238# Might is tight but right

238# Might is tight but right

D: What's the point of studying biotech or biomedic? Is like studying a half cooked medicine.

M: No la, it's different. Biomedic they all deal with smaller things like bacteria, and medic deals with human.

D: If like that better study medic right.

M. No wo. You see har, biomedic researches about the small tiny bacteria stuffs. Medic do study about those mini tiny things, but in the way that how do those mini tiny things affect human.

D: Like that biomedic people do what.

M: They all usually investigate patient's blood, shit or whatever sample in the hospital, to see they got any suspected disease or not.

D: Like that forever meh.

M: Yeah, it's kinda office like 9-5 stable job.

D: If like that hide in the lab for what ah. Work also can't get promoted. If like that based on the monthly salary you think how they going save for their children's education?

M: Mmmm... i think there are chances for them to get promoted. Once experienced, promoted to a higher position no need to do those researches and investigations liao kua...

D: You think so easy to get promoted ah? If at gahmen mia hospital see color one you slowly wait la.

M: If at gahmen one... sorry la no chance.


Well, it was just a conversation between by dad and me just now in the car while the way to dinner. He has his own point too. Just look at us who spend around 4 to 6k per month for uni tutition fee and another 1k for monthly spends. ..

A person who works in the lab forever with a fixed amount of salary wouldn't be able to afford such burden if he/she is trying to save for their children's education.

What about studying overseas, that would spend even more than 10k per month. Must always be ready to plan about oversea studies. Because there's a relatively low chance for a person to study local like the rest do.

Anyway, just look at ourselves. 4.5years later when we are doing our housemanship, the pay will not more than 4k. Which is lesser than what we are paying to uni currently.

And during the 3 years of torment as medical officer at GP. Low pay, long working hours, pressure from old nurses...

Are those worthy if compared to what we are doing?

"It's not about how much we deserved. It's about how much we have paid."

Well, we paid hell lot of efforts. And the return isn't that satisfying.

But at least the period to suffer will end somehow. However, look at those engineers. Fresh graduates can earn more than 6k a month.

Let's drop medicine and go for engineering.

Screw that. Summative assessment on next monday. And i still have few lecture notes to "read through". After that have to start memorize terms and names of bacterias, virus, diseases. Yes, we have to memorize.

It's not about understanding. Understanding mechanisms and reasons is easy, but it's a hard task when it comes to memorizing.

Say you agree with me this time.

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