418# Paroxysmal nocturnal applejuicetapia

The place I'm currently staying in Seremban here has free flow of apple juice from the kitchen's water tap.

I filled them up in the juice bottle, and it looked like the bottle is brand new with apple juice inside. I filled another few bottles, and slowly the apple juice got diluted and returned back to tap water.

Those two photos above were Day 1 photos. I decided to let the settle down to access the sedimentation rate.

And the below is Day 5.

Seems that the particles were settling down to the bottom of the bottle.

That is hell lot of rusted material in such small volume of water. Won't be afraid of iron deficiency then.

And this is taken during Day 11.

The water has became clearer, and the base has more and more rusted material sedimented.

I hope the water now can constantly be as clear as the water in the right most bottle.

But heard that kelan tan there they don't have apple juice, but teh kosong instead?

417# Paediatrics: End

The last posting for semester 7 has officially ended. The next coming bomb will be the end of semester final exam, 2 weeks more to go. And I still haven't start to do anything yet now.

I'm quite surprised that I was more hardworking for this posting than the previous 2 postings. Of course we don't have a choice when we were in obstetrics posting - everyone has to be hardworking.

I managed to get myself clerk one case per day in average. I didn't do that when I was in psychiatry and orthopaedic postings though.

Playing with paediatric patients were fun but not all children will play with strangers. Especially those who aged 9 months and above where they already developed stranger anxiety. But anyway there were still a lot of them who don't reject strangers.

This stranger anxiety thing really gave me a problem. I didn't face this during my daily clerking, but the very first time I had this was during my end of posting exam.

So my professor gave me a patient to clerk for my exam. The informant was the mother and during history talking the 14 months old girl was sleeping comfortably. There was not much of problem during the history taking, but the problem arise during the physical examination.

The patient presented with fever and cough with only 1 episode of wheeze. There was history of contact with her cousin and elder brother who had similar symptoms. So I was thinking of viral pneumonia or upper respiratory tract infection.

Physical examination without auscultation is a crime in this case. But unfortunately the patient cries when I ran a general inspection on her. Her mother told me that she is afraid of strangers and cries very easily.

Failing to do physical examination because of crying patient is not an acceptable excuse. We were told to visit the patient again after the patient stop crying.

Ok, I did. And guess what, I only had 30 minutes left for my exam and how am I supposed to "go back to the patient afterwards"?

Therefore I did nothing for 20 minutes and only got to check her pulse and auscultate her when she fell asleep again.

My examiner was not interested in the history taking which I covered well. He seemed to be more interested in physical examination which I didn't get to cover. In the end of the day I got a borderline pass for this exam.

Sien ah.

Whatever it is, that doesn't matter already now. What matter most is the next coming final exam. I feel so unprepared for it right now.


416# Revoltech Review - NR-EX Evangelion Production Model-03

Not easy to get this. I was surprised to find out that Kinokuniya actually brought in this book from japan. It's a catalogue from Revoltech which includes the previous hundred of releases of the action figures since 2006 until 2009.

I have 18 of the releases, almost all are from the Evangelion series.

The point of this book is that it comes with the Evangelion unit 03 model which is not available out there, only come with this book. What to do?

So I emailed them to confirm the availability of the book. The next day I called them and shortly after that I ended up in the train to KLCC.

Journey from Seremban to KLCC wasn't too bad after all. I set off at 4.15pm and managed to get to the bookstore at 5.55pm. Just nicely before 6pm where they can only reserve the book for me until that time.

Got my copy, happy, and made my move back.

But journey back to Seremban from KL wasn't that smooth. Supposed that I could reach home by 8pm, but due to the incompetency of our local transport system, I only got home by 10pm. 2 hours wasted because the train provider decided to cancel off 2 trains consecutively during the peak hours.

Anyway, I'm not certain whether I should be happy or sad for this. Yes I did get the super limited book and model, but in turn I wasted 6 hours of my time.

By the way, the copy that I bought was the very last. I got the email reply from them after I bought this and apparently it is sold out locally and as well as in japan.

Back to the book, well, it does look like a magazine but with a box sticked onto it. I can't seem to detach the box from the book. Maybe it was adhered in such a way so that people can't separate it and sell it separately. Good step. But difficult to read the book with the box on.

Pulling out the compartment from the box and this is what you will get. This so called free revoltech did not deserve a box, but lousy plastic packaging only. How sad.

But the box is strong enough to protect the parts. And the book I got was good in condition so I've no complaints with that.

Unlike the previously released unit 01, unit 02 and the provisional unit 05, this unit 03 comes with rather simple optional parts. 11 hands, a pair of elongated arms, umbilical cable, stand, infected cockpit and a 2 point revolchip as well as the clipper.

The clipper is a bonus to me since it's very helpful in removing and adjusting the revolver joints which appear to be tight among most of them.

With the elongated arms it looked more angelic like. Appeared when the unit 03 attempted to kill unit 01 in the movie. Oh well, a tragic model.

Actually among all evangelion units, the one I prefer the most is the unit 03. Not only the dark color scheme, the head design is also a plus point for me. Unit 01 is good too, but maybe it's too famous so I'd prefer this unit 03 instead.

The stand given is more articulated then the stand from the previous releases. The thing is that it is attached to its back where the umbilical cable is attached, so there's only one to choose, either the cable or the stand.

It's still better than the old models where the stand is attached up to the ass.

Painting and finishing since the June releases are well improved. Unlike the old ones where the color are the moulded colour, now this NR series the whole model is painted through out, and finished with a layer of glossy coating.

This makes the old models rather dull. By increasing the price from 1,995 yen to 2,400 yen, I guess it's still worth it because of its high finishing, more extra parts and bigger box.

Alright, this is the part where the infected unit 03 tried to kill unit 01. The plot of the manga and anime were different. The pilot of unit 01 knew that his friend was inside unit 03 and he tried to save him out from the infected and berserked unit 03.

By rejecting the order to eliminate the unit 03, pilot of unit 01 didn't get the control of the unit and got taken over by the dummy system, and he crushed his friend in his very own hands.

Pilot of unit 3's girl friend was preparing the breakfast for him while he was suffering from multiple fractures and multiple organ rupture and died in the cockpit.

Evangelion models are not mechas nor robots actually. In fact they are life being made using the genes from Adam and Lilith captured by human. They are, in fact, a living being, covered with armors as to restrict their potentials.

And their genetic components are 99% identical to human. Because we are too the off springs of Adam and Lilith, as the 13rd Angel who lost our Absolute-Terror field.

A very complicated plot huh? In fact I'd say Evangelion has the best story so far among all the series out there. But somehow, too complicated to understand. I didn't get a single clue while I was following it during my primary school days.

The new movie, "Evangelion 2.0 - You Can(not) Advance" was out in japan last month, guess it will still take quite some time to be released locally. Waiting for fansub, yes.


415# Master Grade Review - MG Strike Gundam + I.W.S.P. unit

This is the my very first Master Grade model back to the 2006.

I bought it when I visited the model store in Endah Parade for the first time after recommendation by our batch mate Lieo Jiun.

It was like heaven when I stepped inside there, plenty of gunpla to suffocate a small shop.

I didn't intend to buy an MG that time. I was about to buy the 1/100 Blitz and 1/100 Gold Frame Amatsu. But then my friends who accompanied me that time recommended me to buy an MG, since I didn't not have one. And that point of time I already have built two 1/100 models.

Since Strike Gundam was the main mobile suit in the SEED series and the backpack looked compromising, after reconsideration I decided to challenge myself with an MG.

Before this MG I had assembled a few 1/100 models like mentioned, a few High Grade models and plenty of SDs. Being the first MG, this model in fact meant a lot to me.

Back to the days where I only practice out-of-box/straight building. Now 3 years has passed since my first MG. Hope that my modelling skills has improved.

The above was how it looked like 3 years ago. I only snap the pieces together. During that time I didn't use a proper cutter (I used a metal wire cutter) and I didn't even clean the sprue marks.

And yeah, I didn't apply panel lining, stickers and decals too.

1 year after that I applied panel lining.

2 years after that I cleaned the sprue marks, remaster it with its stickers and decals with a final touch up of flat coat.

And then this is how it looks like right now.

Not much of difference? Oh well, maybe not noticeable in the photos. It turned out to be 10 times better after the touch ups.

Apart from the back heavy I.W.S.P. unit, this MG comes together with the Grand Slam too.

Unlike the one in PG model, this Grand Slam is moulded in white instead of chrome coated.

Removing the backpack returns the Strike Gundam's stability because the backpack is way too heavy to make it stand still.

All SEED mobile suits are back heavy. All of them has exaggerated lumbar lordosis I'd say.

The above is the PG counter part of the Strike Gundam. Of course the PG is way better than this MG. The MG looked cachexic while the PG looked muscular. The MG Grand Slam is white and the PG Grand Slam is chromed bling-bling.

But being a MG model kit, it is definitely a good start. Friendly price, easy construction and yet has one of the best articulation among other MG models.

But then again, back heavy is the main issue here.

In order to make it fit upright on the stand, I had to attach the stand poste-anteriorly instead of superiorly.

As to cancel off the exaggerated lumbar lordosis due to gravity, I placed a small piece of eraser at the space between the waist as for support.

Once these are done, it is able to fit upright on the stand. Posing it is a no-no for me right now since I have done it so extensively and now the joints has gone into Ehles Danlos kind of joints right now.

Master Grade Strike Gundam with the Integrated Weapon System Unit. My very first Master Grade model. Currently standing still in one of the glass cabinet. Has the most damage but this is where my experiences started.

Proportion: 7/10
Articulation: 9/10
Details: 8/10
Poseability: 6/10 (heavy backpack and heavy combined shield)
Price (4,200 yen ~ RM162): 9/10

Overall: 7/10

414# Paediatrics: Growing

An update by demand.

Results for Orthopaedics posting was out few weeks back. Honestly, I didn't feel good about it. I've done my best and yet I still passed with a B. It was a good grade, at least it was a clear pass. But by looking at the result graph, scoring a B was almost equals to a fail.

Almost half of the posting group scored A and A-. Getting a B was in fact lower than the class mean.

But it's alright, we all have got a tough examiner. I doubt he knew his candidates because he mixed up all our evaluation forms. Six out of 7 of us got B in the end. Even the smartest guy in our group also got B like the rest of us.

Parking in the university is a big problem now. The external hospital parking is no longer available because the land is currently under construction for maternal and child health care building as well as a multi storey car park as to solve the parking issue of the hospital.

Therefore we no longer able to park outside if parking in the university is full. Subsequently the double park phenomenon has gone worse in there. That really can't be helped...

The only solution would be get to the university as early as possible. But no matter what, people in obstetric postings would be the earliest since they will reach there like 6.30am in the morning.

I still manage to get a parking when I reach after 8am. Still not too bad.

Anyway I don't think we will have any chance to use the upcoming hospital multi storey car park which is currently under construction. Because it is scheduled to completed in 31st December 2011.

Yes, we don't want to. Bet when the project is done we already finish 1 or 2 postings of our houseman ship postings.

This coming week will be a very hectic week. I have CFCS reports to write, 5 case summaries for paediatrics posting and need to complete up the slides as well as to present for the integrated medical seminar for the topic on connective tissue disease. All of these have to be done before this Friday, on top of my usual studies for my exams.

Before the end of semester 7 final exam, we have 3 more exams waiting for us on next week. Clinical exam for paediatrics as well as theory papers for both orthopaedics and paediatrics.

We're used to exams, don't we?

It's been a while since I last wrote a review. Apart from the Deep Striker I got during end of May, the recent haul I've gotten are the 3 new Revoltech Evas as showed above. Currently sitting on top of my bookshelf in Seremban.

No time and no camera plus I'm away from home, so I'm not able to take photos of them as for review writing. Guess I can only do that after my finals.

By the way, I spotted my posts on my PG Strike Gundam at a blog from "another Mike".

Apparently there's another Mike out there who fixes Gundam. Mmm...

I might post up a filler review post someday soon. Too busy to write these days. Can't wait for semester 7 to be over.


413# Estee Lauder Model Search

Bored of seeing my gunpla review posts? There's something different this time.

Not really a blog post, this entry is actually made as to help a friend of mine.

Not sure if you've heard about this before, there seems to be a model search competition going on somewhere out there.

I didn't know about that, my life here has nothing other than medicine, XPS and W810i.

Alright, anyway, my friend told me about this contest. Apparently she has taken part in it. My college friend who work part time as a model and also appeared in multiple modelling search competition.

Kawan, must help a bit la.

Interested in voting your favourite model? Now this is what you can do.

Get to this page, register yourself (For msians only, sorry for the inconvenience, and forget about the passport part) and you're done after the email verification.

Once done, click on the "Vote for your model" button on top. Then you'll get plenty of photos with fresh white teeth shining at you.

Voting started yesterday, 3rd July. And ends 9th if I'm not wrong.

Just hope that you can pay extra attention for my little friend there;

Contestant number: PU173.

Give her some little support alright? So that I can get a free coffee from her.

She's same age as me, but physically from first impression it could be a little bit deceiving.

Honestly, in my humble opinion, I'd say that contestant for this model search requires a more wild and mature looking person. So in this case there will be some minus marks then.

Besides, no offense for the photographer, the photo angle of her photo was no good. Could have been better if it's taken from right 45 degrees. Just my 2 cents.

I've shortlisted 3 models according to the 3 ethics (of course including her). They look not bad and hope 1 of them can stand out from the rest.

Therefore, do participate and vote if you have the time. Thanks for your support.

All pictures from Estee Lauder site.

PS: Finally watched transformer 2.


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