237# Meaningless trivia

237# Meaningless trivia

One of the reason why yee pei's blog is one of my favorite is that she always have non sense to post with.

And sometimes the non sense do make some senses, but most of the times the non sense contains some senses which make no sense too.

And the non sense sometimes will make me laugh my arse out and roll on the floor. But most of the times the non sense causes the whole freaking world to freaking freeze to zero kelvin - freaking lame, but freaking funny.

And yee puki pei's still writing non sense regardless the amount of stuff we need to insert into our brains. Pro yee puki pei!!

And this is the shyt i found from her page. I know it's freaking lame but i couldn't help to become lame too.

(useless)Ten Top Trivia Tips about Chieming!

  1. The porpoise is second to chieming as the most intelligent animal on the planet!
  2. By tradition, a girl standing under chieming cannot refuse to be kissed by anyone who claims the privilege.
  3. Chieming is the male seed of a flower blossom which has been gathered and treated by bees!
  4. During severe windstorms, chieming may sway several feet to either side!
  5. The original nineteenth-century Coca-Cola formula contained chieming.
  6. It takes 8 minutes for light to travel from the Sun's surface to chieming!
  7. Forty percent of the world's almonds and twenty percent of the world's peanuts are used in the manufacture of chieming.
  8. Ostriches stick their heads in chieming not to hide but to look for water.
  9. Plato believed that the souls of melancholy people would be reincarnated into chieming.
  10. Chieming is the world's largest rodent!
I am interested in - do tell me about

And i think i should stop using the words "and" and "freaking". This is showing how freaking low and freaking retarded my engrish is.


236# Of tears and dark roses

236# Of tears and dark roses

"Tears are shed,
Water is spilt,
Image is met,
Dark reflection so still..."

Special thanks to Mei Ann for the caption.

My style of expression is rather being abstract instead of easy to understand. Therefore the chances of my works getting picked would be relatively low.

But anyway, i don't want to draw what people asked me to. I just want to draw what i wanted.

235# Results may vary

235# Results may vary

Some of the people out there don't really appreciate the other people's work. What they could see is everything. Instead, they never think further about the effort that one needs to work on in order to produce such a work.

Sometimes their words tend to be insulting. I do mind if they give some destructive comments about my work rather than constructive ones. But that would be worst if the person critic about me behind my back.

Most of the times i remain calm when i face such a situation. I know none of my works are perfect and i deserve the critiques.

I have never say anything bad about my friends' drawings. But i do critic about drawings by those so-called professional authors who draw for living.

The worst thing is that that so-called pro can't draw shit, and still comment about people's drawings. Contradicting. He can't even draw better than them and he still talk so much of cock.

I'm trying my best not to use any vulgar word here. I think i need to end this now or else i might type more about shits i endured resulted from my ugly drawings.

And you motherfuckers who simply comment about how bad people's drawing is, please. Spare yourself one second and think before you shit out. And could you draw better than what you are commenting?

A piece of shit...


234# Reflected

234# Reflected

I'm not a sporty person as everybody knows. But I'm given an evil thinking and an evil left hand to response to certain kind of art.

I love to draw, I love to write something so-called poetic, and I love to take beautiful pictures.

And that's why i decided to take part in 3 catergories out of the 5 for imu's art competition.

I've drawn a picture, which posted a few days ago over here. And I've written a poet for the english poetry catergory.

Typed everything into the computer, and i needed to print it out for submission. When i check the entry form to know the rules of printing, i found something which was really out of my expectation.

Shortlisted candidates will be required to recite/sing/rap their poem during 6th October in front of the judges...

And of couse, since it will be held at the Atrium, means recite it in front of everybody!

God damn it. I'm not going to do that in front of people. It's so farking gay!

Shit. I've already squeezed out my brain juice in order to write. And I must submit it in order to win the cash. I don't want my hardwork ends with a vain.

I don't think that the content of the poem I've written make any sense if it's not read by the eyes. Just by listening to it, i afraid that the judges might have different thoughts about the words.

Anyway, what I've written is still my kind of style. I don't seem to get away with my own style in drawing and writing.

Whatever it is, I will still submit it. The chances of me being picked will be very low, because I don't really think that people will understand what I've written. Therefore the chances of me being called to stage and recite might be very low as well.

But when I think further, it wouldn't be that bad. That would be just a minute of tension to be on stage, but in turn that might bring me cash if won. Damn it. Just an imagination. Most probably won't win, but i want the cash of course.

This is a stody about a girl in front of a mirror.
This girl had been deceived by her saviour.


Naked scissors sighed,
As these cold tears leaked from the inside
The trees mourned over the lost paradise,
As the nocturnal pulse demised
Secrets shared and nailed-in tight,
Reflection of all truth into lies

Nothing seems to be together,
And she could not see herself in the mirror
That was the picture which tried to frame her,
Answers questioned when the thoughts went further
Suicidal notes harmonised in a minor,
Reflecting all the miseries within her

Now or never been sealed in the picture,
Angels wept when she could not stay forever
Through the ignorance which consumed her,
Autumn faded with the scent of winter
She smiles with her regained laughter,
Reflected light returned back to its bringer.


Submit it? Money money come come.


233# Polarization and Ethics Cleavages

233# Polarization and Ethics Cleavages

Some of you may think, why didn't i say a word or two about the tensions between a few of the politicans out there recently. Every single day there will be a different headline about the progress of the tension among them.

Honestly, i don't give a damn anymore. I have to admit that those unfairness that we need to endure are the price to pay in order to stay at the spot we are right now.

And about how immature our country is, well... We're at msia. This is msia. In fact we are moving further if we compare to countries at the SEA, excluding the Singapore.


Anyway, i deeply believe that, if there are no such thing as biased policies and the restrictions which constrain certain people from moving faster than the others, then we would be as developed as the lion land. Or maybe more.


I would go for the second one, initially. But when i think further, i would say i'm stucked in between the second and third one. For those who choosed the third one, those people are trying to comfort themselves by taking credit of the contrast from the other countries of the SEA. Yes, the word "relatively" right there...

Well, i don't think that would be great if we make any comparisons. The deal is not about how fast our pace is compared to the countries which are slow. The real deal is that how fast our pace is in order to provide a better life to the people in our country.

Does poverty been eliminated completely in our country? Nope. But the percentage is decreased. Nonetheless, the gap of financial status of some particular race is been increased.

Wonder if anyone out there remember a post i've written about my neighbour. Well, i complaint a lot about them, about how priah they are.

You would know if i never tell.. There are actually bunch of people out there typed the word which put down there race at blogger to search for bloggers who use the word to talk about them. And if you spare 30 seconds to check that out, you would get 2,543 posts which match that keyword.

And out of that 2,543 posts, there were few of them who reached my page, and counter attack my posts. Whatever, they were not walking in my shoes so they wouldn't know my reasons of typing posts regarding those issues.

Whatever man...


232# Eight "8"

232# Eight "8"

28.08.06 10.00pm

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
eh this sem got pretty gals or not?

wai teng says:

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

wai teng says:
usually feb intake nicer

wai teng says:
cz more ppl

wai teng says:

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
ya... u're right

wai teng says:
but u have to fight with noris

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
got pretty one ah??

wai teng says:

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

wai teng says:
one girl i think she's very pretty also

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
noris there means i no chance liao

wai teng says:
its Yau's group leader

wai teng says:
very pretty

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
imu no pretty gals very sien la...

wai teng says:
but dunno her name

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
i shall go check it out...

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

wai teng says:
others i haven't see et

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
means those u have seen are all?

wai teng says:
IMU got a lot arrr....

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
imu got meh...

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

wai teng says:
ever time i walk here and there also i see so many pretty girls

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
i feel like killin myself liao

wai teng says:
our intake also got a lot what

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
our intake?

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
come come

wai teng says:
ching li, diana, lydia, yen theng, caryn

wai teng says:
so man more

wai teng says:
ten ni

wai teng says:
jue jing

wai teng says:
all so pretty what

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

wai teng says:
dun tell me u dun agree with mE!

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
nvm la

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
forget bout it...

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

wai teng says:

wai teng says:
all pretty what

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
ok la...

wai teng says:
what u wanna saY!

wai teng says:
ai ooo

wai teng says:
i know laaa

wai teng says:
u compare with taylors

wai teng says:
sure taylors got more laaaaa

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
i'm not comparing with taylors la

wai teng says:

wai teng says:
IMU got what

wai teng says:
ai ooooo

Mike - Swansong for a Raven says:
i think i need to get my eyes checked


10.09.06 11.59 am

Fish says: Cn introduce sum famous bahkuteh in klang?

Mike says: Aiyo now so late liao mostly closed. Federal highway opposite jusco, the ING insurance building here lan hua school there got

Fish says: Ok haha coz woke up kinda later mah haha. Thx anyway c u around tmrw n dun ever said im very talkactiv k >.<

Mike says: Eating dim sum now ciao

Fish says: Eat taithong ar filthy rich la sure eat v gfs lar. Aiyo so flower heart cheh

Mike says: Not tai dong la. Shop tepi jalan one la... Eat with family. No gal for almost 3 years liao dun mention my sad thing k...

Fish says: Hohoho. At least u got once 3yrs ago ler pls sympathy 4 those who never got bfs b4 k. aiyo nt ppl dunwan u is u dunwan ppl requirement too high...

Mike says: My requirement got problem I admit la. But ppl dun1 me though I tried for a year I also cant do anything la. If u good heart intro some come la

Fish says: If u gud heart oso intro sum 4 me cm cm..haha u wan chase 1 of our batchmate izit..hehe

Mike says: Huh? Who u tot I wanna chase? I've no lengchai to intro la

Fish says: I tot u wan chase jue jing wor hahaha...sumbdy told me hehe. Nt meh. Believ u dunhv lengzai to intro since ur gang oso al like *** **** hahaha

Mike says: Huh? Who told u tat? Jue jing got bf already la. I'm not goin after for anyone in our batch. Now cant aim any yet. R u tryin to say **** **** no good? He supergoodman la.

Fish says: I kno she got bf ald la tot u stil wan her mah...

Mike says: Imu damn sien. Our batch lagi sien...

Fish says: our batch so many lenglui ten ni ching li they al

Mike says: Dun talk bout lenglui d la. Last time waiting mentioned list of lenglui in our batch but I said nothing. Haha

Fish says: Haha c ur requirement very high..k la c u tmrw ya..finaly go segambut eat yong tou fu

Mike says: No idea where the hell is tat...


231# Semester 2

231# Semester 2

I didn't feel like returning home. I felt like having more time with batch mates around before i got home. This week might be the last week for us for us to relax. From next week onwards, we will be mad by the number of lecture notes, PBL works we have.

My group for Clinical Skill unit falls on 8am. Randomly 1 day among the 5 working days. 8am was kind of normal for me since we all had our lectures at 8am to 10.30am before.

But right now, our lectures start on 10.30am, and I usually wake up around 8am. Therefore it might be hard for me to reach imu before 8am. My internal clock is yet to be adjusted according to my random schedule.

We will have patient interview again for the CSU session. Sometimes we might just get angry patient who will just bust a medical student off just like that. Before our CSU session, we had this briefing about patient interview, again. Well, i think Kelvin was a very nice example of angry patient. What a good Tuesday we had.

"Where the fark is the doctor?"

"The doctor is somewhere out there... helping some patient from car accident..."

"Means i'm not important is it?"

"No la. You are important too..."

Nice one, KS.

The reason we all picked them was because... Kelf and KS were really cool. Yes, cool.

Couple shirt.

Back to today's topic. As i said, i wanted to have fun with my batch mates. But too bad every one of them was busy for the imu cup. Went lunch with KS, chucky, tucky, ken, william and darren at Alison. 5 of them started to disucss their DoTA tournament strategy. Me and darren who are not joining the tournament felt so isolated.

Terms like Lich, CM, Vengeful, Linken, Pugna... Were spinning here and there among them. Seems like these 5 DoTA masters need to build up partnership for the tournament. Heard sem 4 people are the most pro for DoTA...

DoTA is included for imu cup. Cool or not.

I'm not joining anything for the cup. I'm neither a sporty person nor a DoTA player. I'm nothing.

Darren sent me back to campus after the lunch. We have to park our cars at the dead end road in between Vista B and Vista C. RM5 per entry at imu car park is really wtf. And guess what we saw when we came out from the car?

I think some one loves Poh Peng. But too bad he is taken.

Which Jay is this?

Darren you freaking poser.

APT hairstylists were here today for the charity haircut. Well, those wre just students. The money collected will go for charity purpose. RM8 for a haircut was really cheap enough.

I don't care much about my hairstyle. In fact, no one gives a damn on how a person's hairstyle is. I just needed to get rid of my hair's length at my back. It touched the collar too much. That would stop me from entering the CSU next week.

Seems like everyone adjusted their hairstyle and hair color in order to adhere to the CSU rules. I was shocked to see the jap kiryu in black hair. And from him only i knew that there is actually a spray too make the hair look black. Oh well, Kelvin used that during his interview to imu too.

Now my hair is enough to enter the CSU without getting warned or kicked off by the sister in there.

Frankly speaking, the hairstylist who cut for me was kind of new more than i imagined. She was too gentle and seemed afraid of stabbing the scissors onto my head. I bet you could hardly imagine the feeling of being a lab mice like me...

From her i learnt that they gone through a 4 months or 6 months course. And the 6 months course is the complete one. Well, shorter than i thought. And the hairstylist who was styling the pharmarcy girl right next to me was freaked out by the amount of money for pharmacy's tution fee.

She could hardly imagine the how much is RM200,000. She could only count to RM20,000, and she thought that was really expensive. In fact, the real amount was 10 times than RM20 k la...

Sien la... Tomorrow i will be having my last drum class for the electives. Need to submit the report before 14th. Damn. But there are bunch of them who didn't even start writing. That makes me feel safe.

Sem2's schedule is (sic).


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