#332 Old no go, New no come

#332 Old no go, New no come

Human is kind of troublesome sometimes.

You tend to remember, you tend not to forget, you tend to stay at the same spot.

You tell yourself to move on. And in order to move forward, you need to give out something in turn.

The principle of the equivalent trade, says Edward Elric.

For a place where i have stayed since i was 7, and now i have to leave this place behind.

No matter how diu-ed up this area this, no matter how insecure this area has become, no matter what kind of diu-ed up neighhbours i'm having, this is still the place where i have spent most of my life with.

Almost 15 years.

I have stayed in this room for around 6 years. Before that i was staying at the other room.

Within those 6 years, this is the room where i locked myself in, where i hid myself, where i studied, where i slept, where i banged the guitar, where i placed all the things that i treasure.

Small and compact. There was only a few space for me to stand when i was playing the guitar.

Furthermore, my room was just 2 metres away from the house at the back row. Noisy K factor neighbourhood has became a past tense. I no longer need to listen to the K factor screams while those kids where bathing, and i no longer need to fight back with my voice.

I regret that i didn't manage to do the final revenge towards them before i left. I recorded their noise with my handphone and i played it out at the guitar amplifier for a few times as to counter attack them back.

I planned to do the final ones with the maximum amplitude as to let them realise how noisy they are in fact. But i was too busy until i forgot it.

Other than those dark, agressive posters, as well as feminine ones, i did stick on my works on my wall.

This room was my gallery as well, because i chose those which are descent to stick on the wall. Something i could look on after hours of staring at the notes and books.

Those on the walls are photostated copies. The original ones are well kept. Now, they are no longer there.

In order to accept something new, something old has to be sacrificied.

While i was cleaning and packing my room, i took down the visuals. It is something worth to and meant to remember.

It's really sad to leave this place, but i guess i have no other options.


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