62# Mahjong Art

62# Mahjong Art

Today is the first day after CAL. Jobless, as promised i went for a movie with my buddy william. Since this guy only watch chinese and eng movies instead of japanese korean stuffs, so we watched the Kung Fu Mahjong.

This movie actually resembles the actors from the movie Kung Fu by steven chou and a drama series. Characters in both acted in this movie with a very funny way, which related to Kung Fu the movie and that drama. Like the Auntie in Kung Fu who always with fag, ultra violent and always curse ppl to pok kai, this character is also shown in this movie. Ah Wong in the drama who was retarded, also got retarded half way in the movie. Funny stuff, worth for a laugh.
I dun noe how to play mahjong... So basically i din noe wat was happening when they were playing the mahjong. Somehow the stupid acts were still understood. Both of us lol like crazy in the theater, as well as the others. Actually there was a Malay couple watching it, if i'm not mistaken. Though malay subtitles are available, but if they could understand cantonese it will be very very funny...

Last time my bus uncle told me to learn how to play mahjong, since it's an art tat represents our race. Well, i dun think i have the opportunity. I dun gamble... Though Jackie Chan's movies are hollywood movies, but he always try to add in some chinese cultures in his movie. Like playing mahjong with the mah sallehs in the movie Medallion, haha.

Well, i think mahjong is a kinda hard to understand. I dun think i can...

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