273# Minerva's Apnea

273# Minerva's Apnea

Finally Respiratory system assessment's result is out today. As i expected, if imu is hardworking enough the results should be released 2 weeks after the exam.

Imu is hardworking this time, unlike previously for the cardiovascular system.

I found that out when a friend told me after i stepped into the campus. While i passed by the M106 notice board, the statistic for the exam's achievement was already published there. 73 out of 190 got A, 3 people got C+, and 6 people got C.

Wonder why i only focus for A and C? Because C was the grade which i likely to get. And the number of As that i check was to see the exam's standard.

Considering the number for A- scorers as well, there are about 50% who scored A for it. And i'm not one of them.

I got a "tak berapa baik". B-

Oh well, B- (60% - 64.9%) is classified as borderline. Pass is B and above (B, B+, A-, A). During end of semester exam if one falls onto this grade will be require to sit for the borderline VIVA interview exam.

And i sat for it last year during my first semester's final.

It can be considered as a fail, technically. Since it's not a pass it's always better to treat it as a fail. I didn't blame myself for not making it a pass. Although i've tried as hard as i could but sometimes shit still happen on me.

I'm glad that i have achieved one grade better than my cardiovascular system in fact. Therefore, the up-climbing progress of my grade shall go on for the upcoming haemotology exam.

I really hope so.

Did i said that the MG strike noir is the last MG that i bought?

Shit, i think i did.

Just can't resist the temptation of this MG freedom and another 1/2 month allowance gone for this kit.

It's still new in condition and surprisingly i didn't even tear out the plastic to check the runners. I'm just going to assemble it after my haematology exam.

Have to focus on studies, really. No time for gunpla.

After today when i got my respiratory exam result, finally i have regain the motivation to study. It's not good to rely on this kind of motivation to push myself on. In fact, i should tell myself to get into business all times.

But it just didn't seem to work.

The push will only come when i sit in the library with all different viscosities of peer pressure around me.

Now i think i can concentrate. Because i can concentrate on studies instead of assembling the MG freedom!

Tomorrow. I'm going to a full burst study mode tomorrow. The worst after all is that next wednesday i'll be having my mock OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination).

Monday i will be having the second CSU for history taking, and 2 days after is my OSCE. Stress man.

My stress level is as pack as my gunpla boxes in my room. There's no room to breathe.

I must think of some ways to reduce my stress (and also to lower the growing number of boxes) or else i'll be crazy. Seriously.

Never mind. What i need is just the hardowork. But sometimes everyone does still need a little bit of luck.

I would rather sacrifice my luck for having green traffic lights, luck for spotting a car park... And accumulate those lucks together and use it for my exams.

Oh, that won't happen.


272# Activating the S.E.E.D. Mode

Steroidal Encephalon Enhancing Drug

When i think back how did i studied for my previous summatives and systems, i'm quite impress to myself that actually i can push myself to that kind of limit.

Of course the amount of time i usually spend on studying is not even half of those scorers' spend of. But it's not the matter of how long we study or how much we study, is the matter of how much we can digest and absorb.

And i'm facing a malabsorption problem.

Most of the times i swallow all i could take. But after the digestion process, there's actually not much i could absorb. Mentally saturated, that's what people say.

There was once i went into the problem based learning room to study with my friend. I was freaked out by what my friends wrote on the white board. (Shown above)

It wasn't any recognisable diagram or graph i've seen that time, i thought that i've missed out something during the lecture when i was taking my afternoon nap.

Oh shit, it was just a DoTA version 6.42 map, with different heroes on each lane with its items respectively.

Ok, get back to study.

And back to topic.

I realise that my brain gets saturated rather fast. I no longer could take in what am i supposed to. My brain might be started to shrink in size after all of the hardworks i did.

In the other words, i'm starting to get a little bit dumb.

How wish our timetable could be like semester ones. Lectures from 8am to 10.30am and after that, we are free to do whatever we want.

But now, lectures from 1.30pm to 3.45pm. CSU 2 hours once in each week, PBL 2 hours twice in each week. Plus time needed to log in to computer to print out notes...

Damn, we need more time.

How wish i have the time and the motive to stick my arse in the library and study. It's impossible to be like semester one where i stone in there from 11am to 5pm. Sometimes even more than that.

Somehow, my hardwork did not bring back the reward, though. Because of the stupidity lol.

And now, i wish that i can push myself back to studies. Not necessaryt the library. Library is an insane place where everyone forced to wrapped ourselves so that we won't catch a cold.

Steroidal Encephalon Enhancing Drug needed.


271# Home

271# Home

Someone said my posts are getting boring.

Comon' man. I ain't not living in a wonderful world. What kinda wonderful things you want me to write?

I'm living in a boring world where everyday is the same. Just that i have to sit for system assessments which ask different systems and questions everytime.


I spend more than 1 hour driving daily from klang to bukit jalil, and from bukit jalil back to klang. So freaking sien ok...

35 minutes minimum from my place to university, and more than 45 minutes is needed to reach home since i need to stop at a traffic light to make a U turn from the highway. What worse is that there are always people try to cut in the queue ahead of you.

People always tend to cut in the queue and i always avoid that from happening. Everytime when a car is trying to cut in ahead of me, i'll make the gap smaller so that they can't fit in.

Just something to wake me up from sleeping and to release the stress of studying and driving. And this is the penalty for those who want to cut queue. Show some tulan face to them.

Cut queue? Freaking line up you idiots.

The sun is going to rise...

Since we were "allowed" to take picture of people who offends road rules and we would get awarded, why not we take some pictures when we are driving? We might capture someone who offends one of the eight thousand seven hundred and sixty five road rules.

Cut the crap off. Well, sometimes i do snap a picture or two when i'm driving.

I like to do that especially the part of the highway where both sides having 3 petrol stations. 6 in total and both sides have street lights. Including the road lights at the centre of the highway, it makes that part of the highway the brightest.


For those who stay in Klang and always drive to KL direction at KESAS might know which part of the highway am i talking about.

Yes, the above ones. But seems that i missed the light scene because the sun rosed when i drove passed there.

Rushing for clinical skill unit, was i? Because i do not go imu so early in the morning when the newspaper has yet to reach my doorsteps.

Rise liao, can see the orange there or not?

I dislike to drive in the morning around the time of 9 to 10. The sunlight will straight shine on my eyes and it's very unbearble. The sunglasses usually do not help much.

I have to full time shade myself with my right hand.

Angel weaps

It seems that the god of rain likes to cool down some engines during the evening. It's been raining for the pass few days during the same timing. The sky got really awful especially at Subang and Shah Alam.

Have you take back all your clothes hanging in the garden, those who staying in Subang and Shah Alam?

Go back home "sao sam" ah...

After storm

You will be thankful once you get out from the charged clouds. It's such a big contrast where 1 minute ago you were trapped in a huge rain where you needed to drive with 60km/h without seeing is there any car ahead or behind you.

(What's worse is when one of your car's wiper flew off and that happens to be the right ones. Haha Darrien)

And once you passed the raining area, you have a huge sun and a cloudless sky welcoming you ahead. You will be glad that you are able to see the road clearly and drive back to 100km/h.

Nonetheless, the sun looks the prettiest once the storm is over.

Ps: All photos above were taken in the same day... 07th of March.


270# MG Strike Noir

270# MG Strike Noir

Foreword: I don't think you're going to understand what you are about to read. So just ignore me.

This fella was out at Japan on 15th March.

I was waiting for it since the day it was annoucned to come out with a Master grade format.

Last saturday i went to Lot 10 + Sungei Wang + Times Square to orientate myself about the "dark side" of KL.

Not surprised that i was traumatized by the visual pollutants since i was already told to be mentally prepared. (Hope you guys do understand what i meant) But hey, Times square got the stuff that i want.

On the 3rd day of release at Japan, MG Strike Noir reached here, which is few more days earlier than i expected. I thought it would reach around 1 week or more after Japan.

And so happens that the stock just reached the shop on the day i went to Times Square, which i didn't expect to bring anything home from there.

FYI, you actually need to scratch built it from these 300+ parts which are attached to the frames (runners, 18 of them). Oh, there are 361 parts including the 4 screws.

3rd Master Grade model i've purchased so far, hope it would be the last since i don't want to waste my time and money on it anymore.

It costs me more than two hundred bucks plus a stand and a metallic marker.

Damn, that's why i said that i need to stop.

Since i'm gonna do this kit very slowly, so i tried not to rush it and enjoy the whole procedure of assemble it.

Was trying to mimick all the effect shown on the box art. So i even use the metallic marker to color some of the parts in the frame, which is kind of useless since the shells are going to close it.

For the first time i did the panel lining for the inner frames as well. That's why my eyes were crying in pain because all these works are seriously hard and need a lot of concentration.

I'm just a noob in modeling because i don't spray my works. No money.

An air brush's compressor would cost me more than RM700, which is the cheapest possible on earth. Plus the air brush pistol, paints, thinner, some other tools... That cost for than RM2000 which is impossible for a student to afford.

Anyway it's more than enough for a noob just to assemble it with panel linings.

Actually it still look good without paintings. Just the texture on the surface isn't nice enough, which may possible overcome with a few layers of top coat. All parts are colored according to the settings so it won't be a big problem.

Gundam markers do play some role for an MG format model to add more details. Not that necessary though.

I spent more than 8 hours yesterday to assemble it. I did a little bit of weathering effect during lining, because Noir's sharp ends are kind of easy to come out with the effect with lining marker plus the eraser to wipe off, to produce the pseudo-weathered effect.

Just because of that, that explains why i took more than 8 hours. Besides, the pistols are not lined yet. And the twin rifles, strike rifle, extra hands are not even assemble yet, still attached to the runners.

Wait until i got time lah.

My very 3rd noir as well. "Third" is the word of the day, man.

3rd MG, 3rd Noir, 3rd day after in Japan.

Master grade format, High grade format and the Super deformed ones. Three hundred bucks gone for those. Pain.

Now i'm having problem in keeping all these. The box itself is really huge and i have plenty of them. Furthermore the places i have to display my works are very limited.

In other words, my room's just full of comic books, gundam boxes, and the models itselves.

All 3 Master Grades i have. Besides the Strike Noir, there're Strike Freedom - Full Burst Mode version and a Strike plus I.W.S.P.

Yes, if you noticed. They are all the "Strike" variants, but Strike freedom is not though.

Strike rogue and Aile Strike are missing? Don't want, no money liao.

Six hundred plus ringgit for all three MGs. I'm starving for the next coming few months.

Ps: FYI, these are not toys. High grade is for 8 and above while Master grade is for 15 and above. Don't buy it for your cousin's son.


269# Harder to breathe

270# Harder to breathe

I always think of something to write over here.

Sometimes some thoughts will just flash through my mind, which inspire me to write. But i tend to forget those very easily.

That's why i said, "flash" through.

Semester 3 has begun and now is the 5th week. Respiratory assessment is friday.

I try my best not to screw it up like what i've done for the cardiovascular system.

Forget about the pharmacology part of it. Chew up everything about pathology. The slides, the organs and the chest X rays.

CVS paper was a freaking biased ones where none of pharmacology question were asked.

Anti arrhythmic drugs, anti hyperlipidemia drugs, anti hypertensive drugs, heart failure drugs, ishaemic heart disease drugs...

About 1/6 of total lectures, but none of them came out.

Forget about it, it's over.

To be honest, i'm quite tulan with the M107 orientation. Freaking making noise through out the whole day. Furthermore the juniors all wore all kinds of non sense costumes and walked around the campus - which is an eyesore.

Don't get me wrong. I was not one of them. Because i skipped all of the orientation programme last time. My threshold to withstand ragging is low, i don't want to be kicked out from the imu during first week of orientation after killing seniors who ragged me. Besides, i don't want to be "disorientated" in a wrong way, i don't need that.

Juniors are not meant to be "orientated" in those ways, please.

Some said that i've changed my style of writing. I do need to admit that.

I've stop writing shit about the so called "majority". It's a fact that most of them (not all of them) are using their knee to think all the times. Therefore in such a way only we can be better than them - which they always try to deny.

I've stop writing shit about the uncivilised eclipsed motherfuckers. It's a fact that most of them (not all of them) will not be civilised and remain as ignorant as usual. But hey, without them, no one's gonna pick up garbages or fix the stucked toilet bowl.

I realised that nowadays i've been focus in writing things happen around me, instead of fucked up things happened in our drumstick place.

It's a good thing, actually. This transitional change has in fact lowered my anger towards them. Why do i need to care so much about them and the drumstick, since none of them is going to give a shit about us?

Focus more on my studies, i'd say, instead of blaming shit about the "developing" drumstick. I think "undeveloped" drumstick would be a better word to replace it.

Ha! Take this.

Now go back to study.


268# Ball tongue

268# Ball tongue

I can't recall when was the last time i played basketball.

To be precise, i have never played basketball since the day i was born.

If to consider the number of times i have touched a basketball on a basketball field, i think that would not be more than 20 times through out my whole life.

I actually have a nike 500 basketball in my room. That basketball was bought 4, 5 years ago. And i have never bring it to a full basketball court to play with before.

That was a basketball borrowed by my friend from his friend.

Reason? Oh well... I was sort of grown in a community without basketball. Without considering those kiddy basketball game i think i had during primary school, i have no chance to play at all.

My secondary school was seriously biased. Since basketball is most played by the chinese, which form the minority of my secondary school, therefore basketball court is never ever built.

Who will ever give a shit about the chinese?

Farkin' biased, racial discriminating, lazy slacks, blind folded gahmen salary eatting pussy ass motherfuckers.

And yes, all basketball nets brought by the residents around my area, which placed at the badminton courts were never remained functional for more than 2 months.

All of those were vandalised.

Yesterday my friend called me out for a basketball game. Nice.

I'm pretty sure that i have a basketball player's height. Sort of natural born 6 feet 3 basketball player.

But basket heck, i have never played basketball before. I have no skills after all. And the worst is that, my life is always full of books - I have no god damn stamina for any kind of sports!

Bookworm - That's what my friends called me as. Even my friend's mother said that i looked like a bookworm!

Screw it, i just headed to it.

After we travelled Taman Chi Liung and Taman Bukit Tinggi phase 1, finally we found a place to play at Taman Botanic.

Taman Botanic is indeed the highest class residental area around the place i'm staying currently. Therefore no doubt they have a full basketball court free of vandalism.

The court is cool, new, nice and complete. Hence people from the taman around went there to play. Since both sides of the net was occupied, we all forced to sit a side and wait for it to be idle.

In fact i was not really interested in playing the ball at the court. My main concern fell to the park. The park at Taman Botanic is possibly the nicest one around this area. Clean, green and relaxing.

The most important thing is that, there is no mat rempit, no drunk klings staying in this taman.

People pay extra for ordinary houses do have a reason - a more peaceful environment.

How wish i could have that over my area here which infiltrated by motherfuckers.

After minutes of waiting, we were invited to join one of the game. Since they only needed 2 out of 3 of us, i stepped back. As if i could play well...

One of my friend played pretty well. His shooting accuracy is superb. These fellas who always hang around the basketball court do really perform well.

Shooting, faking, passing, jumping, rebound... everything.

And i know nothing.

I sat a side and watched them play. With my height i can only reach the realm, barely. Maybe i was wearing my sandals instead of my AIR. And i was not warmed up yet.

The most obvious reason that i can't jump up high is because, i'm not a sport built!

After they finished a game, i was asked to join the second one. I couldn't see shit after i took off my specs. I passed the ball to wrong person for few times. The only time i scored was few metres away, right in front of the net.

And the worst thing is that, the only girl in the match played nicer than me and scored more than me. Obviously... I think she plays often.

I suck.

Ask me to study, i'll study.
Ask me to play metal music by the electric guitar, i'll play.
Ask me to draw gothic erotic drawings, i'll draw.
But not ask me to do anything which involves stamina!

Damn it, i want to start playing basketball. Now i know where to go. Just that i don't think i have the time to play. I'm already spending more than 1 hour on travelling go and fro imu every single day.


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