136# A.S.A.P.

136# A.S.A.P.

Now days we have a lot of short forms to be used in our daily life. Either we use it for conversations, chatting in msn or typing informal stuffs. Now our lesson today is to take a look to the short forms that we usually come across in our life.

Let's begin with those formal ones.

A.S.A.P. - As soon as possible. I learnt it from Utada Hikaru's Deep River album.
A.K.A. - Also Known As
F.Y.I. - For your information
E.T.D. - Estimated time of departure
A.B.C. - Ais Batu Campur? American (African/Afghanistan) Born Chinese...
G.T.G. - Got to go
S.I.C. - Stay in contact
S.O.S. - Save Our Soul/Ship/Shit

Medical terms.
D.N.A. - Deoxyribonucleic acid (Defense Nuclear Agency)
H.I.V. - Human immune virus
A.I.D.S. - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
S.A.R.S.- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
C.H.D. - Coronary Heart Diseases
C.O.P.D. - Coronary Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases
T.B. - Tuberculosis
I.C.U - Intensive Care unit
A.&.E. - Accident and Emergency Department

F.B.I - Food Business institute or Federal Bureau of Investigation...?
C.I.A - Cash in Advance or Central Intelligence Agency...?
N.Y.P.D. - New York Police Department
W.H.O. - World Health Organisation

Y.M.C.A. - Youth .... Association?
C.S.I. - Crime Scene Investigation
M.C.A. - Malaysia Chinese Association
M.I.C. - Malaysia Indian C...?
P.U.K.I.M.A. - Persatuan Untuk Kaum India Malaysia ??

D.O.H.C. - Double over head cam
V.V.T. - Variable Valve Timing
D.V.V.T. - Double variable valve timing?
A.B.S. - Air Brake System? Antilock brake system?
S.L.K. - Joshua's dad Steven Leng Kiat? Small Little Kancil...
C.L.K - Joshua's dad Chow Leng Kiat? Cun Little Kancil... (you thought i'm talking about Benz ar?)

Schools, Institues and Universities
R.Z. - Raja Zarina
S.T.A.R. - Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman
S.T.A.J. - Sekolah Tunku Adul Jemaah
D.H. - Dato Hamsup/Hamzah
M.G.S. - Methodist Girl school a.k.a. Monkey Girl School
A.C.S. - Anglo Chinese School a.k.a. All Criminal School, Anjing/Agung Curi Spender
H.S.K. - High School Klang
S.T.K. - Sekolah Tinggi Klang, same as H.S.K, a.k.a Sekolah Tepi Kubur. Thegraveyard's really just beside the school.
K.J. - Kajang? Kampung Jawa la! Fucking INfamous school.

U.T.A.R. - University of Tunku Abdul Rahman
U.C.S.I - University College Sedaya International
K.U.P.T.M. - Kolej Universiti Pengurusan Teknologi Malaysia (Bet you don't know this)
I.M.U. - International Medical University, I Meet You
R.M.I.T. - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (correct ah?)
M.U. - Malaysia University? Fuck it la, Manchester University!!
L.S.E. - London School of Entertainment? Economics la.

Shopping malls
1.U. - One Utama
K.L.C.C. - Kuala Lumpur C..(?).. Centre.
S.P. - Sunway Pyramid
M.V. _ Mid Valley
J.J. - Jaya Jusco
K.P. - Klang Parade

K.F.C. - Don't say you dunno ok?
M.C.D. - Don't fucking say you dunno ok?
A.&.W. - Ok, I fucking dunno.

W.T.H. - What the heck
W.T.F. - What the fuck
F.F.K. - Fong Feng Gei
T.F.K. - Well, ... Fei Gei... You should know.
L.M.A.O. - Laughing my ass out
S.O.B. - Son of a bitch
O.M.F.G. - Oh My Freaking/F... God.
K.N.N. - Kanina

K.N.B. _ Kanimbu
C.C.B. - Chow... mmm
C.B.K. - ... Kia la. Ask Katak, he taught me one.
K.N.N.B.E.C.C.B. - Mmm... Too long to tell.

C.C. - Cyber Cafe
C.S. - Counter Strike
R.O. - Ragnorok Online
D.O.T.A. - Defend of the accients
D.O.A. - Dead or Alive
K.O.F. - King of Fighters
C.P.U - Center Processer Unit
H.D.D. - Hard Disk Drive
R.A.M. - Random Access Memory
R.O.M. - I forget liao... tell me.
U.S.B. - Universal Seriel Bus
P.D.A. - Personal Digital Assistant
S.M.S. - Short Message Service
E.M.S. - Enhanced Messaging Service
M.M.S. - Multimedia Messaging Service
X.M.S. - Expression Message Service (Alah.. Digi main glamme je)
G.P.R.S. - Global Paging R... System...
E.D.G.E. - Enhanced Data Global Evolution

E.T.C. - Esceteras
T.K.S. - Thinking (s)kills
A.D.I.D.A.S. - All Day I Dream About Sex. From Korn's Life is Peachy album, 1996.
S.M. - Latin Scientiae Magister, Master of Science. You thought Sadomasochism ar?

O.L. - Office Lady
C.E.O. - Chief Executive Officer
L.O.V.E. - Lacking of Visual Entertainments.
U.S.A. - United States of America / U Su Ann / Udang Sotong Ayam
S.A.M. - South Australia Matriculation / Saya Anak Malaysia

B.B.K. - Bandar Baru Klang or Big Black Kock
T.T.K. - Ting Tai Ken. Opps..! Skip this
M.F.K.R. - Mate Feed Kill Repeat, Not Motherfucker la.
B.S.B. - Back/Black-Streat/Shit Boys
L.M.F. - Lazy Muthafuckas... HongKong group memang... sigh.
F.I.R. - Faye + Irwin + Real
S.H.E. - Seline + Hebe + Ella
M.V.A. - Music Video Award? Hell no, Vivien + Adrien + Mike! Wahaha...!

Alright boys and girls. Take note and remember all the short forms we learn today. Make things A.S.A.P. - As Short As Possible!

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