70# Carrions and Maggots

70# Carrions and Maggots

Woke up early in the morning, waited for my mum to fetch my youngest sister go to tuition, so tat she could join me and dad for the breakfast. Apparently, sunday's breakfast for Klang ppl, BKT la...

Watching the talk show in channel 19. It was about the lost of local professions to the other countries. Well, the issue touched my nerves. It was something tat i really concern a lot. They got some survey from the public. Even the auntie at the market also spoke her opinion tat, we have no states, no position, no place, no standing in Msia.

Even we graduate from the private, we got no working opportunities over here. Tat's y some of my frens, i think mostly, are not goin to come back to Msia after they're done studyin in overseas. They rather stay there for years, even for a lifetime.

We studied, paid so much of effort, studied at private universities or at overseas. The amount of money tat we spent is definitely huge. And so, we must try to earn back the money tat we had spent for studies. Therefore we need a job tat suits our profession. But somehow, how many of them really get the job tat they wanted?

According to the senator in JB, we have 250 thousands of professions working overseas, not contributing in Msia. The government tried to pull them back to Msia, but only 160 of them came back. In the end only 15 of them can stay til now. See, how could this happened?

Who the hell wants to be prejudiced, live in an unfair society such as our fucked-up country? Msia is considered as the 3rd world and Msia really needs to be developed. We need professions for tat sake. But is there any chances gave to them to contribute to the nation? No, indeed. All of these are just caused by the selfishness, self-centred government with there fucking policies.

Ya rite, quota policies, racial discriminations. " We never diff u and me, live happily in this country... " Who the fuck said tat? The governers. Who the fuck never apply tat? The governers too. Who can say tat the governers had treat everyone fairly in this country?

Hell rite, there was a sharp change in recent's local univeristies intake according to tone. For them, almost every field had increased compared to the previous intake. Consider these:
  1. Medicine +3.3%
  2. Dental + 1.6%
  3. Pharmacy +14.5%
  4. Law +28.7%

Looks great isn't it? They deserve for that since they were the one who came out with their fucked up policies. Now there goes ours:

  1. Medicine -2.8%
  2. Dental -5.1%
  3. Pharmacy - 14%
  4. law -24.7%

According to wat we can see above, the contrast is really clear. They are given more and more chances, we are not. Even the 4th and the 5th top SPM scholars didnt deserve for their JPA scholarships, and those with half assed results deserved it.

Uncle SAM also sounded out his unsatisfactories recently. I understand wat he wanted. Bcoz the rotten government are trying to feed on us like maggots, we are the carrions. Once they sucked us dry, we're kicked away.

They are making use of us. They feed on our money. And they give nothing in return for us. Yeah this look great... Without us, i think Msia will still be like Indo. Try to look at Indo. Do they ever appreciate those who live over there? No, they got ruined and raped. All there belongings are ravened by those hungry and good for nothing ppl.

More and more i can say about the problems in our country. The reason tat i HATE our country and the government is, the god damn history tat they want us to study. I fucking threw the history book again and again when we were forced to study how they exaggerate their shits. From there now on i started to see the unfair things happen in the nation.

This country is ruined. We are going to be sucked dry in the end. If i have the chance to study oversea, guess i wont come back there. Msia is worse than Hell. Well Satan, You shud pull Msia deeper, they deserved it.

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