#287 Reinforcements

I've been paris-hiltonised for a week.

I didn't step out from my house since last saturday. I spend my time with my notes, my books, and of cause, the tv and the computer.

This definitely kills, my (social) life.

There's nothing much i can do now other than studying. Seriously, i'm half dead after receiving an sms from my friend this morning at 7am.

Gastrointestinal system assessment result was out at reached at our emails. With my eyes half opened i turned on my computer to check my result.

I wasn't surprised to see my result. As expected, another B-.

I have 3 B- for respiratory system, haematology system and this, gastrointestinal system.

The streak goes on.

Plus the C+ that i got for my cardiovascular system due to my stupidity in handling system based exam, overall i failed all of my system courses.

And that's why, i'm half dead.

It doesn't really bother my mood. I already predicted my failure. I knew that i'm not going to escape from the fate of being a borderlined.

In fact i do fear that i might be in the borderline again for my coming finals. If things like my End of Semester 1 finals happens again... I don't know that should i be happy or sad.

Therefore i just hope that i could pass at the first attempt. Really must save the hassles of borderline viva interview and re sit.

Have been studying in my room for 6 days in a row, it's really stressing. Furthermore the distractions in my room are far more beyond than i could listed.

I took a ride to the kfc nearby to have my lunch and study over there. I used to do it quite often during the first and second semester. But i have never did it ever since i entered to the system courses.

It's a place i can concentrate regardless how noisy the customers are in there. Basically it's still tolerable. And with the headphones on to filter external noise, it's not a bad place after all.

Plus food and drinks are always there. Just that money is need to get those.

The restaurant wasn't that pack today. I was there since 3pm to 6.30pm.

Today was kind of different than my older days in the restaurant.

I met an old friend there, and i chatted with her for a while. 30 minutes gone.

Jinders came back from UK, i got his phone call while he was walking in 1U. Another 30 minutes gone.

Another friend came to buy food for his colleagues, talk cock with him for a while. Another 10 minutes gone.

My friend works as a supervisor there and i chit chatted with him for a while. Luckily it was just a few seconds because he was rushing to a branch at Kapar.

Damn! Luckily i didn't go and talk to a waitress there who is my old friend as well. Or else my study session in kfc would ended up to be a friend union session instead.

But i did enjoy to talk to them. Because i have been paris-hiltonised at home for 6 days! I only talked to myself for this long. Bye bye my social life, thanks to medicine.

Check out the made in msia couple at the right top corner of the picture.

Other than the oily feelings which i dislike about the restaurant, i dislike this scene too. As usual, each of every corner that you will be able to find in our country will be occupied by a wrapped and a cut.

They can sit there like for hours and do their hand, mouth and body massage jobs there.

If you can't afford to get a room or fearing those religion enforcers to kick your balls, might as well go to hell straight and do your business. You piece of shit.

Oh man i'm damn behind schedule...

Left: Hemateh, Je-ai, Parashito, Microbaio, Com mad.


286# PBL semester 3 Finale

286# PBL semester 3 Finale

I know this is going to be gay, because the event itself was kind of gay. And it's even more gay if i write something like this, which i don't always do.

Oh well, instead of writing shits regarding the farked up gahmen, i shall write something sweet as to balance up the "yin" element of my verbal diarrhoea.

How many of you all actually "celebrated" your last pbl (Problem Based Learning) session?

Surprisingly, we actually did. The idea of buying a cake to celebrate was just a joke, but it turned out to be real when we had someone to get one from the middle of nowhere.

About our group... To be really honest i think our group could be the most noisy group among all of the groups. Not only we have this fella who likes to fight with that fella, we also have this fella who likes to gay with that fella. And it goes on and on...

Our facilitator was not a doctor from the university, but a postgraduate who got hired for postgraduate studies. Maybe that is why we tend to be out of controlled in the class.

A "speech" wasgiven by the facilitator before the cake-cutting ceremony. He actually said that our group is very happening and he had a lot of fun with us.

I was kind of shock to hear that actually. I thought that he would advise us not to make so much of noise during our pbl or something like that.

But it turned out to be something rather positive.

But still, i don't think that our group was that screwed up. Everyone did their job well, except me of course, who didn't know what am i presenting in fact all of the times.

We have the old wise man who knows everything, that one from singapore who likes to do power point presentation, that fella who either always come with a box of tissue paper or just say that she's sick and didn't appear at all...

And that fella who always wanted to do the "Real Pbl"...

Actually i did enjoyed our pbl sessions. I did learnt quite a lot of things from the others. Everyone really did their job well and never fail to enlighten the others at the same time.

I used to have topics for investigations for 2 times in the row. I studied well my topic and presented it. In the end it did came out during exam.

I was quite thankful that the pbl session helped me during the exam. And yeah... I didn't skip any sesion of the pbl.

And most of the times, i reached at the pbl room earlier than those who stays in the vista apartment which is 100m away from the campus.

My house is 35km away from the university and i still manage to reach in time, even though i have to get stuck in traffic and make early cake before the session, if it was an early one.

Did i just mentioned cake?


285# Gombak

285# Gombak

I didn't manage to go gombak hospital today. I forgot to mention that not only i couldn't fetch them there, i couldn't go there myself as well.

So sorry if you guys have waited for me. I don't wish to be someone thick skin who caused the whole group to be late, but yet still pretend like nothing happened.

The guilt would killed me if i caused you all to reach late. I've apologized to the group leader and luckily you guys have reached on time.

Why couldn't i make it? Because i couldn't sleep.

Why couldn't i sleep? Because i got insomnia.

Why did i had an insomnia? Because i was too stressed.

Why did i stressed out? Because i was told to drive at last minute!

That made me want to sleep as soon as possible. But the more i tried to push myself to sleep, the more awake i am.

In the end i had to skip the last posting...

The posting at gombak hospital is ended. To be really honest, i didn't learn much things from there.

The hospital is built for the orang asli. Therefore the number of in patients is extremely low. Can you imagine 4 or 5 students clerk 1 patient? That's really freaking the patient out.

Not only we are not able to speak in fluent BM, we can't understand what the patient was saying in fart. It was far more than the BM than we knew. Their slang can kill your brain cells.

The workload in this hospital is extremely low as compared to the hospital at Seremban, kuala kubu bharu which i got posted before. Even the health centre in Nilai has more things to do than this orang asli hospital.

The doctor even asked us to check out the museum of the orang asli after we've done our history taking. It's an important part where we get to understand their social history through the things that we see in the museum.

That was able to compensate what we couldn't ask from the patients due to the language barrier.

About the museum, i could only see "brown" objects all over in it. Those were all brown in color...

Seriously, i don't think that i learnt a lot from this posting. Of course i've learnt a thing or two from there. But not as much as i expected. At least i learnt that there's actually a hospital built for the orang asli, and their social lifes.

Sadly, no canteen in the hospital. There's one canteen outside the hospital that i heard is selling overpriced foods. I didn't try out the food there. I don't think i could bear the consequences of traveller's diarrheoa as being one of the driver. More over i was the one who was leading the other 4 cars.

The way to the museum.

McD never tasted so good. It's like a saviour when you are starved from 6am to 2pm.

It's very hard to get myself to study in the end of the day after the posting. The travelling part was really killing. Spend almost 4 hours from my house to university and then to gombak, go and fro.

Once i got home i found my soul broke into pieces. It's difficult to study if i don't get myself some sleep. You'll get crazy when the time your head get contact with the pillow is less than the time your hands on the steering wheel. Definitely.

Sldh, i'm so behind schedule. I have less than 1 month to study for finals...


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