183# Overdrove

183# Overdrove

I was told not to drive too fast during the way to school. 90km/h is the speed limit in the KESAS highway.

Come on man, what's the speed limit for? For sure there are more than 90% of the vehicles on the road speed more than that. 90km/h is like the speed for the bikes. Even Mini Cooper also speed more than 130km/h.

I usually stay constant in between speed of 90km/h to 120km/h. Depends on my mood and energy level. During the morning i'll drive slower since i was not awake most of the times. During way back i'll drive faster because i could smell lunch was waiting for me.

If i stay at the middle lane with the speed of 90km/h, even the huge trucks on my left will move faster than i do. So what's the significance of having that speed limit?

Been warned not to drive that fast, because there're speed cameras around to capture those which speed exceed the limit. Is there any in the KESAS highway? Where got?

If there are, any, then for sure everyone also kena liao la! Where got people drive less than 90km/h one?

What's KESAS stands for by the way? I know it got to do with Shah Alam. Is it "KE Shah Alam Sahaja"?

Well, maybe it stands for "KElajuan Sangat Amat Strict".

During the first day coming back from school, where was a white car sped away from my right with speed more than 140km/h. I still managed to stay my eye on the car for few seconds before it disappeared from my sight. It was Nissan Skyline GTR R34! My dream car! White color one some more! I want!

The second day of school, while the way back to klang, another white car sped off. I could tell what car was that, Mazda RX7! Edison Chen's character's car in Initial D movie! But i guess it was a different model though. FD model is more than FC does.

The third day, another white car passed me by, again. And that was a FIAT. Anyway... I'm not interested in that brand's car.

What am i going to tell is, each of every car drives more than the stressed speed limit. And in the end, no one gets summoned. Why?

If everyone gets one, then the gahmen will be blardy loaded liao.

PS : Please forgive my language, a little bit too Man... I mean, Mandlish...


182# Fire Match for the Stone Ages

182# Fire Match for the Stone Ages

My cell phone.

Bet you are not going to see this anywhere, but only from Decarboxylation.blogspot.com. This antique has been disappeared from the market decades ago.

Currently still good in condition. I like it a lot. It does not lag like the color screen phones do.

The buttons are just nice for me to key in messages with the speed of 6 characters per second. Color screen phone can't do that...

The ring alert is perfect for the use of morning calls. For sure it will get me up from the warm bed so that i will go to school.

The display is pure and simple. No additional, useless icons nor words.

A cell phone's basic function is to talk. Messaging is enabled as well. So what can i ask for more?

People in the IMU did not believe that i'm still using a monochromatic, monophonic cell phone. When i took it out from my right pocket, it shut their mouths.

Think that N8250 is old? Now look at this ;

Please don't laugh until piss in your pants ok! Another antique that i have!

Among all 8 cell phones in my house, this N3210 has the longest history!

Still good in function. Additional functions are such as ;

- Throw at mad dogs, since there're so many stray dogs around Taman Sentosa, which the klings like.
- Throw at drunken klings, since they drink 24/7 and they'll do shits when they're drunk.
- Throw at klings' houses if they make noises.
- Screw the klings up if they attemp to rob/assault/rape/kidnap/molest/harass.

My N8250 has been served me since 24 January of 2002 until now. And i'm not going to let it retire. It's going to serve me until its end of its life!

Adrien, your N6010 can throw away already. Audrey, you can just leave your N1100 in the Pan-Mee-Soup. Even Kenny Sia's O2 also cannot use already. Why?

Because... I'm not ending this post yet. Those above are just appetizers. Now check this out ;

The first Made-In-Malaysia cell phone, M10i !

See! He felt so proud and happy to use it!

Now this is what we called as a phone(y)!

Why named as M10 i?

M - is the initial of "Malaysia" la of cause! Spent so many efforts to come out with a cell phone which they made themselves. Sure want to show off la!

10 - Why 10? Is it because they had failed for 9 times to create the phone? And it was the 10th time which they succeeded?

i - The reason they put an "i" at the back of it is simple. Now the alphabet "i" is so popular. Been (ab)used by Osim, Sony Ericsson, I-tech... Sure they don't want to be left behind, and follow the trend la!

Basic functions are expected from the phone. Of cause it can be used to call, and sms la. And they have special functions, which can't be found in Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Moto... or any phone brands that you can name.

- Prayers alert.
- Prayers direction display.

This phone is made for the middle east and muslims in Malaysia only. The rest of you all, go use back your own phone only la.

If i got this phone for free, i think i'll just "put" it beside the road, to "donate" it to the desperated idiots in my area.


181# Overdrive

181# Overdrive

Day One

Not enough of sleep. Because the sleeping time was once from 3am to 12pm for the pass 8 months.

Accelerated as fast as i could to school. Managed to get a group of friends one minute after reaching the hall.

Got confused to the U turn that i must make in order to get into Bandar Puteri on the way back. Got lost for an hour. 50km of fuel burned...

Was distracted, too much of thinking. The Smart Tag device was placed at the left of my car, instead of the middle.

Did not realise at all, crashed onto the pole. The pole broke, but nothing damage at the car.

U turn at the "Klang-Banting" flyover la. Not at "Kg Jawa-Jln Kebun" flyover la damn it!!

Day Two

Not enough of sleep, again. Went back to bed after i bathed. Skipped the first briefing at school. Only attended for the second one onwards.

Medicine Aptitute Test was a prank test according to my sister. Therefore i had no fear during the test. No way we could asnwer those questions. I only answered those which i knew.

In the end, when the "fake" exam invigilators revealed that they were actually students, and the test was jsut a hoax, the whole hall silented for 2.5 seconds. Maybe they did not know what was the meaning of "hoax"?

After the prank test, i saw seniors coming into the hall. Guess it should be some briefing for the orientation programmes.


I "went" to the toilet and only "returned" to school after the next day.

Day Three

Not enough of sleep, at all. Must get to school on time for English Placement Test. A real test, 9am to 11.30am. Failing the test may need to attend English classes every friday.

Listening, reading, MCQ, writing... For the writing part, my repeated my old mistake. I elaborated too much for a point. Restriction of 250 words to 300 words was not good for me...

When i had exceeded 300 words, i just stopped writing. No point doing the conclusion also.

Tried to concentrate even though drowsiness was tempting me to sleep on the table. I'm good in speed instead of accuracies for exams. The Britian teacher was surprised that i finished so fast.


Whatever, as long as i had did my best in order to pass it. I don't know the passing marks though. There were actually Library Orientations later, but never mind la. Reached home at 12pm, i sped a lot.

Right Now

Feel very sleepy. Although i had a nap from 1pm to 4pm something. But it was kind of sleeping awaked. Been used to sleep after 3am, right now i need to re-tune my internal clock so that i can wake up on 5.30am daily.

Must set off at 6.45am every morning in order to avoid from the traffic jam. I'll be reaching school at 7.30am, or earlier.

Lectures will be from 8am to 10.15am. That's all. Sometimes will have wet lab, dry lab, and PBL. Which are compulsory and i must show up.

For the other online assignments, i'm arranged in the LAST group. Which is going to be after 4pm or even 5pm, until late 7pm. From 10am and wait until 4pm for those? Hell wei...

Actually it's not necessary to wait until my group's turn. Online assignments, museum studies have no lecturers and got to do those by our own.

"In fact, it's up to me to do those or not, and it's up to me when to do it"

Not much of people know this, since we're still new and raw. But there's an assignment with deadline, which need to be submitted. And the rest, maybe i'll do.

Maybe la. I'll try my best.


180# Drive

180# Drive

Today my dad's secretary returned her car to my dad. She drove the car to my house, and handed back the car key to me.

Before i knew what was the reason she returned the car, i learnt one thing:

"Die! I will be forced to learn, and to drive that manual car!"

There's been more than 2 years since the last time i drove a manual car. And that was the time where i was learning for the licience. And she returned the car because she got herself a new car.

At the evening, me and my elder sister tried to drive that manual car. She drove first. Initially, she drove a little bit off. But she managed to get in tuned very fast.

My turn next. I was about the same to. Drove badly and try to recall the faded instinct of driving a manual car. Somehow i got to drive smooth after that.

Problems started to arise since a white little kancil appeared at my back. I tried to drive faster since i did not want my slow driving to block the others.

Since that, my pace and rhythm gone off.

I was totally out of clutch timing and the car shook greater than Ricky Martin's ass. I began to be frustrated because of my first failure.

After that, i could not drive smoothly as i could before that. And my sister got fed up with my uselessness.

I can't drive manual no more! So how am i going to drive it to IMU everyday ? Which my dad expects me to do so. Which is 35km away from home.

The risk is still there if i drive an automated car. What about a manual car. It's even worst. Have to play around with the gear stick, stepping on the clutch. And keep my eye on the traffic. That's really a multi-task. I can't do it.

Even though it's really fuel-econ friendly, but for Hell's sake, it's not driver friendly. At least for a driver like me. No way. No manual car. No...

I really admire those who can drive a manual car. But among those who i know, most of the people are driving autos.

During college time, as i know only Brandon was driving manual. And my friend William is driving manual as well, since he got his licience not long ago.

Guess i will need a lot of efforts and patience in order to drive the manual car. But i doubt, that i will not have the time, as well as the patience.

And yet, i'm a slow learner!

P/S: IMU is commencing on this Wednesday... Tension... I guess my next coming up post will be done using IMU's IT facility.


179# Price to Pay - 2

179# Price to Pay - 2

Still remembering the times i spent in Taylors. Casual wears to college was so comfortable and good.

T-shirts, jeans, sport shoes, occasionally shirts, three-quater pants, sandals...

But this is not going to happen in the IMU. Damn... i hate it.

Actually, is there any medical institutes which have dress code like IMU does?

Not in RCSI? Not in King's?

Shirt tucked in, tie, slacks, leather shoes. No jeans, no t-shirt, no demin, no sport shoes, no...

Headache. Got to wear like a working man in the university. No more freedom at all already!

I hate to wear tie. Seriously. I dislike the feeling of being strangled, and it's so suffocating.

No long and dyed hair. No earing. No long nails. No polished nails...

Long hair isn't look good for me. And i've dyed my hair for four times in the year of 2004. So i guess i shall stop harming my hair.

Actually dyed hair is still allowed, but as long as the colour is not too obvious.

Nails? I did polished 10 of them in dark black at the early year of 2004. Trying to act Goth but i failed.

My dad called me to remove the polish since i'm staying in an all criminal area, Taman Sentosa, Klang. Outstanding appearance will cause uncivilised pariah to be envy and finally beat me up.

Therefore, my dress code to the university shall be the same everyday. Shirt, tie, slacks, leather shoe... No variety at all! There goes my life...

I'm not yet getting a room to stay. Actually i could just rent a unit and share with Karanbir and Shafiq. But the thing is no one would pay and stay in the master bedroom which costs higher. So how?

So i guess i'll be driving to university everyday. 40 minutes per trip, and way back will take longer time... oh man.

If i feel bad in that way, maybe i'll look for a room to stay. But it would be too late then...

Let's do some math for the cost that i'll spend if i'm driving to university everyday.

Petrol consumption : RM0.24/km
Distance bewtween IMU and my house : 35km x2
Toll fees : RM1.50
Number of tolls : 3 x 2
Parking fee ; RM4.50

Total : (RM0.24 x 35 x 2) + (RM1.50 x 6) + RM4.50
= RM 30.30

Walao-eh! Bloody Hell!

I'm going to spent for RM30 per day if i drive to university everday.

Considering there'll be 23 times i drive to university in each month. Then it'll be RM690 per month! More expensive than a master bedroom out there in the Vista apartment!

Celaka betul... I need to change my car's tyres as soon as possible to minimise the petrol consumption.

And yes, the petrol consumption stated above is just a rough estimation. It can be minimise to RM0.18 as the mininum because of long distance run.

I'm so jealose to those whose house is just 15 minutes of driving to university. I really mean it...

Audrey la! 15 minutes of driving only to HELPS institute. Petrol also can save a lot. And Jin walks to university, 15 minutes too if i'm not mistaken. It's a torment during winter, though.

Staying in KL or PJ is so convenient. Unlike in Klang. If people call out for lepak, for sure it's going to be MV, 1U, Sungai Wang and so on... How am i on earth worth going those places?

Time and money that i'll spend for traffic can cost a bloody long bill!

Exhale. Speechless.


178# A Gothic Romance - Red Roses for the Devil's Whore

178# A Gothic Romance - Red Roses for the Devil's Whore

Finally, Benacom has come back to life. After months of being ignored by 3 of the authors. Vivien, Adrien, and yes, myself...

I just finished typing the second story for that site. About Valentine's day. Since it's Valentine's again tomorrow. Therefore i came out with a story about this event.

I did not contribute much enough as how i do for this page. To come out with an interesting story is not as simple as how i type things over here... I assume you know.

The second story that i wrote is basically a story which surrounds the same couple that i've written for the first one. Mick and Lynn.

If you know me much enough, you should be able to trace some similarities between me and the story.

I tried to involve my personality into the character's characteristics. As you can see, like the character's hobby, his temper, and even his cell phone's age...

It's quite interesting isn't it? To narrate a person who reflects owns personalities.

I know this story is a little bit dumb. But i think that's not everything. I can still try to come out words which are more interesting...

Tomorrow is the 14th of February, again. Is a day which people remained single, who refuse to face the event. Me, myself and I included.

"Valentine only ma, no big deal la. Nothing to do with me also."

I guess this is how i think about Valentine's day...

This year is the second year which i'm going to spend the day, alone by myself. And i guess there's still some of you all outside going to be the same too isn't it?

Paralyse the feelings by studying is one of the best methods ever. And those mentioned should try this method.

By concentrating for studying, time flies. Valentine's day will just pass away just like that. You would not notice as you were so busy dealing with your lecture notes and reference books.

At the same time, you were studying. But not wasting time for unnecessary things.

You could also save some money too! Hiding yourself in your study room and isolate yourself with the event. Therefore you don't have to spend money on meaningless things. Like buying yourself a Valentine gift for yourself...

Ah... Forget about what i've mentioned above. Those words are for myself. I was trying to avoid from being realistic. But now I'm trying to be more optimistic and avoiding myself from being pessimistic...

Happy Valentine's day people!

P/S : 12.05am. I've just received a Valentine related sms by my friend! Guess what, it was from a male friend...


177# Price to Pay - 1

177# Price to Pay - 1

Annually, every second day of CNY, our family will go to picnic at the Morib seaside. There's nothing special about the beach. BUt the tradition has been maintained since my grandfather's generation until now.

I was there, playing my cousin's acoustic guitar. I did not bring mine since mine is already spoilt and sounds bad.

My aunt took over the guitar, and she tried to play a song. She could not recall, since she has not played a guitar for the pass 25 years and more.

She advised me not to play too much of guitar. If she did not tell, i would not know how important is, the fingers of a doctor.

Frequent playing of guitar will cause the thickness of skin at the fingertips. That's the basic knowledge which everyone knows.

But the point is, the thickening of the fingertips' skins will cause the insensitivity of the fingertips.

Sensitivities of fingertips is very important in order to examine a patient's pulse.

When i heard those with my own ears, i stared at my left hand's fingers. Since it's already more than 2 years of guitar playing, my fingers' skin do not tear off anyone. After a period of hardened skin, now it have grown thick, but soft.

All four fingers, excluding the thumb at my left hand. The thick skin built have decreased my fingertips' sensitivities. When i touched at the thickened points of my fingertips with my thumb, i felt a thick shelter covering it. I can't really feel much of the contact between my thumb and those points.

When looking at it with bare eyes, there is nothing noticeable. But when touch at it, i can absolutely tell that there are more than a few of milimetres of thick skins are built and making my sensory receptors out of reach from the surface.

I stared at my left hand, and think...

"Am i going to give up in playing electric guitars?"

A right handed person would not have this problem. Since the thickened fingertips' skins are only at the left hand, so the person will still have the normal right hand for pulse examinations.

What's worst for me is, i'm a left handed. But i do not use a left handed guitar, which is the reversed from a normal guitar. I am playing a normal right handed guitar, where i hold the strings with my left.

Thus, i will mostly depend on my left hand on doing those tasks. Which is definitely a disadvantage for me.

Today is Saturday. Usually this hour i could not type things in front of the computer at home. I was attending guitar lessons since 2004 until January of 2006, 2pm, Saturdays.

I have officially stopped my lesson starting this month, Febuary. I have to, in order to concentrate in my university course.

I asked my instructor, from the view of acoustic course, which grade of thoery i have attained. Since my instructor took the course which straight ahead for diplomas, so he did not know about the grades things.

He said I would have probably exceeded the normal thoeries for grade 3, or 4. He taught me a lots of extra things which will not be taught in acoustic lessons, but for electric lessons only.

As far as i knew, i have learnt a few things by taking his lessons...

6th string and 5th string scales for Major scales, minor scales, harmonic minor scales, melodic minor scales, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic...

Arpeggio scales for 6th string and 5th string for major 7, minor 7, dominant 7...

Family chords, chord progressions, jazz solos, blues solos, rock blues...

Major, minor, dominant, major 7, major add 9, major 9, dominant 9, minor 7, open position chords, barred chords, diminished 7, minor 7 flat 5, dominant 7 flat 5...

And also, to play songs from scores, of cause...

That's all for the pass 2 years that i'd officially learnt from taking formal classes. I have to admit that my progress was very slow. Most probably was because of lacking of practice for these scales and chords. I prefered to play my own songs...

Actually i took formal classes was just for the sake of music theories. I could not rely much on it. I discovered a lot of things by myself too.

I did not know how to tune in drop B tuning. Instead of dropping the e string into lower b, i tuned it higher. Caused my e string snapped off and hurt my right hand. My tremolo bridge was out of tension and the whole thing went down because of the spring's compression. I did not know what was wrong, i panicked and sent the guitar to the shop and repair...

Learnt myself to read tabs in drop B, drop C, drop D, one step down tunings. Learnt palm mute, natural harmonics, tremolo, tremolo pickings, pick strings, hammer on, pick off...

Right now, i try to play less... For the sake of my fingertips... Sad case...

P/S : Is there any hand cream can help to get rid of the thick skins and regain the sensitivity of the fingertips?


176# Making use

176# Making use

Young men now days are interested in these 3 things:

i) Cars

ii) Girls
iii) Football.

Lacking one interest from the above 3 makes no complete man.

Today i'm here to talk about an incident occured which involved 2 of the 3 above.

Situation : I was driving in the car fetching Will back after having tea in Old town.
A call was received by Will with his new second hand cell phone which he had just bought minutes ago.

(Below conversation were in Hokkien and Mandarin, have been translated into half-raw English)

Will : Harlo, mushi mushi.
Girl : Harlo ah, william ah. Tonight wanna go E-song or not?
Will : Go E-song for what?
Girl : To sing song la of cause!
Will : Who else will be going la?
Girl : Our some other friends la.
Will : Hey, i got no extra money already la.
Girl : We all share-share, each person RM20 only ma.

(I cut the conversation)
Me : RM20 not money ar?

Will : RM20 not money ar? I damn broke already la.
Girl : Is Ah L around ar? Call him come fetch me.
Will : Ah L is busy today la. What time tonight?
Girl : Like that never mind la. Tonight around 9pm la.
Will : Oh...
Girl : You come fetch me ok?

(One second of silence)

Will : I got no car tonight, my sister's teaching tution until 10.30pm la.
Girl : Har...?


I tell you, i damn hate this kind of people. If the guy has no car to drive at all at the first place, do you think this bitch will call him?

She invited him was not because of she wanted him to join them. It was because she needed someone to fetch her out to the Karaoke.

They all sing Chinese songs, and my friend knows no Chinese songs at all. So what's the point of going Karaoke with them?

I appreciate my collegemates who had fetched me to many places. She Fong, Tai Ken, Wei-Jin, Brandon, Michelle, Wey chung, Harpreet, Joshua, Justin... Thanks a lot.

These kind of shits did occured on me for few times. And i began to get sick of it. For any stupid invitations or helps now on, hoped that i could just say,

"Hey do you think that it's worth for me to get to your place, from my place which is miles away. And fetch you to somewhere, and i go back home in the end with nothing like a driver?"

But in fact, i could just say,

"Walao... so far la... cannot leh..."

Sometimes i do have no choice at all. I'm not a driver for free to drive people anywhere.

KNNCCB, petrol now is RM1.62/litre. My car's petrol consumption is rather high, RM0.25/km. Full tank RM70.

You tambah petrol for me ah?

Sluts. Go get someone rich who will drive free for you with a CLK. I'm not a driver.


175# The Unquestionable Truth - Part 1

175# The Unquestionable Truth - Part 1

Now i have time to type something out. Cny gathering is taking a rest now before the next one which falls on the 12th.

I'm having serious migraine now. It rarely happens.

Today my tuition teacher who taught me since i was 8 to 12 came for visit. We only meet twice a year, which are only during deepavali and cny.

According to her, she said a teacher from a school secretly revealed that the UPSR examination's marking scheme is race based. That teacher is one of those examiner and she revealed the policy applied by the government.

Even though that fact was pretty predictable, but i felt shocked too when i heard it with my very own ears. Proved that i was not bias or anything. My thought was right.

They have quotas according to race. So within these people must have this number of A's, those and those people will have these amounts of A's...

Apparently they are doing something to protect themselves. My teacher said, she knows a little boy, who always got last or second last in his class, got 5A's for his UPSR. And... the achievement of this boy is either attained by this own hardwork, or just some policy helped him out.

Other than marking schemes, they do have quotas when arranging students in classes. They must have a particular number of these people, and those people in a class. So for sure there will be an amount of these people in the top class.

That does not mean that these student are excellent. It's simply because it's easier for the school to split students while having religion class and moral studies. And... of cause, to protect their own states.

I did have a lot of unsatisfactories toward these problems. But someone told me, the policy applied by the government is inevitable.

If the contrast between these people and those people are far too obvious, and then the second incident like the 513 will be triggered.

The times of the emergency was just like Hell. I got to know from my friend's father, while during the incident, even the policemen stripped off their uniforms. Shot down those people with their own guns. And wear back their uniform after the slayings.

Imagine how horrible was that.

Therefore, i began to endure more on how the government goes. The unfairness is pretty much obvious to see, as well as the consequences. Anyway these are inevitable. It's necessary for the government to help them out in order to decrease the contrast.

This is it, the condition.


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