sepultura, Anthrax, Testament and Megadeth. As is true for many of the terms in this list, the moniker "thrash metal" was not always embraced by its supposed representatives; early on, Metallica referred to themselves as "power metal" (conflicting with the above definition of this term). Conversely, many more or less obscure bands, like Kreator, came up with equally obscure classifications for themselves, such as hate metal. Such labels were often soon forgotten or reused for something else.

Nu metal -- Features a pronounced hip hop influence, and guitar technique is often different from "traditional metal". It's widely argued that nu-metal is a misnomer, stating the genre has very little to do with heavy metal. See KoЯn, Papa Roach, Staind, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Drowning Pool, and Limp Bizkit.

Industrial metal -- features elements of dance music, techno, and heavy, distorted guitars. Synthesizers and drum machines are heavily used in this sub-genre. This style was created by Godflesh. Well known industrial metal acts include Rammstein, Samael, White Zombie, Fear Factory and The Kovenant.

Other than those above... i listen to something light as well...

J-pop -- an abbreviation of Japanese pop. It refers to Western-influenced Japanese popular music. The term J-pop was coined by J-Wave, an FM radio station, to denote what was once called "New Music." The term is widely used in Japan to describe many different musical genres including pop, rock, dance, rap, and soul. In the Nagoya area the term Z-pop is used to describe songs popular in the region. J-rock, Visual Kei and J-rap are generally considered to fall under the J-pop umbrella as well. Singers of J-pop include both popular musicians and seiyū.

K-pop -- an abbreviation for Korean pop. The term refers to Korean popular music, specifically South Korean popular music (there is practically no popular music industry in North Korea).
Korea has its own pop industry with native singers. Many of the Korean pop stars and pop groups are well known in East Asia and other parts of Asia. K-pop often emulates American pop music, and usually features young, sexy performers. It is a highly profitable industry, and in 2004, the 17 year old singer
BoA earned a US $9 million gross profit for her recording company in a single tour. Her salary alone exceeds a million a year.

Some other things i found in Wikipedia:

Utada Hikaru's first album, First Love 1 7,648,000 copies sold (worldwide: 10,000,000 copies sold) (Holds record for most copies of an album sold in Japanese history)

Ai Otsuka's first single, Momo no Hanabira (桃ノ花ビラ, Peach Flowerpetals) - #24 45,000 copies sold

My Conclusion:
I can't live without music!!


140# Verbal Egocentric Slaughter

140# Verbal Egocentric Slaughter

I got these two old friends.

But somehow when time goes by, i started to get some problems from them. More accurately, from their attitudes. I am despised for certain reasons by them. And i do not think that the reasons are reasonable. So, that's no reason for them to treat me in such a way.

I was said to be immature, just because i acted funny to make them laugh. If i did not fuckin' create jokes for the group to laugh with, so what the fuck should we do? Sometimes we do need to have a joker in a group. And i was one of it. In order to make the group to be more happening, i talked jokes, though it was lame. And i was fuckin' critiqued by those two people. Called me to fuckin' grow up. So, grew up people like them never need jokes? One who jokes is fuckin' treaten as a lame kid? Alright, i just don't fuckin' understand that.

I liked to wear black t-shirts, with KoRn, or Slipknot's picture. And i was said as a person who has no taste at all in fashion. Fuck that shirt. Why could not i wear as casual as i could to attend tuition classes? Did i fuckin' need to wear in formal with neck tie when i went for tuition? Did they ever wear those showed in Paris's fashion show to tuition?

They fuckin' critiqued my hair styles. Because i did not spike it up like what people can see in Dragon Ball. Because the definition of "Good Hairstyle" must be fuckin' spiked. Because that definition states that guys cannot have long hair. Because i'm having fuckin' bad hair quality which inherited. Because i never fuckin' bother much about hair fashions. So i was said to have a fuckin' bad hairstyles.

They fuckin' critiqued my physical appearance. Having a friend of 1.89m is a fuckin' insult for them. I was called to eat more because i am fuckin' thin. I was called as a fuckin bamboo stick because of the DNA coded in me.

They fuckin' critiqued my music because i do not listen to mainstreams. What the heck is wrong if i prefer underground music? Mainstream music is called as music, then non-mainstream ones are not? I cannot listen to what i like, but i must listen to what the public like?

They fuckin' critiqued me because i read comic. Comic is something fuckin' childish for them. Those who fuckin' read comic are not grown up. Naruto, King of Fighters are damn fuckin' childish for them. So is porn comic considered as childish? You fuckin' shits.

Do you fuckin' think that i like to be this tall and this thin? Is it that bad to have a such ordinary face? Why must you always make fun of my height, size and my face? Because i do not have Jerry Yan's figure and Leehom's face, so i'm fated to be insulted by you all? Why must you all fuckin' treat me in such a way?

Had you ever call someone fat as "You Fuckin' Big Ass, go back home to keep fit please"?. Or had you ever call someone flat "Please go get plastic surgery to get an F cup please"?

Do you think that i can grow reversed from 1.89m to 1.80m? Do you think that building a strong figure can be done within one fuckin' night? Do you think that a person can go fuckin' reversed from their inherited gene? Then you got to grow 0.2m from you fuckin current height, and lose 20% of your fuckin' weight.

Do you think that you are really that fuckin' pretty? Just because so many guys go after you? Are your outlooks everything?

Before you could say a fuckin' word to comment people's look, please, take a look into the mirror at first. Both of you are not that good as you could imagine.

If i'm really that fuckin' bad for you two, please, just forget me as your fuckin' friend. I do not deserve to be your friend. Because i'm not rich, not brilliant, not handsome, not strong for you two.



139# Leave me alone

139# Leave me alone

She sms-ed me again. Asked how i did for my interview. A rough answer i replied. And hoped she won't sms me anymore. But who knows she was asking me out for mamak and movie.

Yesterday when i was trying to sleep early, around 1am she sms-ed me. Said that she got something important wanted to tell me, long time ago. She did not dare to ask me until she got her courage.

I replied that i need to sleep as i had interview on the next morning. It was predictable that she would wish me good luck. But other than that, she kissed me goodight.

What the heck was wrong? What was she doing the things that she did 20 months ago?

I did not reply her anything after that, and tried to sleep. Somehow i could not because numbers of questions appeared in my mind.

What had happened to her? Did she separated with her boy friend? Why was she sort of like "seducing" me? Is she wanting me back now? But she was the one who got dumped... Damn. I just could not sleep at night before 4am.

I woke up at 6am because someone was sending good luck for me. (You know who you are) It was too early to greet me, i was still sleeping and i got woken up by that sms!

She asked me out. I told my elder sister about it. My sister doesn't like her. She said that we belong to two different world. My sister prefer "someone" else to be with me instead. Though she had just met that "someone" once.

And my mum called me not to see her anymore so that she won't have any expectation on me. Alright... I'm not encouraged to see her at all.

I replied her, saying that i can't go mamak at night since i'm online, blogger at night. Who needs to stay with the computer from 8 to 12pm. And i do not have time for movies... Even though before that i said that i'm free before December. I was contradicting myself.

Sometime we just need to get something covered up. Although i do not like to be a fake, anyway.

I do not know what had happened to her. If it was that bastard who dumped her, he is going to get something hot from me then damn it.

Leave me alone. I need a break.

138# Kinokuniya-sing feat. Tower Sux

138# Kinokuniya-sing feat. Tower Sux

After my interview, from IMU i took STAR and PUTRA lrt to the KLCC. An hour of trip, that was really tiring man.

Took a fast lunch at the Asean Favourite, went to Kinokuniya to find books that i wanted.

Gospel of Filth : The Black Metal Bible

I tried to search for it under a few catagories, could not see any books which look like it at all. Damn Msia ban this ban that. Or UK doesn't even export that "filthy" book to Msia?

When i was too desperated, i walked to the music section. I was like, omg... So many official score books over there. Marilyn Manson, Metallica also got. Tried to search for Cradle of Filth... Don't have also. Seems that i can't find any "filth" related books in our country...

I saw IOWA, Slipknot. Damn! And the Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses caught my sight. Yes man, i fould Slipknot Third Album's guitar score book! US 19.95, RM76.06... Oh shit... why is it so expensive. But i bought it anyway. (Most tracks are played in Drop B tuning, B-F#-B-E-G#-C#, and capo II D-A-D-G-B-D-, so how am i going to play in Standard E-A-D-G-B-E man...)

Went to the japanese section of the bookstore, which hidden somewhere at the children section of ISETAN. Photography section. Jis!! Japan girls photobook! Almost all of them i know! Spotted BoA's naturelle, RM138.85 - 2950yen (converted RM90.77)... Holly Shiet. It was just a photobook, why does it costs so high?

Ok... find for the others. Mika Nakashima's DIO, RM100.70 - 1950yen (converted RM60.00). What? That photobook is so small also costs 2 CD price? And i found a few of Itou Misaki. Still too expensive to buy...

Ai Otsuka's Love Jam piano score book. Less than 0.5cm of thickness and that score book is RM70.90 - 1050 yen (converted RM32.30). What the heck la... Just plain papers with notes and lines on it, RM70.90? Ok, it's copyrighted and we are paying for the hardwork of the pianist, Ai Otsuka herself as well. But it was still too much la...

Finally came out from the section empty handed. Too much to buy, too little i had. Well, it's not worthy to buy photobooks. Buying CDs is more worthy.

From one end i walked to the other end of KLCC for Tower Records. One of the two of music stores in KLCC. I was kind of lost that time.

Tower sucks. Really sucks. The price of a CD which i bought at Fantasy, Pyramid, RM34.90, it's costed at Towers for RM51.90. See! And Mika's single one for RM49.90. It's just a single, usually 1050yen (Rm32.31). And jap's living cost is higher. Therefore there is no way that Towers costs a single for RM49.90. Even more expensive than an album! Singles got 4 tracks only usually. One original track, one B-side, and two instrumental/remixed tracks. Rm49.90 for those is too much right?

I did not walk out empty handed from Towers this time. Spotted a movie starred by Mika Nakashima. Grabbed it. Too desperated and i needed to carry something out of the shop.

Though they import a lot of Japanese/Korean CDs and singles from Taiwan, but they cost those too high. Tower sucks. I really mean it.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement - Fantasy at Sunway Pyramid costs lower, got student discount some more! Rm4 for each CD!

137# The Interview

137# The Interview

Ok, I screwed it. I already knew that i would not speak as fluent as i wanted. But that's how it would be for a person like me, who only began to speak in English since last year. I've tried all my best. I know i did not give the professor and the doctor a good image about myself, because i really have problems in expressing myself.

When i asked to talk about myself, i told about stories which i'm a left-handed. My passion towards drawing, guitars and music. And difficulty that a left-handed and a 1.9m face. Height does cause a lot of problem during taking the public transports... And things like that as my introduction...

I had mentioned that my english level was low and i'm trying my best to improve. But i afraid that they would misunderstand, that i can't catch up studies which are conducted in english. The professor emphasised that the course is conducted in english. Of cause i know. I replied that i will not have problem in language anymore. Just try to make them believe that i can handle the course.

Overall i failed to convince them about my passion towards the medical field. They already expect that i would be nervous, i guess. Therefore hope they can give a little bit mercy in their recommendations during their final discussion in choosing new students.

When i was on the way to the admin office, i saw someone who looked like Aster. I stared as to confirm. Unfortunately i was wrong. Hope that girl would not think that i was a freak or something.

Met Kong Fui, Sien Loong and 2 of their friends fro Taylors. Li Ying, Timothy, Karanbir, Li Shan, Fleur... They are all in IMU now. According to karanbir, 20% of their intake are from Taylors. Or more accurately, from A level Jan 04 intake. Other than those mentioned, there are Shafiq, Kevin and lots of them who are studying in IMU now. How wish i could be in that intake with all of them. Anyway, now i wish to be their Junior at next year.

Li Ying said most of the people who got interviewed will be passed. And someone with BBC did passed too. I think those are different than my case. Mine is a special case where the candidate has weak english and could not speak fluently. Oh God, hope that i can pass.


136# A.S.A.P.

136# A.S.A.P.

Now days we have a lot of short forms to be used in our daily life. Either we use it for conversations, chatting in msn or typing informal stuffs. Now our lesson today is to take a look to the short forms that we usually come across in our life.

Let's begin with those formal ones.

A.S.A.P. - As soon as possible. I learnt it from Utada Hikaru's Deep River album.
A.K.A. - Also Known As
F.Y.I. - For your information
E.T.D. - Estimated time of departure
A.B.C. - Ais Batu Campur? American (African/Afghanistan) Born Chinese...
G.T.G. - Got to go
S.I.C. - Stay in contact
S.O.S. - Save Our Soul/Ship/Shit

Medical terms.
D.N.A. - Deoxyribonucleic acid (Defense Nuclear Agency)
H.I.V. - Human immune virus
A.I.D.S. - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
S.A.R.S.- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
C.H.D. - Coronary Heart Diseases
C.O.P.D. - Coronary Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases
T.B. - Tuberculosis
I.C.U - Intensive Care unit
A.&.E. - Accident and Emergency Department

F.B.I - Food Business institute or Federal Bureau of Investigation...?
C.I.A - Cash in Advance or Central Intelligence Agency...?
N.Y.P.D. - New York Police Department
W.H.O. - World Health Organisation

Y.M.C.A. - Youth .... Association?
C.S.I. - Crime Scene Investigation
M.C.A. - Malaysia Chinese Association
M.I.C. - Malaysia Indian C...?
P.U.K.I.M.A. - Persatuan Untuk Kaum India Malaysia ??

D.O.H.C. - Double over head cam
V.V.T. - Variable Valve Timing
D.V.V.T. - Double variable valve timing?
A.B.S. - Air Brake System? Antilock brake system?
S.L.K. - Joshua's dad Steven Leng Kiat? Small Little Kancil...
C.L.K - Joshua's dad Chow Leng Kiat? Cun Little Kancil... (you thought i'm talking about Benz ar?)

Schools, Institues and Universities
R.Z. - Raja Zarina
S.T.A.R. - Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman
S.T.A.J. - Sekolah Tunku Adul Jemaah
D.H. - Dato Hamsup/Hamzah
M.G.S. - Methodist Girl school a.k.a. Monkey Girl School
A.C.S. - Anglo Chinese School a.k.a. All Criminal School, Anjing/Agung Curi Spender
H.S.K. - High School Klang
S.T.K. - Sekolah Tinggi Klang, same as H.S.K, a.k.a Sekolah Tepi Kubur. Thegraveyard's really just beside the school.
K.J. - Kajang? Kampung Jawa la! Fucking INfamous school.

U.T.A.R. - University of Tunku Abdul Rahman
U.C.S.I - University College Sedaya International
K.U.P.T.M. - Kolej Universiti Pengurusan Teknologi Malaysia (Bet you don't know this)
I.M.U. - International Medical University, I Meet You
R.M.I.T. - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (correct ah?)
M.U. - Malaysia University? Fuck it la, Manchester University!!
L.S.E. - London School of Entertainment? Economics la.

Shopping malls
1.U. - One Utama
K.L.C.C. - Kuala Lumpur C..(?).. Centre.
S.P. - Sunway Pyramid
M.V. _ Mid Valley
J.J. - Jaya Jusco
K.P. - Klang Parade

K.F.C. - Don't say you dunno ok?
M.C.D. - Don't fucking say you dunno ok?
A.&.W. - Ok, I fucking dunno.

W.T.H. - What the heck
W.T.F. - What the fuck
F.F.K. - Fong Feng Gei
T.F.K. - Well, ... Fei Gei... You should know.
L.M.A.O. - Laughing my ass out
S.O.B. - Son of a bitch
O.M.F.G. - Oh My Freaking/F... God.
K.N.N. - Kanina

K.N.B. _ Kanimbu
C.C.B. - Chow... mmm
C.B.K. - ... Kia la. Ask Katak, he taught me one.
K.N.N.B.E.C.C.B. - Mmm... Too long to tell.

C.C. - Cyber Cafe
C.S. - Counter Strike
R.O. - Ragnorok Online
D.O.T.A. - Defend of the accients
D.O.A. - Dead or Alive
K.O.F. - King of Fighters
C.P.U - Center Processer Unit
H.D.D. - Hard Disk Drive
R.A.M. - Random Access Memory
R.O.M. - I forget liao... tell me.
U.S.B. - Universal Seriel Bus
P.D.A. - Personal Digital Assistant
S.M.S. - Short Message Service
E.M.S. - Enhanced Messaging Service
M.M.S. - Multimedia Messaging Service
X.M.S. - Expression Message Service (Alah.. Digi main glamme je)
G.P.R.S. - Global Paging R... System...
E.D.G.E. - Enhanced Data Global Evolution

E.T.C. - Esceteras
T.K.S. - Thinking (s)kills
A.D.I.D.A.S. - All Day I Dream About Sex. From Korn's Life is Peachy album, 1996.
S.M. - Latin Scientiae Magister, Master of Science. You thought Sadomasochism ar?

O.L. - Office Lady
C.E.O. - Chief Executive Officer
L.O.V.E. - Lacking of Visual Entertainments.
U.S.A. - United States of America / U Su Ann / Udang Sotong Ayam
S.A.M. - South Australia Matriculation / Saya Anak Malaysia

B.B.K. - Bandar Baru Klang or Big Black Kock
T.T.K. - Ting Tai Ken. Opps..! Skip this
M.F.K.R. - Mate Feed Kill Repeat, Not Motherfucker la.
B.S.B. - Back/Black-Streat/Shit Boys
L.M.F. - Lazy Muthafuckas... HongKong group memang... sigh.
F.I.R. - Faye + Irwin + Real
S.H.E. - Seline + Hebe + Ella
M.V.A. - Music Video Award? Hell no, Vivien + Adrien + Mike! Wahaha...!

Alright boys and girls. Take note and remember all the short forms we learn today. Make things A.S.A.P. - As Short As Possible!


135# Things i like about my country (Rare trial version)

135# Things i like about my country (Rare trial version)

The Food

Of cause, who doesn't? Where else can we find such a great variety of food outside Malaysia? You guys who are in UK sure can't avoid from eating the same thing again and again. And miss malaysia's foods in the end don't you?

Malay food, indian food, chinese food, fast food, slow food, healthy food, unhealthy food, junk food, rubbish food...etc, you name it. The good thing in Malaysia is that we can eat different kind of foods.

For example, we can eat malay food on Monday,indian food on Tuesday, Chinese food on Wednesday, Thai food on Thursday, Mamak food on Friday, Fast food on Saturday and everything on Sunday.

I talk cock only la, i eat chinese food mostly.

But look, the greatest point is, although Malaysia has high variety of food. But number of obese we have compared to fast food countries is still low. If you go US, UK, sure you can see there're lots of fat asses.

The Geography

Strategically posited at the malacca strait! Ok, this is not important. What meant for business is that we have Sumantera as our semi-ultimate shield. Sheilding effect provided from the Sumantera causes the peninsula of Msia free from Tsunami which attack from the south west or west. Anyway this is not a good point to stay safe by sacrificing the living kinds (got ah?)in Sumantera...

A mountain range at the centre of the peninsula (i can't recall what the damn name is) protects the west from storm and monsoon wind. Thus the west experiences less affects from those weathers.

Ok, these are god given and it do not related to Malaysia's achievements, forget about it.

The Peace

Our country considered peaceful if compared to those terrorised countries. People over here are not brainwashed YET to set bomb everywhere. People over here are not as pariah as those in indo, who slay, rape, rob, snatch, grab the fairer ones in their damned country. But i cannot guarantee shit that these shits won't happen over there, though i prayed for it not to happen.

At least curry and BKT over here are still able to tolerant with nasi lemak. But deep inside the nasi lemak hate those two mentioned til the end, even though those two are make used to develop the nasi lemak land. They have never appreciate it anyway.

Alright, this is not a point either.

The Conclusion

So, what i like is just the food! The others are still unacceptable from certain aspects. Malaysia still need to realise how paradox they are. How long they need to hide their head into the hole, just to avoid from the fact that the others are actually better than them?

All those fucking unfairness, privileges and the so-called faith, doctrine are actually obstacles which slow the country from moving on. Wake up and face to the reality damn it!


134# Very Idiotic Person

134# Very Idiotic Person

Some of you all may wonder who is the person that i mentioned in the fiftieth of my hatred list. Well, I shall tell the story about that person here.

This guy, Kelvin was my primary school mate. Where we used to be very close to each other until standard 6. We studied at different secondary school after that. But somehow we managed to meet each other again in the tuition centre at the years of Form 4 and Form 5.

I had no friends when i was taking tuition at that tuition centre at the early stage. So i was close to this guy during classes. I understand a lot about him. I can't deny that he is intelligent, but at the same time he has a lot of defects in him. He has no manners at all, though i was used to it.

At the year of Form 5, i began to get close with the other guy called Youth. Then i did not mix with Kelvin anymore. Because i knew that Youth's attitude and everything is so far better than him. Youth and me were very close during that year, and we always hung with the girls from the girls school.

The problem started when the girls began to complain with me there were few guys who harrassed them on the phone. Either playing miss calls, or verbally sexual harassed them on the phone. And the girls asked me for help, since i was kind of punk at that time and they expected me to fight against those people.

Remember once a girl gave me the number which disturbed her for quite sometime. I recorded the number in my cell phone. I called, then i began to have verbal fight over the phone. Told them no to disturb and sexually harass my friend anymore. The person over the phone was like did not know what was happening.

In the end, i found out that the person i called was one of the friend of Kelvin. Since the same number i saved in my phone with two different names, thus no name appeared in my phone. I did not know the one i scolded to was a very good guy, who was in Kelvin's group.

He explained that he did not do that to the girl, it was Kelvin who used his phone to do all of the stuffs. Alright, and then i warned him not to give his phone to that idiot to do such a thing to my friends anymore.

Another one, where my pet sister complaint to me that a guy always called her and wanted to meet her. She felt very disturbed and uneasy with those calls. The person over the phone claimed that he was Kelvin's cousin. My pet sister knows Kelvin as well. Thus she called me to tell Kelvin, so that his cousin stop disturbing her.

Kelvin said he did not recognise such a number and he did not have such a cousin. And he called me to find out who was that guy, at the same time he will. Fine, i knew he was fucking lying to me because he is that kind of masked liar.

Days after, he met me in the tuition centre and asked me whether i found out the identity of that person or not. I did not. He said the word "Fai Cai" to me, which means "useless wood". It was so damn insulting. He was the one who caused the problem and he scolded me instead. I was so damn pissed. Imagine that time i was in Form 5 i could not handle my temper correctly with my low EQ. If the girls were not there then i sure will smash that s.o.b.'s head onto the glasses on the wall.

Since that incident, i have never talk to that low class pervert. And the girls were still disturbed by those unknown people. I had enough of scolding idiots over the phone and to have a kill list in my phone. More than 15 numbers i used to have in my phone who gave from the girls. All of them are either from Kelvin, or people from his group.

That s.o.b. was from a guy school, SMK Dato Hamzah, or Datuk Hamsup literally. They have never see a girl before in their school, caused them to be chemically and mentally imbalanced, thus sexually harass my female friends.

The one i hate the most is that s.o.b. He is just the most brilliant people among those bunch of "Ah Beng" in his group. He always think that he is the best among all. In fact, his group is just a damn fucking low class people. Just that he is the best among them, then he never respect the others. Being a top "Ah Beng" seems to be a proud for him. If he is given a chance to see the world, then he shall know how tiny and useless he is in fact.

The last time i met him was in ACS school's canteen day. Where my ex-secondary schoolmates are for Form 6. He was there to for the programme. I saw him and i did not expect he would be transffered to that school as well. Luckily i was studying in Taylors college, or else i would be transffered to ACS and need to face that s.o.b. all times.

When i saw him, i nodded and smiled at him. But that s.o.b. did not even do the same to me. Instead he turned away and did like he had never notice me. What the fuck? He was the one who is wrong and caused me to angry with him. Then when we met again, i was already so gentleman who nodded at him. He did not even appreaciate at all. Fuck!

Now i'm still fucking hate him. Everytime i will imagine how i would like to torture him. To reverse crucify him in my room, slit his wrists. Cut him at his stomach, roll out his intestine slowly. Carve at his face, stuff his fithy mouth with needles and sew it. Burn his skin with candles. Put out all his fingernails. And then kick at his face endlessly. Let him suffer to death. And the torment must go on as long as possible before he dies.

My hatred will not be extinguished. But as a guy, if one day we could sit down and settle all the problems. I can surely forgive him and be friend to him again. The thing is that i will not have a chance to do it since he treats friends like animal, and he will not sit down to talk with me.

I shall not kill him by myself. God sees all his sins. In his life, after he enters to the social, he will understand that they way the treats the others is not right. And he will suffer the consequences. No one likes his attitude, he will ends up to have no job, no money, no women. And then he will die alone. Satan will then take over him, and his torments continue in Hell.

Curse is better than actions. Actions need to be responsible for laws. But i can curse everything i like. Though cursing is a sin too, but my curses are rational and reasonable. I believe that other than me, there are still lots of them outside who hate him. Either they will take action to gang bang him up, or some will curse him like me until his rest of his life.


133# one two three four five SIX

133# one two three four five SIX

Tried to wake up very early today. 8.30am in the morning. Usually i wake up after 11 since i'm used to sleep after 3am. Went out for early bird movie today with my cousins. Seems that there were lots of early birds looking for worms to eat. The cinema at Bukit Raja looked fulled with people, and kids! For chicken little they were, of cause!

Sarcastically, there were a lot of them who went to the cinema early in the morning (11am) for horror movie. Shouldn't it be watched after 8pm?

Emily was possessed by six different demons. "In the name of god, tell me what's your name?" said the priest during the exorcism. I can't remember all of the six... Got one is the Nero, Judas... The first three i can't recall. The last one, undoubtedly, Lucifier...

But when i heard the voice of Satan, it was something different from what i've known. Satan's voice is double overlapped vocal right, with both high pitched and low pitched vocals. But in the movie, there was just the high pitched ones. Sounded like a little kid's voice.

The movie was not like how i imagined it to be. The most plot took place at the court. The exorcism was only shown when the priest and Emily's friend and family gave their testimony in the court. Court based movie, those who study law should go and watch.

Since it's based on a true story, where there was really this girl called Emily (i think they did not change the name) who got possessed by 6 different demons and finally tortured to death, i think she is quite pitiful... I learn a few of psychiatric terms too. And what's the medicine which may interrupt the exorcism again? Gam... something right? Ah, whatever...

I don't understand the last part la. The priest was found guilty, but the juries recommended to set him free. Huh? Why was that so?

This is the 133rd words entry... If you take this value 133, to times with 5 (from the pentagon), and then add it up with 1. What will you get?

Yes, 666... Wa, ada hantu!


132# Decarboxylated

132# Decarboxylated

I got Decarboxylated.

Click on the Nymphetaminion section to enter.

Another work inspired by Adrien L.

Perhaps, i'm just too free...


131# By request - 50 hatreds

131# By request - 50 hatreds

01. I dislike my height.
02. I dislike hard liqours.
03. I dislike mamak's flies.
04. I dislike to drive sedans.
05. I dislike unpunctualities.
06. I dislike public transport.
07. I dislike those who are irresponsible.
08. I dislike manual cars since i forget how to drive.
09. I dislike rainy days when i got outdoor activities.
10. I dislike to tune my problematic amplifier like a radio.

11. I hate to be ignored.
12. I hate to be expected.
13. I hate to be controlled.
14. I hate to be treated like an ignorant.
15. I hate to be stared when i knocked my head because of my height.
16. I hate flu.
17. I hate salesmen.
18. I hate those who buy lotteries.
19. I hate dirty toilets which need to pay.
20. I hate things which meant for right-handeds only.

21. I damn hate those who think that i'm stupid.
22. I damn hate those who think that they're holy.
23. I damn hate those who think that comic are childish.
24. I damn hate those who think that they deserve better.
25. I damn hate those who expect for what they do not deserve.
26. I damn hate to wait.
27. I damn hate to be waited.
28. I damn hate to have nothing to do.
29. I damn hate to do too many things at once.
30. I damn hate to give when i have nothing to take.

31. I fucking hate my area.
32. I fucking hate the Shaw Centre Point.
33. I fucking hate western hip hop culture.
34. I fucking hate TMnet 1515 56k dial-up connection.
35. I fucking hate those who judge that metal is dead.
36. I fucking hate the uncivilised pariahs in my area.
37. I fucking hate all mainstream music from tv and radio.
38. I fucking hate the traffic and road conditions in Klang.
39. I fucking hate idiots who caused firecrackers to be banned.
40. I fucking hate the unwashed who fully depend on the government.

41. I damn fucking hate my AMD K6 166Mhz desktop.
42. I damn fucking hate policies of the local universities.
43. I damn fucking hate discriminations from the government.
44. I damn fucking hate Form 4 history Year 2003 - Chapter 2.
45. I damn fucking hate to tolerant unfairness caused by the policies.
46. I damn fucking hate our country, since the government represents it.
47. I damn fucking hate those who lie to me for self-beneficial purpose.
48. I damn fucking hate middle east terrorists who think that they're divine.
49. I damn fucking hate rules which force the others to be wrapped like they do.
50. I damn fucking hate Kelvin Lim Chin San, i will not forget him before i see his corpse.


130# New Old Abominations Part 2

130# New Old Abominations Part 2

The UM

University Malay was included in the Top university of the world last year, ranked 89th. Our country was so damn mfking proud and placed signboard(s) to show the acheivement of the university to the people in Malaysia. Indeed, top 100. It was something to proud with didn't it?

But in this year, the university's rank has fell from 89th to 169th. Such a big difference. But never mind! Our nation still proud of it, at least it's still in Top 200! And the authorities did not replace the signboard which showed the 89th ranking. Instead, they sticked something new on it in order to cover the old ranking. Ironically shows the awards that the university got in 3 academic achievements.

If was just a year, 365days and the first university in our country could get kicked out from the Top 100. Undoubtedly this is something serious and the government must face this failure seriously. But not taking granted that UM is still in Top 200.

Personally i do not think that rank, 169th is something to proud with since it was the 89th last year. Instead, this a shame of the nation, a shame of the people in Malaysia. Those who are in the UK did not know about this so i'm mentioning about this issue here.

Obviously there are more than a few of mistakes that the university did. Including the management and policy. Other than me, i believe that there are lots of them who do not satisfy with the university's policy.

Sure you understand what am i trying to say... Yes, about the student quota they formulated. They can get in with their average results, and those who are really excellent with straight A's in their STPM get nothing. How much we got? 10%? or just 5%?

In the end most who graduated from the UM are not necessary a good graduate, they are just too lucky to get in. Real excellent students got to get loan and scholarships in order to get into the private because of the policy applied by the local universities.

This is one of the major reason which replies the question why our country is still developing like a turtle. When shall we leave launch out from the atmosphere like China did? We are lacking of intellectuals. Try to take a look at those countries, which do not apply student quotas. Most of them are more developed then our nation does. The contrast is clear, indeed.

The Social

- Little girl got tortured by her parents. Having serious wounds from various causes including cuts, scald... And the cut on her left hand is still inflammed, with pus.

- Young maid atempted to kill both of her employees. Claimed worked since 4am to 11pm and could not handle the maltreatment. Who are saying the real thing in this case? We do not know.

- Car accidents rate increase extra power exponentially during the double festivals. More kills under the wheels. Such a good way to control the population of the country. Ok, i did not say that. More cars, more accidents.

- Laughing-Duck's "AP DEEPAVALI" issue still goes on.

- Too much of negatives stuffs to tell. To be continued.


129# Hundred

129# Hundred

1. I got this idea to write 100 facts about myself from
Adrien's blog (formerly known as Josh).

2. I like the word "depressant" but it’s used by a blogger and I decided to use "Decarboxylation" for this blog. Known as a chemical process where a Carbon atom is removed from a compound

3. My full name, Lau Chie Ming. I'm the only male in my family who doesn't follow the trend of the middle name, supposedly Chin Ming.

4. I was born in the general hospital at Klang, 21st of August 1986.

5. My actual height is 1.89m, BMI 16.5, which is extremely underweight. About my weight, you do the math.

6. I am not satisfied with my height and my ideal height was 1.80m.

7. I dislike public transports because I face a lot of difficulty that caused by my height.

8. I'm a left-handed.

9. When I was 7, I was colouring a squirrel picture's background with purple colour pencil, my late grandfather forced me to use right hand due to superstitious reasons. But I shifted to left again when he was not looking.

10. I studied in Hibiscus Kindergarten for a year which teaching is conducted in English.

11. I wore Korean Costume for the graduation show.

12. I finished my primary studies from a Chinese school and I got 5As and 2Bs for the final exam.

13. I thank my dad who sent me to Chinese school so that I can read, speak, listen, and write in Chinese now.

14. I cried a lot in the primary school.

15. I got awarded for my drawings in drawing contests for years in primary school.

16. I drew pictures and trade with friends for Dragonball cards when I was 8.

17. I drew pictures and sold to people when I was 12. Pencil drawings were RM5 and inked drawings were RM10. I earned a lot and I bought myself lots of stationeries for drawings.

18. I graduated from SMK Kampung Jawa, which located in Kampung Jawa.

19. I survived in SMKKJ without joining any gang in formal, but gangsters help me because they do give face to me due to some reasons.

20. I defeated a fat boy in my class when I was in Form 1. He looked for fight but in the end his nose bled endlessly.

21. I represented the Red House during Form 5's sport day for long jump. My score was the worst because the opponents are strongly built Indians where I was just a spectacled study-boy.

22. I was the only study-boy among the gangsters, but always cutting the edge of discipline and vandalised my school a lot.

23. The teacher who I hated the most was my Moral, English teacher, called Susila.

24. The most vulgar word I had ever scold to a teacher was the word "Bitch".

25. I involved in more than a few fights but the discipline teacher did not punish me because I was a very good boy in his eyes.

26. I was in the "Amanah" class since Form 1 until Form 5, but my discipline was the worst among my classmates. But there was one gangster called Steven worse than me in the year of Form 5.

27. I scored 6As out of the 7 for the Form 3 exam and I cried.

28. I scored 5A1 out of the 9 for the Form 5 exam and I punched at the hall’s wall until my knuckles torn and bled.

29. I enjoyed self-abuse by punching walls because of my immaturity.

30. I was called as "Mr. Panjang" when I was taking tuition classes in "Delta Tuition Centre". My height during those years was 1.85m.

31. I was critiqued by the tuition teacher in front of the class as a Satanist because I wore "Follow the Leader" t-shit from Korn, though Korn is not Satanic.

32. I pointed my middle finger in front of the Add Math tuition class, which attended by more than 200 of them when I was in Form 5. Everyone knows me after that incident.

33. I burn chairs in the tuition classes by using lighters.

34. I burn a few girls' hairs who sat in front of me in the tuition classes using lighters because I dislike bitches.

35. I cut those bitches cloth using a cutter knife; I drew lines on it by using highlighters and pen.

36. I was overall a mentally disordered homicidal student before I met my ex.

37. My first relationship started on 31st of May 2004, 4am.

38. The most romantic night I had spent was the night on 1st June 2004, where we lied and stared at the stars until the next morning.

39. I ended the relationship after 302 days because of various reasons.

40. I had cried over the phone when I was talking to Wen ying and Racheal.

41. I felt touched after watching the movie "A Tale of two Sisters" because I experienced the paranoid before, where I always afraid of the wardrobe where I kept the head of my enemy in my dreams.

42. The first car accident I met was in year 2004, and the car I banged was a policeman's car, not police car. I managed to settle without paying a single cent, after those 6 big Indians who surrounded me realized my identity. One of them was the policeman.

43. I suck in English because I’m not English educated.

44. I learnt words like "Porno", "Slut", "C*nt", "Bitch", "Queer", "Fagot", "Whore" from Korn’s songs.

45. I used to listen to pop music, such as BSB, N'sync, Britney, Christina, J.Lo., and Spice Girls. Somehow I still appreciate The Corrs, Natalie Imbruglia, and Dido.

46. I used to listen to Nicholas Tse and Jay Chou because the persons who I wanted to go after liked them.

47. I bought Mika Nakashima, Hitomi and Ai Otsuka's CDs without knowing who they are and what their music sound like. But I like their music in the end.

48. The first metal band I like was Korn. And I felt more violent after listen to Korn and I managed to control myself after listened to darker music instead.

49. I started to listen to Black Metal music on August of 2004.

50. I spent my 18th birthday alone for battle of the bands, and 19th birthday alone at home.

51. The first keyboard I got was when I was 10.

52. The first guitar I played was my sister's Kapok acoustic guitar.

53. I got my first electric guitar set when I was in Form 5.

54. I play guitar with the normal way though I'm a left-handed.

55. 90% of complete songs that I can play are songs from the band called "Cradle of Filth".

56. I can't pluck.

57. I don't smoke.

58. I don't drink.

59. I can't stand clubbing music.

60. I'm not a gay though I acted like one.

61. I don't play basketball though my height looks like I do.

62. I suck in all sports.

63. I do gym for 30 minutes at home, about 3 times a week, but the effects are not noticeable.

64. I actually disturb my neighbours when I was playing guitar in my room due to the reverb effect from the amplifier.

65. I learn to read guitar tab by myself.

66. I did not know how to tune Drop C tuning, until I snapped the e string and my left hand injured.

67. I got 1 stitch on my forehead, 4 stitches at my right elbow and 7 stitches on my tongue. The tongue ones I almost died because I was bleeding profusely.

68. I was allergic to smokes from firecrackers and I admitted to hospital for days when I was young.

69. I did not have much toys like other kids did, instead my favourite game in the past was disturbing the stray dog and force it to chase me.

70. I started to wear spectacles when I was 11.

71. I hope I'm a built-up guy like my cousins.

72. I spent most of my money to buy comic and CDs.

73. I regret that I did not start to learn piano when I was young.

74. I could draw better than local artist when I was young.

75. I have a 166Mhz desktop and it can’t do anything other than Solitaire.

76. I believe in God and also Satan, but I’m not a Satanist.

77. I believe in equivalent trade, where in order to gain something, we must give something out which is equivalent in value.

78. I believe that I don't need to kill my enemy. In life, there's God to see what he does. When he dies, there's Satan to punish him.

79. I believe that person who commits suicide will suffer more after death because the soul will repeat the suicide act again and again at the same place, at the same time everyday.

80. I believe that God sees the effort I paid and I deserve to have the returns.

81. I decided to be a doctor after I attended attachments in hospital for a month.

82. I think psychiatry is fun.

83. I threw my Form 4 history book after studying Chapter 2. I skipped Chapter 2 because I don't think their empire worth to study at all.

84. I would like to discover what’s inside the huge black box where thousands and thousands of them surround and walk with.

85. I can be considered as a racist if the government is, and the government forces me to be one.

86. I like to eat chocolate, cakes and snacks like girls do.

87. I avoid soft drinks; I prefer warm water and hot Chinese tea.

88. I worked in my uncle's EON services workshop, "Juara Murani(M) Sdn. Bhd.", as a car mechanic apprentice for a month. My pay was just worth 6 CDs because I always skip working.

89. Important things in my life are, my future, my family, and my friends in order. But it doesn’t mean that friends are not important.

90. I think that my happiest and toughest life was 1.5 years during A levels in Taylor’s college.

91. I started to speak in English and Cantonese in college.

92. I learn Cantonese through watching TV.

93. I did not know what was happening at all at the beginning of college due to my weak English and comprehension.

94. I polished my nails black in early 2004 because I was into Goth stuffs.

95. I died my hair 4 times in year 2004, purple, copper red, intensed red and purple red. I did not dye my hair this year.

96. The first close friend I got in college was Joshua.

97. People could not distinguish between Wei-Jin and me.

98. The happiest trip I went with friends was the trip to Redang with college mates.

99. I scored BBBB for my AS, for A2 I got BBCC and I’m very regret that I did not drop physics.

100. My life was programmed to study, and I like to study.


128# How much does my blog worth?

128# How much does my blog worth?

This is kinda cool... I got it from Audrey's blog, and i found out that my blog worth:

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

mmm... wonder who the Hell will pay me that amount of moeny for this blog...


127# Further exceeding of curry intake

127# Further exceeding of curry intake

These two days i went out during afternoon time, came back at late night. Quite sick of eating the same stuffs again and again. Now my stomach is still full, full of curry...

Today went two places only, but stayed for a longer time. Had lunch at ex-classmate's place, and watched pirated DVD after meal. It was "The Longest Yard" by Adam Sandler, the rappers and the westlers. Could not stop laughing during watching. But the part where Chris Rock got blowed off was quite pathetic though.

Meanwhile before the dinner, went mamak for a while to chill down. We all were really full and might puke anytime. Called Grace out to join us. Chit-chat and kept on laughing until the foods in the stomach almost flow to the esophagus...

Had dinner around 9pm, because it was too late for me to have dinner, so i ate a lot. Stomach feel very very the full now. Felt like puke on my friends when we were chit-chatting around outside the house.

Just 2 of us were chinese, the rest are indian in the group. Though my friend Will knows tamil, but i called them to talk in malay so that i could understand. They all critique and backstab the others "kao kao" until everyone of us feeling like throwing out all the things we ate and piss in the pants...

Situation No.1
There were this guy called *sensored*. He likes to act cool since secondary school. According to them, when we were in Form one, this guy shitted in this pants. It was so damn obvious that he did that in his pants, because not only the eyes could see it, and the nose could smell it too. But he just kept on denying. Already Form one still shit in the pants, damn it...!

But it was hard to say, no one likes to use the toilet in my secondary school. Because the people there did not know to flush after use. Probably their mum or their teacher never teach them since they were young. So the faeces just left there. And after that the maggots will crawl all over the places. Therefore, who the Hell wants to use that kind of toilet...? That's the reason why, people rather shit in their pants. The best solution is just go home to settle, but not in schoolS damn it...

Situation No.2
Year 2003, Form 5. School Exam. My class was 5A and Will's class was 5B. There was this girl called *sensored too* from my class did something really astonishing and stupid. Her character was the kind of slow la, but really freaking people out when we discovered she did this...

She was a librarian. Chesmistry exam, which only 5A and 5B students sat for. This girl went out of my class half way during the paper. She went to the library. The library was just situated opposite 5B, which was Will's class. And what this girl did was, she flipped the books to search for answers for the exam!

Everything that she did was witnessed by everyone of them in 5B. When one of the student witnessed, without making any noise he called the others, pointed the library. The whole class witnessed. Everyone of them laughed like crazy, but the teacher in the class did not know though. For a few papers she did the same method to get A for the exams!!

Very clever right? During exam found out that the questions were tough, then straight away to go the library to search for answers from the reference book, brilliant!

Situation No.3
This guy, *sensored again too* used to be in my class and i'm very cleared with his
character. A chicken, poser, copier and occasionally-unconsciously piss people off.
*sensored* - Fuck your mum and dad.
K - Would you like to repeat what you said just now?
*sensored* - Fuck... (got whacked by K heavily)
Wei...! (got whacked by K again with double up force, fell onto the tables)
This guy will really piss people off sometimes, we called him as "manyak CB punya jantan". Actually the name was gave by me though because i dislike him to imitate me. (Laugh)

Situation No.4
R needed 5 ringgit and he was looking for someone to borrow. He went into his class, there was no one in the class. And suddenly the Pondan of the legend appeared. Walked into the class slowly, closed all the windows and doors like a desperated beast. Approached R with his serpent tongue. Rubbed him...
Pondan - Hey...
R- Got 5 ringgit?
Pondan - Got...

And then R grabbed the 5 ringgit note, whacked the pondan, and ran off to save his virginity. Pondan was the one who paid in this case...

We backstabbed quite a lot of people, who were not there. Talked a lot of funny stuff and i can't remember who else were the victims. And all the laughes had really killed us off.

I went off the earliest because of the rain. During way back home, i drove very carefully when i was in the residential area. Because from the middle of nowhere there'll be firecrackers flying out and it might blow anyone off around there... So i did not unwind my car windows, or else if i was too lucky, then...

Two days of curry, sick man... Eating red colored foods for so many times. And guess what, it's Hari Raya tomorrow and i got 2 houses to visit! Ok, rendang curry in this case. Oh man... Heavy stuffs i take again and again. After these festivals - no curry for a month please...


126# Exceed the total monthly curry intake

126# Exceed the total monthly curry intake

Yesterday i slept very early - 9.30pm. I broke my record, usually i sleep at 3am something. But the noise woke me up, i looked at the time shown by the air-con controller, damn, 12.05am. Everyone of them was booming their fire crackers for deepavali. I don't know since when this tradition is practiced by they all...

As usual, went to indian friends house for food. The amount of curry intake today already exceed the total monthly curry intake - I'm not going to eat curry anymore for a month man! Today went for 6 places, tomorrow got a few more to go.

Damn pissed off to some of them who already forget their old friends. Called them to join us for house visiting, they'll give those stupid reasons like busy for STPM, and the worst i heard was...

"You know la, i'm not celebrating these kind of things..."

Ok, it was said by an indian, a chinese wannabe more accurately. What he said was really pissing off, And that's all, what kind of people is this damn it.

Last time, back to year in Form 4, and Form 5. More than 10 of us, cycle, from place to place for house visits. And this year, it was just 3 of us. The others, action liao. Don't want to join ex-kampung-jawa-ians. A bunch of slef-claimed high class people don't want to join our low class activity. Motherfuckers, stop giving reasons like STPM or need to work.

Therefore, one of those topics that we talked was cursing those people who didn't show their face off today. It was really disappointing, from a whole bunch of us, now there was only 3 of us in a group. Whatever la, they already think themselve berry the high class. Go to Hell la.


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