69# Of deep blue sea and milky white sand

69# Of deep blue sea and milky white sand


I took ktm straight away from Klang to Putra station near PWTC. Actually i need no to shift at Sentral since ktm got pass by Putra. Surprised tat Yi Feng who fong fei kei us last minute was managed to join us. But he just stayed for a night though. I already took my early dinner around 5pm b4 i came out from house, but hungry again when i reaced the bus station. Thx 2 Lee Kuan (katak) who led me the way to the mall for McD.

Once we got into the bus, finished my Mc Chicken, stomach was still so damn hungry... Kit kat, cereal bar... after eating still never feel full. Wateva la.. stuff my headphones for music b4 i sleep, if i could.

Thx 2 Justin for the 4 star bus, i felt quite ok in the bus. Yi Feng slept more than i did... I couldnt really sleep bcoz not really tired... Listened to 3 Cds b4 i did. Justin never sleep at all and he finished 6 Cds! Harp also din sleep bcoz the seat did not suite him...


Did not have proper place to sleep so most of us are a bit blur in the morning. We reached at the bus station at Terengganu earlier than estimated. Bcoz the damn driver drove damn fast in the end. I was slept but Justin said tat he just drove like mad. Especially at the round about. Centripetal force was goin kill man.

5am something we reached there. Went to the mamak for food. Indeed, we hadn't brush and clean yet... Got into the boat. Harp, Yingying, Kong Fui sat inside the boat while we all sat outside. We got scenaries, wind, sea water, noise and ass massage. Bcoz the place we sat was just above the machine room, i think. We even risked our life to take photos, i mean the with the Titanic style though the boat was moving with the speed of 100mph, i think la, again.

Reached Redang island. I was surprised to see the clean blue sea there. Tat was the first time i been to the east, the sea is clean compared to the west, of coz. Feeling like goin to play at the beach straight away...

After our lunch we went for the first snorkeling. I was freaked out bcoz my feet couldnt touch the ground when i get into the sea, though i knew tat i would not. After couple of minutes only i could adapted to swim with the lift jacket and use the mask. I hadn't swim since PMR til tat day... Wat could i see in the sea was still ok. Corals and fishes. But there were lots of things in there tat i can't identify. Just a lil bit fishes i could see over there.

We swam too far away from the boat. When we needed to get back to the boats, i paid so much effort to swim. Everyone of us can swim very well, except me. I swam as fast as i could but the distance between me and the boat wasn't seem to be shortened. So scared tat i might not get myself back to the boat til need someone to save me. Luckily finally i managed to swim back. I just felt saved... Man, i wont go any further from the boats anymore.

After that we went to the swimming pool in the resort. We swam some more though we really needed a break. Only me, yi feng and katak were there. Just and Sek went beach futsal with PE gang. After swimming we went to the beach. Wo ha, thorw stones. i got 4 jumps max. Even the big huge coral which almost 2 kg i also tried. it was huge but hollow a bit, so it wasnt tat hard to jump on the surface of the water as long as the surface contact with water is big enuf. i used both hands to throw since it was so huge. Still can bounce for 2, 3 times, haha. Since tat i alway find huge corals.

We rock during dinner time. It was barbeque buffet. Tat was the very first time for me to stuff so many foods into my stomach at once. Aftter so many vigorous exercise, we ate like mad... Oh ya, during lunch we drank the water in the legend. Damn salty man. How could us consume the water over there? It was so high in mineral. Even the coffee is salty... Sigh. Tat's y we ate lots of watermelon and some other foods to get more water intake. 1.5 liter of bottled mineral water costed RM3 man.. tat's how they earn... no, raven.

Chilled, went to Justin's room to play Mafia game, taught by Colin. It was fun man. Sek Teng yelled like crazy when no one listend to him, and he always got killed instead. It was so funny... Su Ann was always the Spy. She Fong always got killed the first... Harp always say Nachos, Sek Teng always point at himself to call the Doctor to save him...
We played the game til around 2pm. Had instant mee, i went to my room and sleep. They all still party la...


Did not dare to ea tmuch during the breakfast... Bcoz we were goin to snorkel after tat. Luckily we got fresh orange juice instead of salt water, hell yeah. Paid RM5 for the Marine Park which located at some other's resort's beach.

This session of snorkeling was so much more better than the first one. When we were walking at the jetty, we could see fishes and fishes in the sea. It was fulled of fishes, unlike the day b4. There were lots of types of fishes. The one tat caught my eye was the 'Petronas Fish", i named it. It was yellow, green, and blue in colour. I missed to see the eel.. Justin and Fui saw it and it was very huge... Yi Feng and Sek Teng weren't joining us. Yi Feng needed to go back for his interview and Sek Teng was just lazy...

There were some pieces of bread floating on the surface. I took it. Fed the fishes. Lots of fishes came to me and fed on the bread. Felt the fishes biting my finger, it wasn't pain, just a bit itchy... Ngar Shien lost her mask, luckily got it back. Or else she gonna pay RM80 for it...

After lunch we went for the second snorkeling session of the day, the last one for our trip. As usual, float on the surface of the sea and see fishes. Fui wasn't there bcoz he was too tired. He missed it la. We took lots of photos in the sea.

Evening we went to the beach. At first Ngar Shien volunteered herself to be buried in the sand, of coz with her head revealed outside. And then we it was Kong Fui's turn. We made DD cup for him as requested. And a long coral as his stick. The photo taken was so damn funny. i dun have it, ying ying took the photos. After tat we drag Justin for the game. Tat time we choosed a bigger wooden stick to show his macho. Haha... I want the photos...

At night, played mafia again with lots of snacks and foods, though we just had dinner... They were really tough man. I Kong already after 12 am and they were still playing. I went back to my room and sleep around 4.47am, Justin, Su ann they all were still chatting around.


The damn operator called at 7.47am to call us to check out. It was for Su Ann and Colin who took the plane, not us. And the operator called me twice, damn it... Ya, i just missed the sunrise. Whateva la... Yingying, Su ann, colin went for it and it was very disappointing. Cloudy and there was no beautiful sunrise as expected.

Justin memany kena da pao kao kao la. He couldnt wake up for the breakfast. Though Sek Teng and Fui already woke up, but they din go for it... After we check out, we went to the recreation centre for the under sea photos. RM5 per photo... Wat to do? Just pay la since we cant take photos when we were snorkeling.

Went to the beach to take more photos b4 we leave. And then we moved to the jetty. Tat's all for our trip. Killed lots of time in the rest house. Played card games, chit chat and lazying around. Out of a sudden the drive said we were moving. Man, i hadn't take my bath yet. Sigh...

We were so damn pissed in the bus station. Justin's expression was really freaking me out bcoz i never see he get such angry. We had no bus tickets to go back to KL. The Laguna Resort staff said they already settled the booking for us, and Justin had confirmed with them the second time. In the end, ppl who came out with money first got the ticket. Bcoz we didnt pay any deposite for it...

We changed our plan. She fong, Ngar Shien,Ying ying and Lee Kuan took the bus first back to KL. Since it's not good for the girls to stay til tat late. And Lee Kuan wasn't feeling well. Then the rest of us, me, Justin, Sek Teng, Harp and Kong fui were taking the 9.30pm bus back to Klang.

Sek Teng was so desperated for Chinese food. Ya, i was too. We walked with our luggage for a distance for the sake of the chinese food. My luggage and sling beg were weight over 10kg, i think la. My left leg was kinda allergic, damn itchy. And my right shoe was damaged. So i couldn't walk fast with additional my bug burden, the luggage...

Harp and I sat at the 2nd row in the bus. The seats werent good for us, we are more than 1.8m tall so it weren't spacious enuf ofr us. The 2 ass holes in front of us lowered their seats like nobody business until the max. B4 tat we could only hardly bear the seats, but those nasty fucking shits took over our spaces for our legs. I really got damn pissed with tat. I felt like dying to suffer in the bus, it was an 8 hour trip man. I knew Harp felt 10 times worse than me since he is taller. And then Kong Fui changed his seat with him. Kong Fui didnt sleep much, he finished my CDRW with was 80minutes long, and his own Cd...

The driver was also another son of a bitch. He drove damn fast, tried to get over though it was yellow and he stopped finally when it was red, at the middle of the road. Hope Satan can just pull this fucker down to hell man... He even lower the window at his seat and took fag. I was at the 2nd row, suffer to mininum space sleeping torment, cold air cond and cold wind from the outside, the god damn smell from the asses in front of me and the fag smeel from the driver. I really amazed to myself tat i could got thru all of these and bear for 8 hours.


Reached Klang finally around 5.30am. Brought Harp, Just, Sek, Fui to my kennel... my house la at Klang. Chilled at my house til the time for Bah Kut Teh. Obviously tat's the breakfast tat i'll bring them to bcoz we were in Klang... Kong Fui was the first person that use my guitar to play out the rhythm. I always bang it, power chords, simple solo, scales, slow songs, tappings and stuff. But Fui can really play damn well though he never take classes. Learning from his band mates is so much more better than taking classes. But he got no musical theory, somehow he can still play very well and i was so fascinated...

5 of us ate 8 person's food man! Fui, Just and Sek top up a large rice each of them when we were eatting bah kut teh. Harp didnt seem to adapt to such heavy chinese food but he managed to finished up his food. Fui likes the guts so much and he seemed to be the one who finished the whole bowl of it. Sek also top up one more bowl of ribs. How they ate was really made me stunned. Maybe me and my siblings realyl eat a little unlike the others. So sorry tat i put too much of tea leaves and the tea was bitter. Finally i made it into the normal taste...

Fetched them to the Klang ktm station, Keretapi Tak Maju. Now they will experience my feelings, how i get to MV with ktm... 55minutes minimum from Klang station to KL sentral. Then they needed to shift to Putra LRT over there to get to their places... Hope it's fine for them.


Hell ya, the longest entry i've made.
For Redang trip photos click here.
There're more from Colin and Ying ying coming later, i'll link it.

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