59# The Dead and Parted ways of notes

59# The Dead and Parted ways of notes

Months ago found out tat Head the guitarist had parted way from Korn...
I was damn sad bout it for days. Head + Munky is the best 7 strings guitar deux i've ever seen.
But Head choosed to returned to his saviour, he stopped joinin Korn which he had been with for the past 13 years...

Soon after, the found out the death of the guitarist from American Head Charge.
I was stunned in front of the computer for seconds, in the library when i was surfing their page.
From google search there were lots of new bout his death at CNN.
Well i dunno is it true or not bout the rumours bout the death is caused by the drugs he took.
Though i dunno much bout this band, but this band really does a very good job in music.
I cant recognise him in the photo bcoz they are always with make-ups...
Somehow the world has just lost a very talented musician...
For info, click here.

Today, again i found out that my best band ever Cradle of Filth, the pianist Martin Powell had parted way with the band... As i know, he joined the band for albums Midian, Better Suites for Succubus, Damnation and a Day and Nyphetamine. I'm so damn sad tat he left the band. When James joined in for Nyphetamine, the tracks arent tat evil anymore like last time. Martin really done a very good job in all the piano riffs, interludes, intros and stuffs. The piano rhythm is the one that detach my soul from myself as i get myself and my guitar drown in their music...
So i think if they still having a coming album, Martin wont be playing... And they are looking for a new pianist to replace him... Other than Lecter the previous pianist, Martin is still the great man... Great pianist for Gothic black music...

Anyway nothing is forever. Ppl come ppl go.. tat's life... sigh.

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