216# Quotas

216# Quotas

Statistical result of applications of STPM graduates to local university is showed in the press today. I'm not sure whether the chances of each of them is equal or not. But most probably it is. (of count:4)

62%, 32% and 6% of applications for Malay, Chinese, and Indian respectively. Kind of equally spreaded, by considering the number of them who made up the total request.

Among one of the races above, 76% of one of the race are accepted. I studied how scientists lie in scientific researches by statistic results. So i came out with a conclusion;

"There are 24% of them who got rejected"

Means 24% of the people need to appeal for the application, or go to private institutes, or stop their life as a student and begin to work. I got one friend needs to appeal, and another one forced to go UTAR.

Not all of the people can afford self-sponsored studies. Considering a 5 year medical degree in IMU, and all the expenses, 400k is a must. But if one can make it into UM, amount of money he is paying is most probably less than 10% of the amount mentioned.

Therefore i'm kind of proud of my friends who can make it into the government universities. It's not that easy to get in.

90% of academic achievements and 10% of co-curriculum is judged upon application. Means study nerd can't get in even though he does well in studies. Must play dota sports too.

When i found out that the result is out, i sms-ed a few of my friends this morning. Few of them got in UUM, Universiti Utada Utara Malaysia for finance (Damn, seriously got Utada's addiction, typed wrongly). One got in UPM (I don't know what's the P stands for) for management and human resources...

I got a call from this guy...

Monster: Hey mike.

Me: Wassup man, how's everything?

Monster: I got in UMS.

Me: Universiti Sains Malaysia?

Monster: No, is University Malaya Sabah.

Me: Huh? Diu...!

Monster: Diu, huh? Haha...

Me: Diu lo! So far!

Monster: Neh mind la. Got in Mechanical Eng.

Me: Wow great. Is it your first choice?

Monster: Nope. Second.

Well, not too bad. By considering his first choice for chemical engineering has a very high demand. This friend of mine since secondary school is the smartest guy i ever met. And too bad he's leaving on 1st of July for Sabah.

Another one, i was a little bit off when i asked about this guy from my friend.

Me: Hey, apa macam?

Aslyn: I enter kedah, uum, study finance.

Me: Ok. not bad. Any news about CY? I damn tulan him d lazy to ask him.

Aslyn: dun b like tat la! CY oso enter ukm, uni kebangsaan msia at bangi, he study sains n nuklear! i'm not so sure bout he result oh!

Me: Wer's bangi? he got b+ b b- c+. And fuck kao me said y my results bbcc also can enter imu. Mahai tot Alevels easy ah, social pressure sial. If he took den only he know. Diu think i pay 300+k for shit ah. If i wanna rely the cibai gahemn den i go F6 la. But i cant bcuz sure i cant enter gahmen uni one.

Aslyn: ai,nvm la, u 2 very long fren liao.dun jus a few word then all broken lo! anyway, hope u can sms to congrat he

Me: I dun1 choi him d. Each time ffk me and Kian Leong. Think he kl lang damn geng d.

Aslyn: ...

(sms yingrish la. So lots of grammar mistakes)

My old friends all know that i tulan this guy(?) already. And actually the other friends do too because of the same reason.

Anyway, congrats to all friends of mine who got into the course and univeristies that they want. For those who did not, so sorry for you all. The mistake is not necessary at the students, but at... You all know la.


215# A Review of Summative Assessment 2

215# A Review of Summative Assessment 2

Thank God for giving me the intelligent to answer what i supposed to. Thanks to all of my batch mates for all the help in my studies. And thanks to myself for getting through this.

That was the very first exam i had, which i could sleep on the night before. Usually i suffer from insomnia due to the tension faced before exam. I slept from 11pm until 5.20am, which was a very good sleep... 6 hours plus.

Could answer most of the questions. Because i already know that this exam is counted, so i studied as hard as i could. For the first exam, i didn't know it was counted, so i was too relaxed and did not study much. Other than regret, what i could do was just study in order to backup my failure.

Somehow i did a lot of careless mistake. Anterograde amnesia and Retrograde amnesia's meaning i got it reveresed. I did not know the endocrine gland at the middle of the chest is a thymus... Damn, it was not even shown in the books, only in lecturer's presentation's slide... Anyway, i hope i can score in this paper.

After the summative paper, i stayed back for my english final test. ya, lots of them surprised that i go for english class. Well, i just need to. Was too hungry, so i answered very fast, and left the hall after 30 minutes. should stay for 1.5 hours for the paper supposedly. Whatever, hope i can pass and no need to attend english class on next semester...

Once i finished eating my brunch, dashed to the computer lab straight away to do my AIR (Assigned independent Reading) topic. As i could expect, my batch mates all were there doing it. That day was the deadline for the assignment's submittion. And we all were like rushing to party after exam, so just tried to do and submit it as soon as possible.

Went DoTA after that. As usual, got farmed like Hell. I'm not an experienced gamer, but type of experienced in kena bully. People all never give face and just farm like nobody's business. I don't mind that, or else i can't learn. Just that i dislike a fella there in our game, non imu student, who was very rude. Didn't expect such a person in KL, felt like grapping an ash tray and bang on his dickhead...

Man, i feel so bored over here. Friends around are all working. Non working friends are all KL, PJ-ians. If want to hang out with them i'd need to travel for hour. I've no close friends around to lepak nowadays. Not really close to them since i'm a student and most of them being some sort of gangster...

You might feel weird why did i edited the previous posts, all became blank. Well, just wanted to stop all the counter-fire around. I don't wish people to spit over here.

If you feel like reading those, you shall find the way...


214# About my area, Part 4

214# About my area, Part 4

Sometimes, it's not that i wanted to be a racist, or prejudice at certain people. I'm indeed a racist, in the condition that if you're considering the government is a racist as well.

Everything that the people are doing here is rather destructive than constructive. A few of them are actually using the field or ground in front of their house to plant vegetables for their own use.

This saves a lot of money for them since they are mostly living in poverty, or in lower middle class. I've no problem at all in this case - I'm from the lower middle class as well so i should be considerate too.

But what they are trying to do to nourish the soil is really killin'. Opened air burning is a must for them. They're doing this almost everyday. And almost everyday the people around here are inhaling toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and some fatal gases from the result of polymer combustions.

Disintegration of leaves, branches, and organic compounds can nourish the soil? I guess so.

Besides, there are even more people burn rubbish in the opened air. And the air is even more polluted.

I was studying peacefully, sort of, inside my room just now. And a sudden rush of abnormal smell of gas attacked my nasal cavity. God must be blessing these motherfuckers for too long - they're still burning shits like nobody's business.

I couldn't do anything. But closed all the windows, and also be patient. Be very, very patient for all the things that i'm not supposed to stand.

The smoke was thick, and i couldn't even see my sister's car, which parked beside the field. About 4 metre, or less which the fire was burning. Brown smoke. Organic combustion most probably, i presummed.

Imagine this is what happened in front of your house.
Can't even clearlt see the car right there.

I did not know when my father came back from his function out there. Once i saw him in front of my room, i complaint to him that the neighbours are doing stupid thing again which contributing to the green house effect. And I thought the neighbour was burning leaves as a natural soil fertiliser, but apparently i was wrong.

My father told me that it was actually the product of God's failure, human failure motherfucker - the 24/7 cigar kling who did that (Read 212#). He just threw the cigar he sucked onto the ground and let burn things for fun. I mean, he just did it for fun and see the fire burn there.

My sister's car was parked over there! My father extinguished the fire quickly and asked that kling who did that. That kling admitted that he set on the fire. Being someone who has low threshold of temper, my father was about to rush into the house and take the bat to whack 9 him.

I have just inheritated 50% of my father's violence, because i'm a co-dominant. But if i were there, i'd probably whack 9 him straight away once i knew it.

Without losing his head because of the retarded kling arsonist, my father sounded him with human limit decible voice, called him to go somewhere else to suck his cigar.

"Ah... ku saja kasih bakar"

It wasn't the first time my father warned him that to smoke in front of my house. But that low IQ retarded kling just doens't understand malay. He will come back to the usual place and smoke again.

Sometimes i just feel like dialling 999 for the fire department, call them to put off the fire everytime my neighbours started to arson. But i couldn't. Considering the point that firemen are all natural-blind-salary eaters, they'll just settle fire cases by accidents. Maybe not complains about opened air burnings.

These 9-5 people who work under the government are sharing something in comment - The slogan. "Find less trouble, hope salary to be doubled, balik as soon as possible".


213# Depressant

213# Depressant

I do not blame anything or anyone without any reason. I need to clarity something;

It so happens that all of the uncivilised people of that particular race is gathered in this particular area. Therefore i named this area as a Kling area.

It all happened with a reason. And i'd like to voice it out. The government. All of these are caused directly and indirectly by the government.

I'm not trying to blame the government for all the shits happened around. Just trying to give my personal opinion on how actually the policy applied by the government give rise to all of the problems.

The protected ones gets all of the privileges. The rest who are not, they're going to work hard in order to survive in the country. And the most dedicated ones managed to live with the life style they wanted, the heavy prices to pay - Physically and mentally. And those who are not able to balance themselves compared to those who are fully supported by the government, they are all left behind.

The price of houses increase exponentially with respect to time. And the prices of the houses in this particular area go reversed with a geometrical progression since the middle and late 90's.

All the crimes which they have commited. 6 families which i know had moved out. A friend of mine got chopped on his face. Few of hands got chopped for the sake of bracelets. More than a few houses got broke into. KFC and 711 always got customers with parangs. Pizza hut riders got robbed until they blacklisted the area... My neighbour's wine, XO, VSOP collections got 'sapu'-ed... And the damned list go on and on...

It's not adviced to step into this area, especially at night. Really. Even me myself do not dare to go out until late night. I'm so constrained by all these criminals around.

You might ask me, why don't i just get my butt out of there? Well, it's just too easy to say, but so hard to do.

P/S : I actually typed a lot just now. But accidentally i made the box gone blank... Typed for 40 minutes leh damn it...!


212# About my area, Part III

212# About my area, Part III

I damn hate my priah kling neighbour who smokes everyday in front of my house. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Sitting there and smoke for almost 4 hours everyday, without failing.

My friend talked to him, and said,

He : Oii ah pek, you hisap cerut ciplak cam ni mana ada shok punya?
Priah: Ini baru baik ah. You orang punya tarak baik.
He : Ini Dunhill baru syok la, you punya apa?
Priah: Ku punya cerut baik la, chek.

In fact, that kling ass's cigar costs less than 20 cents. It's a very cheap Hell kind of cigar, which has a very high potential to kill. And that ass hole doesn't even smoke in the smoke, just hold in mouth and blow it out.

He is definitely a maniac. Seriously he is not normal. Something is wrong with him. He told my friend that he got lots of business to do. Got gloves factory at Perak, and have to go there to patrol the next day. Fuck la. He is still sucking his low cheap class cigar there on the next day.

Damn jobless and seemed homeless kling. But actually he has a family. And this is how he is going to spend his time after he "retired". Which is smoking cigar everyday in front of my house and dream of his gloves factory in Perak.

It doesn't matter that there's an idiot smokes in front of my house. My area is full of fucking klings, so i can't bother much. The thing is that the god damned cigar smoke is blew into my house by the strong wind from the field. And the air in my house is totally contaminated by this piece of shit! Can't even breathe some fresh oxygen when i'm at home.

Fucking smoking there everyday.

Imagine how long he spend there and smoke everyday. And how long i need to suffer, how much of patience i need to endure all these. My dad has been warned him not to do that in front of my house. But soon after he came back again. Damn it, i feel like dissecting is piece of shit.

Slit his throat, stuff his filthy mouth with dirt. Slice his abdomen and take out his intestine. Hang him up with that and let him suffer to death.

Seriously, i can't take this anymore. My taman has been infested by these kind of people since few years ago. This causes more and more people who are not the same kind with them to move out before they become their victims.

I don't really mind that i'm staying at such a small house. But i do mind that i'm staying in such insecure area with all the naturally born criminals neighbourhood.

My friend doesn't believe that i'm staying in such poor area and a house which is smaller than his house's living room. I think even his kitchen is bigger than my whole house.

Well, anyway... I can't take this anymore. I want to move out from this taman. I hate all those kling neighbours.

Want to know why there's no pizza hut, dominos deliveries to my area? Because for more than a few times the riders got robbed by those ass holes. Take the pizza, take the cash, take the bike. And the riders walked back to the restaurant in the end, with screwed up mind and screwed up injuries. Therefore, pizza hut blacklisted this area...

Yes, a blacklisted area. Blacklisted, as in literally "black" listed.

Hope God "blacks" you all, idiots.


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