122# Fake

122# Fake

Justin knew that i'm a jap chick pro. I don't really call myself as a pro since in this world there's a guy called Wei-Jin out there... Anyway, Jusin sent me a photo which he wanted to comfirm the person in the photo is a japanese celebrity or not.

When i looked at it, Oh, it's "Tian Zong Li Nai". I do not know what's her japan name in english. I confirmed, the girl in the photo is a celebrity from japan. Take a look, but not much people know her as she was only famous during the late 90's.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com (beautiful?)

Actually was how it goes. There was a girl found Justin in msn and claimed herself as a 21, half jap and half chinese. Sent the photo above to Justin, which was taken "when she was in Italy".
But too bad Justin has a friend called Mike, who knows a lot few jap celebrites and p star singers. Justin knew she was lying and he kept on fooling her around... That's right man.

I don't know why there're so many people who like to impersonate someone.
For example we can see a lot of accounts in friendster, who use fake picture, and have infinite number of friends. My question is, do they really know all of them?

Taken from someone's profile:
Who I Want to Meet:
1st acc=full #1 natrix830@hotmail.com
2nd acc=full #2 yinying330@hotmail.com
3rd acc=full #3 natrix830@yahoo.com.tw
4th acc=full #4 yinying330II@hotmail.com
5th acc=full #5 applemilkz330@hotmail.com
6th acc=full #6 yinying330@yahoo.com.hk
7th acc=full #7 milkzying@yahoo.com.hk
8th acc=full #8 milkzgirl@yahoo.com.hk
9th acc=full #9 QmilkzQ@hotmail.com
10th acc=full #10 xiaomilkz@hotmail.com
11st acc=full #11 babyfatmilkz@hotmail.com
12nd acc=full #12 babyfacemilkz@hotmail.com
13rd acc=plz add #13 justlovemilkz@hotmail.com
thx loh!!!!muackssssss
MSN= yinying330@hotmail.com

See? This is not the worst, i've seen one with 18 accounts which were all full.
18 accounts x 500 friends per account = 9000 people...
Walau-eh!! 9-lat!!

In fact, they are just posers who like to post their picture, or impersonaling someone by posting someone's picture, and let people to add them. Numbers of account they have are the proud for them. Actually most of it are those so called "kawaii" or "pretty" and whateva it is, and those who add them are those people who like to "collect" lenglui-s in their accounts...
Sad case, really sad case...

I got more than a few friendster request from those "cutie"s. And i got 15 (and counting)people in "My Blocked Users". Ok, in this case i do not like to add kawaii-s, but block them who tried to add me. Wahaha...

Go to Hell you fake kawaii-s. Go get a life.

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