72# Drift

72# Drift

Alrite, Monday was the very first time i been to 1U. Ok, i'm a fool. Pls dun laugh at me tat why for this long i'd never been there. There're still lots of malls around me to lepak, other than those that i've never went. Not necessary must go to those high class malls rite.

Klang also got Bukit Raja, Klang Parade, and the worst-place-on-earth the Shaw Centre Point. For downtown ppl may think tat i'm just a freak for not goin 1U. Yes i am. Up to u ppl to judge. Btw, had u ever been to Shaw Centre Point Klang to witness the decadence of those ppl around here? If u dun, u're fucked. So pls dun ever scorn at me tat i'd never been to 1U, same as i've never been to Sugai Wang, Bintang walk or some shits like tat. You have ur place to lepak, i have mine as well.

Without justin probably i wont go to 1U. Together with Sexy Teng, Voon Wei and Harpreet we watched Initial D. Cantonese movie so Harp needed to read the subtitles. He still managed to understand the whole story. Usually i watch and read at the subtitles at the same time, i'm used to it. Therefore i can understand better.

Lots of artist acting for that movie. A very good movie, 9 out of 10 i rate it. I dun mind watching again. The drifting parts of the cars were the best scences for me. And the part where Jay Chou cried, ppl critiqued tat it was damn fake. But for me, i felt like crying to if i found out my other half was a whore. In fact, who really wont drip a tear for it?

It's impossible for me to copy the drifting technique like in the movie. My half assed 4WD cant do it, so no worries, i wont copy the stunt.

To drift, from moving at high gear, shift into low gear, either first or second when reaching a turning. Then the back wheels of the car will swept, hold the steering tightly and control the car at the turning. During the sweep, due to sudden change of gears, centripetal force is created from the centre of the turning to the back wheels of the cars. To balance up the force, the driver needs to hold the steering tightly and drive against the centripetal force. Therefore, during the turn, brake a lil then must speed up. Or else the car will be thrown away by the centripetal force. With the strong grips between the tyres and the road surface, force against the centripetal force and speed, a turn is made possible without slowing down the vehicle.

My own theory above. I guess guess only la. FMI, ask Mr.Hari. Looked simple but it is damn hard when come to practice. Dun ever try it in Msia's road. Those are not made for drifting. I do it only at Daytona, ya, the arcade racing game. Haha...


71# Stereoisomerism

71# Stereoisomerism

If i could make my choice again, i would not attend to that dinner yesterday. But if i knew tat everyone was there, guess i might not think of that way too. The problem i faced was transportation, but it was solved since She Fong was able to fetch me. But the one thing tat make me headache was my dressing.

I do not have any which are considered as formal wearing. I did have. But now, i rarely shop for those since i got no formal occasions. All my old formal wear already do not suit anymore... I really got no idea what to wear, other than my college wears.

No matter how many times i sought for those in my cupboard, no means no. So i just simply bantai-ed with my college wear. Tried to be wearing as descent as i could but still looked like going college...

We were the last group who reached there, bcoz She Fong was trapped in the traffic jam. As i walked towards Lemon Garden, i was really stunned for about 1.28 seconds. Every guy other there dressed up damn descent and formal. Colar shirt, black trousers and black shinny leather shoes. Me? Long sleeves cotton shirt, jeans and sport shoes with big "tick" on it. A guy who so-called stays on a coconut tree went to 5 Star hotel with those kind of dressing was really such a big disgrace for the ppl around.

Damn, i felt like going home straight away. Apparently i could not as i need to give face to everyone. Instead, i felt like seeking a hole for me to hide myself. How could i join them when i dressed up like tat? I felt so alien and isolated. Convinced myself to be thick skin a bit, just joined the ppl for the dinner.

Actually what we ate is totally, undoubtedly, obviously, apparently, definitely less than what we paid for. Of coz, buffet. What i could calculate were: RM50 for the excitement of variety of foods. RM20 for what we ate. RM 10 for the venue for us to take photos. RM1, the service charge. Do this figures make sense? Well, it doesn't matter since tat was the last dinner tat every1 of us in PM8 would have together.

I didnt really eat much. Too tempted to the desserts and it filled a quite considerable space in my stomach. I tot the desserts were only the interlude for the whole song. Who knows i got fulled after tat. Actually there were still lots of foods i didnt get to try... A bit regret to eat too much of desserts...

Since tat was the last time where every1 will be together, and also every1 other than me dressed up so well, every1 began to flash themselves. There were so many digital cameras there. As i noe, other than me there were lots of ppl brought there cameras...
Brandon, Jin, Yi Feng, Susan, Su Ann, Ying Ying, Lay Hui... might missed out some ppl. Just remembered tat inside the room was just kept on flashing...

After so much of flashes, my vision was blurred for a few moments... Guess they'll publish the photos online. For photos took from my camera, click here. And the other photos by the rest of them.. i think over here la...

Thanks for every1 tat able to attend to the dinner. At least i was still able to see every1 for the last time, i mean all of us together... Somehow i heard Su Ann was interested to have picnic togther at Tmn Tun. Oh no, KL again... Tat's y ppl like me who stays at kampong needs to go to the downtown really very inconvenient. Luckily Susan's dad able to fetch me home on tat day, bcoz there were no more ktm train after 11.30pm.

Thanks to Yi Feng who accompanied me to find for Susan's car tat night... And i heard Jin's car got some problem, batteries kena da pao. Even harp tried to jumpstart also dint work. Hope his mean ass Pajero is doing well now, after giving some intake of medicine.


70# Carrions and Maggots

70# Carrions and Maggots

Woke up early in the morning, waited for my mum to fetch my youngest sister go to tuition, so tat she could join me and dad for the breakfast. Apparently, sunday's breakfast for Klang ppl, BKT la...

Watching the talk show in channel 19. It was about the lost of local professions to the other countries. Well, the issue touched my nerves. It was something tat i really concern a lot. They got some survey from the public. Even the auntie at the market also spoke her opinion tat, we have no states, no position, no place, no standing in Msia.

Even we graduate from the private, we got no working opportunities over here. Tat's y some of my frens, i think mostly, are not goin to come back to Msia after they're done studyin in overseas. They rather stay there for years, even for a lifetime.

We studied, paid so much of effort, studied at private universities or at overseas. The amount of money tat we spent is definitely huge. And so, we must try to earn back the money tat we had spent for studies. Therefore we need a job tat suits our profession. But somehow, how many of them really get the job tat they wanted?

According to the senator in JB, we have 250 thousands of professions working overseas, not contributing in Msia. The government tried to pull them back to Msia, but only 160 of them came back. In the end only 15 of them can stay til now. See, how could this happened?

Who the hell wants to be prejudiced, live in an unfair society such as our fucked-up country? Msia is considered as the 3rd world and Msia really needs to be developed. We need professions for tat sake. But is there any chances gave to them to contribute to the nation? No, indeed. All of these are just caused by the selfishness, self-centred government with there fucking policies.

Ya rite, quota policies, racial discriminations. " We never diff u and me, live happily in this country... " Who the fuck said tat? The governers. Who the fuck never apply tat? The governers too. Who can say tat the governers had treat everyone fairly in this country?

Hell rite, there was a sharp change in recent's local univeristies intake according to tone. For them, almost every field had increased compared to the previous intake. Consider these:
  1. Medicine +3.3%
  2. Dental + 1.6%
  3. Pharmacy +14.5%
  4. Law +28.7%

Looks great isn't it? They deserve for that since they were the one who came out with their fucked up policies. Now there goes ours:

  1. Medicine -2.8%
  2. Dental -5.1%
  3. Pharmacy - 14%
  4. law -24.7%

According to wat we can see above, the contrast is really clear. They are given more and more chances, we are not. Even the 4th and the 5th top SPM scholars didnt deserve for their JPA scholarships, and those with half assed results deserved it.

Uncle SAM also sounded out his unsatisfactories recently. I understand wat he wanted. Bcoz the rotten government are trying to feed on us like maggots, we are the carrions. Once they sucked us dry, we're kicked away.

They are making use of us. They feed on our money. And they give nothing in return for us. Yeah this look great... Without us, i think Msia will still be like Indo. Try to look at Indo. Do they ever appreciate those who live over there? No, they got ruined and raped. All there belongings are ravened by those hungry and good for nothing ppl.

More and more i can say about the problems in our country. The reason tat i HATE our country and the government is, the god damn history tat they want us to study. I fucking threw the history book again and again when we were forced to study how they exaggerate their shits. From there now on i started to see the unfair things happen in the nation.

This country is ruined. We are going to be sucked dry in the end. If i have the chance to study oversea, guess i wont come back there. Msia is worse than Hell. Well Satan, You shud pull Msia deeper, they deserved it.


69# Of deep blue sea and milky white sand

69# Of deep blue sea and milky white sand


I took ktm straight away from Klang to Putra station near PWTC. Actually i need no to shift at Sentral since ktm got pass by Putra. Surprised tat Yi Feng who fong fei kei us last minute was managed to join us. But he just stayed for a night though. I already took my early dinner around 5pm b4 i came out from house, but hungry again when i reaced the bus station. Thx 2 Lee Kuan (katak) who led me the way to the mall for McD.

Once we got into the bus, finished my Mc Chicken, stomach was still so damn hungry... Kit kat, cereal bar... after eating still never feel full. Wateva la.. stuff my headphones for music b4 i sleep, if i could.

Thx 2 Justin for the 4 star bus, i felt quite ok in the bus. Yi Feng slept more than i did... I couldnt really sleep bcoz not really tired... Listened to 3 Cds b4 i did. Justin never sleep at all and he finished 6 Cds! Harp also din sleep bcoz the seat did not suite him...


Did not have proper place to sleep so most of us are a bit blur in the morning. We reached at the bus station at Terengganu earlier than estimated. Bcoz the damn driver drove damn fast in the end. I was slept but Justin said tat he just drove like mad. Especially at the round about. Centripetal force was goin kill man.

5am something we reached there. Went to the mamak for food. Indeed, we hadn't brush and clean yet... Got into the boat. Harp, Yingying, Kong Fui sat inside the boat while we all sat outside. We got scenaries, wind, sea water, noise and ass massage. Bcoz the place we sat was just above the machine room, i think. We even risked our life to take photos, i mean the with the Titanic style though the boat was moving with the speed of 100mph, i think la, again.

Reached Redang island. I was surprised to see the clean blue sea there. Tat was the first time i been to the east, the sea is clean compared to the west, of coz. Feeling like goin to play at the beach straight away...

After our lunch we went for the first snorkeling. I was freaked out bcoz my feet couldnt touch the ground when i get into the sea, though i knew tat i would not. After couple of minutes only i could adapted to swim with the lift jacket and use the mask. I hadn't swim since PMR til tat day... Wat could i see in the sea was still ok. Corals and fishes. But there were lots of things in there tat i can't identify. Just a lil bit fishes i could see over there.

We swam too far away from the boat. When we needed to get back to the boats, i paid so much effort to swim. Everyone of us can swim very well, except me. I swam as fast as i could but the distance between me and the boat wasn't seem to be shortened. So scared tat i might not get myself back to the boat til need someone to save me. Luckily finally i managed to swim back. I just felt saved... Man, i wont go any further from the boats anymore.

After that we went to the swimming pool in the resort. We swam some more though we really needed a break. Only me, yi feng and katak were there. Just and Sek went beach futsal with PE gang. After swimming we went to the beach. Wo ha, thorw stones. i got 4 jumps max. Even the big huge coral which almost 2 kg i also tried. it was huge but hollow a bit, so it wasnt tat hard to jump on the surface of the water as long as the surface contact with water is big enuf. i used both hands to throw since it was so huge. Still can bounce for 2, 3 times, haha. Since tat i alway find huge corals.

We rock during dinner time. It was barbeque buffet. Tat was the very first time for me to stuff so many foods into my stomach at once. Aftter so many vigorous exercise, we ate like mad... Oh ya, during lunch we drank the water in the legend. Damn salty man. How could us consume the water over there? It was so high in mineral. Even the coffee is salty... Sigh. Tat's y we ate lots of watermelon and some other foods to get more water intake. 1.5 liter of bottled mineral water costed RM3 man.. tat's how they earn... no, raven.

Chilled, went to Justin's room to play Mafia game, taught by Colin. It was fun man. Sek Teng yelled like crazy when no one listend to him, and he always got killed instead. It was so funny... Su Ann was always the Spy. She Fong always got killed the first... Harp always say Nachos, Sek Teng always point at himself to call the Doctor to save him...
We played the game til around 2pm. Had instant mee, i went to my room and sleep. They all still party la...


Did not dare to ea tmuch during the breakfast... Bcoz we were goin to snorkel after tat. Luckily we got fresh orange juice instead of salt water, hell yeah. Paid RM5 for the Marine Park which located at some other's resort's beach.

This session of snorkeling was so much more better than the first one. When we were walking at the jetty, we could see fishes and fishes in the sea. It was fulled of fishes, unlike the day b4. There were lots of types of fishes. The one tat caught my eye was the 'Petronas Fish", i named it. It was yellow, green, and blue in colour. I missed to see the eel.. Justin and Fui saw it and it was very huge... Yi Feng and Sek Teng weren't joining us. Yi Feng needed to go back for his interview and Sek Teng was just lazy...

There were some pieces of bread floating on the surface. I took it. Fed the fishes. Lots of fishes came to me and fed on the bread. Felt the fishes biting my finger, it wasn't pain, just a bit itchy... Ngar Shien lost her mask, luckily got it back. Or else she gonna pay RM80 for it...

After lunch we went for the second snorkeling session of the day, the last one for our trip. As usual, float on the surface of the sea and see fishes. Fui wasn't there bcoz he was too tired. He missed it la. We took lots of photos in the sea.

Evening we went to the beach. At first Ngar Shien volunteered herself to be buried in the sand, of coz with her head revealed outside. And then we it was Kong Fui's turn. We made DD cup for him as requested. And a long coral as his stick. The photo taken was so damn funny. i dun have it, ying ying took the photos. After tat we drag Justin for the game. Tat time we choosed a bigger wooden stick to show his macho. Haha... I want the photos...

At night, played mafia again with lots of snacks and foods, though we just had dinner... They were really tough man. I Kong already after 12 am and they were still playing. I went back to my room and sleep around 4.47am, Justin, Su ann they all were still chatting around.


The damn operator called at 7.47am to call us to check out. It was for Su Ann and Colin who took the plane, not us. And the operator called me twice, damn it... Ya, i just missed the sunrise. Whateva la... Yingying, Su ann, colin went for it and it was very disappointing. Cloudy and there was no beautiful sunrise as expected.

Justin memany kena da pao kao kao la. He couldnt wake up for the breakfast. Though Sek Teng and Fui already woke up, but they din go for it... After we check out, we went to the recreation centre for the under sea photos. RM5 per photo... Wat to do? Just pay la since we cant take photos when we were snorkeling.

Went to the beach to take more photos b4 we leave. And then we moved to the jetty. Tat's all for our trip. Killed lots of time in the rest house. Played card games, chit chat and lazying around. Out of a sudden the drive said we were moving. Man, i hadn't take my bath yet. Sigh...

We were so damn pissed in the bus station. Justin's expression was really freaking me out bcoz i never see he get such angry. We had no bus tickets to go back to KL. The Laguna Resort staff said they already settled the booking for us, and Justin had confirmed with them the second time. In the end, ppl who came out with money first got the ticket. Bcoz we didnt pay any deposite for it...

We changed our plan. She fong, Ngar Shien,Ying ying and Lee Kuan took the bus first back to KL. Since it's not good for the girls to stay til tat late. And Lee Kuan wasn't feeling well. Then the rest of us, me, Justin, Sek Teng, Harp and Kong fui were taking the 9.30pm bus back to Klang.

Sek Teng was so desperated for Chinese food. Ya, i was too. We walked with our luggage for a distance for the sake of the chinese food. My luggage and sling beg were weight over 10kg, i think la. My left leg was kinda allergic, damn itchy. And my right shoe was damaged. So i couldn't walk fast with additional my bug burden, the luggage...

Harp and I sat at the 2nd row in the bus. The seats werent good for us, we are more than 1.8m tall so it weren't spacious enuf ofr us. The 2 ass holes in front of us lowered their seats like nobody business until the max. B4 tat we could only hardly bear the seats, but those nasty fucking shits took over our spaces for our legs. I really got damn pissed with tat. I felt like dying to suffer in the bus, it was an 8 hour trip man. I knew Harp felt 10 times worse than me since he is taller. And then Kong Fui changed his seat with him. Kong Fui didnt sleep much, he finished my CDRW with was 80minutes long, and his own Cd...

The driver was also another son of a bitch. He drove damn fast, tried to get over though it was yellow and he stopped finally when it was red, at the middle of the road. Hope Satan can just pull this fucker down to hell man... He even lower the window at his seat and took fag. I was at the 2nd row, suffer to mininum space sleeping torment, cold air cond and cold wind from the outside, the god damn smell from the asses in front of me and the fag smeel from the driver. I really amazed to myself tat i could got thru all of these and bear for 8 hours.


Reached Klang finally around 5.30am. Brought Harp, Just, Sek, Fui to my kennel... my house la at Klang. Chilled at my house til the time for Bah Kut Teh. Obviously tat's the breakfast tat i'll bring them to bcoz we were in Klang... Kong Fui was the first person that use my guitar to play out the rhythm. I always bang it, power chords, simple solo, scales, slow songs, tappings and stuff. But Fui can really play damn well though he never take classes. Learning from his band mates is so much more better than taking classes. But he got no musical theory, somehow he can still play very well and i was so fascinated...

5 of us ate 8 person's food man! Fui, Just and Sek top up a large rice each of them when we were eatting bah kut teh. Harp didnt seem to adapt to such heavy chinese food but he managed to finished up his food. Fui likes the guts so much and he seemed to be the one who finished the whole bowl of it. Sek also top up one more bowl of ribs. How they ate was really made me stunned. Maybe me and my siblings realyl eat a little unlike the others. So sorry tat i put too much of tea leaves and the tea was bitter. Finally i made it into the normal taste...

Fetched them to the Klang ktm station, Keretapi Tak Maju. Now they will experience my feelings, how i get to MV with ktm... 55minutes minimum from Klang station to KL sentral. Then they needed to shift to Putra LRT over there to get to their places... Hope it's fine for them.


Hell ya, the longest entry i've made.
For Redang trip photos click here.
There're more from Colin and Ying ying coming later, i'll link it.


68# Nickel Plated Steel < Stainless Steel

68# Nickel Plated Steel , Stainless Steel

Just now i brought my guitar to the centre where i take classes to change all 6 strings. Supposedly the strings must be changed in every 3 months. I dunno when was the last time i changed it, but the strings sounded really out.

Brought the >5kg guitar to the centre, asked the guy there to change all six strings. At that time only i noe tat for this long i'm using nickel plated steel instead of stainless steel. Bcoz nickel plated strings are cheaper than the stainless one, and i always call them to change for me the cheaper one. I tot stainless steel is a kind of alloy, which made up of iron and carbon... is it correct ar? Then carbon shud be cheaper than nickel rite? ah... dunno la. Stainless or not doesnt matter. I'll change it before it get rusted. Once it is rusted then the sound will fade very fast though i use the compressor mode...

RM19.80 for the strings, but they costed me RM26.82, bcoz additionally RM10 is needed as the service charge! What the hack? Though there's 10% off for students, but they asked for service charge was like a bit expensive man...

Remember last year the first time i brought the guitar there and change the strings, they charged me RM5 for service charge only. Though i felt RM5 was a bit expensive. But now RM10 man... Since the first time til the previous time i changed the strings, i asked the young lady there to change for me. She had never asked for any service charge at all! Some more she clean the fret board, the brigde and the whole guitar for me - dust free. Got special privileges from that young lady, lol...

Tat's y i tried to negotiate with them tat previously i wasnt charged for any service charge. They say it's a must, their boss will ask for it. Well, wat to do la... Just paid la. Just bcoz this guitar's bridge is 2 way bend design, more difficult in changin strings, therefore the charge is higher too... Anyway i rather pay the service charge la.

I tried to change myself the strings last time. It was so damn frustrating... Bcoz once the tension in any string varies, though just a little bit, all tunes of all 6 strings will be varied in 1 direction. Ah... Tat time i couldnt settle it only i brought it to the pro to do it.

The secret was, must take out the springs in the guitar, so that the bridge is not under stressed. So, after changing all 6 strings only the springs will be set back. Therefore it wont be any problem at all after tat since the tensions in all strings are the same!

But the worst thing ever is i cant tune in Drop D tuning, of coz further Drop C is impossible too. JUst bcoz of that damn bridge... The songs tat i play the most from a particular band the tuning is in Drop C tuning, which is CGCFAD... But me, a beginner must get used to the standard tunnig EADGBE. So some power chords i played for those songs are actually 1 or 1.5 half step higher than wat supposed to sound like. Wateva la, as long as i can get the tune.

2 hour of classes in a month, costs RM100... is it fair? Damn it. Even for piano diploma classes got 1 hour plus each classes, and about RM300+- only. Can say nearly 8 hours of lessons a month, Rm37.50 per hour. And mine, Rm50 per hour. I'm just at advanced level, not higher level also can cost like shit d. I'm really not satisfied with the payment. Think i'm goin to stop soon. By buy a book "Guitar Technique" which costs around RM38.50 i also can learn damn lot of stuffs d...

Goin mamak with frens at night, so i'm typing all this now... Bcoz most probably i only will be back at the midnight, wo ho...


67# Ass Itch

67# Ass Itch

Yesterday someone in msn said : Next week goin redang huh? I checked the calender... Omg! it's next week! i din expect that the trip will be so soon. More precisely, we are setting off on the 20th night. For those who are affordable, like our princess Su ann who is taking the flight will set off on the 21th...

8 hours of trip in the bus, imagine tat... We asses are goin to be damn pain then. Either partially paralysed or fully numbed. Any cure for that ar? Since we are taking the bus, which near the Putrajaya Trade centre there, we need to take the rain to reach there. Traffic jam around there makes impossible to get there by car... Now this is how it goin to be...

I gonna leave my house at 6.30pm of 20th, take the 7.00pm train from Klg to Kl Sentral. Once i reach there will be around 8.00pm. Shift to Putra LRT to masjid Jamek, It'll be around 8.30pm, or maybe 8.40pm bcoz i might take my sweet time to chill at KL sentral first. Since Justin the Daddy said we must gather at Masjid Jamek at 9.00pm, it's better for me to reach there earlier...

Once everyone is there at Masjid Jamek at 9.00pm, we'll take Star Line to PWTC and reach there before 9.30pm. The bus is leaving at 10.00pm... And so we gonna spend our night in the bus!!

Well, i dunno whether i can sleep in the bus or not. Heard it's goin to be damn cool in the bus. Plus the trip is not like driving on the straight highway. The road near the east will be winding and rocky... Oh no... Dun have to take ecstacy pill also can shake upside down in the bus already... Hope the situation will not be tat bad as i stated here la...

Heard some very scary stuffs from my frens about staying over night with frens... Once the victims are slept, the beasts will prey them by applying stuffs like Yoko Yoko on their skins. It might be the worst tat the beasts apply it on the victims' private part! Oh damn! After tat all of them will be awaken from pain, rush to the bathroom to clean themselves up. Oh my... Hope Justin, Sek Teng and Yi Feng who are goin to stay in the same room with me wont play with this... I think they might. Or shall i kill b4 got killed? hehhe... no la i wont la. Damn bad la to gain happiness by building pain on ppl. Justin and Sexy teng hope u guys are reading this!

Really thx a lot to Justin and Su Ann, and someone elses who i dunno, who had done everything for organizing this trip. Lots of them are goin redang. Even ppl in some other colleges, who are not having long break, i think so, also goin... Cuti cuti msia has been successfully spread... Very good.


66(6)# Benighted Satan

66(6)# Benighted Satan

"Biblical choirs soars beyond veiled light, a swansong for ravens trapped in flapping light."
From "Tearing Veil from Grace"

Once i was so scared to it. It frightens me in my nightmares. And i could not distinguish where was i. Still trapped in my dream? Or already in reality? Within tat period i was like totally possessed and under controlled. Hands were even shaking when i was brushing my teeth in front of a mirror...

3 years ago, when i started to go deeper and deeper into music. I knew that there's no turning back. Now when i looked back, what initiated me were just like nothing for me right now. Ppl always look for the greater ones. And now, I'm totally out of the nightmares. I'm more normal then just normal.

When thinking back, i was so damn (sic). Could not really sleep at night. Afraid to fall asleep. Once i did, i'll try to wake myself up. Bcoz once i slept all the gory and terrifying images will infest my brain. Everytime i'll wake up with the sweat infiltrated bed sheet. I did not know once i opened my eyes, am i still goin to be responsible for wat i did. Opened my cupboard, there were no any dead bodies as i saw i put them inside in my dreams. And the box where i kept the head of the guy tat i hate, nothing inside. And my hands were not in red. Felt so thankful... but now i feel it was so pissin off.

All of those were just some minor side effect for those over stressed ppl. Additionally the stress amplified by the audio stimuli... Those are what i got.

Now, all of those are not a problem for me anymore, since i already overcome it. Like what that old guy said to bruce, me myself be the fear... mmm... Sounds reasonable. Views from Thinking Skills? No way, CAL is over.

65# Noctural Pulse

65# Noctural Pulse

How shud i start... Well i think it worth 8.0 out of 10, Batman Begins is kinda good movie. It interpreted how bruce wayne's parents got killed, what bruce scares of and why he wanted to fight the crime.

Though this guy Christian Bale is still new in movies, but he is still ok la. His look can fight with Orlando, haha... but the female actoress ok ok only.

Batman only appear at night to fight for justice - Bats are noctural. No wonder la. Are criminals noctural too? They are on 24/7, bcoz there's no hero who fights for justice in Msia like batman spiderman superman etc.... Wait for those 4 "phantastica" ppl la.

The part tat i like the most in the movie was when bruce stood in a "sea" of bats in the cave. I felt myself was like drowning... He fights against his fear, in the end he overcome the dread. A very good lesson to be learnt.

" Don't afraid, let yourself be the fear ".

Is this an applicable method for ppl to overcome their fears? Closed dark room does frightens me but i never seemed to get rid of this. Therefore i always let the door opened, with lights off when i'm sleeping. This is kinda dangerous when someone trespasses into my room, i might get...


64# Sixthy Four, Four Six, Fall Sick

64# Sixthy Four, Four Six, Fall Sick

Four days i've never go out lepak. Within these few days i went out only for dinners, to fetch my sisters from school and for lunch... I feel i lost my communication to the outside world... What is happenin around within these days? I need to go update myself... Subang, MV used to be my second home, now, i'm stuck in klg...

Tmr is the 15th, The Batman Begins... I wanna go out to watch this movie... Anyone out there wanna watch ar? So many days never go out, think i'm falling (sic)...

Yesterday tot of goin out for arcade games. I was scared by my sisters tat they told me now petrol price is high. Well, perhaps i stay at home la. If drive out for the purpose of arcade only sounds a lil bit c2pid. Just now i went out to tambah petrol, i added RM35 only, it only filled almost half of the tank! Damn! Petrol price is really killing.

Find 1 day, b4 i go to redang. We all shall go Ken's place and DoTA the whole night. I can't wait to slay them, in the game..!! Ah ha, i'm the one got killed instead by Jin.


63# Another day

63# Another day

I din go out to lepak these two days. Yesterday i stayed at home and tried to draw. After
hours and hours of hardwork, what i drew was not satisfying. Damn... i shall try to drawagain, which i titled "Love Addict Overture".

Today i spent like 2 hours to play a song. One of my favourite, titled "Funeral in Carpathia". After 2 hours of playing, my left hand and arm pain like hell... 8 minutes and 24 seconds, only some short piano interlude in between. Feel so contained when i could play 85% of that song... I dunno who died in Carpathia la, but it's still a very good song to play.

Planned to go KLCC to lepak since i need to bring Susan there for her Convernt school reunion. Well i might now some of her old sch mates bcoz they had tuition in the same centre with me last time. Not tat thick skin to kacau their reunion. So i'm looking for someone who want to go there with me. Damn... there's no one i can think of who is able to go with me. My evil twin might need more time to spent with his other half. My klg kaki-s r already finished their sch holiday. And some other elses, see first la. Dunno wat to do at KLCC also. Things are not tat affordable to shop, for me. Since last year til now never go dy... Who want to go with me den inform me la.

Today my sisters and mother were so excited to watch the korean series, dunno call wat la. In chinese called as " Da Chang Jing". Dunno why it's so famous la among those mothers. My frens mothers also gila tat series. My aunties also watching. Spent money to buy ther DVD some more...

I think i gonna spend some time to update our PM8 class page at circles99. Long time never login d... bcoz everyone was so busy for exams, it was neglected for quite some time. Now it will be visited frequently since we are relying it to stay in contact with the others, other than by msn, blogs and stuffs like tat.

I dunno wat to do for tmr. Monday. Form 6 ppl are schooling. After sch, they'll need to go for tuition classes. I find no gang in klg... Taylor kaki-s who are free are all in KL, Pj... someone wanna come to klg ar? i'll be the tour guide. Bring u all to eat BKT, visit the burnt Great wall shopping centre, witness how pariah those idiots will be, my half-assed 2nd sch, and my poor kennel at Tmn sentosa. Wanna come?


62# Mahjong Art

62# Mahjong Art

Today is the first day after CAL. Jobless, as promised i went for a movie with my buddy william. Since this guy only watch chinese and eng movies instead of japanese korean stuffs, so we watched the Kung Fu Mahjong.

This movie actually resembles the actors from the movie Kung Fu by steven chou and a drama series. Characters in both acted in this movie with a very funny way, which related to Kung Fu the movie and that drama. Like the Auntie in Kung Fu who always with fag, ultra violent and always curse ppl to pok kai, this character is also shown in this movie. Ah Wong in the drama who was retarded, also got retarded half way in the movie. Funny stuff, worth for a laugh.
I dun noe how to play mahjong... So basically i din noe wat was happening when they were playing the mahjong. Somehow the stupid acts were still understood. Both of us lol like crazy in the theater, as well as the others. Actually there was a Malay couple watching it, if i'm not mistaken. Though malay subtitles are available, but if they could understand cantonese it will be very very funny...

Last time my bus uncle told me to learn how to play mahjong, since it's an art tat represents our race. Well, i dun think i have the opportunity. I dun gamble... Though Jackie Chan's movies are hollywood movies, but he always try to add in some chinese cultures in his movie. Like playing mahjong with the mah sallehs in the movie Medallion, haha.

Well, i think mahjong is a kinda hard to understand. I dun think i can...


61# After CAL...

61# After CAL...

As usual, we all went for movie(s) at Mid Valley after our exam...
I'm not interested in Star Wars la, so i just watched Madagascar only...
Tat movie was just alrite. Tried to lol in the theater as to release my tensions after exams.
It's funny enuf, but the script is just normal though...

Su ann is planning to have dinner at Shangri-la hotel.
They planned to do it at 19th, but it is at father's day la...
Mmm... i'm not sure whether i can make it or not.
If do, i'll staying over night at Wei-Jin's place since it's goin to be late after tat.
Then when early in the morning of 20th, i will need to rush back home.
Pack my stuffs and at night be ready to set off to redang by bus.
Oh no, this is goin to be busy man... Hope the dinner is not at 19th la...
But lots of problem also la. Ying ying is goin to china, then Wei-Jin goin penang for piano diploma test... Jor... I just hope la all of us can present and have a good dinner together...

Just collected the letter i asked from the CAL office this morning.
I'm goin to do medical attachment at the General hospital at Klang.
Well, its General hospital. Expected, no i already know the answer bout my application.
I did sent a letter to them by myself to the hospital. I was told tat they'll inform me back after 2 weeks. Now after a year i still dun get any answers. Fucking racist piece of shit.
Second attempt will be done, just wanna see that until wat extend of racist they'll be.

Government sucks. 13A1 genius failed to get JPA scholarship. So who is the one who suppose to get the sponsor to go overseas to study? Those half-assed spoonfed ppl who only have 1 or 2 As deserve it? Hell no. We are just getting harder and harder to live now. This is not a very good way to proctect themselves. That's y msia still stuck nowdays. Unlike singapore which no one deserves any privileges, but they can still develope.
I'm goin to vote myself then for the god damn election then.
Support, anti-govern. Remember my sign, a cute Cat.

60# The Beginning of the other End...

60# The Beginning of the other End...

We are officially completed Cambridge Advance Level at Taylor's College Subang Jaya.
At time 1015am, when we passed up the last paper... and everything ends...

Biochem was just a piece of dump cake. I took tuition for it. And those things tat we never learn in bio all din come out. N terminus, 2,4 - dinitroflurobenzene reagent, calculations on water lost due to peptide formation, recognition of bases, amino acid sequence recognition... all din come out!!!

Q: Explain y the fig above, the nucleic acid is DNA.
A: Double helix structure and presence of thymine base.

I answered : presence of deoxyribose...
Damn! it was not shown the presence of deoxyribose. We just need to identify it from RNA and DNA, argh... interpreted the ques wrongly... 2 marks gone...

Well, overall biochem is just so goddamn easy. Those tat never take tuition also can do all la.
Phase equilibria is just as hard as women's best fren...!!!
How are we suppose to calculate the composition of solid and liquid mixture of each metal at a given temp in the eutetic graph? We werent taught about tat at all...!!!
And i couldnt do the mass of oxygen dissolved in 1atm of water la...
therefore the following ques i wasnt able to answer...
Wat's the bubble formed in the blood vessels??

They said transtition element is just easy, phase is the hardest.
Well, they shud have answered trans and biochem then we can get full mark!!
Even heng lin also got frustrated after the paper.
Joshua was like cursing when we were told tat we have 4minutes remaining...
And i heard more than a few ppl got their eyes red...
The predictions are just bulls-eye.
Like they said Chem option is the hardest paper among all in this A2...
Well, i just hope tat i can get more than 20 marks over 40 of it...


59# The Dead and Parted ways of notes

59# The Dead and Parted ways of notes

Months ago found out tat Head the guitarist had parted way from Korn...
I was damn sad bout it for days. Head + Munky is the best 7 strings guitar deux i've ever seen.
But Head choosed to returned to his saviour, he stopped joinin Korn which he had been with for the past 13 years...

Soon after, the found out the death of the guitarist from American Head Charge.
I was stunned in front of the computer for seconds, in the library when i was surfing their page.
From google search there were lots of new bout his death at CNN.
Well i dunno is it true or not bout the rumours bout the death is caused by the drugs he took.
Though i dunno much bout this band, but this band really does a very good job in music.
I cant recognise him in the photo bcoz they are always with make-ups...
Somehow the world has just lost a very talented musician...
For info, click here.

Today, again i found out that my best band ever Cradle of Filth, the pianist Martin Powell had parted way with the band... As i know, he joined the band for albums Midian, Better Suites for Succubus, Damnation and a Day and Nyphetamine. I'm so damn sad tat he left the band. When James joined in for Nyphetamine, the tracks arent tat evil anymore like last time. Martin really done a very good job in all the piano riffs, interludes, intros and stuffs. The piano rhythm is the one that detach my soul from myself as i get myself and my guitar drown in their music...
So i think if they still having a coming album, Martin wont be playing... And they are looking for a new pianist to replace him... Other than Lecter the previous pianist, Martin is still the great man... Great pianist for Gothic black music...

Anyway nothing is forever. Ppl come ppl go.. tat's life... sigh.

58# NaOH, HCL, X2CO3, CO2...

58# NaOH, HCL, X2CO3, CO2...

We were well prepared.We did everything tat we could.We tried everyway. We screwed in the end... We were confidented enuf for the paper's ques. But to answer it is another story. Chemistry practical was just bad...
The first part was still ok. in order to prevent acid lost due to spraying effect as mentioned
in the ques paper, i used the spatula. A little by a little i added the X2CO3 into the acid. But there were still some spraying effect due to effervescence from the reaction of carbonate
compound with acid. Well, i couldnt help it. Just put as little in one time as possible.

I noticed tat ppl around me werent using the spatula. They poured in the compound from the tube into the acid in the flask slowly. Though the powder was poured slowly and carefully, but i think it was really insecure. So i started to make noise with the spatula and conical flask. I knocked the spatula at the mouth of the flask to put in the powder. I purposely knocked it with rythmn so tat ppl could see.Justin did saw me, but he continued pouring the powder without using the spatula. Yi feng did noticed but he still didnt use the spatula as i hope he did.

I did the 1st ques quite fast, i was the 2nd person who started the 2nd ques i think. Screwed the graph. I considered the delta t with negative values, shiet!Redrew the whole graph again took me damn long time. The ques was... my end point was 18cm3 of the acid.It couldnt be!! According to the mole of NaOH which was 0.0075moles, if the acid was 18cm3,
means the concentration of the acid was 4.17mole/dm3!! Wat the hack man... Therefore i couldnt do the following ques as i got negative value for the
molar mass of the X atom... Damn...
Actually i should answered though the Mr is negative.At least i can get marks for the error carry forward!!Shit i noticed tat after i was outside of the lab.I didnt dare to take the risk to write such insane answer... but errors do occur in experiment rite, so they expected us to give such stupid answers 1 la...

I skipped tat i did ques 3 as fast as i could. Luckily ques 3 was still ok. But i dun think all of my answers are correct la. At least i din leave it blank...

everyone was just damn tiu after the paper. Even yi feng who is a very gentle person also
couldnt stop from saying the word SHIT again and again... And wei jin was damn panas also...
Brandon got A A D for his AS and he managed to get an A overall.
Mmmm... at least no too bad la, got sample like him. But i dun expect i got A in my breakdown la...Me, speechless... Shall concentrate for paper 6, option...


57# Play water

57# Play water

Goin redang on next month. Now the problem is, go by bus or by plane?Plane is kinda cheap by air asia, but it's only for the trip there. Comin back it'll be very expensive... tis is how they earn la of coz... but my bus seems to be cheaper, indeed. But then 8 hours wo... compared to by plane 15 minutes. 8 hours my butt will burnt la... anyway this depends to our daddy justin to decide... he plans everything.

Thanks to justin the daddy!! Hope we can have fun there... Jin is not goin bcoz he got piano exam at penang soon. So he is goin to stick his fingers to the keys... Diploma is goin to be hard so he needs more practices. To give up what he can during that 35minutes... so not joinin us la... but we still have kong fui, the character of pervert among us is overtaken by him. so... still ok la. Just scare tat he might kacau me at night... oh no...

56# Dead Cells and Leaves

56# Dead Cells and Leaves

Just came out from Bio Lab 3 minutes ago... Everybody already chao after paper and left me alone in coll... Need to find kaki for lunck also cannot. Some of them having their 3rd shift practical, some of them having economics... sigh, i think later i go melur n have a roti telur la.

Just now everybody was cursing upside down. Some of them forgot to write title for the table. Some of them made the ratio of white blood cells n red blood cells length instead of numbers... ( i did wrongly also but thank God i managed to realise and changed it back ).
The only one i screwed up was the last ques...

Q: calculate the width that you have drawn in ii)...
So i tot the ques wants us to calculate the width of the line instead of measure by a ruler.
Actually wat it wants was by using the ratio of red blood cells white blood cells length, times with the actual length of the rbc to get the actual length of the lymphoctye...
Oh damn... i knew it. But i found sort of paradox in the ques, i was just in dillemma...
2 marks man. I did the actual length in my working but not shown in my final answer, so i think i still can get 1 mark la... this practical is kinda easy... no problem...
Hope can back my theory papers up la...
4 more papers to go!


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