377# Perfect Grade GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

377# Perfect Grade GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

The arrival

It's been two and a half years since I started to collect and build gunpla. It started with an accident which I have mentioned more than a few times before in this site.

Forget about the gunpla experience I had when I was 12 years old, the first gunpla kit I bought was a 1/144, which is equivalent to the "First Grade".

Days after that I bought the "High Grade" model kit which is the same scale, but more detailed.

Months after that I bought the "Master Grade", which is bigger, more detailed, and more articulated.

And finally, years after that, I got myself the gundam plastic model kit which is the highest grade among all model kits, the "Perfect Grade". Even bigger, heavier, more detailed, more articulated and to sum it all, it is PERFECT.

It's been 2 years since the day I saw this model kit. After years of consideration I finally made up my mind to buy this.

I always wanted to buy this kit, but of course what stopped me was its jaw-dropping price. Being the model kit with bandai's top most technology, the price for its design and production also as equivalently "top" as well.

During semester 3 I enquired the price of this gunpla, it was RM465. With the yen price of 14,000 yen, I guess the currency change used that time was "X yen divide 30".

But now, things have changed. Yen price has been increasing dramatically. I did not aware of that until my friend told me. Because I did not buy gunpla for 3 months.

Surprisingly, the price offered for this kit is RM510.

RM510 from RM465?

Oh my freaking god. So it's "X yen divide 35.7 right now" into RM.

But, if the stock came before the price raise, it should be sold with the old price. And honestly I think that this PG is an old stock, because its market is not wide. Some of the shops don't even sell it because of its high price. Anyway, read about its current price

With RM500 I could buy 3 Master Grade kits. I actually have a few other gunplas in the list. MG Sinanju, 1/100 00 Raiser, MG Infinite Justice... But on second thought, I have too many gunplas in 1/100 scales already. 10 MG and 7 1/100, so it's time to have something greater, something even tougher.

Like what my friend, collecting gunpla all this while, having no Perfect Grade model is quite of an imperfection.

Few days back the urge of wanting this PG came back again. I kept checking it out online and I realised that I really want to try to build a PG. Because I have never build one before!

So this morning when I was still sleeping, I got woke up by the neighbour which was blasting some chinese new year song. I got up, pissed, and shouted out loud from my window to ask the fella "diam diam".

In the end the music stopped. But I could not go back to sleep again. Since that, I was thinking again and again about should I or should I not buy this. Finally, I decided to kill half a month of my allowance for the sake of this PG model kit.

What's lacking from this PG Strike Gundam is its Aile backpack, which is sold separately. Of course I can't get it together, since buying the PG Strike Gundam itself already costed me half a thousand. So I think I can only buy it after March of next year. Or even longer. Before I could save more ammo for it.

30.3cm, 0.512kg, made up of 569 pieces and 1 battery with 84 articulation points. This PG is definitely a killer. I don't do any painting or modification unlike professional modellers, but usually I will apply them top coat as to protect them.

Usually an MG kit will take me about 2 weeks to complete, but now I guess this PG will take me more than a month to complete. Considering the time I have left in clinical school right now, maybe it could take me up to few months to complete.

Building a PG without air brushing it is indeed incomplete. But I have no skills in painting at all and on top of that I don't have money to buy the air brush and compressor. Therefore I think I will just cover it with a semi gloss top coat.

Merry Christmas to me. I have 4 days of christmas break, and 1 week of chinese new year break next month. Hope I could have time to build this massive model by then.

Oh no, the person above it's not me, again.

KS just want to shock sendiri to own a PG.
376# The End of Family Medicine posting

It's been a very hectic week. But now there's some room to breathe. Having endless diseases to read is making one to get a disease too.

We had our End of Posting OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) for Family Medicine posting on monday.

Yesterday, wednesday we had a theory paper for the mentioned posting.

Today, the last exam for the week, we had a theory paper for Internal medicine.

And everything was just messed up.

Really messed up.

Family Medcine's Long OSCE was a killer for me. That was the very first time in my life where I got blank in front of my patient for 6 seconds.

I did not mention about raised intracranial pressure. I did not talk about brain tumour. I did not ask about family history of malignancy.

And the worst thing was I could not identify the papilloedema showed in the picture. That was really a failure which could execute me.

In the end I did very, very badly for the long case. It was so bad until my doctor sms-ed me and asked what was my problem.

Fortunately my short case backed me up. And according to my doctor he said the short case saved me. In the other words, I guess I still passed. But I estimate myself to pass with a C+...

Freaking messed up

Coming next was the Family Medicine theory paper. Negative marking for true/false questions made up 70% of the paper. So, it's either you know or you don't, the answer is either true or false.

For every answer answered correctly, 1 mark will be given. For every wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted. So it's very, very dangerious.

If you are not certain of your answer, don't attempt it. I was well aware about it. But I gambled.

I only left 2 empty, while most of the people left 10 questions empty.

In the end I lost in the gamble, I lost 20% because of that. Plus the other mistakes I done in the other parts of the paper, my final mark which I estimate would be a B. But really praying for a B+.

Lesson that I learnt - Don't push your luck.

Damn messed up.

So, today's paper was the last. Internal Medicine theory paper, the toughest among all 3 postings in semester 6.

According to all the question I tried to do, I really did not feel good about this paper. I already screwed up the previous relatively easier theory paper, thus this paper would be a nightmare for me.

This nightmare was so vivid and I nearly pissed in my pants.

I was smart already this time, I did not gamble. But I did even worse in this paper, because it was so freaking hard!

Instead of aiming to score, this time I'm aiming to to pass. From rough estimation I can hardly get a C+. Saw the seniors just now, they said half of their batch failed this paper.

Really not a good sign.

Not a very good sign.

It's like realising the hill at the back of your house showing signs of landslide.

I don't feel relieved after the exams. I can give thousand of reasons for not doing well for the exams, like, new to clinical year, still not adapt to it...

But all of these reasons are just plain excuses. I should have spend less time in sleeping and spend more time in studying.

Just like my friend, sleep less than 4 hours a day and have books in front of him at the remaining hours of his day.


375# Pustules

375# Pustules

Question 1
Describe the lesion.

Question 2
Identify the underlying cause of this lesion.

Question 3
Identify thi patient.


374# Prelude - Dwali night 2008

374# Prelude - Dwali night 2008

I have attended the Dwali night in Bukit Jalil twice through out the 2.5 years when I was over there. Now, suprisingly at such a dead campus (cough cough) we have our own Dwali night here too. It was last Thursday, in JBLT, the only huge lecture hall we have over here.

We big boy already no longer learning through lectures therefore we don't have as much as lecture halls back in Bukit Jalil days.

Anyway the theme for this year's Dwali nigh was "Fusion of Laasya", I don't know what it means though.

Kolam is undoubtedly mandatory for this event. Kajen used to made
a massive ones last year, which occupied almost the whole stage of the atrium.

Now this one, kacang kecik la. For me, it would take me more than 3 hours to complete. But when I revisit it after 1 hour, it was almost complete.


The reason why we stayed until so late was because of the practice. Oh yes, now this time we took part in the performances.

We have people from Semester 6, 7, 8 and 9. Seniors from Semester 7 and 9 are having finals soon so they are busy and refused to get involved. So left our batch and semester 8 seniors. Therefore the event was severely lack of performancers and crews.

In the end, almost half of our batch mates got involved in this event.

See that, yi hei. You need help, we help as much as we could.

What to do, too little people in Seremban campus therefore we also sort of get involved. And the best thing was that they got Prof. Harwat Singh (the lecturer who taught as bone fractures during semester 5, remember?) to act in the sketch. It was so freakin' cool!


The moment when he got on stage was the highlight of the whole night.

Alright, practice, practice, and more practice. For the whole 2 weeks we stayed back almost everyday. And the second week the practice got even more intensed and we only go back home after passing Cinderella's curfew.

And the cycle goes on.

The reason why was because there were too many performances, but only one stage available at a time. Therefore every group had to take turn and practice.

Actually seeing people practice could be quite potong steam. Because you know what is going to happen on the day itself already. No more fun.

For a person who could not care much about university's event, it was a big surprise for KS to take part in the sketch. It was my fault actually, I sort of got him involved in this sketch.

Initially he selected a very minor character who has only 1 scene and 2 dialogues. In the end he chosen another character with 10 scenes and 99 dialogues.

Thus he appeared in most of the scenes and had the most dialogues and actings.

"Rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape"

said Johannes Krauser II in 1 second.

That was the only time where I didn't sit back and enjoy, but rather standing on the stage or sitting beside the stage to "standby".

Because, sadly, I was part of the sketch too.

I got tricked by Thomas the director. He asked for help because he needed some more actors for the sketch and I agreed to help, but as a small role only.

But know knows the so called "small role" was the "Hero" in the sketch. Damn! I thought of acting bypasser A or bypasser B only!

KS acting during the sketch with his machine gun.

In the end, my so called "Hero" character was not main at all, but KS's one was the main instead.

I needed to scream out loud for my scenes but my controlled by volume. Because the dean was there!

Herein he stands and he points out his gun,
"I will kill you... I will freaking kill you! Argh...!!"
"Bang bang bang bang", he fires the gun with anger,
with Slipknot's "The Nameless" playing in the background.


373# Shift 2

373# Shift 2

Disclaimer: This story is totally fictional and has nothing to do with any of the parties out there.

Last Sunday, the day after we moved out from the previous house, we went back to the old house to settle the remaining business.

Dr. D's parents came other than the 4 of us. They are certainly more experienced in dealing this kind of procedures as compared to us.

The old man (he kept calling us young man, young man, thus I shall address him the same too to show my unbiased respect towards him) came later with his wife.

It's going to be funny how a person can change. Before we moved in, he was such a cheerful, sunny and open old man.

But that time when he came to inspect the house before he return us the deposite, a giant piece of black cloud covered him up and he morphed into a black, foul mouthed, hot tempered, blood sucking slug.

First, the old man made noise at us about the wardrobe in Hercules's room. The bottom part of the sliding door was scratched. He insisted that Hercules has spoilt it because everything was in tip top condition while he handed the house to us.

Dr. D's mother explained that that piece of furniture was made up from a cheap wood so for sure there will be wear and tear, more over it was already 3 months. But the old man was not listening and continue to express his rage at us.

(I won't say that he bitches at us, which he really did, but it sounds inappropiate)

For the 3 months the air con in Hercules's room was left untouched. So when old man inspect the air con, he expressed his rage at us that the air con was not functioning anymore.

Dr. D's father explained that the air con's remote was out of battery, not that the air con has spoilt. Old man did not listen to that and insisted that he wants "perfect condition" of the air con. Therefore to show that the air con was actually functioning, Dr. D had to rush to buy batteries.

While the old man went off to inspect around, Dr. D's father and I tried to work the air con out. There is reset button in every air con where you can turn it on without remote control. In the end we found the button, and proved to the old man that the air con is still functioning in fact.

(How wish there is a reset button on his forehead so that I could press it)

When the old man inspect KS's room, KS said, loudly;

"Luckily the fan is still working, or else I have to pay money."

The inspection continued to Dr. D's room. His toilet's lamp was already spoilt when we moved in and his father has fixed it. During that time, the light was not working suddenly. This caused the old man to express more feelings again.

Dr.D's father explained to him that the lamp was already faulty at the first place and he repaired it. But again, the old man was not listening, and repeat his line again and again.

"I don't care, I want everything back to its condition like 3 months ago!"

The repeated bitching was pressing Hercules's berserk button again and again. He got so pissed off and tried to clarify. But Dr. D's father was kind enough and unberserk him. And he had to repair the lamp again for the old man.

So we gathered in the living room, trying to sort the deposite out. But the old man got so sensitive and double check Hercules's room. Few seconds later, he came down and complaint that Hercules's toilet was dirty.

This time Hercules really ran out of rage and laughed. Too much of bitching causes down regulation of anger. "Whatever."

When the old man tried to finalise everything, he asked for the receipts of the security service. We told him that we do not have the receipts. He said;

"No receipt? Then I have to deduct RM90 from your deposite."

This bitching finally manage to trigger my anger and all of us got so fucking pissed. The security charges are between US and the SECURITY COMPANY. What is it got to do with this old man?

It's so obvious that this old man is trying to con our deposite as much as he could.

In the end, he did not success in conning us the security fee. He wrote Dr. D's father a cheque for our deposite. Since it has to be cashed out, so...

When we were walking out from the house, KS told the old man;

"Uncle ah, you better check the tap outside, or else if spoilt then you want us to pay pulak"

and the old man quickly go and check.


Old man, oh old man... You know that you are near enough and it's not so far away between you and the gates. Yes, the gates. It's either the gates up there or the gates down there. So it would be better if you do more good than bad. So that you can get to the place where you wanted the most.

You bully us just because we are young and inexperienced. Are you out of cash? Why did you try so hard to con money from young men like us? Your daughter never give you money is it? Poor thing...

Besides, I'm quite thankful for you because my father was not there. I dare not to imagine what will happen if he was there if you kept expressing your unsatisfaction right there without any solid reasons.

If you still do bad, you would not know what will happen next. Thus you shall do ten thousand goods before the end of the day.

For everything you did to us, there will be a price to pay.

We will not execute it, but up there down there He will do it for the sake of justice.

Når sjelen hentes til helvete, Da den kristne satte livet til, Guds fortapelse - Åpenbaring av dommedag!


373# Shift

373# Shift

As i mentioned in the previous post, we forced to move out after staying in our house in taman oakland for 2 months.

A one year contract has become a piece of toilet paper and flushed down to the toilet.

Once we received the notice, we got really pissed and we decided to move out 1 month after that.

It's really fast, we have just stayed at this place for 3 months.

Old room

We had just moved in not long ago. And we just been through the hard time to get through the adaptation phase. But just because the landlord has found a buyer to buy this screwed up feng shui house finally, thus he made some grandfather story and kicked us out from his house.

To make things more confusing, the landlord and the buyer kept on pushing the responsibility to each other. And when we demanded to talk to them at the same time, they never appear at the same time but came one after another to avoid unsynchronised grandfather stories.


Packing stuffs is screwed up. Shifting is lagi screwed up. Considering we are shifting from one house to another house which is just 1km away is lagi lagi lagi screwed up.

RM200 for the lorry service, i thought is for the whole thing, but who knows it's for ONE trip only. What a throat slitting price. People from KL hire a lorry to seremban also RM100 only.

And when a second trip is required to carry my huge wardrobe, the lorry driver requested for an extra RM50.


We showed him face. And I jumped up the lorry and attempted to dismantle KS's wardrobe to give out more space. After a minute of trying, the lorry driver gave up and gave us a second trip, and asked us to pay whatever amount we want. Because we were wasting his time.

In the end I gave him an extra RM20. So total of RM220 for a 1km distance lorry service. Sure get karma one.

Small items waiting to be loaded to our own cars

So yesterday we were busy packing, carrying, loading, unloading, and more carrying, cleaning, arranging, scolding and shouting. To have your room at upstairs is a pain in the ass. Although there's hercules's muscular power, but there was still tonnes of load which were killing us.

Because of that, we had some casualities during the process of carrying heavy furnitures. Hercules hurt his left foot, KS hurt his chest, I hurt my right index finger and right thumb. And almost all of our furnitures with smooth surfaces ended up with scratches and holes.

Aftermath, it was cleaned afterwards

Just 3 months. The shortest period I have ever stayed. While people are enjoying their weekends, or busy studying, we are all busy shifting house, and moaning while carrying weights to go upstairs.

We moved to a place nearby called, not very sure still, Bukit Kemanyan or something. It's slightly deeper. It's cheaper, bigger (not KS and my room) but further.

But at least this house is not facing a branched road, unlike the screwed up feng shui house we used to stay. Hope the landlord and the new buyer will taste their own poison.

Hope they will like the only souvenier I left behind.

9 toilet rolls for you all. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your bad feng shui house.


372# Patience and Patients

372# Patience and Patients

Scenario #1

A group of medical students having clinic learning in a clinic with a family medicine specialist. One of the tall student stands in front. A few shorter students at his back as him to back off, as he is blocking their views. Therefore the tall student gives way for them and let them stand in front of him. In the end this student can only see these students' heads instead of the doctor and the patient.

Scenario #2

Since this tall student let other shorter students to stand in front, thus during examination of the patient, everyone takes turn to examine. The one at the back got to examine the last. Those who have finished examining the patient remain beside the patient and do not back off. Before he could take a step to get closer to the patient, the doctor dresses up the patient, or the patient feels tired. In the end of the daythe tall student learns nothing during the clinic teaching.

Moral of the stories:

I believe that everyone has equal chances of learning. You want to see, you want to practice, you want to learn, and so do I. And if that is not your session of clinic teaching, please back off and let those who are in the group to do whatever they need to do first.

Plus please take note that the patients are human. They have feelings. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Ask for permission before you proceed.

They are not your "learning materials".


371# Move

371# Move

Everyone is being emotional recently.

One of the reasons would be the exam that we had last week. Most of the people did well. So I think I am the only one who emo over it. Like usual, I did quite badly. Wonder why all of this still happen on me.

Other issue is about our house.

We moved in to this house on September, days before we started clinical schools here in Seremban. After 2 months of staying here, the landlord sold this house away and asked us to move out before March 2009.

The so-called one year contract isn't applicable in this case. The landlord has the right to ask us to move out as long as we are given a one month notice. So it's legally correct.

But it's so ethically wrong.

Staying at the houses which looked haunted isn't a bad idea, because it's just outside the hospital.

So, we have no place to argue since the house is already sold. Instead of fighting over to get the house back to rent, we tried to look around for house to move out.

We planned to move by Christmas week, where we have 2 weeks of break, I assume. But in the end we decided to move out by end of this month, simply because that we can't stand the sight of the fake.

After being informed to move out, within 26 hours we managed to get a new house to rent. It's in another garden nearby our current area, but slightly deeper.

Actually our current place is quite strategic. It's 2 minutes away from Tesco, 3 minutes away from Jusco, 2 minutes to highway, and 1 minute to lowway. We usually reach the campus in 10 minutes time, because the highway is really convenient in case of the need to fly.

But anyway this new area isn't too bad after all. But just lack of the Cheo-bu factor.

Sad. But this time we have experienced the wicked and fake side of the so-called human being.

It's nauseating.


PS: The one in the photo is not me.


370# Gundam Fix Figuration #0038 - MSF - 007 Full Armor Gundam Mk-III

370# Gundam Fix Figuration #0038 - MSF - 007 Full Armor Gundam Mk-III

Surprisingly, I got some unusual feedbacks from people regarding my previous GFF Mk-III post.

It's expected to have feedbacks from people who has this common interest, and some ideas and comments from them regarding the model. But I did not expect someone will laugh out her lungs during reading the review.

Apparently she does not know what is Gunpla and GFFs and thus she finds that these are funny. But sadly the previous review was not funny enough to make her laugh until got admitted.

Thus this other review is made, hope she will laugh more, until all her muscles cramp and got pushed to the hospital :)

The previous GFF Gundam Mk-III, but this time in Full Armor mode.

In my opinion, the colours of the armors can hardly fit the mobile suit's greyish basic colour. However, it seems to be fine after looking at it for a while.

Having all these armor set into it making the whole mobile suit looks heavy. And that's the best point about Universal Century's mobile suits.

Like previously mentioned, the panel lining for GFF line models is yet to be improved.But guess it will never will...

But nonetheless, all these tiny tiny flaws are still negligible. At least for this particular GFF that I bought.

Holding this big rifle is difficult therefore another fist with different wrist angle is used. Posing with this massive weapon would be difficult because of its weight. But then again, Ver. Ka designed models looks better in standby mode.

Actually it can stand by its own without the stand, but the time when all these photos were taken, I could not find the balance point thus i still have to use the stand to take these shots.

Another standard gundam weapon other than the rifle, the beam saber. Two beam sabers are given - white handle and the black handle, where the latter is in fact attached to the shield, i guess.

Somehow the shield is not used during the Full Armor mode. Maybe it's tanker enough not to use a shield already...

White and black light sabers mentioned.

There another white beam saber from the armors, detached from nowhere. I don't know where it came from so I just leave it back in the box.

Full Armor with full weaponry.

If all weapons shoot at the same time, there are 8 of them. Still can't outshine Strike Gundam's Full Burst Mode. But heck, Cosmic Era is over tech-ed anyway.

Quite satisfied with the Full Armor look. But again, the downside is that the armor pieces fall very easily. I'm quite frustrated with that, fixing the non attaching armor which keeps on falling.

But as long as it stands there not being touched, then it would be fine.

It is currently standing still in my room in Seremban.

PS: Will I be seeing you in the ward? Or morgue? :)

369# The End of Internal Medicine posting

369# The End of Internal Medicine posting

Done my end of posting exam during the previous Wednesday. I went to the ward to see what are the patients in the ward presented with the day before. There were almost 40 of them there. I browse through the census book and found out quite a lot of them presented with viral fever, dengue fever and also cerebral vascular disease.

The previous two weeks I was in Hospital Port Dickson, unlike the rest who were in Hospital Tengku Jaafah where we had our exams. Thus they are more familiar with the patients than I do.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to study everything. It's impossible to do so. If I really could, I can't guarantee that I could remember everything I studied also. Oh well...

Since my examiner is a specialist in infectious diseases, thus I tried my best to study about different kinds of fever and as well as AIDS.

At yet, things became so unpredictable during the exam. There is a patient presented with meningitis. Chances of getting him for exam is like 1/40 = 2.5%. The patient can only converse in Cantonese. The first colleague of mine was picked but I knew her as a Sarawakian she can only speak in Mandarin but no other dialects.

So the doctor asked another colleague of mine to clerk that patient. And she refused and said that she does not speak Cantonese.

I was surprised to hear that, and I stunned. And then I was told to clerk that patient, even though my Cantonese skill is worse.

They all knew what case was that, and they were trying to avoid getting it for exam, since it is harder.

In the end, the person who did not know anything about the ward became the victim, who can hardly speak Cantonese unlike the other person.

But anyway, with my limited language skill I clerked the patient even his Glasgow Coma Scale was not full. I did not manage to study about meningitis at all thus I did very badly for the exam.

Somehow, everyone of us passed. Nonetheless, I was not happy for the exam.

Hope God bless you all, forever.

Seen it all.


368# Happening~

368# Happening~

Just a little update to push down my previous Gundam post.

Few days back Kin Chern asked me to read Chingli's blog, and ask me what kind of life I'm having over here, as compared to them in the overseas. Oh well, that's quite a big difference.

Over here we do enjoy ourselves once in a while, minus the photo taking and the blog entries for those events we have.

Plus we don't go for sight seeing and take photos around. Because there's no place to go around here except Tesco or Jusco. Oh yeah.

So, last week we went to Jusco for the RM2 bonanza offer from Sushi King.

I got a second memebership card from Chan, which I passed to my mother and I'm holding my own one with myself. Thus I can use it while I'm in Seremban and my family can use Chan's ones too, since Chan doesn't need it now.

Do I owe you lunch, Chan? I better don't mention this...

Due to the delay in the campus, we reached 30 minutes late as planned. In the end, we had to queue up for 1 hour to get our seat. Seremban's branch of Sushi King is the smallest ones I've been to so far. The number of people queuing up was more than the people eating inside!

And heck, where is my unagi?

Seems that there is a shortage of supply of unagi over there. But this did not happen at the branch my family went, and they enjoyed unagi to the max. Over here, we had to rush into a group of sushi-hunger killers before we could get our sushis.

No unagi, why did i go there for? And that really kills off my appetite. I used to eat up to 13 plates, then 11 plates, and then 10 plates only. And now this time i ate only 8 plates, lose to Jane and William who ate 10 plates. I know it is still quite little, I know they can eat more.

Maybe I've just got sick to Sushi. Last time during semester 4 I used to go sushi king very often with Chan and Kean Seng, just because we had nothing to do.

Semester 4 was a big honey moon for us. Plus the free A- for selective, great la.

I guess I won't be eating sushi for a while, because the taste is making me sick.

Hope you are reading this, the CEO of Sushi King malaysia. You need to secure the supply of the unagi my friend.

Anyway, each of everytime after i eat sushi in sushi king, I say to myself I'm bored of it and I won't eat again. But somehow, due to unknown reasons, I will still walk into the restaurant...

After we finished eating, we saw a few houseman doctors from our hospital queuing up for sushi too, and we went there and talked to them. Jusco seremban 2 is indeed the most happening place in Seremban. Sad but great.

One more week to go for internal medicine posting. Family medicine is next.

End of Posting exam on next Wednesday. Wish me luck.


367# Gundam Fix Figuration #0038 - MSF - 007 Gundam Mk-III

367# Gundam Fix Figuration #0038 - MSF - 007 Gundam Mk-III

This page is so deprived of Gundam-related posts lately. I remember the last post about Gunpla was around July, where I posted the MG Shin Musha Gundam I completed. But I didn't post up the full post, because my camera ran out of juice so I didn't manage to capture more pictures.

In addition to that, I also wrote about the MG unicorn gundam, but it was left incomplete as well. I should continue to write about it in Destroy mode.

Other than those, I still haven't complete the post about our Langkawi trip. And those folks have already went overseas now. Really miss those times.

Having such tight schedule in the clinical school, I doubt that I would have time to fix Gunpla. Usually one Master Grade takes me around 7 days to complete, where i spent 2 to 3 hours a day. Thus that makes up total of 14 hours to do the straight building, decals and coating.

14 hours, I don't really think I would be so rich to spend my time for that. Of course it's still possible for me to fix it right now, just that it would take me up to months to complete.

Months ago this GFF (Gundam Fix Figuration) is released. Around July if I'm not wrong. It is not a mobile suit from the TV series but rather a new design from the Godly mechanical desginer Katoki Hajime under the variation series.

Mk-III resembles both Zeta and Mk-II, could be their son if both of them got married. For me, I think the outlook is really nice being a Universal Century mobile suit.

Maybe I've just got tired of Cosmic Era's design. I already have 6 MGs from the CE but only 4 from the UC. Therefore I am more or less got attracted to UC's original, mechanical, more realistic design right now. Plus due to the time restriction I have right now, I'm more deviated to finished model currently.

GFF is not plastic model like Gunpla. It is a prepainted model by Bandai which manufactured in Hong Kong, unlike all Gunpla which are made in Japan.

Among all prepainted model like Hcm-Pro, MSiA, EMSiA and so on, GFF line stands on top of the list in terms of price, design and finishing.

It is 100% fully painted and infiltrated with Katoki's infamous heavy markings. It usually come with numerous weapons and able to convert from one form to another. In this case, this Mk-III is able to convert to the Full Armor Mk-III.

And it comes with a stand which is quite useful too.

This is my first GFF. Bought it in Cineleisure on last Saturday with the price of RM198. The most expensive gundam in scale of 1/144 I've bought so far. But it definitely worth the money because of its finishing.

I wanted to buy this long time ago but my list for MGs was quite long so this fella had to queue up. But since now I have not much time have for myself to fix Gunpla, thus I give this GFF a chance. Quite curious about GFFs, plus I really like the design, thus I spent my quota of months to buy this model.

Unlike Gunpla, GFF's articulation is relatively limited. However, standing position is the trademark for Ver. Ka's models. So they already look nice with the standing position. And you would not want to pose it around often, since this may scratch off the painting on the surfaces.

The quality control is always an issue for those finished models which are manufactured outside Japan. For this GFF I purchased, I chose one among all four boxes so that I could get one with the best QC. But anyway there are still some parts where the paintings are off, still tolerable somehow.

My main issue for this GFF is that - the ball joints and armor joints are too loose!

Especially the wing stabilizers on the backpack, the ball and socket joint, the ball just can't fit tight into the socket. And while in Full Armor mode, the armors fall easily from the body. It's quite pissing off there the same piece of armor fall more than 10 times before it could be fitted in place.

And the rest are just fine.

Mk-III with shield and the Beam Rifle. The rifle's clips are removable and can be attached to the shield. The rifle or the handgun can also be attached to the shield. Besides, there are 2 beam sabers mounted on the shield as well. Pretty much of arsenal to be carried on the shield.

As being mentioned above, the articulation is relatively limited. The knee can be flexed up t 80 degress only, unlike MGs where can go up to 180 degrees.

But however it's not an issue for me, since I won't be posing it around but to place it in standing/standby position, or simply, in the box.

Handgun is given as well. It's not called as the handgun actually, but I just can't find what it is called from the details written on the box.

Even such small weapon also have like 9 markings on it. Typical Ver. Ka design.

Generously 2 beam cannons. Kind of hard to hold them in the hands due to its massive size and limited joint movements. And the beam cannon's design is still inherited from the UC's ones.

All these weapons can be attached on the shield or on the backpack, just like any other MS from theUC line., which is quite helpful. But the weapon's weight may add extra burden to the joints, thus this isn't what I will do usually.

Will write about the Full Armor mode during next Gundam deprivation period.


Pros: 1. Quality design from Katoki Hajime.
2. Able to convert to the tanker Full Armor mode.
3. Plenty of weapons given.

Cons: 1. As usually, unsatisfactory quality control (Painting, panel lining)
2. Loose joints (this upset me the most)
3. Poor articulation (Expected)

Rating: 4.5/5


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