349# Interlude

349# Interlude

13rd June 2008 - Health Issue Assessment

30th June - EOS 5 (SAQ)
1st July - EOS 5 (OSPE)
2nd July - EOS 5 (OSCE 1)
3rd July - EOS 5 (OSCE 2)

36 days more to go for End of Semester 5 final exam. Will not update.


348# If you drive to uni then you'll be broke

348# If you drive to uni then you'll be broke

Friday after dinner with my friends at nyonya restaurant i went back to uni.

The uni's basement carpark was free of charge for a short period since the 1st until the 11th. I guessed that they are going to have a new rate after that because they cancelled the monthly parking pass. Before the execution of the new plan therefore they opened the carpark.

RM50 per month isn't very cheap, but it's still ok.

I didn't bother about it since i park my car outside somewhere in between the apartments. Don't have to pay any.

Some say, if got summoned once a month also RM30 only, still cheaper than paying to the uni.
(actually i said that)

Alright, back to topic. I said i went back to uni to get to my car. And i saw this pasted on the pillar.

Oh yeah... New parking rate!

No more season pass. Must pay everytime if you wish to get over the pole into the basement carpark!

1st hour @ Rm2
Subsequent 1 hour @ RM1/hour
Maximum fee per day RM9

Oh yeah...! Hotel style!

Our uni has improved! They treat us like those filthy rich students who drive CLK or fairlady to uni!

No wonder someone wrote this at one of the PBL rooms.

Completion of the 10 outcomes.

Oh yeah.

Consider this, if you have only RM10 a day as your pocket money and you are paying 90% of that amount of money to the cashier office everyday. Because you have PBL at 8.30am and lecture from 4pm to 6.30pm, means you have to park your car there the whole day.

You will have RM1 left in your pocket. RM1 for your lunch.

Look at the canteen. Sandwiches RM3, hotdog RM2.50, waffle RM2.50... Mix rice, fluctuate, depends on the big lady's mood and your face problem (if any).

Chan: Knn!


Tomorrow is going to SUCK.


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