246# 1707FP

246# 1707FP

Nowadays when one considers to buy a computer or related products, online purchase would be cheaper than buying from any retails.

This is because the products are sold directly from the company to the customers, instead of the old school way where the products go through the dealers and retails.

In the end the buyer actually can purchase a particular product at a relatively lower price.

I just got my Dell 17 inch display this evening. I purchased it online on the 22nd, where the promotion ended on the 23rd.

Only the speakers remained unchanged for the past 8years.

RM799 for the square thingy including the 5 years warranty. That's long. And i have no idea what the heck is the online cash redemption actually.

I'm kind of satisfied for their service, where my purchased product reached at my doorstep 5 days after my purchase, regardless the public holidays.

Who doesn't like slim stuffs?

Actually i could just get some other monitor of other brands out there. From some sources i heard that Samsung's 17 inch costs around RM600+, and the Acer that i saw was RM599.

More space on the table for writing PBLs.

So why did i spent extra for Dell? Well, i guess the 5 freaking years of guarantee. Therefore if the display has any problem, dell would be dead then.

And since the online offer for this display ended on 23rd, i search through the page again just to see what the price is after the promo.


God damn it. See that price or not? I can't think of any nicer words to curse with. I actually just wasted RM150.

The instant cash redemption for the one i purchased was RM300, but now according to the offer of the identical product, the instant cash redemption raised up to RM450, and the price of it dropped from the previous RM799 to RM649.

By the way, the limit of warranty is not mentioned, though.




245# AP deeparaya

245# AP deeparaya

I actually planned to write a trilogy for my entries during these festival.

Curry Identity.
Curry Supermacy.

Curry Ultimacy.

Apparently my plan didn't seem to work. I've only get myself involved in the festivals for 1 day only.
Compared to last year, these year's deepavali is kind of dead for me. Last year i've written two posts about the house visits to my friends' house. But this year i could write none.

126# Exceed the total monthly curry intake
127# Further exceeding of curry intake

Anyway, i went to this primary school tuition teacher's house 2 days ago. That was the first house i visited. As usual, talk about studies. And yet, i dislike to share what's medicine about. It's really boring to talk about that.

After visiting my tuition teacher's house. I got back home and stoned until later night.

Went out around 10.30pm for another house visit. And the heavy meal with tonnes of rice and 8 different foods really killed me. Vege, coleslaw, crabsticks, nugget, tomato fish, curry prawns, curry chicken, curry mutton... All served to me in a big dish.

Of course i couldn't finish it. I can't eat as much as they do. Besides, i needed to reserve some space for something else later. We didn't crap much as what we did last year. Soon after i finished, we moved to another house to drink. About 12am, i left.

That's all for my deepavali visits. Pathetic.

AP deepavali to you! AP deepavali to you!

And i didn't manage to play any fire crackers with them! I was way to late! Most of the friends of mine entered gahmen universities. And spread to states like sabah, perlis, kedah or what-so-ever which i don't expect to know. Gahmen universities anyway, top 200.

I sms-ed them to greet them. In turn, i don't get any replies or calls from them. Not even one. Well, it's better for me to treat them as death. No point wasting my time.


244# So ngam

244# So ngam

Remember the post i wrote about Helmet in the Bush?

I posted this picture before from one of imu's toilet. Try look for it in the campus.

oh yes.

Just now i was checking my email forwarded from my friend, about funny pictures. And i found this:

oh yea?

Oh man, don't tell me it was just a coincident.

243# -wtf

243# -wtf

Screen names.

Name: Excalipoor, mammypoko
Taken from: The weakest weapon with damage level of 1 from the game Final Fantasy, and the branded napkin.
Slogan: Koko krunch, you're my honey star.

Name: Kelf, dK
Taken from: His name, and after watchin Tokyo Drift.
Slogan: Ciao

Name: TKS, superman.
Take from: His initials, and after acting for the M206 variety night as a superman.
Slogan: Superman comes to save the day

Name: Anti-Kelf, Yovahn loves Anu, anything.
Taken from: Anything which turn him on.
Slogan: Love is sacrifice

Name: Windwalker
Taken from: Most probably the ability of a hero who able to windwalk.
Slogan: what if your luck falls on the left extremities of the normal distribution

Name: Monkey lover
Take from: He loves monkey
Slogan: i love you ah

(Left) Name: KS king
Taken from: Being humble to kill steal.
Slogan: Don't want la. I don't want to play already.

(Right) Name: P.Kumar, N.Kumar, Kumarism, Kumars, Kumar Returns, Kumarised
Taken from: Inspired by the names of the lecturers from imu.
Slogan: I pwn you ah.

Name: Babylon Whore
Take from: A song titled "Mannequin" by CoF.
Slogan: Huh? what?


242# Another one

242# Another one

IMU is quite the isolated, can be considered as a campus in a forest. And that's the reason why we can't get light speed of internet connection here.

Since it's so isolated, there are a few things which occur over here more than the other campuses out there.

Another one.

God damn it. Why do those flashers like to harass imu girls? Why don't they just go somewhere else which got more bimbos, who can give better screams?

They actually underestimated the people from imu. Guess most of them have seen better ones instead of those flashers' one. We all dare to see those infected "helmets in the bush", why not a supposedly normal ones?

Maybe what makes the harassment to be disturbing is the facial expressions of those flashers. I can hardly imagine what kind of face they will give when they are flashing their victims.

Hold your breath, hold your bag.

I didn't hear much of snatch cases around the imu. Not as much as what taylor-ians experienced at least. The sign beside the road which warns people about snatch cases at the junction of Taylors to Sri KL was pretty noticable. And it's photo even showed at the newspaper before.

Personally i'm quite impressed with the posters that the student representative council made. Nice and creative, and the messages are directly sent.

Just look at the poster made above, which warn the students of imu about the snatch thieves.

Quite not the bad.

The weird thing is that the snatch thieve with the bat is a little bit too handsome right? I expected those thieves to have faces which looked like got crashed by the lorry, and then U turn and crash again.

Example of "Muka kena langgar lori, U turn kena langgar lagi."

I took a look at the poster again.

oh man, that was Leong from our batch!

Catch ya.

What a nice person the SRC choosed to make that poster. He is qualified enough to be one.

"See what see? I'll screw you ah i tell you."


241# Helmet in the Bush

241# Helmet in the Bush

Everybody knows size does matter. That's why people always look for a bigger car and a bigger house. Semi D, MPV, SUV, MyVi, extra large chapatti...

Somehow some things are better to be smaller in size. For example, a cell phone. But one weird thing is that Nokia phones are experiencing hypertrophy where all the N series are getting bigger and bigger.

And at the same time, anorexic Samsung phones try to put down weight with their ultra slim series.

Anyway, size matters.

Kenny sia had one msn conversation about his size of his dicky with a girl. He sounded damn cool where the size of his dicky was so damn big la. Ancient the god of priapism.

Talk about this... Let's take a look what i found from imu.

Notice to all students, warning - Flasher in imu.

"A student has reported a flasher in the Bukit jalil campus vicinity purportedly asking for directions.

A young Chinese male in his mid 20's with glasses, driving a light purple Kancil WHC 5568.

Please be alert. You may call the police directly at 03-21159999 during non working hours."

Dude, how about working hours? Who to call?

Just wondering how does a flasher look like? A perverted face person dressed with only a coat? Well, Jin did a very good job in imitating a flasher with his lab coat back to taylor's time. According to what i saw from him, i can barely imagine what is a flasher.

I got this female friend who have seen a flasher before. Unlike what you could think of, where a perverted person open and close his coat in front of people. What my friend saw was a little bit different.

She passed by a car, and this guy in the car called her. She approached the car and saw the guy was doing something with his little tiny, barely visible second hand-brake in the car. And say something very dirty to my friend.

I think that was a side effect from drinking too much of coffee with synthesized tongkat ali.

Screw Ali cafe ok?

Go Zh'ng his hand brake damn it!

Something besides this. Well, guys in imu are always under estimated. Not only the people think that the others damn stupid, but actually there are people think that imu guys' sticks are very short.

I don't think so lo!

Our aim is to be a good doctor. But at the same time, we got to aim something too!

"It's shorter than you think"

240# The final art of reflection

240# The final art of reflection

I din't even win a consolation prize, which worth RM25.

Guess who got the fresh hot juicy first prize RM 150?

The honour of our batch M106, Dr. Kee!

The caption is like the mum seeing the born of her new baby.

And Sree from Cheras won a consolation prize too.

Another pencil sketch submitted from our batch.

The third person who joined in our batch was Caryn, with her color painting. A strong contrast between angel and succubus, heaven and hell, which i thought of to draw, but disagreed by Darren.

I can't remember the caption... But it's a very nice work.

And i'm the only guy from our batch who joined and didn't win any.
And i'm the only one who drew in black ink among all the drawings.
And the reason is very obvious,

Catergory A - Painting and Sketching.

Well, those two which i submitted were neither a colored painting nor pencil sketchings. I thought my work of irreversible black inked drawings would be appreciated by the judges and apparently i was too naive.

"None is flawless, everyone hides a different scar"

And yet i didn't express the theme well. Both reflection i drew were beyond comprehensions, too abstractive and somewhat pointless. Because i noticed that they only select those which express direct physical reflections, instead of abtractive ones.

"Tears are shed,
Water's spilt,
Images met,
Dark reflection so still..."

The second one was the one which the people there couldn't identify how to display. They put it horizontally, and then i corrected it back to vertically. For few times it was switched by the people there and my friends who noticed.

I have took back both of my drawings after permission. Initially the PIC didn't allow me to do so because they need to select a few to frame and display around the campus.

"These are my failures, how could i display me failures in front of the people?"

And he let me to take it back after Wednesday, 11th of October, where they will display the artworks until.

" I'm sorry, i can't stand my failures to be seen by the people here, i need them back."

Finally i managed to convince him to have both of my drawings back.

I was so deeply hurt. Not only i lost the chance for the cash, and yet this is the first time i submit my artworks for a competition, and also the first time my works nevergot picked.

Thuan Tzhen: Aiya, it's imu la, your type of reflections will not be appreciated unless in art colleges.

"Very well said, i like that...!"

I actually taken a photo to enter the photography catergory. But i was too lazy to develope it.

"And one and two and three,
The hidden black keys,
The subliminal melodies"

Taken from my sister's upright grand piano. A little bit regret right now that i didn't submit this. I like the caption for this, sweet.

And yet, i wrote a poem and printed it out. But i was lacking of guts to submit it. Scare got called by the counsellors if they manage to find out what i wrote.

Naked scissors sighed,
As these cold tears leaked from the inside
The trees mourned over the lost paradise,
As the nocturnal pulse demised
Secrets shared and nailed-in tight,
Reflection of all truth into lies

Nothing seems to be together,
And she could not see herself in the mirror
That was the picture which tried to frame her,
Answers questioned when the thoughts went further
Suicidal notes harmonised in a minor,
Reflecting all the miseries within her

Now or never been sealed in the picture,
Angels wept when she could not stay forever
Through the ignorance which consumed her,
Autumn faded with the scent of winter
She smiles with her regained laughter,
Reflected light returned back to its bringer.

It means a suicidal girl tried to kill herself when she got betrayed by what she used to trust with. But i always tend to write things with double kind of meanings.

In the other way round, it is actually the dead of a succubus after being abandoned by the light bringer Lucifer.

Hidden messages are at the reversed sequence of the first words' capital, and also the structure of the poem. 3 paragraphs, 6 lines. And each of every word has its own meanings. Like "Lost paradise" is actually a book written by John Milton, "Paradise Lost".

It wasn't easy to write, but i love it.

Anyway, i lost the chance to win cash, i lost my self confidence.

But the souls of my works are sealed in my room, instead of flying around in the campus and being critiqued by the public.

All light has faded away,

Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen

239# Sun Doesn't Rise

239# Sun Doesn't Rise

Seems like we have got used to this since the past 10 years.

And they never seemed to repent.

From my way to KESAS.

Geometrically Sumantera island of the Indonesia forms a natural barrier for the Peninsula of Msia. Therefore this pathetic little penis of Asia is somewhat covered from the attack of Tsunami which took place not long ago.

Where the heck is the toll station?

But it doesn't mean that people from the peninsula must thank them because those fellas in the indo died for them. It's a fact where this is how the earth look like. Any disaster from the south-west is barriered by the indo, and the peninsula is safe.

Vista apartment... Where?

Seriously, those farmers at indo with low educations really never consider about the consequences of their acts.

Indo: If i don't burn down the forest, how could i farm? How could i support my family? I got 2 dozens of kids to watch to!

Msia: Fark you la. For the sake of your 12 bastards you want the whole Msia, Singapore and South-thai mia people suffer ah? DNAS!

Sunway. Subang listed to be the worst which 1Km of visibility.

Msia: Farker i tell you ah. You 1.8 million indon people come dig gold at my place here. I let my cash flow into your half-assed country. So in turn you pay me back with haze?

Msia continues: We all have around 26 million people in our country, and your people feeding with our rice here is about 1/13 of our whole population, which averagely can fit into one state. By the amount of you people living here, you people can help a little bit to get rid of the haze.

"Farkin go stand outdoor and inhale the haze - Filter the air for us you MFKR."

Let the sun set glow.

What we can read from the newspaper, which announced by the minister of health is not necessary true. I doubt about the infomation they give to the public regarding the haze.

Most likely they reduced the severity of the haze so that it doesn't cause any unnecessary fears among the public.

AH: Hazing la boss, how to go work?

Somewhere near port klang, with haze and trash.

And the condition right now affected the travel industry drastically, which the gahmen most fear of.

"Cuti-cuti Msia, join kita hisap udara dari indo-nesia!"

I could't see the moon during mooncake festival.

What made me surprised was, the traffic policemen are still on duty regardless the severity of the haze. I thought they wouldn't set any speed trap at the highway and i thought of to drive faster.

Apparently i was wrong. What my friend said was right. Their new year is coming and they need to earn some "extra income". Therefore they would even work harder than usual.

I couldn't drive fast though. The blurry vision caused most vehicles to move with the speed around 80km/h. And when i passed through the speed trap, i was at 80km/h.

Do take note that the speed limit right now during the festival is reduced from 90km/h to 80km/h. I think i didn't get flashed.

I coughed like hell during the exam just now.

Don't be a human filter. Stay healthy.


238# Might is tight but right

238# Might is tight but right

D: What's the point of studying biotech or biomedic? Is like studying a half cooked medicine.

M: No la, it's different. Biomedic they all deal with smaller things like bacteria, and medic deals with human.

D: If like that better study medic right.

M. No wo. You see har, biomedic researches about the small tiny bacteria stuffs. Medic do study about those mini tiny things, but in the way that how do those mini tiny things affect human.

D: Like that biomedic people do what.

M: They all usually investigate patient's blood, shit or whatever sample in the hospital, to see they got any suspected disease or not.

D: Like that forever meh.

M: Yeah, it's kinda office like 9-5 stable job.

D: If like that hide in the lab for what ah. Work also can't get promoted. If like that based on the monthly salary you think how they going save for their children's education?

M: Mmmm... i think there are chances for them to get promoted. Once experienced, promoted to a higher position no need to do those researches and investigations liao kua...

D: You think so easy to get promoted ah? If at gahmen mia hospital see color one you slowly wait la.

M: If at gahmen one... sorry la no chance.


Well, it was just a conversation between by dad and me just now in the car while the way to dinner. He has his own point too. Just look at us who spend around 4 to 6k per month for uni tutition fee and another 1k for monthly spends. ..

A person who works in the lab forever with a fixed amount of salary wouldn't be able to afford such burden if he/she is trying to save for their children's education.

What about studying overseas, that would spend even more than 10k per month. Must always be ready to plan about oversea studies. Because there's a relatively low chance for a person to study local like the rest do.

Anyway, just look at ourselves. 4.5years later when we are doing our housemanship, the pay will not more than 4k. Which is lesser than what we are paying to uni currently.

And during the 3 years of torment as medical officer at GP. Low pay, long working hours, pressure from old nurses...

Are those worthy if compared to what we are doing?

"It's not about how much we deserved. It's about how much we have paid."

Well, we paid hell lot of efforts. And the return isn't that satisfying.

But at least the period to suffer will end somehow. However, look at those engineers. Fresh graduates can earn more than 6k a month.

Let's drop medicine and go for engineering.

Screw that. Summative assessment on next monday. And i still have few lecture notes to "read through". After that have to start memorize terms and names of bacterias, virus, diseases. Yes, we have to memorize.

It's not about understanding. Understanding mechanisms and reasons is easy, but it's a hard task when it comes to memorizing.

Say you agree with me this time.


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