207# The Scented Garden

207# The Scented Garden

The above picture was drawn according to this photo. Originally from the promotional image from single "Kuroge Wagyuu Joushio Tanyaki 680 Yen", by Ai Otsuka. Literally, high classed japanese salt barbequed beef tongue 680 yen... I think so.

Original image

CD only cover image

It took me two days to complete. I think this is the hardest piece i've drawn so far. I think you know why. The hair part practically took me 90% of time on drawing it. The tone effect is not satisfying due to the spoilt curve ruler. Thus the line drawn was not smooth... Damn.

The ruler must retire now because it has been used for years. I still can't find the ruler yet for the moment. Don't ask me why am i using ruler which used for architectures, it's used for drawing too... in case that you don't know... haha.

Another record i made, i used only Pilot 0.3mm G-tech to complete the whole drawing. Precision is definitely a must for hair toning, mistake of 01.mm can cause me to crush the drawing paper in rage...

I just want to draw. God, please give me 48 hours a day. Please.

Alright, these are the usual steps, sketch, outline, final.

Step 1 - Pencil sketch

Step 2 - Duplicate in ink

Step 3 - Final, see above.

I don't think i will be doing all of these for quite sometime. Studying in a medical university really kills off all my time for doing my hobbies, including playing the guitar.

My second summative assessment is on 12th June, and final is on 2nd, 3rd of July. Send me your blessings friends. Thank you.


DagaSkywalker said...

I love Ai's hair in your picture - it's flawless... Even though her face isn't exactly similar (lips are too narrow), you did a great job :)

Mike said...

Thanks. I have stopped drawing for quite sometime. That Ai drawing is one of my favourite. I spend most of the time drawing the hair so yeah, hope it turned out to be nice. But her facial features, I'm not good in sketching that so I'd need to compromise on that haha.


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