181# Overdrive

181# Overdrive

Day One

Not enough of sleep. Because the sleeping time was once from 3am to 12pm for the pass 8 months.

Accelerated as fast as i could to school. Managed to get a group of friends one minute after reaching the hall.

Got confused to the U turn that i must make in order to get into Bandar Puteri on the way back. Got lost for an hour. 50km of fuel burned...

Was distracted, too much of thinking. The Smart Tag device was placed at the left of my car, instead of the middle.

Did not realise at all, crashed onto the pole. The pole broke, but nothing damage at the car.

U turn at the "Klang-Banting" flyover la. Not at "Kg Jawa-Jln Kebun" flyover la damn it!!

Day Two

Not enough of sleep, again. Went back to bed after i bathed. Skipped the first briefing at school. Only attended for the second one onwards.

Medicine Aptitute Test was a prank test according to my sister. Therefore i had no fear during the test. No way we could asnwer those questions. I only answered those which i knew.

In the end, when the "fake" exam invigilators revealed that they were actually students, and the test was jsut a hoax, the whole hall silented for 2.5 seconds. Maybe they did not know what was the meaning of "hoax"?

After the prank test, i saw seniors coming into the hall. Guess it should be some briefing for the orientation programmes.


I "went" to the toilet and only "returned" to school after the next day.

Day Three

Not enough of sleep, at all. Must get to school on time for English Placement Test. A real test, 9am to 11.30am. Failing the test may need to attend English classes every friday.

Listening, reading, MCQ, writing... For the writing part, my repeated my old mistake. I elaborated too much for a point. Restriction of 250 words to 300 words was not good for me...

When i had exceeded 300 words, i just stopped writing. No point doing the conclusion also.

Tried to concentrate even though drowsiness was tempting me to sleep on the table. I'm good in speed instead of accuracies for exams. The Britian teacher was surprised that i finished so fast.


Whatever, as long as i had did my best in order to pass it. I don't know the passing marks though. There were actually Library Orientations later, but never mind la. Reached home at 12pm, i sped a lot.

Right Now

Feel very sleepy. Although i had a nap from 1pm to 4pm something. But it was kind of sleeping awaked. Been used to sleep after 3am, right now i need to re-tune my internal clock so that i can wake up on 5.30am daily.

Must set off at 6.45am every morning in order to avoid from the traffic jam. I'll be reaching school at 7.30am, or earlier.

Lectures will be from 8am to 10.15am. That's all. Sometimes will have wet lab, dry lab, and PBL. Which are compulsory and i must show up.

For the other online assignments, i'm arranged in the LAST group. Which is going to be after 4pm or even 5pm, until late 7pm. From 10am and wait until 4pm for those? Hell wei...

Actually it's not necessary to wait until my group's turn. Online assignments, museum studies have no lecturers and got to do those by our own.

"In fact, it's up to me to do those or not, and it's up to me when to do it"

Not much of people know this, since we're still new and raw. But there's an assignment with deadline, which need to be submitted. And the rest, maybe i'll do.

Maybe la. I'll try my best.

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