211# The Methodology of Cortisol Supression 2

211# The Methodology of Cortisol Supression

Chapter Number Two - KL International Motorshow 2006

Foreword : First of all, i would like to apologise to those i've offended in front of the cashier counter in PWTC's motorshow. I was such an impatient person.

I should have control my anger better, instead of using hokkien and english foul languages, extremely high voice volume, angry eyes to reflect my impatience at the cashiers. Being ffk-ed in front of the counters for trice wasn't fun. I knew they were just employees, so maybe i should did that to the manage or PIC.

Anyway, please forgive my profanity, God. I will not do that again in front of the public.

Finally me and my friend managed to get student price ticket with the price of RM5, which is one third of an adult ticket. RM5 ticket, RM3.80 STARline, RM20 fuel+toll fee to imu were really worth paying.

Motives of my visit - Cars, cars and cars... And of cause, the GT girls, so called as "ambassadors" around the cars. My other friends would sure regret for not going if i show the photo i've taken from there.

Forget about the smokescreen-thick makeups GT girls, there were few more who were really nice and good looking.

This was the first thing we saw when we entered to the first hall.

About the cars shown, Hall one to Hall 6. There were hundreds of cars shown. From Proton Lotus to Perodua, from Honda to Toyota, from Nissan to Mazda, from Mitshubishi to Huyndai, from Mini to Volkswagen, from Benz to BMW, from Volvo to Smart, from Ferrari to Porshe...

Toyota Triathon. I won this car in Gran Turismo game, but since it's a super car so it can't take part in the GT mode races. 1 gear car.

RM 2.7 million, only one ever made. Toyota Sportivo.

Honda's Concept car, Sport 4. We missed the chance to see Asimo's performance though, we were rushing back.

People always keep the best thing at last. When we were about to leave, the crew told us there were 2 more halls to visit. Once we stepped in Hall 5, the whole hall was only occupied by Honda and Benz. Dominating. Honda's Concept cars, Sport 4 and FCX. And of course, SLR McLaren by Benz...!

The sad thing was when we reached at Hall 4, my 5.0M digital camera was out of juice. Therefore the rest of the images were just taken by my little Sony Ericsson W810i cell phone...

The last hall, Hall 6. When we moved in, my friend ran like Hell. And i was wondering what was wrong. He was complaining that there was only one Lamborghini shown, too cli-breaking.

Yeah, a Ferrari.

But that moment he stepped into the final hall, for sure he would take back his words. A carpetted hall fulled with Ferrari, Porshe, M5, 7 series, Mini... That was the greatest part of the whole show! Unfortunately the chains stopped visitors from touching the cars. Well, it make sense. Million dolars cars, can't expect more.

Anyway, potetial buyers were allowed to go into the area to have physical contact with the super cars. The rest of us, spiritual contact and eye contact should be more than enough.

It's enough, i was pretty glad that i'd have such a chance to see so many sport cars within one day, with just paying a reasonable amount of money. That was really worth it. Really.

Of course, i got the chances to take photos together with the cars. Thanks to Darren!

Nissan Fairlady 350Z Roadster

Eh... A Lotus car.

Mitsubitshi Lancer Evo IX, every man's car. But not really mine.

Evo IX again.

Mitshubishi i

Honda S2000. An ex chinese pagent, someone la... Driving this car.

Ford SUV.

Herein i dedicate this photo to Wei-Jin, Nissan Fairlady! His favourite car!

The Ultimate Fairlady

This is the only ambassadors who me and darren think nice. The rest...

Jin, you can have our Fairlady, i mean the car only. Or the "Fair" only. Not the "lady" ok? Itu gua punye.

210# The Methodology of Cortisol Supression

210# The Methodology of Cortisol Supression

Chaper Number One - Bowling

To be true, i suck in all kind of sports. Please do not get cheated by my height - I can't play basketball.

Reasons? Racist secondary school didn't give us the chances to play basketball, no court. And there is no basketcourt around my area. There were number of private basket nets placed at batminton courts. But all of those ended of with the same ending - Vandalised by the kelings.

I don't think i'd have such stamina to be involved in energy-taking sports. Non energy consuming sports like snooker and bowling will do fine for me. But i didn't play neither as my friends played when we went to Sunway.

Finally i tried the first time in my life time to play bowling. No lectures on Friday, so Thursday after lectures, relaxation was a must. Standing in between the line of going to play DoTA or bowling, we ended up playing bowling in Endah Parade. Because we had only 4 of us, not enought people to play DoTA.

It seemed easy to do, but when i tried to carry, transfer the momentum onto the ball and throw, it was incrediblely hard. I'm quite surprised to one of my friend's striking style. Where he carries, slides, throws, and the ending pose of his right hand poses up like Jay Chou.

Though the posture seems sort of like "too much", but he could strike and score damn bloody high!

I threw twice into the drain for the first and second time. But the third time, i managed to hit the pins, and that was a strike! Walao, first time hit the pin also can strike already, damn proud.

The first game i scored for 76 points, second game 91 points. Were those figures good enough for a first timer? I hope so.

During that night, my thumb was fatigue, Yes, muscle fatigue. My back ache, and also the left scapula region. Reason? Wrong posture.

I think i started to have the interest in bowling since that. Let's go again wei.


209# Price to pay - 3

209# Price to pay - 3

Things i do less since university started

1. Blogging

This is pretty obvious. I used to have 4 posts or more within a week. But now i'm only able to write one per week, or even less. The only reason is that the chances of me accessing blogger.com with sufficient time to blog is getting lesser and lesser. I might go online almost every weekday in university's computer lab, but just to get lecture notes, checking the tab board, rojaks, kennysia and stuffs. I've quite a lot of things to write, just that my time doesn't allow me to do so.

2. DoTA

Well, i'm not addicted to it. I'm just a casual player, who people named me as a "feeder". The worst line i've heard ever when i said i wanted to join the game. You go there for what? You feeder only. Feeder is one of the thousand technical terms used in DoTA. Literally means player who always got killed and feed the other players with gold. Yes, i think i'm correct.

By the way, while i'm typing these, the fellas are actually out there playing DoTA. I didn't know that they went to play because i was at somewhere for Music and Performance Club's meeting. Once i got back to the campus, only i knew that they all went off to play, which they sworn not to play anymore...

3. PS2

I've more interest in playing PS2 games than playing DoTA. At least i spent money on buying the console. So i must just spend more time on it. I've not touching the console for the past 2 weeks, which is a new record for me everyday. I used to play quite a lot, but since the day i received my summative result... Well, just try to cut down the time i spend on meaningless things.

Besides, i've cleared my favourite games - Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 3. And Gran Turismo 4 is still on the way, 3.9% of completion. Since my progress is so slow, i'd rather stop playing it.

4. Guitar

The last song i've learnt was Slipknot's Vermilion. And that was like in January or February of this year. Means there're 3 months i've not learning any new thing. I think my guitar is left a side with thick dust on it. I do play it sometimes, and the last time i have physical contact with it was last friday.

Sometimes i just feel lazy to play the same songs again and again. Guitar Pro 4 software is my good friend. Where i can learn from the complete scores given. But the trial version is already expired...

5. Mamak

I usually go mamak near my place with my usual friends. And of course, people only go mamak at late night. My time doesn't allow me to do so because 9pm to12am is my precious time to study. Furthermore, i'm quite sick of mamak food. There's only roti, maggi and those unhealthy, fattening drinks which i can always get from the malay stall in the campus's canteen.

6. MSN

www11.meebo.com is officially blocked by IMU's IT department. Means that we can't use MSN in the computer lab anymore. Actually i just don't feel like chatting over the computer. Having such technology to communicate with the others is kind of convenient. But at the same time, i'd prefer to use the cell phone. At least it has its mobility. If to turn the computer on, i'd not know how long my butt will stick on the chair...

How wish we could have 48 hours per day. Then we can study for 12 hours, sleep for 10 hours, eat for 6 hours, and the rest of the time - PLAY

But usually this kind of crap won't come true la...


208# The Day after Yesterday

208# The Day after Yesterday

Everyone was so tensed up after the 10am lecture. Rushed to the Student Affairs Department to get the white little envelope, which had high potential to kill.

At least we weren't being that kiasu. We took our results, and wait for the others before we opened it.

"Alright...Get set. 1, 2, and go...!"

Tear off the edge of the envelope, and flipped out the hidden alphabet within.

What i saw in the letter wasn't a surprised. I already predicted my failure of my first summative assessment. I failed with a very flying colour.

A, A-, B+, B are what we needed to see in the envelope. Below it are fails... B-, C+, C, C-, D+... So. I got "C" for it. There's such a big gap from the passing grade.

Being one of the 65 over 216 who failed. There were still number of them who passed gracefully though. Even though i tried to calm myself down, i still couldn't get away with it. I was so damn fucking failed. Anyway, i tried my best to distract my negative thoughts by focusing for my patient interview which i'd need to do later on.

Tall guys looked so weird with lab coats. I don't really like it. And the whole Clinical Skill Unit was so pack, and so stuffy. I dislike to wait, because i didn't want to be nervous for so long. Therefore i had the interview first among my group.

I was so lucky to have such a kind Simulated Patient. It was just knee pain, which spreaded to the ankle. I did 2 mistakes, i failed to clarify and failed to summarize. Anyway, the SP didn't fill in anything in the comment box. That was the only lucky thing happened during the morning.

The whole interview process was recorded in a DVDRW, which we needed to buy it ourselves. I just played it in the PS2, and decoded in the PC. I felt i was so dumb in front of a video camera. What a stick, long and stiff man.

After the interview, one hour lecture again. I wasn't feeling well after the lecture. Having 4,5 hours of sleep everyday is really turning my mood off. Went to Sunway Pyramid with friends to relieve ourselves.

Before i could get into my car, someone saw me and called me. My friend's car was parked beside mine, and his car tyre was punctured. Because i've help my friend to change once in front of the university, and someone in the batch got sort of like "promoting" my special skill, so i was called to help out. Damn, "Mike the Mechanic", "Initial D the Mechanic".

The rain was so feline and barked like in judgement day. The damn highway flooded. 3 cars, i was at the last. The water splash was sight-blocking. And the second car failed to brake on time, crushed to the first car. First car's spare tyre on the back was proctective, but second car's bonnet gone. Literally, spoilt but repairable. But the fan of intercooler was really gone. Must be somewhere on the road...

I managed to brake on time, although my car dragged for 2 seconds after braking due to the slippery road condition. And my car's front bumper stopped a few milimeters in front of the second car. Breath-taking. My adrenaline pumped until so high to react to the condition. And that was the very first time i felt so shocked.

Survived reaching Sunway Pyramid. 4 of them were playing snooker, not my type of thing. And we started to talk about summative paper. No more mood in the end, and just ended the damn game. Went for bowling, at least they were playing without talking about the paper.

Went Kim Gary to have dinner. And these 4 guys, excluding me, started to talk about girls. I was dragged into the topic after that. After dinner, went to U bar to continue the previous topic. And the topic was slowly turned into some sexual topic. Narrated by this horny motherfucker, talking about how he cheated small girls in his budget hotel. What the heck wei.

That was the first time i tasted liqour. I wasn't supposed to drink it. But the damned waitress poured in the drink for me as well from the jug. I didn't really like it, and i poured to my friend's cup. Just drink a little bit for fun.

They all started to gay each other. Touching here, and there, and everywhere. When the waitress came near, she got blasted away because our table was only for gays. Oh shit, future doctors... I wasn't involved in the gay-ing part. Just being the director for the cell phone camera.

The alcohol in my blood made me feel hot, like having fever. And it inhibits the secretion of Antidiuretic Hormone, caused the collecting duct to be less permable to water. In the end, we all went to toilet to release the hydrostatic pressure in our bladders.

That horny ass was really drunk. Face and neck was so damn red, and that was so embrassing.

Not being able to pass the exam has already proved that i need to spend more and more efforts for studying. Summative Assessment 2 on 16th June, and finals on 2nd, 3rd July. Just going to do well and continue my time in the university until i could graduate. I'm not afford to fail anymore. Not anymore...


207# The Scented Garden

207# The Scented Garden

The above picture was drawn according to this photo. Originally from the promotional image from single "Kuroge Wagyuu Joushio Tanyaki 680 Yen", by Ai Otsuka. Literally, high classed japanese salt barbequed beef tongue 680 yen... I think so.

Original image

CD only cover image

It took me two days to complete. I think this is the hardest piece i've drawn so far. I think you know why. The hair part practically took me 90% of time on drawing it. The tone effect is not satisfying due to the spoilt curve ruler. Thus the line drawn was not smooth... Damn.

The ruler must retire now because it has been used for years. I still can't find the ruler yet for the moment. Don't ask me why am i using ruler which used for architectures, it's used for drawing too... in case that you don't know... haha.

Another record i made, i used only Pilot 0.3mm G-tech to complete the whole drawing. Precision is definitely a must for hair toning, mistake of 01.mm can cause me to crush the drawing paper in rage...

I just want to draw. God, please give me 48 hours a day. Please.

Alright, these are the usual steps, sketch, outline, final.

Step 1 - Pencil sketch

Step 2 - Duplicate in ink

Step 3 - Final, see above.

I don't think i will be doing all of these for quite sometime. Studying in a medical university really kills off all my time for doing my hobbies, including playing the guitar.

My second summative assessment is on 12th June, and final is on 2nd, 3rd of July. Send me your blessings friends. Thank you.


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