369# The End of Internal Medicine posting

369# The End of Internal Medicine posting

Done my end of posting exam during the previous Wednesday. I went to the ward to see what are the patients in the ward presented with the day before. There were almost 40 of them there. I browse through the census book and found out quite a lot of them presented with viral fever, dengue fever and also cerebral vascular disease.

The previous two weeks I was in Hospital Port Dickson, unlike the rest who were in Hospital Tengku Jaafah where we had our exams. Thus they are more familiar with the patients than I do.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to study everything. It's impossible to do so. If I really could, I can't guarantee that I could remember everything I studied also. Oh well...

Since my examiner is a specialist in infectious diseases, thus I tried my best to study about different kinds of fever and as well as AIDS.

At yet, things became so unpredictable during the exam. There is a patient presented with meningitis. Chances of getting him for exam is like 1/40 = 2.5%. The patient can only converse in Cantonese. The first colleague of mine was picked but I knew her as a Sarawakian she can only speak in Mandarin but no other dialects.

So the doctor asked another colleague of mine to clerk that patient. And she refused and said that she does not speak Cantonese.

I was surprised to hear that, and I stunned. And then I was told to clerk that patient, even though my Cantonese skill is worse.

They all knew what case was that, and they were trying to avoid getting it for exam, since it is harder.

In the end, the person who did not know anything about the ward became the victim, who can hardly speak Cantonese unlike the other person.

But anyway, with my limited language skill I clerked the patient even his Glasgow Coma Scale was not full. I did not manage to study about meningitis at all thus I did very badly for the exam.

Somehow, everyone of us passed. Nonetheless, I was not happy for the exam.

Hope God bless you all, forever.

Seen it all.

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