235# Results may vary

235# Results may vary

Some of the people out there don't really appreciate the other people's work. What they could see is everything. Instead, they never think further about the effort that one needs to work on in order to produce such a work.

Sometimes their words tend to be insulting. I do mind if they give some destructive comments about my work rather than constructive ones. But that would be worst if the person critic about me behind my back.

Most of the times i remain calm when i face such a situation. I know none of my works are perfect and i deserve the critiques.

I have never say anything bad about my friends' drawings. But i do critic about drawings by those so-called professional authors who draw for living.

The worst thing is that that so-called pro can't draw shit, and still comment about people's drawings. Contradicting. He can't even draw better than them and he still talk so much of cock.

I'm trying my best not to use any vulgar word here. I think i need to end this now or else i might type more about shits i endured resulted from my ugly drawings.

And you motherfuckers who simply comment about how bad people's drawing is, please. Spare yourself one second and think before you shit out. And could you draw better than what you are commenting?

A piece of shit...

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