206# Prate

206# Prate

Each time i read at the comic magazine, which i started to read since i was 12, i'll get pissed off to the advertisements in the magazine.

I mean, feel very tulan to look at those non-sense commercials. More than 50% of the color pages are used for advertisements. Most of them are cell phone shit downloads, or cell phone friend commercial.

Among all those advertisements which only able to trick those who are naive, the one which makes me tulan until the maximum is the so-called "F*nG*ng" cell phone type of "prankster".

Heck, look at it, it has nothing much difference from the friendster, but using cell phones. The advertisement's design sucks until the maximum (square) too! Photoshop skill worse than a 14 year old kid.

About the service, to join the network, a user needs to key in their details about their appearance, birth date, preferences, marriage status, purpose... and stuffs.

Purpose = Reason of joining... There are reasons such as looking for "Chit chat friends", "Future marriage"... Among those, the best is "To spend a good night".

Ass la. What kind of reason is that. It's just one of those stupid method for those paedophile, sex-maniacs to hunt naive teenage girls.

The whole thing is basically a service to let users to seek for friends according to their preferences. And just chat to each other buy using cell phones. And they are allowed to choose how many sms-es they would like to receive in each day, from 1 to 999.

Why is that so? Because the operator will spam the users with messages, and they will need to pay for that. For each received message will be charged for RM0.50.

When they chat, for each message they send will be charged for RM1.00. Imagine a half-assed user is using such service to hunt for girls, and he sends 20 messages per day, receives 20 messages as well a day.

That is RM30.00 per day. And if this ass hole works part time as a waiter, guess he will earn RM4 per hour. So means he needs to work for 7.5 hours so that he could have the money to use the service to hunt for so called "Leng lui" in the abstract mobile network.

Lots of them using the serivce is to look for leng lui-s. I doubt the fact that is there any lenglui using the service. Come on, just a common sense. If the girl is beautiful enough, would she join such a service to know more guys? Guys would go after her just like that.

Therefore the conclusion to be drawn - There are no lenglui in the network.

So save it - you motherfuckers who dream of flirting beautiful girls from the network. Can you all see any walls near by? Go bang your heads onto the wall ahead. Don't waste your mother's money for that kind of shit please.

Is it worth to pay in order to know more friends? To have true friends, we don't have to pay a single penny. But this is not about friends anymore because is nothing much than "cell phone friend", who live in the phone screen, and will never exist in real life. Thus, does it make sense to pay for such a non-sense?

The funniest part is that the service provider creates 6 "Role Playing Games" for the users,

1. Queen of the men.
2. Cohabitation
3. Gay
4. Lesbian
5. King of the women
6. Sex experts

Ladies and gentlemen, please forgive my language and allow me to say...

Go fuck yourselves you motherfuckers!

They can really make cash with those shits!

Rules of each of the games respectively;

1. For girls who like to have guys to kiss ass, and for guys who like to kiss girls' asses.

2. For guys and girls who want to have a cohabit "Boy friend" or "Girl Friend", to feel love.

3. For gays la.

4. For lesbians la.

5. For female-servant-thirsty guys and for girls who want to serve a guy.

6. For those sex experts wannabes to ask and answer questions regarding sex

Those people who join these really need to get a life... Having a fake "cohabit bf/gf" in a cell phone? Sex expert? Got study until PhD level or not? Expert...

If you are reading this, and if you have joined the service, i hope you will quit playing these money-paying non senses and get your life back to work or study. Please, i'm serious. We don't need to pay for cyber friends.

And i'm warning you all. We would not know the character of those people behind the phone screen. You can't deny the fact that there are people who will abuse the service to do illegal and immoral acts.

Just something extra to tell...

For you all who don't know, there's a women got her daughter kidnapped by her sms friend in Johor. Already married, has daughter, still want to look for more male friends through the mobile network? Who suffers in the end?


205# BKT meeting

205# BKT meeting

Things to consider for IMU students to eat bah kut tea in klang. To be more precise, the one near Taman Sentosa.

First - Transport

From Bukit Jalil to Klang, KESAS way, 3 tolls if using the straight-ahead-to-the-end way. 2 tolls if using the traffic-lights-cut-here-and-there way. 1 toll, the ultimate way, i don't know. Darren knows.

From Klang back to Bukit Jalil, it's just the reverse.

Considering using the 2 tolls way, so is 4 tolls from Bukit Jalil to Klang and back to Bukit Jalil.

RM1.50 x 4 = RM6.00

Fuel - Considering RM0.17/km for a 1.8 litre car, 70 km. Therefore it is RM0.17 x 70 = RM 11.90.

Total transport fee - RM6.00 + RM11.90 = RM 17.90

4 persons in a car, so RM17.90/4 = RM 4.48

Second - Food

One person's serving varies from RM8 to RM10. Considering one serving is RM10 for the moment.

If eating with giant monsters, high metabolism rate youngsters, then typically 3 person's serving for 4 persons, and eat 2 big portion of rice which is RM0.80 each;

RM 10.00 x 3 = RM30.00

RM0.80 x 8 = RM6.40

Therefore, Per person - RM36.40 / 4 = RM 9.10.

(Tea pay excluded)

Grand total - RM4.48 + RM9.10 = RM 13.58

Around there la... If eat with people who are more animal then going to pay more for that. Therefore must make sure ourselves are actually eating more than the others do.

9 of us, including me. Travelled all the way from Bukit Jalil to Klang just for the famous food in Klang. I hope it was worthy to them because they travelled for so far.

BKT again, next time, at the different place.

PS: Why people like to eat spare parts huh? Intestine, liver, stomach...

204# 15% Chance, 3.0 times damage

204# 15% Chance, 3.0 times damage

Note: The above title has nothing to do with the game called DoTA.

I did not went for the briefing about the exam during the orientation week. So i did not know the first summative assessment on Monday does actually contribute 15% for my first semester's final.

Once i knew that, i began to get nervous. My 15% is gone. I did not do well during the exam.

The first problem is that i did not have much time to study. There were so many things to cover, which are unrelated to each and another. Secondly i sacrified my time to study biochem for anatomy and physiology. In the end, biochem questions occupied more than 25% of the whole paper.

Thirdly, my mind was suffering from mental constipation. Things just never come out from my mind during the exam. Although thoughts coming slowly and steadily as i warmed my mind up, but there were still a lot of questions which i failed to answer.

Fourthy, and the most fatal mistake - careless. I am always being careless for exams. I hate but i need to admit that i did a lot of careless, non sense mistakes during exams through out my whole life.

Eg: Example for Synovial joint. Ok, Ball-and-socket. Example? Shoulder and hip joints. To be more precise hip ones is between femur and pelvis. Eh... not too sure, put knee only la.

Fuck you...! Knee is one way joint motherfucker! Hinge la! Damn! Whacked back to reality after the paper was submitted.

Eg2: Blood type A and Rhesus positive person. What antibody(ies) are present?

I picked Anti B Antibody and Rhesus antibody... Pig la! Rhesus but Rhesus antigen ok! Not antibody! Another 2 marks gone.

And the point deductions go on... After the feedback of the exam, i estimated that i can't get more than 60%. Passing mark is 65% or 67.5%, not sure. But one thing to be sure of is that... It's going to be hard for me to pass...

Damned disappointed to myself now. Since it's contributing 15% for the final, considering i got 50% for the exam, means my 7.5% is gone for the final...

A wake up call... A very important wake up call seriously. Just going to do better in the second summative so back my final up. And then must score in final. I hope la... No, i must do well! Argh.

I was very surprised to know that my friend couldn't continue his second semester because he did not do well in the exams. He was one of the smartest person in PM8, and i didn't expect such a thing would happen on him. It's not about questioning why he didn't do well, just hope that he can find his way back on track.

He couldn't manage to pass the re-sit paper. But he was given a final chance, which was the toughest one. And eventually he did it. Heard that he is joining my intake most probably, that is nice to know that.

Study Mike, study...


203# fffortissimo Pain

203# fffortissimo Pain

Wednesday, after lecture, 10.30pm. I felt so hungry, and the stomach gave some familiar uneasiness. Eat... Feed it.

Fellas all going to DoTA regardless the coming summative assessment on next monday. I couldn't follow. I had to go back to sleep, and study.

The painful feeling started to increase in intensity. Power increased as well since Power = Intensity over area. Ah, crap.

It wasn't that kind of pain which cause people to go for excretion. It was the pain from the stomach - not from the intestine.

As the pain getting more and more intensed, i lost my mood and i headed to the student lounge. Had to sit down on the sofa and hoped that i could feel better after that.

Saw Mei ann and her friends there. Sure they will feel strange that i did not say hi to them. Instead, sitting at the sofa and struggled in pain.

Soon after that, i left the lounge, and headed back home.

While i walked toward my car, i felt that i couldn't straighten my body. The pain caused me to stagger. Got into the car, sped like Hell.

That was the first time i drove with such speed - More than 130km/h. My car wasn't meant to speed. The most dangerous thing is that i might shut down because of the pain.

Survived back home after 25 minutes (Usually 35 minutes or more), and headed to the hospital with my mother.

Went to the private hospital which i went for attachment 7 months ago. Told my condition to the Medical officer on duty.

Dr: Are you a medical student?
Me: Ah... yes.
Dr: (Turned to the nurses) See, my "diagnosis" is correct. (Proudly)

The MO could recognise me because i spent quite a lot of time in the ER department during the attachment. However, he mistaken it as clinical posting. I wasn't a student yet that time.

Gastric or pancreatic problem. If it was the second then some serum blah blah thing will present in my blood. The MO used a lot of medical term and expected me to understand. In fact, i am just a first year student. He didn't get it no matter how many times i told him.

Dr: Don't follow to the text books.

That was the most funny thing he said to me. The first doctor who told me not to believe in text books.

For countless times i had observed how the nurses inject medicines into patients. But i didn't expect i would experience the pain too.

Me: You're not going to prick me with that freaking thick needle don't you?

I was injected with colorless gastric medicine, and blood was taken for blood test. The pain began to cease. 30 minutes later, i felt so alive.

Blood test was normal. The MO thought i wanted to admit, so he did blood test for me. That costed me an extra RM81 for lab fee. If i admited then i could have insurance claim, but i paid RM156 in total for the 40 minutes i spent over there.

Dr: You're the first patient i have who gave me complete history before i asked.

Asking what was the cause of the gastric pain, an unwanted answer was given my the MO - Stress.

Come on man! I wasn't feeling stress that time. Although i'm having test on next monday, but i didn't feel anything!

When he flipped through the papers and bill, he cut off a section of box - Cancelling off the consultation fee.

He said i already "diagnosed" myself...

What the Hell wei... I did not. But thanks for saving my RM30.


202# Variable definitions

202# Variable definitions

I've watched some non sense programmes at the tv from the Taiwan. And they hired bunch of so-called "pretty girls" to show up in the show. The only way they could think of to attract the people to watch.

And these girls revealed the numbers of relationship they had before. Usually for a person of 20, how many relationships can he or she had? Range from 1 to 5 should be acceptable. But there was one girl, 20 if i'm not mistaken. Who had more than 30 times of relationships.


The definition of starting a relationship, to be a boy friend or a girl friend to the other side is vary. Some will have their so-called "first love" when they were in the primary school. Huh? What?

Some definitions of being attached really laugh me off. I almost puked as a result of excessive, violent laugh.

Some think that sms-ing each other can treat as a bf/gf. Even though they have not meet each other before at all! That happened when i was in Form 3 - My friend showed off how attractive he was by having a "gf" in the cell phone.

Some will get someone's cell phone number, flirt, and the relationship starts. They just fall in love in the cell phone network - that's all. I mean that's all! Talk over the phone only and that's love for them.

Some think that holding hands, walking around in the school, or outside. Hugging, rubbing each other... and that's their other half. Oh ya. Very good!

Some of them just like to show off their great figures of past relationship they had before. Putting the status as "It's complicated" in friendster is so cool for them. I mean, come on. Single means single. Attached means attached. You motherfuckers putting your status as "It's complicated" ain't cool at all.

I have this friend, who has quite a lot of girl friends before. One day he showed me the sms he received from, and sent to a particular girl. The contents were something like this;

G - How many gf you had before wo...?
B - I had 8 la. But if include you means 9 lo...

For your information, they have not meet each other at all. And the guy knows that the girl is fugly and fat.

B - If you keep fit i only chase you la...

And what worse is that he wants to go after her is for the sake of sex. I mean, having sex with a piece of pork chop is the motive. The worst thing ever is, the girl accepted him and willing to give out everything! But except offering blow job to him...



Alright... Very good.

Each of everyone has his/her own definition of stating their status. For me, a person would call as a bf/gf only after meeting up with both sides of the parents. I will only admit the relationship since that. If just on the way of the process to know each other better - that's just "going out". Am i right?

If 2 people hang out, go to movie, spend time together... If these can define two as bf/gf... Then i could make history too!

Go get a life, people.


201# The Unquestionable Truth Part 4

201# The Unquestionable Truth Part 4

Alright, straight to the god damned point. What are the definitions of "disordered behaviour" and "indecent behaviour"?

If someone walks on the street, digging his nose and stuff the wax obtained into his mouth, is that called as "indecent"?

Why must they set the rule where only genetically related individuals, married couples are allowed to hold hands and hug in the public? How about the rest?

Is normal to have married couple hold hands, and shop in a mall, walk around or something. But how are the authorities being able to tell whether a couple is married or not? Is it a necessity to bring out the marriage certificate wherever they go, just in case that the authorities want to sue them for holding hands in the public?
To send them to court.

"Nah, this is our certificate of marriage, we are married so you can’t change us for holding hands as 'disordered behaviour' in the public."

What if the two of them are brother and sisters?

"Nah, these are our freaking IC. Check at our Surnames. It's the same. Look at our handsome and pretty faces, we are siblings."

What if guy hold guy's hand? Brokeback Mau Turn can?

What if a girl kisses another girl?

A girl holds another girl's hand?

There are still some privileges for some people.
They can hug in public.

International Security Act? Alright, I ain't going to mention any names here. There was someone in the parliament said that holding hands and hugging are not acceptable in the eastern countries. Okay...

That was such an irresponsible statement. He was trying to include all the countries at the Eastern side, where all of the countries practice the same rule. I don't think that countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong banned their people from holding hands. In fact, there are only some particular countries at the Middle East are enforcing this rule.

Therefore, are we going to be ruled like how they do in the Middle East without considering the fact that there are still more than 4 different kinds of people from different backgrounds, who practices different cultures?

This is what they are planning to do. Standardize each of every single little thing in the country. Modify those which are considered different so that everything is identical inside-out.

We can't say anything about it.

Just zip our mouth and endure everything.

Don't question.

This guy forgot to zip up!

Once again, welcome to the Democracy.


200# Redecarboxylation

200# Redecarboxylation

So this is it. The 200th of word post. Total of 213 posts in this site. It's been 17 months (and counting) since December of 2004 which i was dragged into the blogsphere.

I would like to thank the one who taught me on how to blog,
Miss Shiew Guan from... Metropolitian college, currently, i think. Thanks for all the assists and html codes you taught me. Although i've not seen you before... Without you this page would not be existed.

Thank myself for getting over all of these shits, which later on shitten everything out at this site. Which i called this page as the "verbal diarrhoea", literally a place for me to talk shit.

I would not like to thank the government and the idiots around me, which contribute all the hatred to me to write this much. I hope the those who run the country like Hell will be burn in Hell as soon as possible. And i hope those idiots around me will suffer as much as possible before they were sent Hell for further torments.

I would like to thank you all out there for being so free and jobless to read my page. If you feel like nothing to do and read my words, i suggest there's a better blog to read. But unfortunately, this blog's author is currently focusing on his final exam, and he will be back soon. I miss the
wire of life, mate.

As i write more and more, i realise that i'm writing topics which concern about all of the negative things around my place and our country. Just because the unsatisfactories towrads the unfairness are not allowed to be told in real life, therefore the only way that i could release is to write those out over here.

I will try to write those sensitive stuffs as implicit as i could. Because i bet you wouldn't want to see me behind the bars.

I know the domain of my page is kind of weird, or very weird. But i like the word "Decarboxylation" a lot, and also the word "Depressant". These two words have been used since i was 17 until now. The reason i use those is because the initial of the words are "D". And i appreciate "D" due to some reasons, which i don't admit it anymore now. For your information, it has nothing to do with the comic "Initial D" or what so ever.

Each time when people asked me about my email, once i told them "Depressant at hotmail dot com", they'll give me some weird feedbacks. Thanks to my friend Darren, who never failed to laughed at me each time i told people my email address.

"See! This guy damn no life right? Haha..."

Initially i wanted to use the word "Depressant" as the domain for this page, but sadly it was taken. I think i'm going to check who is using "Depressant dot blogspot dot com"... That was what i wanted. "Decarboxylation" sounds too long compared to "Depressant"...

Ps: Congrats to Dan Brown for winning the lawsuit. My Da Vinci Code is left a side and covered with thick dust. I'll try my best to finish it before the movie is showing. Anyone want to go with me to witness how cool the movie will be?


199# The Unquestionable Truth Part 3

199# The Unquestionable Truth Part 3

It's a well known fact where our country is very different if compared to the others out there. Our country tends to have more restrictions which limit the acts of the people.

I did not score well for history papers during high school. I hated it until into the bone marrow because what I forced to study was plain crap, which 90% was bias and over exaggerated. But I do remember one thing now, although it’s not that clear. I remember that someone in the Europe did mention that,

"A country which has fewer restrictions makes a better country."

I'm not too sure how shall I put it, but it's something like that.

If we apply this analogy to our country, this leads to one, and only one conclusion – Our country is not a very good country.

There are actually more things that we can't do compared to things that we can do. We are not allowed to do this and that in the public. And the restrictions even interfere with one's privacy.

2 years ago, there was this couple got arrested by some so-called who-knows-what organisation by the crime of "getting too close". This couple with their burning conviction denied the unfair condemnation. It was once a controversy and now the issue is back again.

Kissing, hugging, holding hands are the expressions of love. And ridiculously, these acts are considered as "sexuality" acts by those parties or organisation.

Those acts mentioned above happen everywhere all over the country, in all the countries. During anytime, at anywhere, by anyone. Expect those so-called countries which "faith" is beyond everything.

Most of the people will compare our country with the western countries. Well, we can't deny the fact that our country is not as opened as the westerns. But it doesn't mean that our conservative country can't do things that we can do in the western countries.

If kissing in front of the public will be convicted, so all the married couples will be put behind the bars then. During the marry ceremonies, "traditionally" the couple will be asked to kiss in front of their friends and family. Behind the kiss is hidden with untold words, which one kiss assembles all the pledge that the couple will bring on to forever.

Therefore, kisses are mainly reflecting the same significance. Of cause, if it's done in the public excessively, it's still too much to be accepted.

They act like they are the saints and always blessed. But Hell...

Who are those who hug and rub each other on the street?
Who are those who always occupy the dark corners in the theatres, and left semen fluids behind?
Who are those who left used condom in the long journey busses?
Who are those who offer sex transactions by advertising through graffiti at walls and doors? Who are those who sexually assault their daughters, granddaughters, cousins, friends, step children?

If oral sex is said to be banned by their rules, why are there still flavoured condoms everywhere and purchased by those "saints"?

Contradict isn't? They actually do things which set themselves up. If they think what they are doing is right, then it is right. None are qualified, or authorised to question them.

Welcome to the democracy.


198# Doppelganger

198# Doppelganger

Meaning: One of the six fighting styles of the character Dante appeared in an action PS2 game titled "Devil May Cry 3", highly recommended by Yokie. This style anable the character to create a shadow of the character and carry out more combo and have more variation and tactics in fights.

Now not only in the game, i can use "Doppelganger" mode too!

Couple of weeks ago, i met a ex-taylor friend at one of the steamboat shop in Klang. I didn't know his name though we've knew each other for more than 2 years...

Kind of weird ain't? So after i finished eating, i approached him and get his contact and name. He didn't know my name as well... And one of the women at his table, probably his mum or aunt, said that i looked familiar.

"Aiya auntie, my face like this is everywhere in the street la!"

Actually, what i said was right. Damn right.

I was once well-known in Taylors to have an evil twin named Wei-Jin. We have overall 75%, or probably more, of physical similarities. About mental similarities, maybe 50%...

From the outside, we are sharing almost the same height. I'm just one inch taller than him. We are speckies.

More than a few of them, who got to know us at the same time in Taylors, failed to identify each of us. Let's make the scenario clear.

Me: "Hello, I'm Mike."

Jin: "Hi, this is Wei-Jin."

Someone: "Eh... Are you guys twins?"

We were kind of used to these kinds of feedbacks. Somehow we could not escape from the embarrassment, sure laugh like crazy each time. And try to claim the truth.

Someone: "Hey Wei-Jin...! Eh no, Mike!"

Sometwo: "Mike! You were at upstairs right? Why so fast u got here?"

Somethree: "Ooi! You were wearing something else right? Why suddenly in black?"

Somefour: "Eh? I thought you alreasdy went out with them?"

I'm a considerate person... I think Jin is too. We would not mind if people mistaken us. That was why college life was so happening! Laughters everyday!

Me: "Hey Carmen ah... Just remember la, Mike has fingernails polished black one."

Carmen: "So before i could say Hi or anything, i'll need to look into fingernails first in order to recognise?"

Me: "Eh... Do as you wish..."

I had my fingernails black for a moment of time during year 2004. I used to like it a lot but i forced to remove it because i am staying a god damned place named Klang which i might cause problems if i was too outstanding.

Me: "Alright, just remember. Mike is the skinny version. And Jin is the muscular version ok? Easy?"

I am definitely thinner than anyone else with my BMI of 17.2. Too easy to be spotted by my height. And too easy to be left out if there're any pillars around me.

Me: "Jin is the handsome and cunning one, and Mike is the other way round... Clear?"

Someone: "Eh... not that clear..."

Anyway... I think actually none of them out there realise one thing. One very important thing... Other than Jin, actually there's still one person who has almost the same face as me.

It's Adrien aka Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Dato Dr. Lai Voon Wei MBBS PhD JP!

I've seen quite a few of his camwhoring photos, and some other photos that we've taken. And i realised that we actually looked quite the alike.

No shit, if i don't smile, we look a like. Especially the single eyelid eyes. This is the extra ordinary one.

There are already two. Now... Surprisingly, once i stepped into the gates of IMU... Guess what? Another one!

This third guy is actually someone who i knew from Taylors. And i do think that we look alike.

Guess who? Now i present you... The third Mike-look-alike... 0401 Cambridge Advance Level, Pre-medicine 3... Dr. Timothy!

Surprised? We share almost the same height, same size, and speckies too. If I was wearing framed glasses like him then we would look even more alike!

In fact, Li Shan was the first person who mistaken me as him. When i went to IMU for interview, she was already there taking the first semester. And she said she saw "me" during the orientation.

"That wasn't me! Timothy la!"

Timothy is currently in semester two of medicine course. My senior already... Imagine if we were in the same batch... Chaos. No photo available for comparison for the moment. I can't publish his face without his knowledge. Just imagine my face, then you'll get his.

Darren: "Mike, Initial D time!"

Me:"Ok ok. Let's rock."

Darren: "Hey, my car pool member, Sue Ann from Sem 2."

Me: "Hello Sue ann."

Ann: "Hey... you look like someone in my batch..."

Me: "I know Timothy right?"

Ann: "Ah... yes

Now my face has been spotted by the seniors from Sem 2. I got another twin again in IMU!

Darren: "Alright, they're here. I gonna go now Mike."

Me: "Ok, see you man."

Ann: "See! Look like Timothy right!"

Lily: "Oh! Really la!"

I think there are quite a lot of people who shares the same thought. I am officially recognised as another Timothy.

Me: "Timothy has a sexier voice la..."

Ann: "No, your voice sounds like his too."

Me: "Where got, his is sexier..."

Among all the circumstances, anyway, even though i looked like them, but there're always some differences. Examples;

1. My IQ is lower than them.
2. My EQ is lower than them.
3. My academic result isn't as high as them.
4. My English isn't as good as them.
5. My size isn't as strong as them.
6. My height is slightly taller - I win!

Alright, just ignore the last one. I ain't proud at it...


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