242# Another one

242# Another one

IMU is quite the isolated, can be considered as a campus in a forest. And that's the reason why we can't get light speed of internet connection here.

Since it's so isolated, there are a few things which occur over here more than the other campuses out there.

Another one.

God damn it. Why do those flashers like to harass imu girls? Why don't they just go somewhere else which got more bimbos, who can give better screams?

They actually underestimated the people from imu. Guess most of them have seen better ones instead of those flashers' one. We all dare to see those infected "helmets in the bush", why not a supposedly normal ones?

Maybe what makes the harassment to be disturbing is the facial expressions of those flashers. I can hardly imagine what kind of face they will give when they are flashing their victims.

Hold your breath, hold your bag.

I didn't hear much of snatch cases around the imu. Not as much as what taylor-ians experienced at least. The sign beside the road which warns people about snatch cases at the junction of Taylors to Sri KL was pretty noticable. And it's photo even showed at the newspaper before.

Personally i'm quite impressed with the posters that the student representative council made. Nice and creative, and the messages are directly sent.

Just look at the poster made above, which warn the students of imu about the snatch thieves.

Quite not the bad.

The weird thing is that the snatch thieve with the bat is a little bit too handsome right? I expected those thieves to have faces which looked like got crashed by the lorry, and then U turn and crash again.

Example of "Muka kena langgar lori, U turn kena langgar lagi."

I took a look at the poster again.

oh man, that was Leong from our batch!

Catch ya.

What a nice person the SRC choosed to make that poster. He is qualified enough to be one.

"See what see? I'll screw you ah i tell you."

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