178# A Gothic Romance - Red Roses for the Devil's Whore

178# A Gothic Romance - Red Roses for the Devil's Whore

Finally, Benacom has come back to life. After months of being ignored by 3 of the authors. Vivien, Adrien, and yes, myself...

I just finished typing the second story for that site. About Valentine's day. Since it's Valentine's again tomorrow. Therefore i came out with a story about this event.

I did not contribute much enough as how i do for this page. To come out with an interesting story is not as simple as how i type things over here... I assume you know.

The second story that i wrote is basically a story which surrounds the same couple that i've written for the first one. Mick and Lynn.

If you know me much enough, you should be able to trace some similarities between me and the story.

I tried to involve my personality into the character's characteristics. As you can see, like the character's hobby, his temper, and even his cell phone's age...

It's quite interesting isn't it? To narrate a person who reflects owns personalities.

I know this story is a little bit dumb. But i think that's not everything. I can still try to come out words which are more interesting...

Tomorrow is the 14th of February, again. Is a day which people remained single, who refuse to face the event. Me, myself and I included.

"Valentine only ma, no big deal la. Nothing to do with me also."

I guess this is how i think about Valentine's day...

This year is the second year which i'm going to spend the day, alone by myself. And i guess there's still some of you all outside going to be the same too isn't it?

Paralyse the feelings by studying is one of the best methods ever. And those mentioned should try this method.

By concentrating for studying, time flies. Valentine's day will just pass away just like that. You would not notice as you were so busy dealing with your lecture notes and reference books.

At the same time, you were studying. But not wasting time for unnecessary things.

You could also save some money too! Hiding yourself in your study room and isolate yourself with the event. Therefore you don't have to spend money on meaningless things. Like buying yourself a Valentine gift for yourself...

Ah... Forget about what i've mentioned above. Those words are for myself. I was trying to avoid from being realistic. But now I'm trying to be more optimistic and avoiding myself from being pessimistic...

Happy Valentine's day people!

P/S : 12.05am. I've just received a Valentine related sms by my friend! Guess what, it was from a male friend...

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