256# Biblical choirs beyond veiled light

256# Biblical choirs beyond veiled light

Since when the christmas became a general festival to be celebrated by everybody?

What i couild see is that it is a great opportunity for the businessmen to dig for cash from the people out there.

By the way, it is kind of pointless to stick one's butt during the christmas eve.

I went out, with my sisters to a lounge. Expected to feel some christmas eve atmosphere out there.

There are plenty of lounges around my area. Among those places, i found out that Halo cafe is a place which is not worth to go to.

There were no famous singers nor anything happening going on over there, but an RM10 entrance fee excluding food and drinks are needed for each head.


I'd pay that RM10, or even more, if there were any local/overseas singers sing a song or two over there. But heck, just to feel the table and chairs over there required RM10 for each person?

Fark that shyt. I'd use that RM10 for 7 cups of iced-tea.

We left, and we went to the other lounge.

Personally i dislike that lounge which we went in. I've been there and the food, drinks are not that nice. About the singers over there... Still worth to pay attention too, though.

Even though Halo Cafe charges Rm10 per head, but the place was still packed. And this particular lounge didn't charge any bull shyt entrance fee, it was still flooded by people.

Could see some funny heads with red hats blinked with red LEDs walking around the lounge and serve the people. That was expected from place to place...

They have this not-so-well decorated christmas tree beside the stage, where placed near to the table i was. I could already tell that the tree was actually one of those i've seen selling at the malls.

And the 5 pieces Pearl drum set left a side was kind of pathetic. I've not seen the drums being played at all.

What people usually do is just order a few drinks and snacks, and listen to the live performances until as late as possible. That was what i planned to do too.

I went there around 10.30pm, and i thought of staying until the countdown.

But i just couldn't.

There were a few motherfarkers smoking in the non smoking area.

That made me started thinking, where were their mothers...? Haven't they being taught that they should not light a cigarette at the non smoking area?

And if they really wanted to do so, they should have taken the tables at the smoking area out there.

The singer started to lost his tolerance. After a song being played, he stopped the guitar and adviced the people not to smoke in the non smoking area, as he is incapable to withstand the irritation of the smoke due to his asthmatic condition.

And those motherfarkers just did not get what he said.

Of course, he couldn't just bust those idiots. And he had to cough and sing at the same time.

11.37pm, i lost my patience and left the place, with paying RM40 for the smoke.

It would be nice to stay there for the countdown if those motherfarkers never existed, or have ran over by trucks before they could set their asses there in the lounge.

I don't know whether the singer could keep on singing or not after i left, but i hope he could do so.

The smoke trapped in the air-condition area from more than 5 smokers is more than enough to trigger a bronchial spasm. If you were there and sensitive enough, you would need to rush to the nearest clinic around there for a dos of gas from the nebulizer.

Those motherfarkers just killed off my festival mood. Hope they could just die of smoking related diseases straight away.

Why do doctors bother of treating patients with smoking related diseases? They are just looking for trouble... I know i shouldn't think of that way, but... Smoking is a damn wrong farking thing to do.

Hope smokers can just try to put down the cigarette they smoke per day. And please, try not to smoke at public or non smoking area... You die, your problem. Please don't trouble the others, and the environment.


255# Two

255# Two

Two years ago, 14th of December year 2004, decarboxylation is born under the influence of the bad company.

I knew nothing about web log. Personaly, i dislike to blog. I even dislike the word blog.


Back to these two years, tonnes of things happened.

The reason i started to write is to voice out my disatisfactions towards the gahmen. You will realise that i write lots of shyts towards the gahmen.

Secondly is to write about my thought towards our country. I do get some feedback though from those who i offended with. Therefore i already cut down my rage and my explicity, i shall not be a ray-sis.

Third reason was to crap about my shyty A levels. I used to write almost everyday during college days, about the exam, about the stress and stuff. And of course, about the happy things i had with my collage mates.

Time during A levels...

Drawing the little cat...

This isn't drew by me! It was from Jin.

Went redang...

Went buffet...

Although the times if being at Taylors for 1.5 years was hard, but i'd say it's rather a bitter-sweet kind of torment.

From a person who knows nothing, i had to get myself used to the environment. And during the process, i traded off myself with my health as a result of inevitable social stress.

I was considered as a jerk, a loser, a dumb, an idiot back to college days. But i think it's alright. What did not kill me made me stronger.

In the end, i learnt quite a few things. And that made me a better person. To be more and more evil.

Right now in Imu, i meet up with different kind of people. Unlike people in Taylors, these people are from different backgrounds and easier to mix around. Although the bond with them is not that strong as compared to the bond i have with my collage mates.

And honestly, i feel more comfortable to hang around with them instead of people from Taylors. The reason is that i do not feel the social stress caused by the status gap from them.

Or maybe i've overcame the pressure of meeting up with people? I'm not sure. But one thing i'm sure of this, i dislike to meet new people.

Studying in Imu is fun. Fun with the stress. Fun with the feelings of failing, got in borderline, passing, and getting top grade in exam. Fun with the jokers around. Fun with the course.

Spot the number 21 at the centre.

But somehow, i think that i enjoyed more during college days. I really miss my college life.

Studying in Imu sucks.

Ehm... Am i contradictiong myself? I mean, suck as in the campus life. Imu is no campus life. Have to go Imu at 6am something, then to Nilai clinic. And lectures are from 4.15pm to 6.30pm... Out for more than 13 hours isn't that fun.

Oh ya... We miss you man, Joo Ming.

Is fine that we are not seeing you around in Imu, but one day we shall meet...

Where you are on the operation table and we cut you wide open...

Just joking.

Two years has passed. For more than i few times i feel like stop writing. I don't feel happy with the fact that most of the people abuse the usage of web log. But whatever it is, i have my own way.

And FYI, this is the first, the only and the last post i write where i posted so many pictures here. Normally i don't post so many postive or pseudopostive life related pictures.

I try not to let people visualise my circle. I thought that would make my image look cool.

But apparently it's not working.

The process of decarboxylation will keep on occuring. And it'll always will...


254# Heat Drive

254# Heat Drive

Someone said that i drive very slow.

Yes, i do admit that i'm a slow driver. Slow as in, i don't speed.

Even though the long stretches at the KESAS always tempt people to hit on the accelerator, but i rarely do so.

So far i had only drive fast for twice. At the first time i sped up to 130km/h ahead to the hospital when i was having acute gastritis.

Although there are doctors and nurses everywhere in the Imu, but heck, i don't think they have proton inhibitors for me to inject into my veins right?

The second time i sped was when i was rushing back home from Imu because had to go out with my family. I was with 120km/h.

Now you're laughing at me.

The fastest i've ever driven was only 130km/h. I bet you have tried at least 150km/h, or even more.

You might think that you could speed with your SLK up to 150km/h, and why can't i do so. Heck, before you think that i'm a turtle, just consider what kind of car i'm driving now.

And the SLK i meant is Small Little Kancil alright.

I maintain at 100km/h at Kesas highway through out the 35 minutes drive, mostly.

FYI, i'm not driving a sedan and neither a modified wira, nor a waja converted to Evo.

But i'd convert an Evo 9 to Proton Waja when i got rich later on.

Sedan may appear a nicer car to drive with. But a 4WD is the other way round.

I think ah. I think la. A 4WD has a higher torque while the house power is lower. And reversely, a sedan has a higher house power but relatively lower torque.

Therefore, as a trade off, a 4WD would have a lower top speed, but a higher capacity for loads. And thus... a 4WD might not achieve a top speed where an SLK could.

I mean, a not-so-high-class 4WD, instead of the Mitshubishi Triton, Toyota Fortuner, or what-so-ever.

What's the point of driving fast? Don't you know that the maximum efficiency and fuel economy is achieved when a car is moving at 80 to 90km/h? So why speed? That'll burn more fuel!

If you're at my back with 160km/h while i'm with 100km/h, i don't think you would like to bang my back. Your car's intercooler would be dead then. While my car's rear bumper for towing would have a little bit scratch.

I feel so sorry for that Nissan Sentra fella who kissed on it.

The reason why am i typing so much of non sense is that, i got annoyed by a girl who said that i drive very slow.

She meant, i drive so motherfucking slow.

Bitch, come on. That time when u saw me, i was heading to the toll. Is there any reason to accelerate since you are going to stop for the toll?

And once i came out from the toll, i need around 20 seconds, or even more, to gain back the momentum and travel back to 100km/h. That's why, i was slow.

And you fucking gilded cunt were trying to compare my car with a Volvo S40 where you were in with your dad on the wheels.

What kind of comparison is that? Of fucking course a Volvo can drive faster than my car. Besides, the comparison isn't honourable for a Volvo.

You are filthy rich with a father to afford a Volvo, but i'm not. I'm happy with my car now. You fucking gilded cunt.

Wait until i have my R34, Tucky drives his M5 and Darren drives his Gundam, then we'll crush your Volvo.

Pardon me for my profanities. I'm just stressed, and bored.


253# Introduction to the Cardiovascular system

253# Introduction to the Cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular system course deals with the Heart and the blood vessels. The anatomy, physiology, pathology and diagnostic procedures are covered in this course.

Location of the Heart

The heart is situated at the Level 4 (Undead) recipes. It is located at the second row, first column of the recipe.

Function of the Heart

The heart gives 35 strength, 300 hit points, 11 hit points regeneration per second, which ables a person to react to both sympathetic reactions and parasympathetic reactions.

Example of a situation:
What would the heart react when a person sees Lion?

There is no time to poo poo when a person sees Lion. The person would need to attack back the Lion with its additional strength and extra vitality provided by the Heart.

Due to the testicular hypertrophy caused by the Heart, the person is able to confront the Lion. Therefore the person should stun, and ulti the Lion. And at the same time, finger of the Lion must be avoided if otherwise the Heart will be broken.

Embroyology of the Heart

The Heart requires 2 primitive items, which is the Vitality booster and the Messerschmidt's Reaver. Both primitive factors are derived from Leragas the Vile.

Anatomy of Messerschmidt's Reaver

The Messerschmidt's Reaver appears sharp, and it might hurt due to the strength that it carries.

Anatomy of Vitality Booster

The Vitality Booster is in sphere shaped. It is so small that it might be swallowed by a person. Do take note that excessive consumption of this booster may cause laxative effects.

Price of the Heart

Messerschmidt's Reaver requires 3200 points while the Vitality booster requires 1100 points. An additional 1200 points is need for the price of the Heart's recipe in order to form the Heart.

PS: Damn SS diarrhoea. Nothing else better to do.


252# Rearranged

252# Rearranged

It is not a good time to write and post during now of these days. Right, i shall put the blame on the rain again.

Not only the rainy days kill of the feelings to write, it also make connection to the internet difficult. Lightnings might harm my modem and my desktop.

Therefore i stopped writing for nearly 2 weeks.

Cardiovascular system has begun. Books, and more books are needed. When i looked at my book shelves, i felt kind of sad. Because there were no space at all for my medicine book and pathology books.

I simply throw those books on the floor, or just leave them on my table.

Instead, the not-so-useful encyclopedia were placed in the shelves securely. And even the comic books deserved the shelves more than my text books.

The not-so-useful encyclopedia.

Why bother about the encyclopedia? Well, i think wikipedia is more efficient in terms of looking for information.

Is a pain in the ass to look for a data through the encyclopedia.

Firstly, need to check the micropedia first according to the initial alphabet of desired word. Once the book is found, take out the 1.0kg book from the shelf and start flipping.

Secondly, read from line to line to search for the information. And then the data will show more elaborations at the marcopedia.

Thirdly, put back the micropedia back to shelf, and search for from the marcopedia for further information.

Fourthly, repeat the second step.

Damn, screw it.

For the wikipedia method... Firstly, call the sister who is using the computer to get lost.

Secondly, open mozilla firefox and enter the word at the right hand side key bar with wiki tab.

Thirdly, wait for 3 seconds. Then the data is showed. Further elaborations and links are also shown.

That will make my life easier.

Therefore i spent nearly 3 hours to arrange my shelves and my files.

The last time i did was to throw away my SPM papers. Now this time i removed my A levels files and arrange them in a box, and kept them in the second store room.

Next, removed the encyclopedia books which weight nearly half of mine from my shelf to the shelf outside my room.

Chuck in my textbooks and comic books into the shelf.

And the whole freaking process took me nearly 3 hours.

Now my lecture notes, pbl notes and text books are not lying on the floor. And the comic books
are moved too...

Actually it does make any visible differences. My room still looked messy as usual. Can fight with yee pei ones still. I think hers can't fight mine though.

The comic magazines are dominating!

And i checked at the total thickness of the weekly comic magazines that i've bought since i was 12 until now. Approximately 2.82m. That's about one floor high. And it just the magazines, without counting the books. One magazine's thickness is about 5mm. You do the math.

Alright, it will be more comfortable for me to look for notes and reaching the books. One nicer thing is, i threw thrash, papers, unwanted gifts which weighted more than 5kgs.

I feel relieved.

Wei Jin knows where i keep "some stuff". But no one knows where do i keep my Death Note.


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