370# Gundam Fix Figuration #0038 - MSF - 007 Full Armor Gundam Mk-III

370# Gundam Fix Figuration #0038 - MSF - 007 Full Armor Gundam Mk-III

Surprisingly, I got some unusual feedbacks from people regarding my previous GFF Mk-III post.

It's expected to have feedbacks from people who has this common interest, and some ideas and comments from them regarding the model. But I did not expect someone will laugh out her lungs during reading the review.

Apparently she does not know what is Gunpla and GFFs and thus she finds that these are funny. But sadly the previous review was not funny enough to make her laugh until got admitted.

Thus this other review is made, hope she will laugh more, until all her muscles cramp and got pushed to the hospital :)

The previous GFF Gundam Mk-III, but this time in Full Armor mode.

In my opinion, the colours of the armors can hardly fit the mobile suit's greyish basic colour. However, it seems to be fine after looking at it for a while.

Having all these armor set into it making the whole mobile suit looks heavy. And that's the best point about Universal Century's mobile suits.

Like previously mentioned, the panel lining for GFF line models is yet to be improved.But guess it will never will...

But nonetheless, all these tiny tiny flaws are still negligible. At least for this particular GFF that I bought.

Holding this big rifle is difficult therefore another fist with different wrist angle is used. Posing with this massive weapon would be difficult because of its weight. But then again, Ver. Ka designed models looks better in standby mode.

Actually it can stand by its own without the stand, but the time when all these photos were taken, I could not find the balance point thus i still have to use the stand to take these shots.

Another standard gundam weapon other than the rifle, the beam saber. Two beam sabers are given - white handle and the black handle, where the latter is in fact attached to the shield, i guess.

Somehow the shield is not used during the Full Armor mode. Maybe it's tanker enough not to use a shield already...

White and black light sabers mentioned.

There another white beam saber from the armors, detached from nowhere. I don't know where it came from so I just leave it back in the box.

Full Armor with full weaponry.

If all weapons shoot at the same time, there are 8 of them. Still can't outshine Strike Gundam's Full Burst Mode. But heck, Cosmic Era is over tech-ed anyway.

Quite satisfied with the Full Armor look. But again, the downside is that the armor pieces fall very easily. I'm quite frustrated with that, fixing the non attaching armor which keeps on falling.

But as long as it stands there not being touched, then it would be fine.

It is currently standing still in my room in Seremban.

PS: Will I be seeing you in the ward? Or morgue? :)

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Anonymous said...

On that detached saber hamdle:

I believe it fits on the outside of the right cannon binder


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