251# They rule

251# They rule

Last tuesday me and my batchmates went for Pizza Hut at Sri Petaling, due to the result of betting or something between tucky and wennie...

To find a parking at Sri Petaling is totally a pain in the ass. Not only the reckless drivers who park their vehicles beside the road are blocking, you would be stucked by fellas in front of you who drive at 10km/h to look for parking space.

Basically you'll need to make more than 2 rounds around Point Extreme cyber cafe, the semi habitat of imu gamers in order to get a parking.

If eating lunch at Alison, parking would not be a problem. There is actually a parking ground somewhere at the back there. But only cars like tanker can make it - the road condition there will kill your car's suspension.

Alright, back to business.

So we went to Pizza Hut. And i turn around the shops to look for parking. In the end i got one, but it wasn't look like a legal parking space. There was no yellow line showing it's a space to park or something.

We went in the restaurant. And waited for the rest to come, who followed a second car. I was kind of hungry and blaming them for not having skills in looking for parking. But i wasn't blaming in a very bad way la. Just joked that they sucked.

And then... the fella who had no skill in parking actually came and saved me.

He saw MP fellas were writing papers in front of the cars.

Quickly i ran to my car. No paper detected on my windscreen. Luckily i was on time.

And i forced to park my car 300+ meters away from the restaurant, and walk back under the burning sun.

However, it was still better than paying for the summons.

While me and the fella who saved me from summoned walked back to the restaurant, we saw the MP officers were writing summons for the cars which parked outside the parking spaces.

Being typical Msians, people would just simply stop their car and get off for their own business. They don't really care nor give a shit.

Something out topic.

Remember once there was this car stopped in front of imu. The cars at the back stopped as well. And the mother-never-teach-mia-asshole just walked out from the car to buy stuff at the roadside.

The cars at the back, all forced to cut out. And of cause, with that kind of "wtf" face which everybody would give.

And the mother-never-teach-mia-asshole stared at the cars at his back like a gangster, showing face like "now-what-what's-your-problem" face and walked to do his stuff.

That was no cool. No cool. This kind of mother-never-teach-mia-asshole should have just burn in Hell.

Who is the one ruling now? Those mother-never-teach-mia-assholes or the officers?

Basically it doesn't make a different for me. Both also... oh well, same same la.

Anyway, the pizza lunch set rules.


250# Andante of dark November raining

250# Andante of dark November raining

I hate the rain.

I'm uncertain of the reason why. It might bring back some unwanted, sad memories. And it makes people feel very insecure.

The rain recently has pulled down by mood drastically.

Not only i lost my mood for studying, basically i lost my mood for everything.

In turn, what i got are just frustrations and the desire to kill.

A low level of endorphin killed my feelings. I felt so sorry for not being able to talk to the people around me. It's so easy to distinguish the normal me and the abnormal me.

The abnormal version, i'd just remain silent or being inactivated.

And the condition was not rectified even until people called me to go for lunch, as for Roney's birthday.

Seriously, although i was still able to talk with they all, but deep inside i felt very imbalanced.

Maybe it was because of the rain got worse. When i saw the chairs in front of me, i felt like using the chair to smash on somebody's head.

Random, anyone can do. As long as my hands could feel the impact of smashing someone's skull by the chair. The feeling is indescribable. And i deeply believe that would make my mood to be better.

However, the reason why i am here is to heal, not to kill.

Eventually the laughters around extinguished the thoughts in me. I regained some smiles in the end.

I'd say i'm pushing myself too much. I always try to get further. I've attained my goal. And i just need to maintain my achievement.

Somehow, maintaining the level and pushing into a higher level is totally two different things. If i did not scored that high, i wouldn't force myself so much. What i'd need to do is to score higher.

But what i face is to maintain my level, i can't push on no more. I expect myself to reach that level again during the up coming summative.

Apparently i need to overcome all of these before i could proceed.

Besides, i admire the people around me.

They have their reasons to be upset. I'm upset too, because i feel sad that i have no reason to be upset.

Got me? At least they have someone to think of, to miss with and to go after. And i have no one.

It might be worse to have no one to think of. What kind of abstractive thought i could imagine? Simply get a person to miss with?

Being alone for 3 years isn't that fun. But i don't feel regret at all for the decision i have made.

Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance. Heal me.


249# Place where we will be

249# Place where we will be

I've switched to beta.blogger.

Internal clock was disorganised drastically these few days.

No lecture during this week. But instead i had to attend for the meaningless pharmacology lab practical and two days of hospital visits.

Not to forget, and also the frustrating CPR practical exam. Which always held during the weekends where people wanted to rest or study at home.

Nursing week was seriously tiring. I broke a few records during these few days.

I woke up at 4am for the sake of hospital visit. I do not recall i woke up that early before.

I got myself prepared at 4am and drove to imu at 5am something in the morning.

That was the first time i drove at kesas such early in the morning. No cars around. I sped and almost fall asleep.

We took the bus from imu bukit jalil campus to imu seremban campus. Then walk to Hospital tuanku ja'afar. That's the place where some of us going to be during our clinical year.

My group was arranged for the male surgical ward. Unlike the rest of the people, we weren't allowed to walk around the hospital.

Those fellas were lucky. They managed to get into the mortuary. And there was a male who died of myocardial infacrtion 5am in the morning.

And they got to see how the body was dissected. Man, hoped i was there for the necropsy.

For the first time i got blood all over my body. A patient's blood was coagulated inside the syringe. When it was pushed out forcefully, the syringe busted.

I felt the sudden high.

Considering the chances of nasocromial infection, we forced to take off our lab coats which was spilled with gangrene suspected blood. Without the lab coat, which implies the authority to walk into wards, we lost the chance to visit the other wards.

And one of my friend got conjunctivitis after the hospital visit.

Good bless her.

PS: Go watch Death Note the movie. It's super great.


248# Vision for the 200200

248# Vision for the 200200

3 years ago, year 2003.

We all were still hanging around in our secondary schools. I was still being an immature student who liked to challenge the rules of the retarded school.

The game The King of Fighters was launched during end of the year. And i used to love it so much.

Ash Crimson, one of my favourite character.

And during year 2003 was the time we sat for our SPM too.

I don't feel bad that i scored B4 for my moral and malaysian history. Those two papers are meant to be failed anyway. Think Malaysia's history is great huh? What we studied were just Islamic histories instead of Malaysian's ones.

And moral? Subject which offended the first of the 9 satanic sins - Stupidity. We were asked to "memorize" moral values instead of practising it.

Year 2003, Dr. M came out with an idea of conducting maths and science subjects in English after watching the children of Malaysia being so outdated.

And undoubtedly, there were lots of them who wanted to protect their mother language stood up and disagree the proposal.

Regardless the critics and opinion given by all of the parties, the plan was carried on.

By the time the students study those subjects in English, we were already studying in colleges. And i was stuggling with the sudden change of language in the college.

I was used to study in the environment of the priah malay secondary school. Once i stepped into the private college where all the upper classes gather, i faced lots of social pressure.

Wished i have studied english before. I basically catch no ball on what the teachers taught during the first half of the year during my A levels.

See, english is so important. And i really mean it. I wished i was studying in a english speaking secondary school instead of the priah gangster school.

Now, year 2006. Some of the people out there already know that... They wanted maths and science to be taught in malay once again!

My first impression after i learnt that was, -wtf la. Serious.

The fella from Johor's UMNO party was not happy to the fact that the mother language of the country (i'd say of their people) is marginised.

The usage of the language is no longer popular since the day english and mandarin took over especially the business field.

Anyway, the proposal will be discussed and everything will be determined 2 years later, 2008.

I'm kind of agree with Mr. N where if a person can't master (speak) english, he could only become a kampung hero only, forever.

In an age of globalisation where english is the main language (not used by most of the people, though) used over the world, some of them still want to neglect the importance of it for the sake of the language which has only historical and racial significance.

Come think of it. English and that language has no difference. They just take those words from english and modified them into theirs.


Toll - tol
Computer - Komputer
Coffee - Kopi
Pencil - Pensel
Radio - Radio
Touch N Go -Sentuh dan Jalan!

The only word which is taken by the english is... oh well. Orang Utan. That's it.

Some say 18.9% of the words are taken from English. But in fact, it is 45%. Serious! I'm serious ok!

Wawasan 2020 is unattainable if such condition continues. Well, let's wait for 3030 or 200200.

"Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker"


247# Crimsons of the eclipsed

247# Crimsons of the eclipsed

I started to hate when the lecturers in IMU started not going out handout for the presentations.

What we need to do is to get those slides from the univerisity's server, and print them overselves. And the worst thing is A4 papers are not provided by the university.

Therefore if we want to print out the handouts and notes from the computers at the com labs, we got to make sure that we have a whole stack of plain A4 papers.

Now i wonder what the heck we are paying 24k every 6 months for. Why can't they just take 0.0001% from the semester fees we paid as the fee for the A4 papers.

Anyway, studying through notes is a must. This is how we get to know what other 90% of the stuffs that we need to study besides from the notes.

I notice that there are quite a lot of them use more than one highlighter for the notes. And i think that that is how they got everything digested into their minds.

Note of a typical female scorer. Miss pooh.
5 different colors of highlighters. Yellow, light blue, green, pink and orange.
4 different colors of pens. Purple, pink, dark blue and light blue.

Seriously i don't know how their brains react to so many colors. Each of everyone of us has different preference, i understand that.

But i don't freaking understand why some people just can score like Hell without showing the trace that they read through their notes lar!!

Note of a not-so-typical male scorer.
Stationary used: Black ink pen borrowed from the person sat left to him.

Some people think that highlighting notes aggressively is an insane act. Instead of highlighting words to words in the notes until the whole paper gone yellow, or what so ever...

Why don't just dip the whole paper into the highlighter's flourenscence fluid?

Save the hassles.

Note of an average, borderline student.

I realise that i did highlight a lot and write down notes during the lectures before the first summative assessment. Or more accurately, i didn't bother much about reading the notes after the exam.

That's not a good sign.

I had been too chilled out since the exam finished. Sleep during the lecture, not listening during the lecture, play cell phone games during the lecture, draw porn cats during the lecture, gossip during the lecture...

Now the final motivation has come, to push me back to studies.

Today, eventually we got our first summative results. The result that i think which will push me back to studies.

Now i think i retrieved the mood. There's no room of improvement for the first summative. Therefore i need to push it harder as to maintain it.

Thank God.

Vinder Fra En Ensom Grav.


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