292# MG Hi Nu - Review

292# MG Hi Nu - Review

This post is dedicated to my friends and family who likes master grades Gunpla.

After 3 days or work, finally the MG Hi Nu is done.

Oh well, it may appear as a straight build only for most of the people, but i think it's enough for me as a collector, instead of a modeller.

Build > Sand > Mod > Prime > Spray > Coat

I complete only the building part, which is only 20% of the whole thing, which i'm capable of.. But anyway i panel lined the whole thing plus some minor markering, which is kinda descent to overcome the out-of-the-box feel.

Day 1 - 3 hours for the head and torso.
Day 2 - 2 hours for the arms, 5 hours for waist and legs.
Day 3 - 4 hours for backpack and weapons. 1 hour for adjustments.

It took me 15 hours in total, which is the longest ever i have spent for a master grade. Reasonable, because the inner frame is far more complicated than the previous ones which i have fixed.

Furthermore, the parts are very tiny and connections are hard. A few accidents happened where i forgot to put in some parts and polycaps, which forced me to tear open the parts again to fix those in.

The legs would be the toughest through out the whole frame. A few parts needed to be painted in metallic color to mimick the hydralic pipes. It turned out to be nice since those pipes are very visible. Unlike the MG Freedom's ones, where the pipes are hidden in the knee armor and can't be seen without bending the legs.

The articulation is high. Both arms and legs are able to bend up to 180 degree where most of the MG can't. Just going to tell my opinion about this model, for more informantion, you can always visit dalong.net for more details with the pictures. Don't ask me, i don't understand Korean too.

The fin funnels are kind of a hassle. There are 6 of them and what i did for them were just like repetition. Lining the pieces was such a pain where you have to line 12 similiar pieces. And there are blue and while part, that makes the 24 of them. Sien.

Most of the tiny parts are used for the backpack and the fin funnels. There were more than a few times i dropped the tiny parts on the floor and it took me quite some time to find them out.

Full Burst effect is not cool. Not cool. I tried for a damn hour to adjust the acrylic cables so that it would gain its stiffness to support the fin funnels. But apparently the young modulus of these cables are not enough to support the weight of these funnels.

It turned out to be funny to see the cables got bent by gravity. Just imagine what happen to your flowers if you don't water them for 3 days.

And that's the full burst fin funnels effect.

Once put together, you can feel the tanker feel from this model. Far more detailed than the original Nu gundam, this advanced model has more details on it from the first glance. And it is smaller. For me, the Nu gundam's big head just looked so wrong. (No offense to the Nu Gundam fans out there alright...)

Sadly Hi Nu has no diecast parts with it unlike the Nu Gundam. Maybe the stand used for Hi Nu needs no extra weight for its balance. The stand is really useful because it supports the model from its backpack. Unlike the usual up-to-the-arse design, the stand hold the model tightly at the backpack. That gives more flexibility for the model to pose.

This MG makes the fifth of my collection. First of my non Cosmic Era. Therefore right now i have 5 MG taking space in my small room. 5 HG, 8 SDs, 4 revoltechs... I have to get a more suitable space for them. I need a glass shelf, maybe shelves...

My next target for MG would be the Wing Zero Custom Gundam from Gundam Wing series. Kind of cool to have such mechanical weapons to have pseudo-feathered wings. Hope that by the time i fix this model i would have more space to place all these works.

"Peroduabots, bertukar, dan bergolek!"

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