336# KKb 2

336# KKb 2

Can't believe i still have to update this site to keep it runnning by using the half assed computer facility in the university.

Just came back from KKB (kuala kubu bharu aka kuku baru) hospital posting yesterday. Something different from last year, this time some of us drove there for the sake of the convenience (otherwise, actually).

It was easier for me to get to kkb from my place straight using NKVE, but anyway, i still have to go bukit jalil since we all need to follow the bus.

The drive was insane because we kept lost track of the bus due to the traffic lights. Plus the bus drove quite fast actually.

My underpowered 1.6L pathetic little rear wheel drive car could not catch up with the convoy. But thanks to the skills to compensate, i managed to stick to the cars without getting lost...

One of the three advantages of driving there (with 821 other disadvantages, somehow) is that i manage to bring whatever that i want, just stuff all of them into the car. Therefore i brought 2 pillows, 1 blanket and a bedsheet there.

I didn't sleep for all 3 nights over there last year. But this time i managed to sleep for 2 nights out of the three, there the first night i was too excited (?) and the tea that i drank kept me awake the whole night.

Going to the hospital is the "sien" part of kkb, my friend said.

The whole point of the kkb posting is the night, where everyone camp at the guy's hostel to play. Mahjong, cards, mafia...

I play none of them since i'd appreciate sleeping than playing.

Anyway, i managed to learn an acoustic guitar song from kin chern with his acoustic guitar that he brought.

I rarely play the acoustic guitar and i can't even pluck. It's not too bad to play acoustic songs actually. Maybe i'm just being tired of playing metal music with my electric guitar.

3 days of posting in the hospital. Didn't get much interesting cases.

I've got cases like mild stroke, acute glomerular nephritis and antenatal, postnatal cases. I found the renal disease was the most interesting case that i got among the rest. Maybe that was the first time i got that case.

I didn't go to the waterfall last year because we traveled without the cars. Now this time we have 5 cars and we convoyed to the waterfall near our place

The drive was cool as well as the scenaries along the way. It was the first time i drive at such kind of road with such speed. They were too fast and i found it hard to follow with 5 other people in my car.

Everyone was looking how aditya fell.

A bit regret that i didn't bring clothes and towel to the waterfall, because some of them did and they went into the water.

I have been to somewhere tougher than this and i think i could actually enjoy the water there. Too bad, should be bring some clothes to exchange to there.

Did they all pissed in the water? I hope no...

Another highlight of the posting was the bbq. The lamb chop was the greatest where i ate a lot after everyone was full and there were a lot of them there for us to finish.

First bbq i had ever where we started since 7.30pm until 1.30am.

Hope everyone was full.

Don't really bother to write about the posting, i think i wrote more on what we did outside the hospital.

To be honest, i'm not happy with this posting.

We had double of joy as compared to last year, but the farked up things happened in turn was thousand fold.

Most used words through of the 4 days:

5. Diu lo
4. fark, man
3. ke ling
2. Kin chern
1. cibai

Thank you!


335# Detolf

Finally... i get to update here.

I was having a hard time logging into blogger using the library's computers. After days of trying, now i've found one computer which can login.

Or was it because of firefox's problem? IE seems to be ok.

Again, another gunpla related post. 2 weeks ago me and my friend went to IKEA to get two glass cabinets (and a coffee table) which i wanted long time ago.

I could only buy these after i shifted, because my previous room was too small to accommodate them.

Click for full res.

I didn't plan to buy two of them but one instead last time. But i guess i don't have a choice because my collection grows faster than i thought.

And now i feel that two glass cabinets are not enough, i feel like having four of them.

MG Strike Freedom Gundam - Full Burst Mode version (wing mechanism's spoilt by a friend)

Of course i can't buy four at one shot. Two is enough for the moment i guess.

Since the spaces available is limited, it can't seem to fit all my collection into it.

There are still some of them left in the box or in the book shelf.

1 1/100, 4 HG 1/144, 1/144, 9 SDs, 3 Revoltechs...

18 items are not displayed in the cabinet, only 19 items are displayed.

MG Destiny Gundam - Extreme Blast Mode version

Space of each compartment is kind of restricted too if a model has a big wing or backpack. I can't fit the Wings of Light of this Destiny Gundam and i have to kept them in the box and display it without it.

Once if i spread their wings open, each compartment can only able to fit one at a time...

MG Unicorn Gundam and MG Hi Nu Gundam

The Hi Nu's stand is broken, thanks to the same friend who broke my Strike Freedom. Therefore i had to buy another stand for it. This friend is smart where he broke both of my most expensive master grades and he never pay me back. He still owe me RM505.

Unicorn Gundam was quit disappointing because of its limited articulation. That isn't a big problem to me, but the biggest problem is the shoulder armor - i can't seem to fix them tightly. Still waiting for help from those who have bought one, if there's any.

MG Strike Noir Gundam and MG Strike Gundam + I.W.S.P. unit.

The GAT 105 frames share nearly the same frame but they are entire different with the armors and weapons. Noir is good in air poses but the I.W.S.P unit at Strike is a big pain in the ass.

The weight of it will pull Strike's waist down. It can't seem to stand by its own and a stand is required for it. it comes with normal stand but it would break its back armor, so i had to buy another stand for it.

MG Freedom

I didn't plan to buy this master grade until another friend of mine bought it, and i bought it too together with him.

It looks better than its previous release in the format of HG and 1/100. The wings are so massive until i have to put it sideways so that it could be fitted into the compartment.

1/100 Gundam Exia and 1/100 Gundam Dynames

Still waiting for the Gundam Kyrios and Gundam Virtue, then my 1/100 line up for Celestial Being mobile suits will be complete (ignoring the thrones).

They are very well done being a 1/100 scale model. Their details and articulations are even better than early master grade models. The only downside is their joint stability, they are not tight enough and may lose after a period of time like those other 1/100 scale models.

1/100 Legend Gundam and 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame.

I didn't display the Blue Frame Second L because its joints are so loosen until it can't make a good pose. I'll only repair it when i free and if i'm capable too.

Red Frame's left hand and its rifle are broken, said case.

The Legend Gundam is pretty much cool being a 1/100 scale model because of its details. But too bad it can't be placed on higher compartments with the Destiny Gundam or Strike Freedom Gundam due to limited space.


Mass Production eva, the limited version was well kept in the box as well as the newest eva 03 that i bought on October of last year. Didn't bother to take them out to display and just let them be in it, would be better in such a way.

The rest are displayed after being kept in the boxes for months. But 3 more boxes are in the book shelf and not displayed though.

So this is basically what i have collected so far (as well as those other 18 items which are not displayed) since August of 2006 until now. I didn't expect to go until this far and i guess it's very hard to stop once you started.

If i don't write about Gunpla, i wouldn't know that there are than a few of them who collect too in my batch...

Hey, let's collect more gunpla. Stop clubbing then you'll have the money.


334# MG 102 - Unicorn Gundam

334# MG 102 - Unicorn Gundam

Ever since its release in Japan (19th December 2007) i had been waiting patiently to get my hands on this master grade model kit.

I managed to get it on last friday finally. Shipping delay.

Very reasonable price of RM175 since somewhere else is selling at RM218. I should call myself lucky because the shop owner brought in 48 boxes, all of them are booked. And one out of those 48 is mine.

Pity a guy who wanted to buy this. He wasn't a regular customer and he didn't book it, so he only get to see what's inside the box.

Forget about those which can transform from mobile suit to aeroplanes, this unicorn gundam would be the first and ever transformable mobile suit gundam. From unicorn mode into destroy mode.

In fact i had no interest towards this model because i mainly focused on the Cosmic Era instead of the Universal Centuries. But this model is so well designed until no one can resist it.

Being a simple mobile suit, but the number of parts is really freaking me out. About 19 frames and i really worked my soul out of for this. My fingers are crying in pain now.

I overestimated myself.

I thought this model was easy to assemble but apparently i was wrong.

Not only the pieces are really small, due to the transformation mechanism, this model is really complicated.

I faced a few difficulties during the assemble. And i have some problems with the shoulder armor. I can't fit them in place. Plus i'm uncertain of the transformation at the shoulder units.


Destroy mode leg at the left and unicorn mode at the right. Check the difference in the length.

First ever model which can grow in height. From the unicorn mode of 19m (19 cm in 1/100 scaled down master grade model) to the destroy mode of 21.7m, this model actually gorws.

I'm kind of afraid that the extension may weaken the joints, therefore i try not to touch it once i've done it.

Even the backpack can be transformed.

I really like the red glowing parts. It used the 'light concentrating element" of ABS plastic according to the official source. And i have no idea what do they mean by that.

Full armamnets.

Hyber bazooka, beam magnum, shield, 4 beam sabers and 2 backup magnum cartilage.

And the shield can transform too.

Unicorn mode.

After 2 days of hardwork, finally i have done assemble it.

As you can see above, the shoulder armors aren't well fixed. No matter how hard i try they still can't be in place. Therefore the red parts beneath them are revealed. This is no good.

Destroy mode.

It's simply unbelievable. From a plain white suit, it can be transformed into another mode with all the shiny red parts (aka psycho frame in the story) beneath it.

And it grows in height too.

Somehow, having such wonderful transformation, the only downside is the joint stability and its articulations.

I don't think that the parts are strong enough to withstand frequent transformation. But anyway, this isn't a toy but rather a decoration. Just don't touch it too often would be ok.

About its limited articulations, oh well, it looks cool already by just standing straight.

It is taller than the Hi Nu!

My tallest master grade model so far.

Rushing out now, may write in detail if i have time and connection soon.


#333 J21

#333 J21

30th of December of Jin's 21st birthday.

I guess he could be the last fr#333 J21 iend of mine who celebrate his birthday on the very last of year 2007.

A lot of them who got invited still in the uk therefore they didn't make it. Sad case.

For this long Pavillion (i don't even know how to spell it) has been launched, that day was the first time where i went there.

Ok, luxury stores and beautiful decorations of the mall. Definitely not my kind of place to shop.

But it isn't too bad to have a drink or dinner there because the environment is pretty good.

Can't really recall the name of the restaurant Jin brought us. Carlos restaurant if i'm not wrong.

Mexican food isn't really my kind of thing because most of the dishes are beef, but they still make good dishes of white meat and lamb chops.

I ordered the potato skin but i didn't get to eat it, lol.

A few closed friends were invited as well as Jin's relatives. I expected to meet some of ex taylorians there but too bad i was the only one ex taylorians there, because almost all of them prefered to spend their xmas in the uk.

But anyway, i managed to meet some of Jin's friends who are really interesting.

There was this senior of Jin named Kenneth who is working as a network engineer currently. We went to SS2 to lepak with him until the next morning.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and smell no evil.

Another one is needed as to complete the picture.

Do no evil.

Beautiful cake waiting to be eaten.

They nearly forget about the cake and go order cakes for dessert.

The cake was so delicious and i ate two pieces of them, where i rarely do. Wonder which cake house was this cake from?

Birthday song and cake cutting session. That was the last time i sang a birthday song for a friend in the year of 2007.

Jin looks really tall in this picture.

"Hey, are you looking at my camera?"

I did quite a big mistake for not buying a cake, where i usually do for birthday boys, because it's the simplest gift for a boy who basically has everything. But it's ok though, because the cake there was left unfinished. It would be a waste if i bought a second one to there.

But i do get something for him instead together with my other friend.

I bought a HG infinite justice gundam model for him as to pair up with his very first HG Strike Freedom gundam. Things are meant to be in a set.

The waiter right there was really cool and interesting. He was so funny until we kept on joking around with him.

"Can i borrow your hat?" my friend said.

And i posed a pose where i have done few months ago in the imu with the cowboy hat.

This isn't an M.J. pose ok?

We left Pavillion (spell check please) around midnight and we headed to SS15 for tea.

I was kind of muted when all 4 of them sharing their experiences of being school prefect during the highschool days.

After sending a friend off at semenyih, we went to SS2 to lepak until 6 am of the next day.

Klang - Kajang - Semenyih - KL - SS15 - Semenyih - SS2 - Kajang - Bukit Jalil - Sunway - SS15 - Klang.

Happy 21st dude.

Thanks for everything.

#332 Old no go, New no come

#332 Old no go, New no come

Human is kind of troublesome sometimes.

You tend to remember, you tend not to forget, you tend to stay at the same spot.

You tell yourself to move on. And in order to move forward, you need to give out something in turn.

The principle of the equivalent trade, says Edward Elric.

For a place where i have stayed since i was 7, and now i have to leave this place behind.

No matter how diu-ed up this area this, no matter how insecure this area has become, no matter what kind of diu-ed up neighhbours i'm having, this is still the place where i have spent most of my life with.

Almost 15 years.

I have stayed in this room for around 6 years. Before that i was staying at the other room.

Within those 6 years, this is the room where i locked myself in, where i hid myself, where i studied, where i slept, where i banged the guitar, where i placed all the things that i treasure.

Small and compact. There was only a few space for me to stand when i was playing the guitar.

Furthermore, my room was just 2 metres away from the house at the back row. Noisy K factor neighbourhood has became a past tense. I no longer need to listen to the K factor screams while those kids where bathing, and i no longer need to fight back with my voice.

I regret that i didn't manage to do the final revenge towards them before i left. I recorded their noise with my handphone and i played it out at the guitar amplifier for a few times as to counter attack them back.

I planned to do the final ones with the maximum amplitude as to let them realise how noisy they are in fact. But i was too busy until i forgot it.

Other than those dark, agressive posters, as well as feminine ones, i did stick on my works on my wall.

This room was my gallery as well, because i chose those which are descent to stick on the wall. Something i could look on after hours of staring at the notes and books.

Those on the walls are photostated copies. The original ones are well kept. Now, they are no longer there.

In order to accept something new, something old has to be sacrificied.

While i was cleaning and packing my room, i took down the visuals. It is something worth to and meant to remember.

It's really sad to leave this place, but i guess i have no other options.



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