372# Patience and Patients

372# Patience and Patients

Scenario #1

A group of medical students having clinic learning in a clinic with a family medicine specialist. One of the tall student stands in front. A few shorter students at his back as him to back off, as he is blocking their views. Therefore the tall student gives way for them and let them stand in front of him. In the end this student can only see these students' heads instead of the doctor and the patient.

Scenario #2

Since this tall student let other shorter students to stand in front, thus during examination of the patient, everyone takes turn to examine. The one at the back got to examine the last. Those who have finished examining the patient remain beside the patient and do not back off. Before he could take a step to get closer to the patient, the doctor dresses up the patient, or the patient feels tired. In the end of the daythe tall student learns nothing during the clinic teaching.

Moral of the stories:

I believe that everyone has equal chances of learning. You want to see, you want to practice, you want to learn, and so do I. And if that is not your session of clinic teaching, please back off and let those who are in the group to do whatever they need to do first.

Plus please take note that the patients are human. They have feelings. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Ask for permission before you proceed.

They are not your "learning materials".

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