291# Gunpla and revoltechs

291# Gunpla and revoltechs

I'm such a... Oh well, i can't think of any word to describe that. I just can't seem to stop myself from spending moeny for all these.

It's already bad enough to have tendency to collect Master Grade gundams, which cost me from RM150 to RM285. Now my vein is poisoned with Kaiyodo's Revoltech action figures, precisely the evangelion line, which costs RM78 each from my fixed source.

RM78 is quite cheap for such an action figure with such wide articulations and equipments. Since it's a "Made in China", therefore sometimes the QC isn't that good. But so far i have yet to see any flaws with my figures.

Once i finished second day of OSCE, i went to the shop that i always visit to pick up this Eva 01 Type F, which already released long time ago.

And also 2 "super deformed" gunpla, which my friend said as a "sohai". Why not la, so cute.

Within 1 year only, since August 2006 until now, i've done my purchase until...

MG - 5
HG 1/144 - 3
NG 1/100 - 2
SD - 8
Tools - A lot
Revoltech evas - 4 (+ 3 pre ordered)

Total money spent - Around 1625 cans of coke, one LV handbag.

And the worse thing is that i spend my poison to people around me. One friend of mine couldn't resist and spent RM135 for an MG gundam. Another friend spent RM175 for 2 Revoltech figures...

These are not my entirely my fault. I'd admit it were part of my fault la. But in fact these things are kind of addictive. Once you pop, you can't stop.

I've popped for a year.

My room is so full until i almost don't have space for myself. My maid can't clean the shelves and hi fi rack because those are occupied by these collections and she doesn't want to touch them.

If girls shop for handbags, i'd say guys shop for all these.

Yesterday, after picking up our results, i visited the shop again to buy an MG Hi Nu.

That costed me 138 cans of coke... Still cheaper than the rest of the place where i found out a shop is selling RM298, and Jusco is selling at RM315.

I've saved a lot, still...

I'd say Gunpla isn't a just merely a collection, but a piece of art instead. Not only time and money are needed to complete a model, certain level of creativity and skills are definitely required in order to complete the model with a better look - which i'm lacking of, sadly.

In order to ensure all the parts are included, i go through again the parts for the third time before i start my work. Scary enough there are 21 frames and other parts, which are able to full my table in the second living room.

I can no longer fix Gunplas in my room because i need a very big table, indeed. And i've counted the number of parts in this kit, there are more than 450 parts.

This project is going to take me a few days to complete...

PS: I usually pay RM1.70 for a can of coke in Sri Petaling... You do the math.

PPS: The reason i write this post is because i have never write any Gunpla related post for my Gunpla friends out there...

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