443# Ende av kirurgi - Bokfører Operasjonen

When I asked, "When will this end?", people answered that it will end in one month's time.

Yes, it does, certainly. Surgery posting is now ended but I don't feel the relief. I will never will because I know that the end of one posting doesn't signify anything at all.

As we walk further the steps will the heavier - there are still three more postings to go before our second professional exam.

I'm in fact happy to work hard during this posting. I take that as a training to be more competent. We are supposed to be taggers, means that we have to be in the ward at 7am sharp, must know all 40 of the patients in the ward, must only leave after 10.30pm...

Under such tough requirement, I'm not really sure if I have fulfilled 50% of it. But one thing for sure, in order to be competent, the trade off is that the "small eyes" part.

I can sleep anywhere, anytime I want. During class, during clinical skills, during case presentation, or while waiting for the surgeon to come to do the night round. But unfortunately, the narcoleptic spells are absent when I'm lying on my bed - too exhausted I guess.

Night round, means that it's at night already where you have just taken your dinner, feel extremely tired after the long day. But it was just the beginning of the night where the second part of our ward work begin.

And I fell asleep at the nurse counter while waiting for the surgeon. It didn't take long for my colleague to snap a photo of me dozing off. In fact, I'm always threatened by my colleagues with their camera function cellphones and ipod. Because I'll be caught red handed small eyed.

The library is no longer a safe place to be in. Because your laptop will get hacked by some camwhores. But anyway it's always a place for me to read newspaper, dozing off and go off to class/ward again, in sequence. Notice the studying part is missing, because I don't have the chance to do so most of the times.

Reading the newspaper everyday has already taken an hour off from my free time. And some days I don't even have the time to read it.

At this point of time, coffee is your best friend. Currently I have more than a few types of coffee to indulge and sadly I can only drink the one I enjoy the most when I purchase the value meal. Buying it ala carte is not worthy. And it is not as easily available like the rest.

And now I have got the Kintamani Bali coffee from my friend. I have not open it yet, still waiting for the right time to come.

I'll be starting paediatrics tomorrow and get posted to the special care unit first. I'm not a paediatric person unlike my elder sister because I'd prefer internal medicine. But somehow it is still medically based therefore certainly I'd prefer this than other postings like, obstetrics and gynaecology...

Yes, babies are cute. But not when they fall sick.

442# Bryllup - Kontrakt for Livet

There are a lot of friends of mine got married. Some called it as a next stage of life, but I'd call it as a contract for life, or a contract of life.

Irony enough, the first wedding I attend was the person, oh well, dumped. Oh yes, I did wish her all the best, and they live happily ever after (I guess).

Now this second wedding which I've attended yesterday was for a secondary school friend of mine named Rachel. Probably the first who got married in my class. Or maybe not, some of them might have already married, I don't know since I have lost contact to everyone in my class but except this bride.

Willie, Clint and I, who were once classmate with Rachel went for the dinner. I wore exactly how I wear to hospital everday, minus the slacks replaced with jeans.

That time, we were asked to cover our drinks because those bursting paper pieces and gun powder. And unfortunately, we forgot to cover our bowls. But thankfully, the dinner was not served yet that time.

I've got a few pieces of those on my hair and face.

The bride and the groom. I don't know the groom though. That was the first time I've seen him. But I guess his a nice guy, because the dinner was grand enough.

Standard dinner which all of us have been through at least a few times in a year. But this dinner had something new - at least for me. They serve raw prawns.

Not exactly raw until the waiter poured the soup onto it which then hot steam cooked the prawns in seconds, in the pot in front of us. They have hot rocks under the second layer of the pot which releases the heat once the soup is poured.

Very visually entertaining, and the prawn tasted fantastic. I guess we are kind of bored of butter prawn, dry chili prawn, therefore this "sauna prawn" would be something new for us.

Like I mentioned, only three of us from her class went yesterday. Strange enough, there were more of them who went for the dinner, whom Rachel had some class with for a year during Form 1.

And all of them were my primary schoolmates. So it was like a primary school gathering for me too. I have totally lost contact with them, but I could still recognise some of them after all these years, like, 12 years?

The red wine was just alright therefore I stopped after the third glass. I actually gulped the third glass so that I could have the Chivas. The first glass of Chivas was bad because the liquor lady poured in too much of water for me.

But it turned heavenly after the second and third glass when I request for 10% dilution. Chivas definitely beats red wine, and it looks like Chinese tea too.

I hope that the next wedding which I'll attend would be Willie's. Make it fast bro.

PS: Congrats, Rachel. All the best.


441# Kirurgi - Av friskt blod og fungating kreft

One week has officially passed for Surgery posting.

Me and other four of my colleagues got posted to the female surgical ward at the top floor of the hospital. Waiting for the lift every morning isn't the best thing to start the day.

In this ward, it's active everyday, the patient's turnover rate is high, and we have eight beds to cover person. Therefore covering the ward is quite a hard task to do.

On top of it, we don't have our university's lecturers to come as to give us extra teaching unlike in the male wards. I'm not happy about this but somehow there will still be some of us to be in this ward and I'm just being the one of them.

And it's so obvious the grouping is "arranged" so perfectly.

Apart from the busy daily 7.30am - 10.00pm ward work to do, there are plenty of stuffs to study. Last week I selectively printed out some of the surgical journals at home which I downloaded from the university's drive.

After careful selection, I still managed to print out 20 sets of the journals. There are about 300 sets of journals in there. I know it's impossible to study everything so there's no point to print them all.

Three more weeks down the road for this posting. I have not scrub-in in the operating theater yet. But during my anaesthesia posting I managed to intubate a 77 year old patient successfully. It was my first try on a live person and to be honest I was quite surprised that it was not that hard as I imagined.

The heart-pumping corridor. We will be there in less than 5 months time.

Remember I mentioned that my 1.5 years old Dell XPS laptop fried? I got it fixed and the price costed a netbook's price. Funny enough, Dell sent me a complimentary speaker to my house, as informed to me during the phone call.

I thought it could be like the 2.1 ch power woofer system, like the Edifier I'm using now, but who knows it turned out to be super portable;

Ok, I didn't shouldn't have any expectations.

I thought that they would give me something cool because of the payment I made for the repair. It turned out to be a pair of ultra compact laptop speakers which run on USB power.

Very slim, can be kept in the pocket. Can put in 4 AAA batteries in the battery pack as external power source without the USB. "Natural" sound indeed as stated in the cover, I used it once in university when I was practicing drums with Eugene since the XPS's speakers aren't loud enough.

Have to wake up in five and a half hours of time. Better read up and then go to sleep.


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