423# 1year

Today our country is talking about 1Mal*ysia, which I have no interest in.

I'd like to talk about 1year.

It's already one year since we left bukit jalil and continue our study in Seremban.

Have been drove on the same highway again and again during that past 2.5 years. It's quite a pain in the arse to take a 40 minute drive to uni everyday.

But now I really enjoy it. Because it's shorter than to go to Seremban.

I went back to the bukit jalil campus on last Tuesday.

Simply just for fun, apart from meeting up friends for gundam shopping as well as the burger store out there.

The campus has changed so much until I couldn't recognise it.

When we enrolled, the campus was renovating.

When we leave this campus, it was renovating again!

We only get to use the campus during its renovation period.

No fancy new corners, no new facilities, no new canteens for us. We were too early for that.

We only got to walk around those areas which covered up during the renovations.

By the way, I've spotted this photo, in closed up;

Hey! I remember this corner!

1 year ago the day when we picked up our results, we went for Chillis, and then to a friend's place for more booze. After that we got high then we climbed high!

In total darkness, 4 of u, we climbed up there, with my acoustic guitar.

And in that corner, we talked rock, and played the guitar.

But now those 3 fellas have gone overseas.I'm not sure when we'll have the chance to do this again, but one thing for sure is that - I bet they still have booze all day long.

1year has passed.

1more year in Seremban.

We're almost there :)

PS: 1Country, 1Nation, 1Mal*ysia, 1nfinite 5tupidity

Happy 52!


422# [Gundam Fix Figuration Review] #0013 Deep Striker

Forget about the Part 2 of this model's review, now this is the real deal.

I'm finally home to take some shots for this model which I've accidentally bought during the end of May not long ago.

As mentioned previously, this fix figuration can be interchanged in between the 4 modes. I kept it in the Ex-S Gundam mode when it was being displayed in my room in seremban.

I only put it in the Deep Striker mode for 1 week, because, as seen above, it's really huge and it occupies a huge space of my study table.

The regardless its 1/144 scale, it is still very outstanding and easily spotted among my other collections. Simply because of its long, long cannon.

Weight is an issue, where the weight on its right is more and the model tends to go sideways due to the gravity pull. Therefore I had to put something on its right fuel tank as to balance it.

Heavily detailed. One of the characteristics of the design from Katoki Hajime. Somehow the decals are not overwhelming and just nice being pleasant to eyes.

Red markings in the white parts totally outshine.

Articulation is good as none like the rest of them in the series. What worse is in the Deep Striker mode, articulation is totally omitted.

Only the right arm can be moved and the left arm which is replaced with a sensor allows some degree of movement which is negligible.

I guess that's it.

Nothing else to complain.

Parts can be fitted in easily and tightly. And they seemed to be quite strong and sturdy.

By the way, my Fix Figuration Gundam Mk-III's wrist joints are almost breaking due to the frequent swapping. That's not very good.

I always prefer to take photos during the evening and yesterday was a good one.

All these photos were taken from the corners of my room, where I zoomed in and snapped during the perfect focus. So that I can blur out the background.

Oh yes. Paint job. I would say the standard is about the same among all those early Fix series. There is some flaw in the paint job here and there but they are still tolerable, at least for me.

Some closed up photo below will show the flaws.

Visible nip mark on the thruster. Quite obvious on the white coloured part.

But the rest are still alright.

The space occupying long cannon.

With beautiful sunlight.

A nice focus on the beam rifle. Is this the longest beam rifle for the mobile suit in the universal century series?

One visible nip mark at the bottom of the rifle. Can pretend not to see it.

Not-so-perfect panel lining. I got an idea from the fix figuration where they usually panel line the white parts with purple, and that's quite good.

Panel lining the white parts with black seems a bit dull already to me.

Visual overloading back view. Four thrusters and 4 cylinder fuel tanks. Plus point for being realistic. Kind of get bored with over-teched mobile suits from the Cosmic Eras and Anno Domini timelines.

Unlimited fuel from nuclear powered engine or GN drive seems a bit too much for me.

Quite lucky to be able to get my hands on this. Now this model is officially imprisoned in my glass shelf. Another piece of model where I buy, and put at home.

Won't be seeing it when I'm studying in seremban.

That makes me to think, what's the point of buying it since I won't be able to see it? May as well just leave it in the shop.

421# And the remaining 30% left

Last friday was a special day for us. For me, not only it was my birthday, it was the day where we get our results for our End of Semester 7 exam.

I did very badly for SAQ, quite badly for OSPE, badly for short OSCE, and not so bad for long OSCE. So I sort of know that I can guarantee a pass for myself.

The long OSCE is still the one which carries the most marks after all.

But havin' said so, I always tell myself and the rest that, "Malang tidak berbau". You wouldn't know what will happen in the very next second of your life. Like, 2 seconds later you'll get a urge to fart or something which you won't predict in this very second.

So, I did have a little fear that I couldn't make it. But the fear didn't affect me much. However I still acted very indifferent while waiting for the results.

Come what(ever) may.

In the end, I got the result. I passed.

But I wasn't happy. Because my birthday wish didn't turn out to be true.

"I want everyone to pass EOS7"

3 of them have to repeat the semester and 1 of them has to withdraw from the course. It's really saddening, because I'm quite close to one of them.

Anyway, this year's post exam+birthday is the most boring one ever.

Currently I'm having a short one week holiday from now, with my frustrated, extremely bored and angry mind.

This sucks.

Hope semester 8 starts soon.


420# End of Semester 7 - END

24 hours post completion of our First Professional Exam aka the End of Semester 7 exam.

It's quite a relief after all the daily non stop studying and practicing. We pull the wires so hard and just right before it snaps the tension drops after the last buzzer buzzed during the exam.

Come think of it, I consider that our threshold is getting higher and higher already, after each of every major exams.

After the exam yesterday, I went for lunch with a few friends. Instead of going to watch movie with them, I went home to sleep. I just don't feel like doing anything but instead of a good rest.

When I was trying to sleep, I got a call from the Academic Affair Department.

I got freaked out when the name "AAD" appear on my phone screen, Holy cow, so fast they're calling me to tell me that I failed my exam?

"Is this Chie Ming?"
"Yes, speaking."
"Chie Ming, I'm calling from AAD, please hold on I'm gonna transfer your line..."


"Hello, Chie Ming?"
"Oh yes."
"About your application to the IJN..."

Walao, scared the hell out of me. I thought they called me to tell me the exam result. Who knows they were just calling me to fill up my elective application form of National Heart Institute which I'm applying.

2 more days to the announcement of result. Hope everyone can pass straight.

Camping at home to study for almost 3 weeks and I've been eating at home for most of the days.
I just don't feel like eating out. Mainly I feel more secure at home, secondly eating time is the only time where I can watch "Burning Flame III" and "Astro Fighter Sunred" on the laptop.

I drank 4 cups of coffee a day, and 1 cup noodle almost every night. Because of getting bored of mixed rice, I ate KFC almost 3 times a week. Not very healthy way of living for a person who is going to teach people how to stay healthy.

Rice box for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for 3 weeks.

I'm getting really sick of it.

And I had a rice box one and a half hour ago. Feel so nauseous already.

Time for McD, before 3pm.

PS: I wish everyone, all 83 of us will pass this exam, no one gets left behind.


419# The 4th Interlude

I wrote a similar post one year ago.

Now I'm typing this again as for my announcement for a short hiatus, as to prepare for my upcoming final exam.

11th August - Short Answer Question paper
13th August - Objective Structural Pictorial Examination

17th August - Objective Structural Clinical Examination (Short case)
18th August - Objective Structural Clinical Examination (Long case)

21st August - Exam board

7 postings to cover - Internal medicine, Family medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Psychiatry, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics

Current status: Finished nothing

There is so much to study an practice, but so little time.

We are officially barred from entering the hospital since this Monday, so I've been camping at home to study.

Will only update after the exam.

Hope everyone pass this. It's like a bet of RM37,540.

I shall see everyone in semester 8.

All the best to everybody :)


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