84# The Virus of Life

84# The Virus of Life

I only went to the workshop on Thursday and Friday. Monday i got guitar class replacement, Tuesday and Wednesday i was having fever. So far those two days really gave me lots of experiences and mental torments.

I really got frustrated to answer those questions from the customers and the mechanics' friends there.

Q: Hey, are you a new worker here?
A: Nope.

Q: Where do you work before this?
A: I was studying before this. And I'm just here to learn, without pay for your information.

Q: How come?
A: Oh, this's my uncle workshop and my dad called me here to learn.

And i really can't stand when people whisper, or even yelled to the mechanics how come the boss, TSR's nephew will be here, or the DT's son will be here working. Come on man, I'm only human. I got no any special privileges unlike the others. I'm not like the others that born to be protected in an air-conditioned room and playing PS2 that their parents bought.

My dad had told the mechanics there to show no mercy to me, they told me. They are ordered to call me to do whatever things include sweeping the floor. Man, i don't even sweep my own room at house. They got sort of like consoling me, explained that my dad wants to train me. Of course i understand. My dad is the strictest dad on earth ever who will force his son to work as a mechanic in a car's workshop.

And i won't give up as to show the world that I am not spoonfed, I am not a loser, I am not as weak as my dad expected and I experienced all the shits that the others never. I mix with all standards of people. The lowest standard people like in my area. Witness how my friends fight, take weeds in front of me, got involved in gang fight, mix with all races of gangsters. With the middle class people to do normal things like the others. And the highest class people to see how they acutually live with branded stuffs, how they spend their money and etc.

I'm a science student. Specialised in Gothic erotic, and comic style drawing. Interested in playing electric guitar. Like to online. And when it comes to knowledges about cars, I'm totally out. I know nothing about it. Therefore, I must learn, somehow. Anyway, at least i can gain extra knowledges that i will not get by myself.

So far i learnt to

  • Change the engine oil, so called the black oil.
  • Change the radiator coolant and it's reserve.
  • Change the auto oil for auto cars.
  • And some other stuffs that i actually can't remember.

I am not a very good learner in this case. It is out of my specialisations... Other than wearing the "EON service" uniform, i got no other worst trousers to wear. Forced to wear my dear body glove and U2 trousers, sad case man. And my hands always get dirty, inevitably. Always scared to hurt my fingers because fingers are life of a guitarist... Oh man, am i too sissy?

Fortunately i only need to work until the day before the official CAL result announcement day. Ok, that's still 3 weeks to go. I'll keep on my patience and do whatever asked. Hope i wont have sudden violent due to the accumulated stress.

"You do know peace until you had suffering... I've suffered!"
From Solitare Unraveling by Mushroomhead.


83# Got the life

83# Got the Life

I'm saying goodbye to the life that:

  • Rotting at home.
  • Lepak at malls and spend money.
  • Arcade games.
  • Clear watching all the movies.

Next week onwards i will need to go to my uncle's EON services to work. More accurately, is to learn things over there.

" A man must know how to fix a car, if he doesn't, he is not a man"

From the great Mr. Lau, my dad. He wants me to know fixing a car if my car is spoilt or something. Somehow me myself willing to go because i understand that as a guy i must know those things about cars.

Since next monday, tomorrow i got guitar class replacement, so i will only start it on next tuesday. So monday is my last day of freedom. Before the guitar class, i'm sure gonna arcade kao kao...

Normal office hour supposed to be 9-5, but the plant there is 9-6... Actually my dad called me to set off from home after 9, but i think better to be punctual. Low profile a bit... I'm a fast learner, i hope so...

"Hello people, I am Ah Ming. I do not know anything about cars so hope y'all can teach and guide me about it. Don't need to give face to anyone, just call me to do anything. Thank you."

Are those what i supposed to say to those technicians and mechanicians? Oh man... I got no idea until when i need to spend my time there... Once i am able to understand what i am supposed to, then i'll leave. I need to find a part time job that can learn and earn. I got no pay at the EON service plant since it's my uncle's one... I want $...


82# A.D.I.D.A.S.

82# A.D.I.D.A.S.

Went to 1u the second time today... With the average speed of 100km/h, we reached there within half an hour, or more accurately 25 minutes. I expected it to be like 45 minutes. Well, 3 series does it all. Speed... man.

It was a very first time for me to reach at a mall so early - 10.30am. Tai ken, ying ying and shafiq reached there only minutes before the movie started, about 1.30pm. So me and Cheryl just walk around within that 3 hours. 1u is just big enough for me with the additional new wing.

F4 was not that great as i could expect. Normal story line and normal ending. Just got surprised by the way they expressed their abilities. Among all the Marvel movies, i think Spider man and Batman begins are the best. Hulk was still ok, but for sure F4 is not in the list.

So surprised that she didn't know how to use the short cut key for silent mode in her samsung phone. In the theather, when she wanted to turn to silent mode. She went to settings and stuffs like that. And i said, she could actually hold the # button, and silent mode will be activated straight away. And she was even more surprised than me because she didn't know such a function in her phone. Amusing. The way she looked that surprised.

We all went Chilli's for so many times to disturb Harpreet and Justin. When Justin introduced himself to Cheryl, I added the word 'Timbelake" for him. Actually lots of ppl had been doing that for him, haha. Justin even forgot about his job their when Harpreet called him in. Lots of customers in there though the foods are very pricey. That's why during the weekend the restaurant can earn like RM18k until RM22k. That's how Harp and Just got paid.

Saw audrey walking with her friend there. I knew (thought) that she saw me, actually she didn't. I stood in front of her and stared at her like a predator. Evil eyes. She got frightened and stepped back, until her left shoe gone off. Man, i didn't expect such reaction from her. Ok, i was too scary... Just felt so sorry for that.

After the movie, i managed to get a new waist bag from extreme shop. At least i wasn't going back home empty handed. I was quite surprised that she could actually walk for so long without feeling tired. My legs are still pain now by the excess lactic acid accumulate in those muscle cells. Oxygen debt has not seemed to be fully repaid yet.

That's why girls can also apply the principle of A.D.I.D.A.S. other than guys. Just a slide difference at the last word for the guys. As all the guys know, the S stands for something elses. And for the girls, the S stands for "Shopping". And thus it turns into " All Day I Dream About Shopping". Hilarous. This was what she told me after she corrected what i told her. For the guys one, i think not all the gilrs know anyway... And i do not think they want to know it...

6pm we went back. Again, without any traffic jam i reached bukit raja at 6.30pm. It was fast... before i got my car back at bukit raja, went in to Jusco to find for BoA's new korean album. Undoubtedly, not in msia yet. The official page has not even announce about it yet. Maybe next month...

A very good walk in 1u.


81# Girls on Top

81# Girls on Top

Trying to complete downloads of some tracks from Ai otsuka, so that i can burn an audio CD for pre-listening before the 3rd album is released. I do not have some tracks which included in the singles but not included in the albums. What to do, got to download them.

Man, still got few tracks only to complete but the hosts are not on the line. Searched for BoA's songs. Lots of albums and singles. But "Girls on Top"? What album is this? I just downloaded one track from that album.

Oh man! It was her voice i swear! I did not know that she release any album yet. Went to the official site and check, no. And went to the unofficial site, it was announced that the Korean album 'Girls on Top" is already released... I must buy it....I'm going out on wednesday and i must hunt for it. But dumb malaysia needs more than 2 weeks, or a month longer only will have the album... For those who concern, click here.

Today went out for guitar class replacement, the very first time I got traffic police to check me. Luckily at that time i followed all the rules. Both of my hands were at the steering. My IC and licience were with me. Not listening to my Gothic metal loudly in my car, BoA's one instead. No problem, passed, haha.

Basically I'm clear with family chords and understand how to apply the scales for major, dominant and minor barre chords. I was told to create myself a song with it. It is not that easy, but i will try to create one with reference to Jay Chou's slow song style... Jing Tian, Gui Ji, yeah.

Not going to Slipknot live... Shocked to know from William that they are going to Singapore. I wanted to go but... There're so many things that I needed to consider. The main thing is, I do not have financial support to get myself there. Plus, the tickets might already sold off. Though audrey could help me to ask about it. Never mind, cannot go means cannot go. Such a big waste for this golden chance. For sure Msia won't allow them here. Go to singapore to watch their live show is the biggest chance ever somehow.


80# End of Daze

80# End of Daze

Yesterday's prayers was really tiring... From 11pm until 3am this morning. I din feel that exhausted compared to my relatives. Because i'm used to sleep around 1 or 2. After that prayers, I am offcially announced that i have passed through the mourning period. No more dressing restrictions for us. But my dad, uncle, aunt who are sons and daughters still have to wear in plain. At least this is not too bad for me because now i can wear my t-shirts freely...

Rachael is going back Melbourne on this Thursday... 3 weeks passed just like that. She called me out yesterday because Nicole and the others wanted to go out for a tea. Man, I would like to go too, miss they all so much. Gave my reason, then continued to read Dragon Ball borrowed from Joespeh. I've finished those 25 books i've borrowed from him just now.

And then during yesterday's dinner, suddenly I got a Bubble message from Ah Leong. That guy is probably sic. Said that he missed me, wanted me to call him. So that he could see my picture at his phone's external screen when i call him. He must be excited after William and I taught him to use his phone's caller clip in the mamak that day. Could not go mamak with them that night, sigh...

Horoscope really gets me. I'm a Leo. According to the horoscope in newspaper today, mentioned that Leo got a chance to get a job, or earn money... something like that. But the chance will slip away just like that. Man! It gets me.

Because I was planning to go to work at Starbucks after picking up spanners at my uncle's EON service workshop. Reason is, I'm not willing to work over there, but my dad wants me. To learn how to fix a car by myself is more important than anything elses. Further more, I got no pay when i "get experiences" over there! That's why i always try to find some works outside, because i want to earn myself the money.

Starbuck's pay isn't that low. I hear about RM8 an hour. But need to sit for classes to learn about coffee though. Somehow just now Ken told me that Starbucks they only need permenant staffs... I do not know how long i'll get my ass in the EON services, but to work at Starbucks for half a year consider "permenant" for them and can be considered. Since i will only join intakes at 2006, so...

Recently I had only told Princess Cyndi bout my cell phone number. I got a forwarded message from someone, who is 013 2723388. Though that it was her, sms and called to confirm. No response, until today 2.46am i got a reply. Saying that he/she was not her. Maybe wrong number and wanted to know me. But once i replied to tell my name and age, i got no reply after that. Maybe that's a guy, knew that I'm a guy too, already lazy to response. A piece of shit...

Someone banged my car yesterday. I was coming out from the parking lot after my guitar lesson. Then there was an Iswara suddenly stopped, and went reverse. It was too close to my vehicle so I horned him. It was too late, he got his ass at my car. I never afraid of my 4WD since the metal bumper is kind of tough, just though of that car's ass so fragile and might damage.

I went down to check my car as "usual". No obvious damage. And then the driver said to me, "You punya besi takde rosak punya lah!" Kind of rude though he was the one what was wrong. I replied, "Tengok lah sikit anek!" And then settled, that's all. The very first minor car accident ever.

All right, quite long entry since long time never blog.


79# I rot, alone, insane

79# I rot, alone, insane

Last Sunday Hui Shuen called me. She's leaving at August to University of Sydney. Studying Medical Science. And yesterday i found out that Brandon is already studying Mechanical Engineering in Monash University now... Man, seems like everyone is studying or knows what to study. I'm the only one who is waiting for CAL results to determine what and where to study...

Right now, again, I'm home alone. Days ago always busy for the funeral, now i got nothing to do at home. Actually got, the homework and practice for my guitar class tomorrow. Recently I'm kind of fed up to music theory as i do not really like it.

Still in mourning period, i can't go out to hang out with college friends. I could only hang out with my friends here since I don't have to travel far and my dad does allow me. I don't think it is good to hang out at outside, i mean KL, PL, SJ, DU there within the mourning period.

Yesterday my sleep was fulled with dreams. I can say that it were nightmares for me. To know that the fact that I can't get someone that fated not for me to be with, it is kind of tragic. Somehow other than what people told me, I do have my own intuition. I know that I'm going after something that I shall not even consider about. But I can't seem to control myself, that's the feeling.

Bathory Aria :
Benighted like usher

If only I could have wept
in mourning by Her side...
I would have elasped Her so tight
like storm-beached Aphrodite
Drowned on Kytheraen tides.

And kissed Her
For fro Her alone
my lips would have known
Enigmas of shadowy vistas...

Where pleasures took flesh
And pain removeless
Came freezing in breath
Of raucous life hushed unto whispers...


78# Just so you know

78# Just so you know

Recently I can't make to some invitations... Ken called me to Fantastic 4, together with our PM8 gang. Then straight ahead for dinner after the movie. Stay over at his place is welcomed if it is late. I would like too but... my got no permission to hang out now. Since got lots of things to do now, further more Damansara is kind of far. I can't make it...

Nicole sms-ed me this evening. She needs someone to fetch her to somewhere, to buy something for Rachael. Initially I thought that i could make it, since I only busy at night. In the end I can't make it either since i need to go to my grandmother's place. There're still a lot of gold notes for my grandfather need to be folded... Again, i can't go out again...

After that, Roy called me. Tomorrow is his late father's death anniversary. Inviting me to his aunt's place to have a dinner. And... This invitation looks more important than the others, I need to go. Since no prayers at tomorrow night, i got to take a break from folding those gold notes and go for the dinner. This is the 78th entry. 78 in mandarin pronounce as "Qi Ba". Sounds like "Go ahead". Well, I should go for it.

Actually within these 100 days, according to the taboos made from the older generation. I can't visit anyone's house. And Roy is not a chinese so I think he got no problem. Other than that, to mourn or express condolence over my grandfather's death, we can only wear certain colours of dressings... Lots of colour are prohibited, so far I know there's only black, white, grey, blue, green are allowed. I'm not going to question these taboos or what, just that these taboos are too abstract and may vary from person to person.

Example, some people will say a shirt is brown, but some say brown is considered as yellow, thus it is prohibited from wearing. I really got no idea what shirt can i wear within these 100 days other than my plain white and plain grey t shirt. My black shirts have some red and yellow in it, therefore, out.

I would need to follow the taboos and rules made by the older generation, but i feel it is not always necessary, though. Somehow, at least I must show a little bit of respect by following what exactly they want us to do. Anyway this custom might not last, i think.


77# Fifth of July...

77# Fifth of July...

I was doing nothing at the stairs. Out of a sudden everyone rushed to him. They said he had stopped breathing. We got nervous. My sister and cousin checked his pulse, heart beat, eye motion. It were something that they had never examined before.

Everyone knelt and started to pray, together with tears on their faces. I did not cry, though deep inside my heart was bleeding. I did not follow to pray either since i quited that prayers since when i was young. Until my aunt came over and checked, certified his demise. Actual time of his death was the time when my sister examining him... 1812.

The prayers were held for 5 days. Within 3 of the 5, we knelt and pray for more than 6 hours in total. The prayer was one of the wills by him. At least he wanted us to do something for him so that he could find a better way in his new journey. My knees are hurt, palms too because we needed to pull the van which carried the coffin.

The funeral was tiring. 5 days of working for the ceremony now i fell that i have i little bit of fever... Totally exhauseted and overloaded. Works with the total of 157 of flower wreaths were really killing. Those were from relatives, colleagues, friends, companies, politicians, associations, institutes.. etc. There was the first time i saw wreaths which worth around RM60k - Rm80k overall...

We had already got readied for the worst condition since last year, when he was discovered to be suffered from cancer. At least we did our best to let him to spent his remaining life significantly.


76# Driff II

76# Driff II

Rachael was back from Melbourne days ago. She had not watch Initial D yet, which most of the people already did. Though Nicole did called me to ask her out for movie, we all together. But too bad she already watched that. Well, i got no problem with that. I do not mind to watch the movie again. I do enjoy the process.

Sounds from the tyres, the engines... Looks of the cars... Evo III, Evo IV, FC, Trueno AE86 and my favourite Skyline GTR... rarely i can see sport cars like those again since not going to college anymore. At college at least i was able to see GTR, Evo VIII and sport cars which i can't recognise and identify...

Since that was the second time i watched, much attention was paid on how they really did all the drifts. It was not as easy as imagined. It was just easy to say, but so hard to do... Everytime i felt so high to see the cars came out from a corner, and the cars drift, with the sounds from the tyres... Noisy, but the sounds turned me on...

When i was way back to fetch Rachael back home, i passed a roundabout. When i was going to turn to 11 o'clock position in the roundabout, there was a car at my left. I thought that the car was going to the same road as me, it seemed to.

Without hesitating i just speed up and drive towards my way. But actually that car was going to turn into the roundabout, which is towards the left of my car. Thus the car was driving onto my left. Lucikly i was fast enough to move away from it. Or else it might crash to my left. At which where Rachael was sitting...

Man, i felt so sorry about that. Seemed like i was risking her life with my half-cooked intuition on driving. She said i should had horn, as to warn the car that i was making a turn after the roundabout. Yes, i should do that, but i did not. So sorry about that Rachael... I rarely horn during driving. Only when i'm pissed at somebody that simply stop their cars and block the other's way, then i'll horn them, as mentioned in previous entry...

I'm not a good driver. I can't imagine how can racers risk thier like just like that... Car racers are wasting petrol... Petrol's price is increasing drastically man... Added RM40 for my car again today, with a little increase in the petrol meter shown... Headache!


75# Keys, Strings, Beats.. and Food

75# Keys, Strings, Beats.. and Food

Went to Shah Alam for Yi Feng's music concert. Man, The SUK building was just so easy to find. Huge, and the pattern is in the 50cents coins. ( i think so )

Surprisingly i saw Heng Lin there. Undoubtedly, he was interested in the concert since this guy is a pro in piano and violin. Susan was there, reached there early so she managed to get the front seat which was near to the grand piano. Me and my sister, who fetched me there went in late, so we sat quite far away, but still no problem to enjoy the performances. Jin came late, got caught in traffic jam... Luckily there was a seat still available beside me, so we could sit together and had our evil talks to each other.

Actually the performances were not as what i imagined. Overall it were not that bad. Just felt a bit disappointed that Yi Feng was not solo-ing. He was playing the low for 6 hands performance. 3 guys sat together in front of the grand piano looked a bit cram somehow...

Among all the performances, for me the best part was the performance from a 5 years old girl. She was just so short and small... Just higher than the keyboard that she was going to play, about 6 inches. She even got frightened and ran away because of the smoke. (carbon dioxide gas)

When i was still 5, guess i was still digging my nose around. But that girl could play until grade 2 for her piano, which considered excellent for a young girl like her. When she was playing, her legs could not reach the ground. So she just swing her legs, very relaxed. Funny...

The concert ended around 1930, and we went to Klang for dinner. I got the wrong place for dinner, got mixed up with some other food courts. In the end i was still managed to get to the place that Yi Feng said. A food court called Kampong... something like that.

Not bad, looked like Asia Cafe near Taylors college. We ordered lots of foods... and ice as desserts. Chit chat... Until around 2200, when Jin's parents called. We need to leave as Jin needed an hour to reach to Kajang.

Jin gave us free durians, star fruits and guavas! This guy's dad owns an orchard so he got lots of fruits he can't finish. Too little to sell, too much to eat alone. So we just helped him to finish up the fruits... His Pajero was scented with durian smell man... Thanks a lot Jin for the fruits...

Too bad that still lots of our college gang were not joining us. Especially Sexy Teng, he should had be there and enjoy the foods... Guess there's still lots of foods in Klang he has not try yet... Everyone from PM8 or in Taylors college, feel free to come to Klang... we can go EAT...

74# Qi Si, In Mandarin means, Go to Hell

74# Seven Four, Qi Si, In Mandarin means, Go to Hell

I wasn't a good driver today.
Because I spent my time watching the making of War of the Worlds, Initial D at channel 30, therefore i didn't have time for my guitar practice.
Because I spent my time after that to practice, therefore i didn't have time for lunch.
Because I didn't take my lunch before the guitar class, therefore I was damn hungry.
Because I needed to rush to my friend's place for lunch, therefore I needed to drive fast.

Since I was rushing, there were lots of things pissed me off. When I came out from the mall where I went for class, there were so damn jam... So many cars packing in a road. Once i moved forward, I knew why. Because there was an old lady parked her car beside the road and waiting for someone in her vehicle. Oh man... The road was already narrow enough, plus a static car therefore cars were not able to move smoothly. Once i was beside the car, i stopped for seconds. Stared at her, she was looking around. Obviously looking for the person she waited. I just horned at her loudly, then accelerate and drove away...

When I reached at a turn, cars were not moving again. A Honda Civic was trying to cut the queue. I didnt allow him to cut the line, so i moved fast without leaving any gap between my car and the car in front of me. I knew the Civic guy was staring at me. I just pretended like nothing happened and chilled. Hey, I was rushing man, no cutting.

Once i got out from the turn. Cars were not moving fast too. I forced to over take a car, which parked on the road just like that. The people and the driver just left the car and went off. Damn! what the Hell could they just parked the car there on the road and just left? Though the road is sufficient for 2 cars to pass, but they parked there were already occupying one of the space. Again, i stopped. Horned at the fellas around 5 seconds then accelerate. To show my unsatisfactory to those fellas that thought their grand father made that damn road.

Hungry, i needed to get there as soon as possible. From far away i could see, it was green light. Cars were started to move, so i did not slow down and accelerate instead. Who the Hell knows, the lorry was not moving fast and the car behind it was still slow. I braked immediately, almost crashed that car. I could hear the sound from the tyres... Like what could I heard in Initial D. Man, it was so damn close to bang onto the car...

Finally reached at William's place, went mamak for lunch. He needs some scary instrumental songs for his programme in school, which is about to frighten people one i think. Of cause he got a correct person, I'm a pro in scary songs. Because I listen to Gothic Metal, each of the album the Intro and Interlude are scary enough to let people to piss in his pants when he is listening in the dark. I tried listened to it during blackout, alone at home, using the laptop. I was damn scared too... turned it off immediate because i really could take it...

At night, my went out with my parents. There was a Benz which stopped out of a sudden, at the road that supposed to move with the speed 60kmph. My dad was damn angry and horned at the fella too. Haha... the same thing i did for the whole day today...

A lots of pariahs at my area drive motorcycles at night without any helmets, and drive like nobody's business. As same as during daylight. My dad said, just because of these kind of pariahs on the road, there were so many deaths. I commented, if those pariahs die also won't affect our country. He replied, even the death of those arse hole also won't affect Taman Sentosa, because too much of people died like this around here.

These pariahs who never appreciate their life and always drive their half-assed motorcycles dangerously may endanger the other innocent people. Since they are not contributing any single piece of shit to the society, why don't they just burn in Hell straight away before they cause any harm to people by their motorcycles? Satan, pull them to Hell to enslave those pariahs, please.


73# Luciferous, Lucifugous

73# Luciferous, Lucifugous

I dunno how many times i've failed. Again and again i got disappointed by someone... Once i got hope, but all hope in eclipse in the end... Sigh

Finally i found someone to watch War of the world with me today. Again, undoubtedly with my buddy William again. Once he finished watching Initial D with his classmates, immediately he joined me for his second movie of the day.

What my sister told me about the movie were spoilers. So basically i understand what was goin to happen. It was just a new old movie. Old style, like aliens attacking human. But new vision experience, using all the CGs and stuffs like tat.

I couldnt believe tat Tom Kurus is actually already 40 plus. In the movie, his son Robbie is even taller than him, haha. Actually sure everyone found flaws in the movie. Like... Robbie should had died during the impact rite. But in the end he managed to get to Boston, his mum there. And the ending really sucks la... Wat kind of reason is tat... Aliens cant adapt to the earth's atmosphere and gas? Huh...?? Erm... what ever la...

The very first video cd i've done was using William's com. And i gave him the copies also. Cant believe tat Slipknot kills so many ppl. Lots of his frens are borrowing the video cd to see Joey Jordison's drum solo. And in the same cd got those ultra violent, erotic gothic music videos. Most amazing part was the philippine auntie, the owner of the mamak shop in front of their school also likes the videos in that CD. She just played the cd in the mamak! Some more she prefer the video titled " Satanic Mantra" and "From the cradle to enslave", which are highly violent and erotic. Omg.. auntie also likes our music. Dunno her customers in the mamak can continue eating or not when watching it...

Now i'm downloading music videos again. Ai Otsuka's. Recently i'm so crazy bout Her, dunno why. Using dial up connection, average 44.0kbs to download videos which are average 36Mb. Man, this's goin take me like days to complete one single video... I think i need streamyx. Since no more college, i'll online very often and download stuffs. So i need broadband, seriously...


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