297# Taylors

297# Taylors

It's been a while since my last visit to SS15.

A few weeks back i brought my friend to SS15 after he done his stuffs in the HELPS college.

Subang square is a nice place to buy PS2 games. The cheapest place ever you could possibly find, where they are selling 4 games for RM10 only.

One game for RM2.50, that's not even a price for a plate of chicken rice.

It was raining that day, so i didn't pay much attention to the changes around SS15. Just ran to asia cafe for lunch then we left.

A few days back i went to SS15 again to have a drink with 2 other friends at night.

A friend of mine fetched me there and i asked him to park beside taylor's college. Once we got there, i noticed that the college changed a lot.

Not only they changed their name from Taylor's college to Taylor's University College, the campus itself changed a little.

There are no more fence at the front of the campus!

It was like totally opened for invasion visit.

They removed the fence, renovated the area around it. A nice roadway is built with tress beside it. Plus spotlights shine on the trees, it actually looked 10 times better than before. Besides, there's a new guard house at the corner of the road.

To be honest, i can't recall how did it looked like before this.

Have been graduated for 2 years therefore i rarely walk around in SS15. Don't really have the time to do so even that i wanted. Neve follow my friends to go there even though they always go to FTZ cafe there to play DoTA.

Really miss the times we had in Taylors. Basically the 1.5 years there was not meant to study, but play full time instead.

We watched at least one movie per week. We went all the cyber cafes around. We went jamming studios. We went lunch at almost all the restaurant around...

Now i'm having holiday so i hope i would be able to meet up with all the ex classmates and college mates. So far i have only manage to meet up with Jin and Audrey. The rests still pending. It's either i busy, or they busy.

Too bad that i have not meet those who went to Germany and Australia since the day we finished college. I have no idea when is their break...

PS: Quite surprised to find out that actually there are so many of them in our IMU batch, M106 are came from Taylors... Wonder why i didn't meet them before during college time.

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