125# Singles

Got my third single CD of the year, and it's also the first one which i bought with the original price. BoA's "Make a Secret". Previously i bought 2 Utada Hikaru's singles, "For You/Time Limit "(Adrien's favorite), "Wait & See ~ Risk". Even though each CD was just RM9.90 after discount, but i still hesitated because each CD there was only 2 tracks and 2 instrumental tracks...

In the end, i bought it. I have those songs in the albums though. Just that i want to collect as much of favourite CDs as i could. Just now the single that i bought, i considered for like half an hour, while lepak-ing around and reading guitar books in the Popular shop.

In the end, i bought it (again). RM25 for 2 original tracks and 2 instrumental tracks is not worthy if you don't really like to listen. It's like RM12.50 for a song, more expensive than buy a song from iTunes...

In the end of the year, there'll be more artists and bands release their new CDs and DVDs. Now i'm still looking for Ai Otsuka's DVD, Msia is really slow... Actually i can buy online, since online shopping and shipping is secured now. But the posting in Msia is still not reliable, i hesitate that the DVD will not reach at my doorstep...

Ai Otsuka's third album "Love Cook" (ok, the title is kinda weird) on December. Mika Nakashima will release her third (i think so) live DVD, Korn will release their 7th album without the guitarist "Head", Slipknot will release a live DVD, "Live 9.0"...

Usually imported live VCD, one set, 3 VCDs will cost RM79.80. And one set, 2 DVDs will be more than RM70.00 too. So far there are 3 live DVDs and 2 album that i'm planning to buy. Holly shit, there goes my money. My wallet sure starve and i shall starve too.

Somehow the amount of money i spent for my CDs is still less than 2k. I never change my cell phone for the past 4 years and i don't have interest in modifying my car and audio systems. Maybe these balanced out my spending... I spend the most in music, including my guitar set and my CDs, it's still cheaper than modifying car amplifiers like my friends did.

Instead of changing a new cell phone, most probably i'll use that money to buy an acoustic guitar first. But i'm quite broke now so i'm expecting for the angpau money next year. RM700 plus for a Yamaha acoustic... Who can buy me one? I can follow you back home then.


124# Eye Shadow part.2

124# Eye Shadow part.2

Intro - Emin7, C, F, G

Dressed with the flesh
From thirteen days of loneliness
She could not hide from Her sadness

Behind the moon when She was fated
C -------------F
The snuffed candlelight
Ran dim in Her sight

Eye for an eye
E-7#4 -------------D-7 -----------------------E-7#4 ----A-7 ----A#-7
Bleached inside, drowned slowly at Her side

The beauteous
E-7#4 ------------------D-7---------------- E-7#4
Of red evening skies, and pure graven lies
A-7 --------------------A#-7
Hid in the senseless night

And kissed with
Her cold frozen lips, tapers in eclipse
Mourned for the untouchable shadow

If pain was the gain, with the October rain,
E-7#4 --------------------D-7 --------------A-7 -------A#-7
What's left when all the tears turn into liquor and dispersed

Fmaj7---------------- E-7#4---- D-7 ----A-7 ----A#-7
When She weeps...

Emin7 ----------------------------C
Revealing the veiled face and now She embraces
F---------------------------------- G
The only soul attached to the uncontrolled faith

Fmaj7 ----------------E-7#4 ----D-7 ----A-7 ----A#-7
When She weeps...

Emin7 -------------------------C
Relieving the hurt of being glamorous and precious
F -------------------------G
Watching the roses as Her fate goes reversed

Ps: Happy Birthday Joanne Lee, now here is your gift.


123# Problem... part 2

123# Problem... part 2

6.40pm, waiting for my youngest sister in my car, who was going to finish her tuition at 6.45pm. Sitting in the car and listening to song "Funeral in Carpathia". From the song i listened to, i estimated i stayed in the car for 3 minutes. Because i noticed that, the car engine was too hot until the reading of the thermometer reached at the 50%.

I was shocked, though my car was not running, which caused the engine to be hot. But it was just a couple of minutes since i started it. Even everytime i drove it at medium speed the thermometer had never increse until 50%.

Turned off the engine, got out from my car and waited for my sister at outside of the tuition centre. It began to rain like cat and dogs.

My sister came down, so i got into the car and drive in the dark, heavy rain. It was already 7pm, and plus the rainning condition, so the traffic was quite jam. I did not drive fast. About 2 minutes of driving, the thermometer increased until 90%!

Damn, what's wrong with my car? I thought because the car was not moving in high speed, so no cooling effect from the wind. So i tried to drive fast as i could.

When i reached at Kampung Jawa's traffic light, i stopped. My sister noticed something and asked. I took a look, holly smoke from my car's bonnet! Thermometer reached at the red alert level, "H" which was "HIGH", 100%!

Omfg... My guess was right, the radiator was not working. Or maybe the coolant already dried out. It was raining and i could not find any place to let me stop my vehicle for the engine to chill. There was just less than 6km to reach home so i took the risk to drive until back home.

Once i stopped the car, the bonnet released smoke. So i tried not to stop as i could. During that dark raining night plus my car condition, it might be damn dangerous if suddenly the car breaks down.

Luckily i managed to reach home. Once i parked my car, i could smell the smoke and the smoke came out from the bonnet like an awful beast.

My dad said i did not check the coolant level. Actually i did when i was working in the EON workshop. I stopped working at 17th of August, guess that i check it around August. By that time the coolant reserve was already dried, so i took out the container and refilled with water. And i checked the coolant level, it was just a little bit lower than the standard.

So i asked the mechanics to change the coolant for me. Unfortunately, the coolant they have for proton cars are different in concerntration than what i need for my suzuki car. So i did not do anything else then.

Now i left my car just like that, let it cool down during the night. Tomorrow my dad is going to check it. What can we do now is just add more water into the radiator. But the car needs coolant, that i need to find at somewhere else since the concentration is different than what i can get in the EON workshop.

I'm really afraid that the extreme heat would damage the gasket. My dad said if it's damaged, got to fix it then sale off the car... My car is a second hand car from my dad's second hand car company. He took the car to let me drive because the car was still new and good to drive. Oh please, i drive this car for the past half a year... i don't want to change wei...

Pitiful, my pathetic car. 2 times of trouble during this week. Guess my car is damned by those people who i had horned with because they pissed me off. I don't simply horn people, only to those who simply stop their vehicle and those who like to cut the queue.

Whatever it is, hope it is still good in condition... God bless my car.


122# Fake

122# Fake

Justin knew that i'm a jap chick pro. I don't really call myself as a pro since in this world there's a guy called Wei-Jin out there... Anyway, Jusin sent me a photo which he wanted to comfirm the person in the photo is a japanese celebrity or not.

When i looked at it, Oh, it's "Tian Zong Li Nai". I do not know what's her japan name in english. I confirmed, the girl in the photo is a celebrity from japan. Take a look, but not much people know her as she was only famous during the late 90's.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com (beautiful?)

Actually was how it goes. There was a girl found Justin in msn and claimed herself as a 21, half jap and half chinese. Sent the photo above to Justin, which was taken "when she was in Italy".
But too bad Justin has a friend called Mike, who knows a lot few jap celebrites and p star singers. Justin knew she was lying and he kept on fooling her around... That's right man.

I don't know why there're so many people who like to impersonate someone.
For example we can see a lot of accounts in friendster, who use fake picture, and have infinite number of friends. My question is, do they really know all of them?

Taken from someone's profile:
Who I Want to Meet:
1st acc=full #1 natrix830@hotmail.com
2nd acc=full #2 yinying330@hotmail.com
3rd acc=full #3 natrix830@yahoo.com.tw
4th acc=full #4 yinying330II@hotmail.com
5th acc=full #5 applemilkz330@hotmail.com
6th acc=full #6 yinying330@yahoo.com.hk
7th acc=full #7 milkzying@yahoo.com.hk
8th acc=full #8 milkzgirl@yahoo.com.hk
9th acc=full #9 QmilkzQ@hotmail.com
10th acc=full #10 xiaomilkz@hotmail.com
11st acc=full #11 babyfatmilkz@hotmail.com
12nd acc=full #12 babyfacemilkz@hotmail.com
13rd acc=plz add #13 justlovemilkz@hotmail.com
thx loh!!!!muackssssss
MSN= yinying330@hotmail.com

See? This is not the worst, i've seen one with 18 accounts which were all full.
18 accounts x 500 friends per account = 9000 people...
Walau-eh!! 9-lat!!

In fact, they are just posers who like to post their picture, or impersonaling someone by posting someone's picture, and let people to add them. Numbers of account they have are the proud for them. Actually most of it are those so called "kawaii" or "pretty" and whateva it is, and those who add them are those people who like to "collect" lenglui-s in their accounts...
Sad case, really sad case...

I got more than a few friendster request from those "cutie"s. And i got 15 (and counting)people in "My Blocked Users". Ok, in this case i do not like to add kawaii-s, but block them who tried to add me. Wahaha...

Go to Hell you fake kawaii-s. Go get a life.


121# Problem la...

121# Problem la...

Will: Hey Mike, watcha doin?
Mike: Nothing much, taking my lunch.
Will: Free later ar?
Mike: Got dental appointment at 4pm la, wassup?
Will: Aiya, i'm thinking of watching a movie with you...
Mike: Oh man, i wanna watch too la. Mmm... i can postpone my appointment.
Will: Really ar? Ok you go check the schedule then call me back
Mike: Alright sure no problem!
Will: Oh ya, bring the *tot*... (conversation sensored)
Mike: Never mind la, i'll burn for you...

When Mike stepped out from his door, he walked towards his car. Opened the gate, and wanted to get into the car. What he saw really freaked him out. The left back tyre was punctured.

"Oh damn mf...!" Mike yelled.

He knew what was the problem. The cover where the air is injected into the tyre was removed, obviously someone let go the air and caused the tyre to be "tadak angin".

Mike drives rudely in Klang when he meets pariah drivers. Maybe this was an act of revenge from those pariahs who got f*cked up from Mike.

Mike went to EON Services workshop for a month for practice. He knows to change tyres so he changed himself the punctured tyre with the spared one. This was kinda different from those cars that he had changed before, because his car's a damned 4WD, the tyre is significantly larger than a proton wira's one.

About 21 drips of sweat dripped from Mike's forehead and face onto the ground, finally he had done changing. The experiences that he gained from the workshop was meaningfull. He thanked to his dad in his heart who forced him to work as a car mechanical apprentice.

When the tyre was changed, he sent his tyre to fix at the nearby tyre shop. He cancelled his plan to watch The Rock's DOOM because he had been f*cked up by the DOOM did not take the risk to take a long drive. Therefore he just lepak at Will's place.

Lesson to be learnt
Though sometimes we can counter attack road bullies/idiots/pariahs (you name it) but we must take account of the consequences. Although the tyre was just out of gas, might be naturally, but who knows la? A** 288, Mike's car, he drives rudely when people drive rudely, in the end idiots who got kissed in the ass spotted Mike's car, and shits happened...

Klang is really really full of shit.


120# On the 6

120# On the 6

Yesterday i flipped my old photobook, and i saw this

it was taken during my performance in the kindagarden.

Take a look at this cute kid in green.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com <---- siapa ini??

OMFG!!! The girl in white was in Korean costume, therefore the green costume is Korean too.
13 years later only i realized that i wore Korean nation dressing before...

119# About My Area, Part one

119# About My Area, Part one

Guess what, i'm still using dial up connection, with the speed of 49.5Kbps. It's
49.2 Kilo bit per second, not 49.2 Kilo Btye per second. It's different folks. Tmnet will not consider to extend their cable here for streamyx. Why? It's simply because most of the resident at my area are kling who play only the so-called football. Once they have their balls, that's everything. They are not up to date yet to use a computer. Therefore if you ask them what is broadband, they might thought that is some new kind of roti canai.

Those who came to Klang before sure know how Klang drivers drive. They drive with It's-my-motherfucking-road-so-get-the-Hell-off attitude. Usually a road for one, there'll be two, maybe three, especially in front of a traffic light. Those bugger lazy to queue up, so they'll just stuff their ass into the queue. In the end those who queue up got to stop again for the red light, those who stuff in managed to get off.

Not forget to be mentioned, they like to park their wheels anywhere they like. Imagine you're driving in your car. Then the pak cik in front of you just slow down, stop his car at the middle of the road, then get out of his car and go pasar malam. The cars at the back forced to give signal so that can get to the other side to go through. Sometimes people even unwind their window to verbally screw the idiots who parked like this, but those idiots don't even bother.

A road for two. In front of Shaw Centre point, when there's a car stop at one of the both with it's hazard lights on, it's not necessary that the car is down. When you go near you can see that the driver is sleeping in there, or reading newspaper. Obviously, waiting for someone in their cars without looking for a parking, but just stop at the middle of the damned road. Then you can see all the cars at it's back signal out to get the Hell off.

What i did for a Toyota Wish was, from it's back i get to it's left. Stopped my car, starred at that pair of couple in the car, horned for 5-7 seconds to them. Then just accelerate, went off. I looked back, the car at my back was doing the same as i did, just without horning. But proven that people are actually pissed off with those who simply stop their cars on the road.

Shaw, The Store Centrepoint
The first mall in Klang. Eyesore. Habitat of samseng, punk, nazi, hiphop geng and various circumcised organisms. Worst mall ever other than Mydin (sells ciplak stuffs, RM10 for a Levi's). The air-con in the mall is scented with smell of unwashed idiots, ciggarettes, and wheats. The unwashed go to the mall is not to shop, but to flirt, share wheats, and illegal gathering. It's the worst mall ever you can imagine. And i go there more than once a week, for my pitiful electric guitar class and for arcade games.

Intermediate Conclusion
Do consider before you come to Klang. Nyek nyek...


118# If only there are so many "IF"

118# If only there are so many "IF"

I heart was like a big stone, fell from a cliff of 1km above the sea level, falling with terminal velocity and dropped into the endless sea.

According to my sister, when she submitted the application form for me, the person over there said,

"You are wasting your 600 ringgit."

All hope lies in eclipse.

RM 600 is the non refundable payment for the interview.
It was because, i have just meet me minimum requirement. And there are so many of them with numbers of As killing each other to get in. So there is no reason for me to be accepted.

If my interview is successful, then my name will be at the bottom of the waiting list.
If suddenly those who are at the top of the waiting list cancel their application, then my name will move up.
If suddenly those who are accepted cancel their course in IMU, then i'll be accepted.
If only there are so many "IF".

So i'm preparing to be rejected from IMU. I know i'm not qualified to apply. Therefore there's the only way that i can do now. Study 3 years of biotech. Use the degree to re-apply IMU.

But by that time UTAR already offers medicine, full course in Msia. And i might need to consider UTAR since it is so much cheaper than in IMU. But i really want to study in IMU because it is so well concentrated and professional in the medical field. I don't want UTAR man...

Biotech... maybe i'll try to find the university in Shah Alam, i don't know what the name is anyway... Damn, my path is getting harder. I really want to be a doctor, so i must get across this damned wall.

Maybe i should not care about years i wasted on, as long as i can finished with MBBS, that's the most important thing after all. The result is more important than the process. It doesn't matter how slow i am, the thing is that i shall not stop. It's a job for me to work for the rest of my whole life, so if i'm not working as a doctor then there'll be no point living already...

117# The Fourteenth Marble

117# The Fourteenth Marble

I'm just too free to be at home. Other than guitar, console game, online, tv... i spent most of my time on drawings...

Now this is the 14th of the year, Marble. The previous one sucks and luckily this one looks a lil bit better. I posted those at
here and i got lots of comments that push me further.

Man, i need something better to do. Guitar and drawing are really hurting my left hand. I could not sleep few nights ago because of this. My left hand was damn painful....

This is the reference from the laptop. I turned off the laptop and drew based on memory. It was kinda big challenge...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this is the caricature. Sigh, hope my brain photocopy technique has no end.


116# 2211

116# 2211


Yesterday chatted with Jin and Ken in the msn, and then with Henglin, Layhui, Yi Feng they all... Jin is in Sheffield, Ken is in King's London, Layhui is in LSE London, 3 London kaki... Yi Feng is in University of Applied Science, Germany if i'm not mistaken. Henglin is still teaching in his ex secondary school right?

Chatted about their studies, hours of classes they have weekly. That was something that i could not reach. At the beginning i posted "I want to study" for more than 10 times. I got nothing to say, i'm not studying now and i wish i am..
Really cannot guarantee the chances of me getting into IMU. My result sucks. And each intake there will be only 200 of students accepted. All these making me so nervous and tulan.

They encouraged me to study in Russia. It's a good idea too, can get experience of staying in overseas, i would like to give a try. But the public security and order at Russia for an oversea student over there might be out of our imagination.

My sister was told that someone got gang bang in Russia, a chinese guy i think. Man, this is making my future to be more difficult. And this is the reason that my dad wants me to study biotech for 3 years, reapply IMU with the degree if i got rejected by IMU.

Man, that will be the last resort if the condition reached at the worst. Reapply IMU using biotech's degree, i think rarely got people do such a thing right? Considering 3 years for biotech degree, 5 years of MBBS, 1 year of housemanship, 3 years of medical officer government service... 12 years in total before i could go for postgraduate master.

12 years! William's niece already finished her secondary school and working by that time... Too much of GP right now, therefore taking master and then further to specialist seems necessary now. By that time, i'll be damn old already wei...

Thinking of what should i do if i got rejected from IMU yesterday night before i slept. Really making my head to explode...

In the afternoon i cleaned my room. Nothing else better to do nowdays. Looked at both of my handphones on my desk. Thought no one is going to call me because friends are not around, those who are are studying for STPM...

Wanted to dismantle my wall fan to clean, and suddenly, my 012 phone rang. It was not from someone in my phonebook, i did not know who was that. Might be the kak from streamyx or wrong number call...

"Hello, is this Lau Chie Ming?"
"Ah yes.."
"I'm calling from IMU, your interview has been scheduled..."

OMG! So fast? My sister had just submit the form for me today, and 3pm the office called me.

My interview is scheduled at 22nd of November, tuesday. One month plus to go. I don't know whether this period is long for me or not. I think i must make use of this period to prepare 200% for the interview. My result is not going to back me up, so interview is my final chance to get me a place in the IMU...

Questions that they might ask:
1. Why medicine?
2. Why IMU...

I think so, because last time i peeped at Wei-Jin's manuscript thingy that he wrote when he was preparing for his university's application. I think answers for those two question are going to be in part of our talk indirectly too right?

" Pray hard Mike, you don't pray. But in this case must pray for the sake of your future."

God bless Mike, Good luck in 22nd of November.


13th Ai

13th Ai

I'm too free nowdays. Saw few of them share their drawings of Ai otsuka at Channel-Ai.com, so i drew one as well...

This is the reference,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the caricature,

Ok, i suck in drawing this when i refer to something.
I prefer to draw things in my mind in fact.
And this, oh man, her lips looks like Faye wong instead...
And these are my tools for drawing.
As you can see... That's all!
I need photoshop software to enhance my work.
Anyone can buy me one? I can't get it at my area...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

115# To be me II

115# To be me II

After 18 months of having no one, i'm learning more and more. I realized that i tend to be more serious than before. Not saying that i was not serious with the previous person, but now just able to think further than last time.

Everyone judges a person by his/her appearance, indeed. We do not judge a book but it's cover, but we do judge a person from the outside. Unfortunately, everyone of us does. At least from the first time we meet someone, we will value a person from what we could see.

Somehow appearance does not mean everything. If a person looks good, has excellent academic achievements and everything looks cool enough, but wait. God is fair and no one is perfect. Therefore the person might have attitude problem that he/she hides well and no one will realize until the end of the day.

There's a chinese saying, "The longer the days, the more we can see from a person". So if we think that someone is really that good that we could imagine and go after him/her, end of the day we will see the problems. But actually, problems will arise too since no one is perfect as mentioned.

1.5 years in taylors college, a lot of people that i've met. And there are a few of them who are not that good in fact as i imagined. I did not know the real personalities of them until i know them for a certain period.

This girl looks really great for me, but not the greatest. I do not think that she is that beautiful, but the others think she is. So, i spent some time on figuring out this girl's personality.

In the beginning everything looked fine. But days after i started to realize some defects from her, that i'm not afford to endure. Let's make things straight. Person who is so demanding, lazy and naive is really not my cup of tea. Therefore that cancelled of my plan to go after her. Be just friend will be better than one step further. I think she is not reading this. It would not be a problem too if she does.

I got one friend that i really don't understand. Why he can just go after all girls in his school. He doesn't know what is relationship at all in fact. Take and throw, find a new one, that's all. He can just da pao each of them in his sight. I don't understand why there'll be so many people who are not serious and so immature in relationships.

"You think what? Girl are like magazines ar? New one in each month?"

Maybe i did a mistake last time. So i'm trying not to repeat it again, and thus being more conscious in this case. Too much of flaws in me also making things to be difficult. Whatever it is, i thank God for the suffering.


114# Scratch scratch...

114# Scratch scratch...

Yesterday Audrey told me, no more MEE YOKE... no more.
Hygiene problem, sad case. Kopitiam is like that one la...

Recently go mamak very often. About more than 5 times a week, during 4-6pm. And i went to the same mamak again and again! Rarely go out at night nowdays. Series at Channel 30 stick my ass at home.

Tried my best to look for Russian language class. In the end i can only find classes in KL and Damansara utama. Too far for me, i prefer in Subang jaya... Anyone got idea please inform me k...

Josh, Su Ann, Hapreet, She Fong, Ngar Shien... All never update their blog. Of cause, busy for studies. How wish i'm that busy as they are. Come on guys, update a bit please... Su ann is the worst among all, the lastest update was 13/9! omg...

Watched The Myth last week. Less action because Jackie Chan is aging. Kim Hee Sun was not that beautiful last time compared in the movie. Her sight killed the Jeneral, and me too... The story was ok, 2 thousand years of love. But bad ending somehow...

An ass player sued someone for defamation. He played people's ass, got caught, sent to jail. Then he is released and look for revenge. Come on man, if that fella never play people's ass, who the Hell will go and talk about it? I do not want a gay, an ass player to guide our nation man, geli la.

I need more mood to blog. Maybe next time.


113# New old Abominations

113# New old Abominations

- i hate old ladies, as i mentioned. But i do with a reason.

- Everyday i read the newspapers, same topic is discussed again and again. AP, AP and AP... More APs topics...

- They can't hug each other, due to their religion's doctrince. But the mother of AP hugged the ex PM? WTH??

- Foreign tourists cancelled their trip to one of the state of Msia, which is not under the line of nation. The reason is pretty obvious. Who the Hell wants to travel in such a place where each of everything is so strictly under controlled? I think the authority there better separate the roads, houses, offices, shops, and everything according to genders.

- Geng Lepak sucks glue. Nothing else better to do. After glue they started to film blue. The more they wrapped themselves, the worse they are in fact. Piece of shits, better take a straight ride to Hell.

- Religous terrorist attacks stike the world again and again. Even a monk needs to wear in bulletproofed. Reason? They are kind in all aspects BUT they think they have the right to kill, show no mercy to those that against, do not believe in what they believe in.

- Hurricanes blew off cities. Flood covers almost everything in sight. Consequences from the act of human in destroying the ecosystem and earth.

- Artificial terrorist attacks, natural disasters, the fuckers are leading the world to and end.

- Mystery mails and CDs to the embassies. Ya right, but they did not blow somehow.

- Wawasan 2020? The country does not have such a long life to wait until the day.

- I'm using dial up and it takes me half an hour on trying to connect. TM net eat shit la...

- Conclusion :
Our country is getting worse and worse,
The world is going to kill us,
The earth is going to burst.


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