373# Shift

373# Shift

As i mentioned in the previous post, we forced to move out after staying in our house in taman oakland for 2 months.

A one year contract has become a piece of toilet paper and flushed down to the toilet.

Once we received the notice, we got really pissed and we decided to move out 1 month after that.

It's really fast, we have just stayed at this place for 3 months.

Old room

We had just moved in not long ago. And we just been through the hard time to get through the adaptation phase. But just because the landlord has found a buyer to buy this screwed up feng shui house finally, thus he made some grandfather story and kicked us out from his house.

To make things more confusing, the landlord and the buyer kept on pushing the responsibility to each other. And when we demanded to talk to them at the same time, they never appear at the same time but came one after another to avoid unsynchronised grandfather stories.


Packing stuffs is screwed up. Shifting is lagi screwed up. Considering we are shifting from one house to another house which is just 1km away is lagi lagi lagi screwed up.

RM200 for the lorry service, i thought is for the whole thing, but who knows it's for ONE trip only. What a throat slitting price. People from KL hire a lorry to seremban also RM100 only.

And when a second trip is required to carry my huge wardrobe, the lorry driver requested for an extra RM50.


We showed him face. And I jumped up the lorry and attempted to dismantle KS's wardrobe to give out more space. After a minute of trying, the lorry driver gave up and gave us a second trip, and asked us to pay whatever amount we want. Because we were wasting his time.

In the end I gave him an extra RM20. So total of RM220 for a 1km distance lorry service. Sure get karma one.

Small items waiting to be loaded to our own cars

So yesterday we were busy packing, carrying, loading, unloading, and more carrying, cleaning, arranging, scolding and shouting. To have your room at upstairs is a pain in the ass. Although there's hercules's muscular power, but there was still tonnes of load which were killing us.

Because of that, we had some casualities during the process of carrying heavy furnitures. Hercules hurt his left foot, KS hurt his chest, I hurt my right index finger and right thumb. And almost all of our furnitures with smooth surfaces ended up with scratches and holes.

Aftermath, it was cleaned afterwards

Just 3 months. The shortest period I have ever stayed. While people are enjoying their weekends, or busy studying, we are all busy shifting house, and moaning while carrying weights to go upstairs.

We moved to a place nearby called, not very sure still, Bukit Kemanyan or something. It's slightly deeper. It's cheaper, bigger (not KS and my room) but further.

But at least this house is not facing a branched road, unlike the screwed up feng shui house we used to stay. Hope the landlord and the new buyer will taste their own poison.

Hope they will like the only souvenier I left behind.

9 toilet rolls for you all. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your bad feng shui house.

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