284# Steal

284# Steal

Gastrointestinal (GI) exam is over. I know everyone screwed it up, i can't escape this fate as well. GI is certainly the toughest system among all.

In fact, i doubt whether could i even get a B- like all systems or not. This is just plain hard to guess. Furthermore, the university is trying to cut down the amount of paper they spend on printing GI result letter for us therefore they fused the result together with the End of Semester result.

Wtf man. Without knowing how we did for GI, it's damn hard to study for the finals....

Alright, enough of stressing shits. I shall not think about it again (although it's hard to forget it) and think of how to pass the finals.

Something to draw your pain off - let's talk about library.

Ok, i know it's damn boring to talk about library. If you do notice, i posted quite a lot of photos which taken in the library nowadays.

I can't help it, i spend most of the time shitting in the library.

Do you notice that there's something funny at the pigeon holes of the library?

Take a look at the right rack, you shall see something like this:

"We are in the highly respected field of medicine.
Isn't it a shame that we have to deal with student thieves?
Share the knowledge,
Share the books,
DON'T steal"

Sadly, we do have student thieves around. It's unavoidable sometimes. And it's damn stupid. What for you want to steal being a medical student? Study so much of shit for farks?

I have no idea who designed this poster, but the designer would have gotten a heart attack of he or she reads what's written by the students on the paper.

Take a look closer, check out what's written there.

Instead of "Medicine" only, which printed in capital letters on the poster, someone wrote pharmacy and nursing as well on the poster, since the universitity provides these 2 courses too.

And the chain of event took place.

A says, "Both are NOT medical fields but rather healthcare fields. (Terminology is very important)

B says, "Both are medical fields!!"
(Refering to both pharmacy and nursing fields)

C says, " Love is around and so the feeling grows."
(Apparently someone who just want to have fun)

Wtf? It's plain rude to write those things on the poster man. At least show some respect to the designer of the poster even though you disagree with it.

But i do think that "A" is damn funny where he emphasized about terminology...

Anyway, in my very humble opinion, i think "A" was right. Pharmacy is pharmacy while nursing is nursing. There are rather "health care" fields instead of "medical" field.

Just my opinion. I'm weak in terminologies.

By the way, did anyone knows that who wrote those? I'd like to know it.

2 days of break, and study berserk mode has to be ON after that for a month...


283# R215

283# R215

It's been almost one and a half year i park my ride in Vista apartment B parking lot. Finally it comes to an end.

I got the car park sticker from Kiryu since the first semester when i first know him during the second day of orientation.

He is a good guy. He didn't charge any from me for the car park.

Maybe the amount of RM35 to RM45 per month is insignificant for him. Since the Japanese yen will turn out to be high once converted to RM right here. So he just wont mind about it about the 1,300 yen per month...

Intensed reverse parking skill was trained here.

It was really convienent to park over in there. The only downside is that you have to walk from the car park to the campus which is about 150m away. And there's nothing to cover you up from the campus to the car park if it's raining.

But somehow, it's still better than parking in the campus. Although RM50/month for the season pass is relatively cheaper than the RM3.50 daily entrance, but there's still a lot of hassles regarding the season car pass.

You have to pay for each of every month for RM50, regardless the rotation posting month, study break, or semester break. You will still have to pay for it even though you are not going to the university.

Damn sucky huh. The advantage is that you can enter and exit the car park unlimited times a day, unlike the fixed RM3.50 entry where you have to press for another ticket once you exit the car park if you wish to reenter the car park.

And the RM3.50 will turn to RM5.00 if you do not manage to pay before the cashier office closes.

One of the 99 ways of god damned private universities to squeeze out more juice from the students.

Pose for the last day where i parked

Upon Kiryu's request, i've returned his apartment's car sticker back to him, because his close friend wants it.

Of course i had to return to him since it was his, and he didn't charge anything from me for the past 14 months. Anyway, thanks man for letting me park at your space for this long.

(Shit, i'm so used to turn into the apartment. Hope i will remember to turn into the campus's car park instead.)

Therefore i have to park in the campus's car park and pay RM3.50 daily, since today onwards. I don't want all the hassles and issues about the season pass.

It's so god damn frustrating and caused 2 of my friends to cancel the pass and parked at Vista apartments' car parks instead, by renting the car space from batchmates who are staying there.

This is not going to be permanent. I'm planning to move in on Semester 4, therefore i should be getting a parking space then. I hope this plan works.

Paying RM3.50 per day is (sic) when you are paying RM28 per day for 70km of petrol and 6 Kesas tolls.

Thanks to the university, the gahmen, and uncle sam who raised the toll fees.

A piece of shit...

282# (512)

282# (512)

To someone who was meant important for me,

Happy Birthday

It's been 3 years and 55 days since the day i said goodbye, and it's been 350 days since our last met.

I do mind that you never ask me to attend your birthday celebration like the past 2 years. If you do have one for this year...

Hope you have stepped out from the sadness and appreciate what you have right now, and hope you live happy ever after.


281# From Wajalution to Evojation

281# From Wajalution to Evojation

Someones i'm unsure about msian's patriotism.

Being a msian, we buy national car. Not about showing off how much we love our country. It's just because we don't have a choice.

The gahmen protects the national car regardless how farked up the quality they are and raise up to 330% taxes for imported cars.

Since imported cars are made to be expensive, msians have their own way to make it cheap.

Modification, conversion, pimped up version... You name it...

Msian ah bengs and ahmads are so god damn crazy over mitsubitshi's lancer evolutions. If their financial status do not allow them to have one, they will make themselves to have one.

A waja will cost around 70k, and a brand new-gahmen taxed-lancer evolution will cost up to 340k, depends on the year of manufacture and specs.

Therefore these ah bengs and ahmads will just modify their waja into an evo. I've seen a wajalution with big "evolution" words at the back, but the driver failed to remove the "waja" badge at the side windows.


Forgive me, but i've to say... It's plain eyesore to see this msian pimped up wajalutions and wiralutions to roll around the road. It's a god damn shame to the country as well.

They make you waja with farked up quality and specs therefore just take it lah. Wtf you need to make it into a an evo? That's even more farked up than the original waja. No offense to waja drivers alright... I have a waja at home too.

Therefore i came out with this idea. Since there're so many of them converted their waja into evo, why not i have a counter attack?

Convert an Evo into a Waja.

I thought this is cool, but... someone have already done that long time ago in fact...

God damn it! There's already a evojation!

STS ah? Check out the waja logo there on a waja facelifted front.

I salute this man, seriously. That's the greatest honour a driver can ever have.

I think this guy must have quite pissed off to all those wajalutions on the road therefore he wants to diu those fellas back.

Or he just want to show how patriotic he is to the country... Lol.

This must be a work of a rich person. And it certainly need some courage to do so. Not all evo drivers would downgrade their rides into a waja.

If there's any competition for modified cars, i think this car deserves to be the champion.

No "evolution", but "WAJA".

For sure you'll get lots of attention when you drive this out.

Msian version "Pimp my ride", should called as "Ride my pimp" huh? Kennysia said...


280# One of these days

280# One of these days

Nothing much happened lately. Everything is the same.

Wake up in the morning, wash, pang sai, get ready to go imu.

Library, lunch, lecture, library, pbl, library, pee pee, library.

Don't get me wrong. I sit in the library doesn't mean that i study a lot.

And we go DoTA less.

Managed to catch spiderman 3 with my friends on last wednesday. That was the 3rd time i watched a movie with my batch mates ever since i entered the university.

Quite good actually, but almost 7 out of 14 of us fell asleep in the cinema, and i'm not one of them.

Because of my friends, i have to lie to lie to those who had not watched the movie that...

"M.J." was killed.

Not my fault.

Friend: Eh how was it?

Me: Ok ok la...

Friend: Got anyone died ah?

Me: Mmm... oh harry died.

Friend: Walao, M.J. leh?

Me: Nope.

A friend came and interrupted...

KS: She died la.

Me: Where got?

KS: If not then who was the one who got sticked on the web and got crushed by a falling truck?


Me: Oh ya, she died. Ya...

I thought these kinda shits only happen in gahmen's cb building. But damn, it does happen in our campus too.

I literally witnessed how the tiles moved and cracked in front of me when my friend passed by.

He walked by. Some cracking sound heard. We looked at our friend who walked passed there. We stunned.

Wtf knn earth quake?

I would never knew how good these future pharmacists, doctors can dance. Really. Regardless how busy our life is there's still some time for them to spare with to train their dancing skills.

The dancing competition did not fail to amaze me. These people must have a lot of experiences in clubbing. I can read that from their body language.

And the "worm bounce" really made my day.

Don't laugh, please.

What accompany us in the library all of the times are the books and lecture notes. Most of the times by the music players. Self studying can't be so good without a little bit of sound.

Instrumental, soundtracks, pop jazz, soft rock. And occasionally some nu metal and heavy metal are able pump in a little bit of adrenaline in my blood vessels to keep my engine running.

That's the price to pay - We sacrifice all our social life and get ourselves buried in books. But sometimes we just don't get what we've paid...

Buy me a 40Gb Sony player please. Strictly no iPod.

"iPod is for those who follow trends, not for real music lover. According to our religion we should use, and only use Sony products. Any other musical products are considered to be evil."

Quoted by the divine J. Chan.


279# Check the number

279# Check the number

Me: Oii dude, someone send me this.

Darrien: Huh? What?

Me: I catch no E.bola. Apparently someone has just got a wrong number.

Darrien: It means ah... kakak, saya sara yang telefon tadi. Kami nak tengok rumah hari ni boleh keh? Aku boleh hari ni.

Me: Wtf, what kinda short form are those... Only they all will understand. Ruining their own language...

Darrien: Let me your phone for a while.

Me: What are you going to do?

Darrien: Reply people back la diu.

Mike: What the... Are you serious?

Darrien: Lol. I'm going to ask how many people are coming.

Mike: Wait, you can't spell "berapa" as "berapa". Must use their country grammar.

Darrien: So?

Mike: It supposed to be "brapa".

Darrien: Make sense...

Mike: Now is 12... Say that you are free at 2pm!

Darrien: Lol Lmao.

Mike: Lol Rotf.

Darrien: Don't know whether the fella is silly enough to reply back or not.

Mike: Shall see, shall see...

(30 minutes later)

Mike: Hey the fella reply back!

Darrien: What? Serious shit? See see!

Darrien + Mike: Lol walaoeh knnccb...!

Mike: Wtf open pintu belakang? Why can't they open the front door?

Darrien: Ham ka also coming man!

Mike: It sounds a lil bit like main belakan... (cough cough).

Darrien: Now i know "Klu" means "aku".

Mike: I think so... Want to reply back or not?

Darrien: Walao eh, i don't dare already la. Later your number kena trace back.

Mike: Ok... lol.


278# About tmnut - part 2

278# About tmnut - part 2

Edit : Due to the technical difficulties, some miscalculations have occured during the process of defecation. The exact feces are rectified and written in red.

Is there anyone out there using tmnut's streamix now? Make sure you check your bill to ensure that they didn't put you under the RM44 (die die) limited package.

I think i've just gotten the RM 88 (fatt fatt) unlimited package, after calling my sister to press them over the phone for 4 times.

Oh ya, wrap headed blind robots can't do things well. They need external pressures to move them forward. Their inersia is too damn strong to pull themselves on one spot.

By the way, do you know that our famous country's broadband service is the most expensive ones over the world in the sense of speed? RM66 (sei sei) for 1.0 Mega bit per second, take note, is Mega bit, not Mega byte.

By that amount of cold hard cash, people are enjoying something like T1 speed out there.

I'm sorry that he got into some lawsuit, but he did give out some good points. Make sure you hit on it to read more about this issue.

People are enjoying 25Mb/s now, look where are we now.

Additionally, the 25Mb/s is $128, assumming it is RM281.60.

For our country's current technology, RM88 for 1.0Mb/s.

25/1 = 25, therefore 25 times x RM88 = RM2200.

RM2200/RM281.60 = 7.8125 times.

Saw that shit? We are paying 8 times more than the others for the fecally service.

But anyway, be proud to be ourselves.

When kuai lou ask us if we are staying on a cococut tree, tell them we do.

And tell them that we go up to the coconut tree by using the lift.

Something for those who caused all these...

Take this motherfuckers.

277# Wait and Bleed

277# Wait and Bleed

We picked the cold blade,
We slit our throat dry,
We found ourselves dead,
But wait, it's still never too late.

There's 3 types of person in the world.

- Person who never learn from mistakes.
- Person who learn from their mistakes.
- Person who learn from other's mistakes.

If you can't be the third one, at least be the second ones.

We percussed our brains,
Hyper resonant skull - empty brained.
We studied to score in the game,
Stony dull skull - freakin' smart like mad.
Once we stepped into the MPH,
knnccb we are god damn lame.

Babi anjing sial stupid bloody paper.


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