255# Two

255# Two

Two years ago, 14th of December year 2004, decarboxylation is born under the influence of the bad company.

I knew nothing about web log. Personaly, i dislike to blog. I even dislike the word blog.


Back to these two years, tonnes of things happened.

The reason i started to write is to voice out my disatisfactions towards the gahmen. You will realise that i write lots of shyts towards the gahmen.

Secondly is to write about my thought towards our country. I do get some feedback though from those who i offended with. Therefore i already cut down my rage and my explicity, i shall not be a ray-sis.

Third reason was to crap about my shyty A levels. I used to write almost everyday during college days, about the exam, about the stress and stuff. And of course, about the happy things i had with my collage mates.

Time during A levels...

Drawing the little cat...

This isn't drew by me! It was from Jin.

Went redang...

Went buffet...

Although the times if being at Taylors for 1.5 years was hard, but i'd say it's rather a bitter-sweet kind of torment.

From a person who knows nothing, i had to get myself used to the environment. And during the process, i traded off myself with my health as a result of inevitable social stress.

I was considered as a jerk, a loser, a dumb, an idiot back to college days. But i think it's alright. What did not kill me made me stronger.

In the end, i learnt quite a few things. And that made me a better person. To be more and more evil.

Right now in Imu, i meet up with different kind of people. Unlike people in Taylors, these people are from different backgrounds and easier to mix around. Although the bond with them is not that strong as compared to the bond i have with my collage mates.

And honestly, i feel more comfortable to hang around with them instead of people from Taylors. The reason is that i do not feel the social stress caused by the status gap from them.

Or maybe i've overcame the pressure of meeting up with people? I'm not sure. But one thing i'm sure of this, i dislike to meet new people.

Studying in Imu is fun. Fun with the stress. Fun with the feelings of failing, got in borderline, passing, and getting top grade in exam. Fun with the jokers around. Fun with the course.

Spot the number 21 at the centre.

But somehow, i think that i enjoyed more during college days. I really miss my college life.

Studying in Imu sucks.

Ehm... Am i contradictiong myself? I mean, suck as in the campus life. Imu is no campus life. Have to go Imu at 6am something, then to Nilai clinic. And lectures are from 4.15pm to 6.30pm... Out for more than 13 hours isn't that fun.

Oh ya... We miss you man, Joo Ming.

Is fine that we are not seeing you around in Imu, but one day we shall meet...

Where you are on the operation table and we cut you wide open...

Just joking.

Two years has passed. For more than i few times i feel like stop writing. I don't feel happy with the fact that most of the people abuse the usage of web log. But whatever it is, i have my own way.

And FYI, this is the first, the only and the last post i write where i posted so many pictures here. Normally i don't post so many postive or pseudopostive life related pictures.

I try not to let people visualise my circle. I thought that would make my image look cool.

But apparently it's not working.

The process of decarboxylation will keep on occuring. And it'll always will...

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