245# AP deeparaya

245# AP deeparaya

I actually planned to write a trilogy for my entries during these festival.

Curry Identity.
Curry Supermacy.

Curry Ultimacy.

Apparently my plan didn't seem to work. I've only get myself involved in the festivals for 1 day only.
Compared to last year, these year's deepavali is kind of dead for me. Last year i've written two posts about the house visits to my friends' house. But this year i could write none.

126# Exceed the total monthly curry intake
127# Further exceeding of curry intake

Anyway, i went to this primary school tuition teacher's house 2 days ago. That was the first house i visited. As usual, talk about studies. And yet, i dislike to share what's medicine about. It's really boring to talk about that.

After visiting my tuition teacher's house. I got back home and stoned until later night.

Went out around 10.30pm for another house visit. And the heavy meal with tonnes of rice and 8 different foods really killed me. Vege, coleslaw, crabsticks, nugget, tomato fish, curry prawns, curry chicken, curry mutton... All served to me in a big dish.

Of course i couldn't finish it. I can't eat as much as they do. Besides, i needed to reserve some space for something else later. We didn't crap much as what we did last year. Soon after i finished, we moved to another house to drink. About 12am, i left.

That's all for my deepavali visits. Pathetic.

AP deepavali to you! AP deepavali to you!

And i didn't manage to play any fire crackers with them! I was way to late! Most of the friends of mine entered gahmen universities. And spread to states like sabah, perlis, kedah or what-so-ever which i don't expect to know. Gahmen universities anyway, top 200.

I sms-ed them to greet them. In turn, i don't get any replies or calls from them. Not even one. Well, it's better for me to treat them as death. No point wasting my time.

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