297# Taylors

297# Taylors

It's been a while since my last visit to SS15.

A few weeks back i brought my friend to SS15 after he done his stuffs in the HELPS college.

Subang square is a nice place to buy PS2 games. The cheapest place ever you could possibly find, where they are selling 4 games for RM10 only.

One game for RM2.50, that's not even a price for a plate of chicken rice.

It was raining that day, so i didn't pay much attention to the changes around SS15. Just ran to asia cafe for lunch then we left.

A few days back i went to SS15 again to have a drink with 2 other friends at night.

A friend of mine fetched me there and i asked him to park beside taylor's college. Once we got there, i noticed that the college changed a lot.

Not only they changed their name from Taylor's college to Taylor's University College, the campus itself changed a little.

There are no more fence at the front of the campus!

It was like totally opened for invasion visit.

They removed the fence, renovated the area around it. A nice roadway is built with tress beside it. Plus spotlights shine on the trees, it actually looked 10 times better than before. Besides, there's a new guard house at the corner of the road.

To be honest, i can't recall how did it looked like before this.

Have been graduated for 2 years therefore i rarely walk around in SS15. Don't really have the time to do so even that i wanted. Neve follow my friends to go there even though they always go to FTZ cafe there to play DoTA.

Really miss the times we had in Taylors. Basically the 1.5 years there was not meant to study, but play full time instead.

We watched at least one movie per week. We went all the cyber cafes around. We went jamming studios. We went lunch at almost all the restaurant around...

Now i'm having holiday so i hope i would be able to meet up with all the ex classmates and college mates. So far i have only manage to meet up with Jin and Audrey. The rests still pending. It's either i busy, or they busy.

Too bad that i have not meet those who went to Germany and Australia since the day we finished college. I have no idea when is their break...

PS: Quite surprised to find out that actually there are so many of them in our IMU batch, M106 are came from Taylors... Wonder why i didn't meet them before during college time.


296# Shutter

296# Shutter

Finally i've got a new digital camera.

The first digital camera that i got was early of year 2003. For that moment 5.0 Mega pixel was the highest. More over that was an Olympus, plus the additional xD memory card and what-so-ever, the camera costed more than RM3,000.

That's really insane. RM3000 for a digital camera? Now i think back, it was really awful.

Digital camera nowadays are so cheap until i could buy 6 identical cameras with that RM3000.

Now i've got this new digital camera from Samsung, and guess what, it's only RM499.

6.0 Mega pixels, sound video recorder, 1.Gb SD memory card, casing, mini tripod. And it's only RM499.

Even Olympus's RM599's model also can't fight with that, because that fella's video recorder can't record sound! Noob cake!

This photo was taken with my W810i with 640x480 pixels setting.

Take a look at the photo above. Photos that i upload here are usually taken with my handphone therefore the quality is really bad. It's just convenient anyway.

By the way, spot any differences from the 2 boxes above?

At the left is Revoltech #26 mass production model, wing version. While the right hand side's one is the identical model, but it's a limited weapon version.

(Term mass production refers to the evangelion model being mass produced in the story, not refering to the factory mass producing this model ok...)

The wing one costed me RM78, while the limited one costed me RM120, being a limited...

What to do? Local sellers are so immoral that they bring up the price up to 10 times than in japan. And collectors here have to buy these models with prices which are not reasonable at all.

Saw the crystal clear version, 3 in 1 box, selling RM600... wtf man. Leeching collector's money like nobody's business...

Photo taken with the samsung camera with its full capacity 6.0 MP.

Back to the camera again, i did a test shot with the camera just now.

Very user friendly, all the important functions are there. Running on 2 AA batteries so there's no charger or rechargable battery problems that i faced with the previous Olympus.

But it consume battery rather fast. I just took a few shots and the display gave me a "Low Battery" warning sign.

Wtf? Guess i need to rush to Tesco by tonight to get a box of Energizer's rechargable AA batteries plus the charger. For sure it's cheaper than buying a camera with rechargable battery. That is so inconvenient and expensive while the AA battery operated ones is better in the case of availability of the batteries.

When the camera got out of juice during travelling, even the back ups are already dried, can still go to any convenient store to get some AA batteries for the camera. That's the reason why i prefer AA batteries operated ones.

Limited weapon version comes with damaged head part and broken arms parts.

Test shot. Without flash.

It's very bright with flash because this model is white in color and it basically reflect all flash light back. If the flash is turned off, macro mode has to be turned on so that it can be focused nicely.

When the macro mode is on, the anti hand shake function is turned on as well. Very user friendly.

Limited version comes with a head with jaw opened berserk mode head.

From what i can see so far, the camera has only one Manual mode. And of course modes like video, scene, night, portrait, auto, programme and as well as the ASR, plus the manual mode mentioned.

Unlike the previous Olympus i had, that camera comes with a lot of preset modes as well as few slots for custom settings. I only customised 2 settings and i didn't really make good use of the full function of that camera.

Too pro for myself, i'd say. And this samsung ones is already more than enough for me. Because my name is not Simon from canon. But my dad ordered one of those SLR camerawhich used by Simon...

Limited version comes with a Lance of Longinus. Held by the normal wing version model.

Damn, it's so hard to write reviews for 2 items at the same time. The camera and the limited weapon version of the mass production evangelion model.

But models usually can't part away with cameras. Because once you have a model, you will not leave it just like that. For sure you will grab a camera and capture all the poses you've made with the model.

Limited version comes with a big lance which's used by the Eva-02 as well.

Some of the collectors do not stop there. They even bring their models to the pool, hill's cliff, outside the building, under the tree, on the field... to camwhore with.

That's really above my level. But i do interested in making comic with the models. Very creative yet interesting.

But i don't have the computing skill yet the skill to make a script.

Finally i've bought a can of semi gloss top coat together with the mass production model that day. It's really necessary to protect my gunpla from invasion of sunlight, dusk and oxygen.

Have to practice to apply decals and then the technique to spray the top coat.

Anyway, i need to delay it because the weather isn't hot enough nowdays. Spraying job needed to be done with hot weather. And besides, i'm too busy recently.

And i have no idea what am i busy for.


295# Weekends

295# Weekends

I would like to thank Jin and his family for this wonderful weekends.

I woke up before 7am because i had to pick up 2 of my friends at different locations and must reach at Jin's place sharp at 10am.

Regardless the fact that i only slept for 3 hours the night before that, the excitements that i was going to have really woke me up from sleeping on the steering wheels.

Durian, durian and more durians.

At 10am sharp we reached at Jin's place which situated at Kajang. That was the second time i went to his house. His parents can remember me well not only because i had been there, i am a copy of Jin himself as well. Because we looked alike. Lol.

After chilling for an hour, we transformed and rolled out.

My car was necessary this time because we were going to an orchard situated some where near Seremban or Senawang. I've been drove my car off track before for few times. But this time was a heavier ones.

It was really deep. For few moments i didn't know where i was. But it doesn't matter anyway since i was not the one doing the driving, but Jin instead who knows the way.

Through out the whole journey, these bunch of jokers and me were sharing jokes in the car. I enjoyed the jokes but i dislike the facial exercise...

The place is really beautiful. I rarely get myself into a place where i'm surrounded by greens. This is totally different from a place where you have klings doing open buring 24/7.

Fresh air and fresh water.

And we actually drove through the small river.

Once i reached the place, i was kind of surprised to see a mini resort in front of me. It was like, wow, in a deep jungle we have a resort in there.

It's built by Jin's uncle there since few years ago. He managed to bought until 100 acres of the whole land and have his own orchard. Just a place for him to relax when he is retired...

I like that, we had unlimited supply of durians there, plus other fruits.

We had a lot of durians after our lunch. Actually i had a miscalculation. I took too much of lunch for myself and forgot that there were lots of durian waited for me to eat with. In the end i only managed to stuff in a few of them. I'm sorry, durians.

The swimming pool over there is supplied by the natural rain forest water form the hill. In the other words, it's free water. Very cold in refreshing.

We attempted to go up to the water fall but we didn't make it. The way travelling up there could be the hardest time i ever had in my life. Walking on slippery rocks against the stream. I fell a few times and got hurt a little but. We turned back when it started to rain because that was really dangerous.

Once cleaned up, we rolled to the orchard for durian hunt. My car had never looked so cool. Going off track and have mud all over my car really showing what it is met to be. We can't expect a Ploton satlia to do this, lol.

Sadly the big durians were already picked up by people who went there before we did. Those were what we ate after our lunch. We just managed to get a few of them, which are smaller in size. Not only durians, there were still a few fruits there, which i don't know the names.

I remember there were langsat, apple mango, banana, papaya, and rambutan's relative (i don't know the name...).

That was the first time i eat fruits which plcuked from the tree straight. After eaten can just throw the skin and seeds to anywhere we like, fun.

We went back to Kajang for dinner. What's for dinner at night other than Satay? 4 of us ate only 50 sticks, which is kind of little than i expected. Maybe because of the ketupat...

The satay there would be the tastiest one i have ever eaten. It's not very burnt like what we have here which prepared by bunch of noobs. The meat versus fat proportion is just nice. Unlike what we have here, again, which is 50% fat, 30% meat plus 20% carbon.

To cut it short, kajang satay is a must try.

Went to Sungai Wang for the next day.

And that's it, a very contented and tiring weekends. Not only we ate durian there, we took home a big basket of durian too.

Again, thanks for Jin and his family for bringing us around, and uncle Philips for his wonderful orchard and fruits.

PS: Must go to the water fall again, really tak puas that i didn't get up there.


294# Room

294# Room

Pardon me for my frequent model-related posts.

I can't do anything. Nowadays i'm in holiday. And my days are either spent by wasting my time out there or sitting at home to fix all these.

After we got our result i bought 1 Master grade. And once exam was over i bought 2 SD and 1 revoltech.

Basically, a holiday fulled with models.

After i finished the MG Hi Nu, i spent one day for the SD Verge Buster, shown at the right of picture below.

And then, i spent another 2 days for the SD Blu Duel, shown at the left.

Now my SD for stargazer line is basically updated.

You may think that these are kind of childish. But i warn you, it's not easy as you think.

In fact, SD needs more painting skill than any grades else. SD is basically very incomplete where it requires a lot of custom painting. Usually i need not to spend time for painting MGs but i do need to paint the SDs since not all parts are moulded in their respective colors.

Done panel lining the MG Strike Freedom. Was too afraid to do so since it is the most expensive model i have ever bought (one month of my allowance, sad). I spent the whole day to panel line it on tuesday and it turns out to be more solid and compact.

Before i started to panel line my MG Strike Noir, i didn't notice that panel lining is so important. So since that onwards i line, and marker during the snap build, which will save more time and more convenient.

Now i moved the MG Strike Noir and Strike I.W.S.P. to the shelf on my floor from the table. Really need more space now. The curtain is really on the way. When it moves, it touches my fragile models and that is really disturbing.

But i have no choice...

Really need to go IKEA to get 2 glasss shelves to accomodate all these. Firstly i could prevent them from dust. Secondly wind from the fan. And thirdly direct sunlight. Without top coat it's really vulnerable...

Very necessary. But my room has no space to put the glass shelves! Got to wait until i move to the new house.

If that really happens during end of this year...

I suspect that Kaiyodo that design Revoltech action figures has a few chinese in them. The methods that they use to suck money from collectors is really pissin' off.

Normal version, limited weapons version, limited color and design version, special color version, extra weapons set, transparent version, new movie version, glow in the dark limited version...

Damn it!

4 revoltechs so far...

A limited version is still selling at 1,995 yen at japan regardless it is a limited. At Hong Kong it goes up to HK$120 from the normal HK$80. At msia it goes up to RM130 from normal RM80...

See that? Considering that 1,995 yen is about RM67 while HK$120 is about RM60...

And take note that living standard in japan and HK is 2 to 3 times higher than us.

But still, we msians buying those at RM130 regardless the fact that our living standard is damn low! In other words, we are buying those figures at the price of 4 to 6 times higher than them over there...

Screw the currency change man! Low class MC country!


293# Cheras

293# Cheras

One day my friends called me to go for pasar malam. Oh well, it's been ages since my last walk in a pasar malam. I have never step into it since i got busy with my A level exams few years back.

At that time, for a period, i used to go every week with a secondary school friend of mine. Nothing particular to buy over there, but we just walk around and buy drinks there.

And this time, my friend ask me to go Cheras one.

I was like, omg. Why? Why Cheras one?

Why a pasar malam there? Which situated at 44km away from my house, which needs to pass 3 tolls, which costs RM2.20 each?

And he told me, the largest pasar malam in the country.

Wo, okay... I never knew that pasar malam would be LARGE...

We got there after a long 45 minutes of journey. A pasar malam, indeed.

What differs from the usual pasar malam that i've been to is that, the people there.

Seems that KL has more chinese. And i hardly see any worshippers right there.

Actually i did, spotted a family. And me and my friend was like... "Wow...".

The usual pasar malam that i went was occupied by indians and indians only la. So that was the first time i see so many chinese in a pasar malam.

What a night to be remember!

We walked until a part where the stall lines suddenly ended. Actually that area supposed to have stalls. But instead we spotted hand written banners hung everywhere right there.


And i read nicely what's written on them.

What? Who?

Who is Lim S*ei Chai?

A S*ei Chai (Literally useless son in cantonese) with surname Lim? Who hates him so much?

And wait, DBKL means Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur isn't it?

For what fark they put these 2 things and curse together?

I look around at other banners and i saw this,

Omfg, Lim S*ei Chai is actually someone's name!

Seems that the story behind was, this Mr. Lim plus the DBKL sort of like prohibiting hawkers there to do business right there.

Therefore there goes the protest against the party by those helpless hawkers.

And this is the special straight forward ones!

I think i know what they were trying to mean.

Anyway, we turned back and walked to the other end.

Then we turned back to the same spot, the banners were gone. And the hawkers appeared with their stalls!

Kind of funny where they delayed their business just because of that manner. I don't know anything regarding to that, so rectify my points if you know any.

So basically the pasar malam there has more stuffs than i expected. More pirated dvds, more pirated sport shoes, more magical trick toys, more food...

Those did not bother me. But i got what i want there, octopus balls!

I tasted Sunway Pyramid ones with unreasonable price, therefore i gave a try to a pasar malam ones.

RM2.50 isn't too bad after all, even though they have less toppings than Pyramid ones. But still, RM1.30 cheaper.

I bought 1 box, walk around. U turn. Reached the same stall again, bought another box.

The boss was kind of happy to find out that i travel all the way for the pasar malam, and i bought from him for the second time, although there were so many other stalls right there.

So he gave me extra flakes and a lot of mayonnaise , and asked me,

" Mayonnaise enough or not?"

"Wo.. enough enough, thanks."

"Thanks for your support too."


What were those big guys doing right there? Thirsty?

I went back around late 11pm. For people right there, the night has just begun. Because i saw a lot of people walked to the pasar malam's direction, and a few cars were just looking for parkings right there.

LOST, Dr. House, Grey's, OC... dvds selling RM10/piece at subang square, where LOST session one costs RM70, crazy. But hey, the pasar malam there selling at RM30 only, PLUS session 2 in it!

RM30 for LOST session one and two, you should say "omg, hou lan peng!".

But wait, say no to piracy, buy original shall you?

Go speedy and dig out your cold hard cash, or borrow original copy from friends. As long as you do no piracy.

Again, say no to piracy!

292# MG Hi Nu - Review

292# MG Hi Nu - Review

This post is dedicated to my friends and family who likes master grades Gunpla.

After 3 days or work, finally the MG Hi Nu is done.

Oh well, it may appear as a straight build only for most of the people, but i think it's enough for me as a collector, instead of a modeller.

Build > Sand > Mod > Prime > Spray > Coat

I complete only the building part, which is only 20% of the whole thing, which i'm capable of.. But anyway i panel lined the whole thing plus some minor markering, which is kinda descent to overcome the out-of-the-box feel.

Day 1 - 3 hours for the head and torso.
Day 2 - 2 hours for the arms, 5 hours for waist and legs.
Day 3 - 4 hours for backpack and weapons. 1 hour for adjustments.

It took me 15 hours in total, which is the longest ever i have spent for a master grade. Reasonable, because the inner frame is far more complicated than the previous ones which i have fixed.

Furthermore, the parts are very tiny and connections are hard. A few accidents happened where i forgot to put in some parts and polycaps, which forced me to tear open the parts again to fix those in.

The legs would be the toughest through out the whole frame. A few parts needed to be painted in metallic color to mimick the hydralic pipes. It turned out to be nice since those pipes are very visible. Unlike the MG Freedom's ones, where the pipes are hidden in the knee armor and can't be seen without bending the legs.

The articulation is high. Both arms and legs are able to bend up to 180 degree where most of the MG can't. Just going to tell my opinion about this model, for more informantion, you can always visit dalong.net for more details with the pictures. Don't ask me, i don't understand Korean too.

The fin funnels are kind of a hassle. There are 6 of them and what i did for them were just like repetition. Lining the pieces was such a pain where you have to line 12 similiar pieces. And there are blue and while part, that makes the 24 of them. Sien.

Most of the tiny parts are used for the backpack and the fin funnels. There were more than a few times i dropped the tiny parts on the floor and it took me quite some time to find them out.

Full Burst effect is not cool. Not cool. I tried for a damn hour to adjust the acrylic cables so that it would gain its stiffness to support the fin funnels. But apparently the young modulus of these cables are not enough to support the weight of these funnels.

It turned out to be funny to see the cables got bent by gravity. Just imagine what happen to your flowers if you don't water them for 3 days.

And that's the full burst fin funnels effect.

Once put together, you can feel the tanker feel from this model. Far more detailed than the original Nu gundam, this advanced model has more details on it from the first glance. And it is smaller. For me, the Nu gundam's big head just looked so wrong. (No offense to the Nu Gundam fans out there alright...)

Sadly Hi Nu has no diecast parts with it unlike the Nu Gundam. Maybe the stand used for Hi Nu needs no extra weight for its balance. The stand is really useful because it supports the model from its backpack. Unlike the usual up-to-the-arse design, the stand hold the model tightly at the backpack. That gives more flexibility for the model to pose.

This MG makes the fifth of my collection. First of my non Cosmic Era. Therefore right now i have 5 MG taking space in my small room. 5 HG, 8 SDs, 4 revoltechs... I have to get a more suitable space for them. I need a glass shelf, maybe shelves...

My next target for MG would be the Wing Zero Custom Gundam from Gundam Wing series. Kind of cool to have such mechanical weapons to have pseudo-feathered wings. Hope that by the time i fix this model i would have more space to place all these works.

"Peroduabots, bertukar, dan bergolek!"


291# Gunpla and revoltechs

291# Gunpla and revoltechs

I'm such a... Oh well, i can't think of any word to describe that. I just can't seem to stop myself from spending moeny for all these.

It's already bad enough to have tendency to collect Master Grade gundams, which cost me from RM150 to RM285. Now my vein is poisoned with Kaiyodo's Revoltech action figures, precisely the evangelion line, which costs RM78 each from my fixed source.

RM78 is quite cheap for such an action figure with such wide articulations and equipments. Since it's a "Made in China", therefore sometimes the QC isn't that good. But so far i have yet to see any flaws with my figures.

Once i finished second day of OSCE, i went to the shop that i always visit to pick up this Eva 01 Type F, which already released long time ago.

And also 2 "super deformed" gunpla, which my friend said as a "sohai". Why not la, so cute.

Within 1 year only, since August 2006 until now, i've done my purchase until...

MG - 5
HG 1/144 - 3
NG 1/100 - 2
SD - 8
Tools - A lot
Revoltech evas - 4 (+ 3 pre ordered)

Total money spent - Around 1625 cans of coke, one LV handbag.

And the worse thing is that i spend my poison to people around me. One friend of mine couldn't resist and spent RM135 for an MG gundam. Another friend spent RM175 for 2 Revoltech figures...

These are not my entirely my fault. I'd admit it were part of my fault la. But in fact these things are kind of addictive. Once you pop, you can't stop.

I've popped for a year.

My room is so full until i almost don't have space for myself. My maid can't clean the shelves and hi fi rack because those are occupied by these collections and she doesn't want to touch them.

If girls shop for handbags, i'd say guys shop for all these.

Yesterday, after picking up our results, i visited the shop again to buy an MG Hi Nu.

That costed me 138 cans of coke... Still cheaper than the rest of the place where i found out a shop is selling RM298, and Jusco is selling at RM315.

I've saved a lot, still...

I'd say Gunpla isn't a just merely a collection, but a piece of art instead. Not only time and money are needed to complete a model, certain level of creativity and skills are definitely required in order to complete the model with a better look - which i'm lacking of, sadly.

In order to ensure all the parts are included, i go through again the parts for the third time before i start my work. Scary enough there are 21 frames and other parts, which are able to full my table in the second living room.

I can no longer fix Gunplas in my room because i need a very big table, indeed. And i've counted the number of parts in this kit, there are more than 450 parts.

This project is going to take me a few days to complete...

PS: I usually pay RM1.70 for a can of coke in Sri Petaling... You do the math.

PPS: The reason i write this post is because i have never write any Gunpla related post for my Gunpla friends out there...

290# Refinalize

290# Refinalize

It's over.

Friday the 13rd, sounds very unlucky. It was the day we went to uni to pick up our final's results.

My car was sent to repair the air conditioner, so i forced to take my elder's sister car. I went to the petrol station, regardless how small the car's oil tank is as compared to my car's one, i pumped it for RM65.

Freakin' chinese. I pumped for RM65, because 65% and above is a pass for my exam. So i did that merely just some funny superstitious thought.

Sharp at 5pm, the clerks reached with stacks of results outside the hall. I was the third in the queue, but i didn't open the letter to see my result straight. Had to wait for my friends to open together.

My elder sister called, before i open the letter.

Sis: Eh result how liao?
Me: Haven't open leh, opening now.
Sis: 55 la.
Me: Eh, i pass oh.

End of Semester 3 result, PBL evaluation, CPR certificate...

And that's it, i've passed!

That ends my misery and my holiday has officially started.

But anyway, this is just a beginning rather than an end. What we have done so far is just 25% of the whole course, 10% to be a registered doctor, and 1% only to be a registered specialist.

Nonetheless, 0% to be a good doctor.

Insignificant, but it's a very important start.

B (65 - 69.90%) PASS.

Alright i'm going to start my speech here.

First of all i'd like to thank my parents. Gahmen makes chinese impossible to enter local medical uni while my parents make it possible by working hard to spam money in order to send me to the private. A thousand thank you to my parents for the infinite mental, moral and financial support...

Secondly my elder sister for guidance. Since A level onwards my sister taught my a lot until now when i'm in the medical uni, because we are going through all the same thing. Thanks for scolding me to let me aware of how stupid i am in fact, and the caring to let me know i'm not alone. Since she's sharing the same thing with me.

Thirdly my younger sisters for all the support, cheering when i'm stressed and pissed.

Fourthly, all my friends in imu. All my study friends... Darrien, Justin, CKS, TKS, Peng... thanks for farking me up. That made me to understand how much i'm left behind, and pushing me forward even more. And thanks to all of you all in M106, my seniors for all the support.

Finally, thanks to all the non medical field friends for the understandings. I'd like to highlight William and Suren. Thanks for being there for me everytime before i ended myself. Thanks for understanding me to have such a shitty life and take all the shits i lay upon you all.

And of course, thanks to you all who are reading this.

M106, see you guys in semester 4 for endocrine system.


#289 Finalize

#289 Finalize

Finally i can log in into blogger without making my firefox browser shutting down.

It's the third day now since the exam is over. I'm not feeling any better than what i expected to be. To have so many plans you had before the exam, and now all the plans are gone.

I'm just not going to touch any medically related objects for these few days, at least these few days.

To be really honest, my main fear now is failing the exam.

I did quite well for the SAQ (Short Answer Questions), better than i expected. It was a nice start. It weights 50% for the whole final exam while 35% for the everything. I hope that it could back me up.

OSPE (Objective Structured Practical Examination) was the start of the nightmares. Before the paper i already knew that i was not going to do fine for the paper, and it does happened.

First day of OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) was quite alright. Although i didn't perform well for 2 clinical examination stations but the damage wouldn't be high i guess.

The second day was the worst day in my life. It was the day where my exam ends, where my relieve suppose to strike in. But it was the saddest day where i guess that i might fail the exam.

Let me tell you something - This world is made for the right handed only and the rest is going to obey all the shits they created.

Rule number one for a doctor is, always stand at the patient's right. (of course i'm following it) Reason? Easier to examine the patient with the doctor's right hand.

I'm a left handed, and a very predominant ones.

First day of OSCE, for GI (Gastrointestinal) Station i got everyone's favourite doctor, Dr. H. Once i knew i got him i knew that that would be the worst station i'd ever had.

I did light palpation using my left hand. When i did until the 5th part, he stopped me.

Dr. H: Why are you using your left hand?
Me: I'm a left handed, doctor.
Dr. H: No, use your right hand.
Me: Ok...

(Repeat light palpation using my Right hand as instructed, 25 seconds gone)

Second day of OSCE, for CVS (Cardiovascular System) station i got Dr. F. He is nice. But mistakes done will be rectified by him in a way that you will be pressured and lost your rhythm.

I experienced that on that day since the first second of my station.

I passed my sticker written my ID number to him with my left hand. He started at me for 3 seconds with a very fierce look.

Dr.F : Are you asian?
Me: Ya...?
Dr. F: I ask you, are you asian?
Me: Yes i am.
Dr. F: Why are you passing me the sticker with your left hand?
Me: I'm a left handed, doctor.


Dr. F: That saves you.

In the end i screwed up that station because i rhythm was gone. I kept on being scolded through out that 5 minutes because i don't know what he wanted from me. And all the scolding wasted quite a lot of time and in the end i didn't get to asnwer the question which needed to be asked.

I don't know what about the rest, but i know that i won't be doing well for this station.

I have enough. Is it a price to pay as being a left handed? Why always the left handed got the prejudice? A left handed person can't be a doctor?

I'm done.

And thanks for the girls who got their handphone in their bags during the quarantine, the whole batch might have to re sit the OSCE.

Really thanks for that, for making the whole batch 190 people to suffer with them due to their "blurness". People can't go back to their hometown to gather with their family. People wasted thier flight tickets. People have to fly back to bukit jalil for the exam. People wasting their money to buy flight tickets to get back...

Thanks a lot for that.

I don't care whether is there a re sit. If yes, i'm just going to do it. If no, then it's still ok.

There's nothing in my mind now. I just want to pass.


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